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NOTE: as of 20140601, GNATS has been deprecated. Until portsmon can catch up, expect the PR data to be stale.

For explanatory information and summary details, see the notes below.

Problem Reports explanation portname state responsible
190446: [PATCH] www/ruby-fcgi: update to existing www/ruby-fcgi open ruby
190445: [PATCH] converters/recode: change MASTER_SITES existing converters/recode open demon
190444: [PATCH] converters/recode: change MASTER_SITES existing converters/recode open demon
190443: Request to remove audio/linnya existing audio/linnya open freebsd-ports-bu
190442: [MAINTAINER-UPDATE][PATCH] please update math/openblas (add stage support) existing math/openblas open freebsd-ports-bu
190441: [MAINTAINER-UPDATE][PATCH] please update devel/hwloc to 1.9 existing devel/hwloc open freebsd-ports-bu
190440: [patch] update net/scamper to 20140530 existing net/scamper open freebsd-ports-bu
190439: [MAINTAINER] www/phpmustache: update to 2.6.0 existing www/phpmustache open freebsd-ports-bu
190438: [PATCH] sysutils/ipmitool: update to 1.8.14 existing sysutils/ipmitool open freebsd-ports-bu
190437: [PATCH] audio/aqualung: remove duplicate LIB_DEPEND existing audio/aqualung open jsa
190436: [patch] Add staging support to www/sitebar existing www/sitebar feedback swills
190435: [patch] Add staging support to www/sit existing www/sit feedback swills
190434: print/cups-base tries to build icons when building headless existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
190433: [patch] Add staging support to www/simplog existing www/simplog open swills
190432: emulators/virtualbox-ose pulls unnecessary Qt libraries when building headless existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
190431: [new port] www/mod_dav_svn: install mod_dav_svn from subversion new www/mod_dav_svn open freebsd-ports-bu
190430: [PATCH] devel/py-boto: update to 2.29.0 existing devel/py-boto open rm
190428: [PATCH] www/py-django-tastypie: update to 0.11.1 existing www/py-django-tastypie open wg
190427: [PATCH] textproc/py-pysrt: update to 1.0.1 existing textproc/py-pysrt open wg
190426: [PATCH] net/libzmq2: fix pthread libs existing net/libzmq2 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190425: update www/p5-CSS-Inliner to latest existing www/p5-CSS-Inliner open perl
190424: [PATCH] databases/pymongo: update to 2.7.1 existing databases/pymongo open wg
190423: [PATCH] devel/py-babelfish: update to 0.5.2 existing devel/py-babelfish open wg
190422: [PATCH] devel/py-zope.testbrowser: update to 4.0.4 existing devel/py-zope.testbrowser open zope
190421: [PATCH] databases/py-sqlobject: update to 1.6.0 existing databases/py-sqlobject open wg
190420: [PATCH] www/py-django15: update to 1.5.8 existing www/py-django15 open lwhsu
190419: [PATCH] www/py-django14: update to 1.4.13 existing www/py-django14 open lwhsu
190418: [patch] Add staging support to www/scloader existing www/scloader feedback swills
190415: [PATCH] databases/sqliteman: Added STAGE support existing databases/sqliteman open wen
190414: [patch] Add staging support to www/sakai existing www/sakai open wen
190413: [PATCH] www/py-django: update to 1.6.5 existing www/py-django open lwhsu
190411: [PATCH] irc/irssi: update to 0.8.16 existing irc/irssi open vanilla
190410: [PATCH] www/moodle: Mark DEPRECATED as upstream support ended existing www/moodle feedback sunpoet
190409: [PATCH] archivers/snappy: update to 1.1.1 existing archivers/snappy open vanilla
190408: maintainer update: devel/libgamepad existing devel/libgamepad open tdb
190406: [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] dns/dnscrypt-proxy update to 1.4.0 existing dns/dnscrypt-proxy open freebsd-ports-bu
190405: [patch] www/redmine support plugin staging existing www/redmine open ruby
190404: [PATCH] editors/mp: update to 5.2.8 existing editors/mp open swills
190402: mail/ilohamail-devel [maintainer] remove port as upstream has disappeared existing mail/ilohamail-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
190401: print/cups-base fails to build existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
190400: print/cups-base: Upgrading 'cups-base-1.7.2' to 'cups-base-1.7.2_1' existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
190399: [NEW PORT] sysutils/sas2ircu: management tool for mps(4) based RAID controllers new sysutils/sas2ircu open freebsd-ports-bu
190398: Staged port finance/electrum existing finance/electrum open freebsd-ports-bu
190397: net/freeswitch-core-devel: Change port maintainer for FreeSWITCH port existing net/freeswitch-core-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
190394: [patch] Add staging support to www/rnews existing www/rnews open swills
190393: [MAINTAINER] sysutils/lcdproc: update to 0.5.7 existing sysutils/lcdproc open freebsd-ports-bu
190391: [patch] Add staging support to devel/ace+tao-doc existing devel/ace+tao-doc open swills
190389: maintainer update of mail/roundcube-sauserprefs: add staging existing mail/roundcube-sauserprefs open freebsd-ports-bu
190385: Add stage support & update some ports I maintain existing x11-fonts/hanazono-fonts-ttf open freebsd-ports-bu
190383: [patch] Add staging support to audio/ventrilo-server existing audio/ventrilo-server open freebsd-ports-bu
190381: [Patch] Rename and Update of mail/rss2email Ports existing mail/rss2email feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190380: [patch] Add staging support to www/repos-style existing www/repos-style feedback swills
190379: [patch] Add staging support to www/reportmagic existing www/reportmagic open swills
190378: [patch] Add staging support to www/red5 existing www/red5 feedback swills
190377: [patch] Add staging support to www/py-webware existing www/py-webware open swills
190375: graphics/pngnq maintainer updarte existing graphics/pngnq open freebsd-ports-bu
190374: [patch] Add staging support to www/py-HTMLgen existing www/py-HTMLgen open freebsd-python
190372: [patch] Add staging support to www/pwebstats existing www/pwebstats feedback swills
190371: [patch] Add staging support to www/punbb existing www/punbb feedback swills
190370: [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] dns/knot: update to 1.4.6 existing dns/knot open danilo
190369: net-mgmt/torrus port update to 2.07 and build error fixes existing net-mgmt/torrus feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190366: New port: comms/quisk A Software Defined Radio new comms/quisk open db
190364: [maintainer] databases/galera: change USE_PYTHON to USE_PYTHON_BUILD existing databases/galera open nemysis
190363: [maintainer] x11/florence: update to 0.6.2 existing x11/florence open nemysis
190362: [maintainer] x11/lxpanel: update to 0.6.2 existing x11/lxpanel open nemysis
190361: [patch] Add staging support to www/prado existing www/prado open swills
190360: [patch] Add staging support to www/podcastamatic existing www/podcastamatic feedback swills
190357: [patch] Add staging support to www/pnews existing www/pnews open swills
190355: [PATCH] print/biblio-py: Added STAGE support existing print/biblio-py open wen
190354: [maintainer update] update graphics/converseen to 0.7.2 existing graphics/converseen open madpilot
190353: [patch] Add staging support to www/piwigo existing www/piwigo feedback swills
190351: [UPDATE] devel/json-c update to version 0.12 existing devel/json-c feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190348: [MAINTAINER UPDATE] graphics/libsixel update to 0.19.5 existing graphics/libsixel open freebsd-ports-bu
190347: [patch] Add staging support to www/pivotx existing www/pivotx feedback swills
190345: multimedia/libcec update to 2.1.4 existing multimedia/libcec feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190343: [PATCH] science/pybrain: update to 0.3.2, Add STAGE support existing science/pybrain open wen
190341: [MAINTAINER] www/typo3-lts: Generate package list dynamically existing www/typo3-lts feedback sunpoet
190337: [PATCH] science/py-scimath: Add STAGE support existing science/py-scimath open wen
190336: www/squidclamav crashes on signal 10 existing www/squidclamav open mm
190335: audio/pithos has undeclared dependencies existing audio/pithos feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190334: Release emulators/doscmd existing emulators/doscmd open freebsd-ports-bu
190333: Release unstaged port: print/cups-bjnp existing print/cups-bjnp open freebsd-ports-bu
190332: net/pptpclient fails with "/bin/ip: not found" existing net/pptpclient open freebsd-ports-bu
190328: New port: graphics/ttygif new graphics/ttygif open freebsd-ports-bu
190327: net/spread INPROPERLY flagged as being non-staged. existing net/spread open freebsd-ports-bu
190326: [MAINTAINER] sysutils/rubygem-hiera: update to 1.3.3 existing sysutils/rubygem-hiera open swills
190325: [PATCH] sysutils/puppet: update to 3.6.1 existing sysutils/puppet open swills
190323: [patch] Add staging support and upgrade deskutils/tomboy to 1.15.4 existing deskutils/tomboy open mono
190320: [patch] Add staging support to www/phpwebapp existing www/phpwebapp open swills
190319: [patch] Add staging support to www/phproxy existing www/phproxy open swills
190317: [PATCH] science/py-pydicom: update to 0.9.8, Added STAGE support existing science/py-pydicom open wen
190316: [patch] Add staging support to www/phpgedview existing www/phpgedview feedback swills
190315: [patch] Add staging support to www/php-plurk-api existing www/php-plurk-api feedback swills
190314: [PATCH] science/py-mlpy: update to 3.5.0, Added STAGE support existing science/py-mlpy open wen
190313: [patch] Add staging support to www/pebble existing www/pebble open swills
190312: security/openvpn-devel: Update to current snapshot existing security/openvpn-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
190309: [patch] Add staging support to www/orangehrm existing www/orangehrm open wen
190308: emulators/higan crashes with GLX video output existing emulators/higan open freebsd-ports-bu
190307: [patch] Add staging support to www/openxmldir existing www/openxmldir open swills
190306: [patch] Add staging support to www/opencart existing www/opencart open wen
190303: [exp-run] perl 5.20 framework   open mat
190302: New ports: databases/derby RDBMS `Apache Derby' new databases/derby open freebsd-ports-bu
190301: port: sysutils/screen - use /var/run/screen as sockdir existing sysutils/screen open cy
190296: [MAINTAINER] www/node-devel: update to 0.11.13 existing www/node-devel open swills
190293: [patch] Add staging support to www/ojs2 existing www/ojs2 feedback swills
190292: [patch] Add staging support to www/nibbleblog existing www/nibbleblog feedback swills
190291: [patch] Add staging support to www/netstiff existing www/netstiff open swills
190287: [patch] Add staging support to www/netoffice existing www/netoffice open swills
190286: [patch] Add staging support to www/myfaces existing www/myfaces open swills
190283: [patch] Add staging support to www/moodle24 existing www/moodle24 open wen
190280: [patch] Add staging support to www/moodle existing www/moodle feedback swills
190278: deskutils/virt-manager: Missing dependency on devel/py-libvirt existing deskutils/virt-manager open jgh
190277: [patch] Add staging support to www/mhonarc existing www/mhonarc feedback swills
190276: sysutils/puppet agent wrongly calculates INDEX uri existing sysutils/puppet open swills
190273: Staged mail/alpine and updated to 2.11 existing mail/alpine open pi
190271: Stagify www/wwwoffle existing www/wwwoffle open madpilot
190270: Issues when updating devel/p5-subversion existing devel/p5-subversion open lev
190269: ports-mgmt/portupgrade with pkgng does not properly restart updated daemons existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade open bdrewery
190268: Request for multimedia/zoneminder update existing multimedia/zoneminder feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190267: [PATCH] www/py-django-ldapdb: update to 0.3.2 existing www/py-django-ldapdb open freebsd-python
190259: [Maintainer update] security/ppars maintenance existing security/ppars feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190257: [maintainer update] mail/roundcube-contextmenu: update to 2.0 existing mail/roundcube-contextmenu open freebsd-ports-bu
190256: Maintainer update: misc/jbidwatcher to latest version existing misc/jbidwatcher open freebsd-ports-bu
190254: [maintainer update] for graphics/openimageio existing graphics/openimageio open freebsd-ports-bu
190233: Ownership macros in pkg-plist broken for old pkg_* tools under certain circumstances unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
190232: cad/kicad-devel compilation error in math_util.cpp existing cad/kicad-devel open mr
190231: [maintainer] [update] [fix] sysutils/ansible 1.6.2 existing sysutils/ansible open freebsd-ports-bu
190229: [PATCH] www/tomcat6: fix attribute bug existing www/tomcat6 open ale
190228: [PATCH] www/tomcat7: fix UTF-8 decoder existing www/tomcat7 open ale
190226: [patch] Add staging support to www/mahara existing www/mahara open wen
190225: [patch] Add staging support to www/lionwiki existing www/lionwiki open sylvio
190217: [patch] Add staging support to www/limesurvey existing www/limesurvey feedback swills
190214: [patch] Add staging support to www/lifetype existing www/lifetype open clsung
190213: [patch] Add staging support to www/lilurl existing www/lilurl open swills
190210: [patch] Add staging support to www/jspwiki existing www/jspwiki open swills
190209: [PATCH] unbreak mail/courier build for FreeBSD 10 and HEAD existing mail/courier feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190207: [patch] Add staging support to www/jmeter existing www/jmeter feedback mi
190206: The port net-im/licq-icq doesn't build existing net-im/licq-icq open dinoex
190203: devel/py-polib fetch url is broken existing devel/py-polib open wg
190202: [NEW PORTS] add math/rubygem-numru-units new math/rubygem-numru-units open swills
190201: [NEW PORTS] add math/rubygem-numru-misc new math/rubygem-numru-misc open swills
190199: stagify mail/up-imapproxy existing mail/up-imapproxy open madpilot
190198: Maintainer update: stage for games/freedink, games/freedink-dfarc, games/freedink-engine, and games/freedink-data existing games/freedink open games
190194: [maintainer update] japanese/font-koruri: Update to 20140524 existing japanese/font-koruri open swills
190193: graphics/tgif cannot generate Japanese characters in EPS file properly. existing graphics/tgif open freebsd-ports-bu
190191: [patch] databases/twemproxy build with clang existing databases/twemproxy open skreuzer
190190: [PATCH] lang/php5: IPv6 support for FPM sapi existing lang/php5 open ale
190183: [maintainer-update] Stage games/bzflag existing games/bzflag open games
190182: [PATCH] mail/dovecot2: update to 2.2.13 existing mail/dovecot2 feedback olgeni
190181: [PATCH] mail/dovecot2-antispam-plugin: [PORTTOOLS: SUMMARIZE CHANGES] existing mail/dovecot2-antispam-plugin open olgeni
190180: [PATCH] mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole: update to 0.4.3 existing mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole feedback olgeni
190179: [patch] archivers/minizip: enable existing archivers/minizip feedback tijl
190178: security/clamav 0.98.3 port build broken in unit testing existing security/clamav open garga
190173: [patch] x11-fonts/webfonts stage existing x11-fonts/webfonts feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190172: comms/trustedqsl update to latest version existing comms/trustedqsl open db
190168: print/cups-base 1.7.2_1 build error existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
190167: astro/pyephem: Scientific-grade astronomical computations for Python3 existing astro/pyephem open wen
190166: net/samba41 rc script doesn't follow custom smb.conf existing net/samba41 open timur
190164: [STAGE] [PATCH] fix for sysutils/samesame existing sysutils/samesame feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190163: [PATCH] databases/redis: Fix luajit extra patch existing databases/redis open osa
190162: [patch] sysutils/fcron stagify existing sysutils/fcron feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190160: net/slurm does not display interface speed for gigabit NICs existing net/slurm open mich
190159: No longer true: mail/postfix-current incompatible with Berkeley DB 6 existing mail/postfix-current open sahil
190158: textproc/kdiff3 fails to save output with -o relative path existing textproc/kdiff3 open freebsd-ports-bu
190157: devel/glib20: Fix build error when installed ports/lang/gcc existing devel/glib20 open gnome
190155: [patch] Add staging support to www/jawstats existing www/jawstats feedback swills
190154: [patch] math/geonext update to 1.74, add stage support existing math/geonext feedback ohauer
190153: [PATCH] devel/itext: fix docs build existing devel/itext open ale
190151: [patch] Add staging support to www/ismail existing www/ismail open swills
190148: [PATCH] devel/php-xdebug: update to 2.2.5 existing devel/php-xdebug feedback sunpoet
190147: [patch] Add staging support to www/ilias existing www/ilias open wen
190143: [PATCH] www/htmlcompressor: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES] existing www/htmlcompressor open freebsd-ports-bu
190142: [patch] Add staging support to www/horde3-meta existing www/horde3-meta open horde
190141: [patch] Add staging support to www/hinventory-client existing www/hinventory-client feedback swills
190139: net-mgmt/zabbix2-server, net-mgmt/zabbix22-server incorrect config options in Makefile, broken ODBC support existing net-mgmt/zabbix2-server feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190137: building print/cups-base fails existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
190134: port update: mail/heirloom-mailx - add option to use sendmail from ports, and take ownership existing mail/heirloom-mailx open freebsd-ports-bu
190132: [Patch] update port www/py-selenium to 2.42.0 existing www/py-selenium feedback freebsd-python
190131: [patch] Add staging support to www/hastymail2-devel existing www/hastymail2-devel feedback swills
190130: [patch] Add staging support to www/habari existing www/habari feedback swills
190126: x11/nvidia-driver: nvidia_linux.c:42:37: error: incompatible integer to pointer conversion passing 'unsigned long long' to param existing x11/nvidia-driver open danfe
190125: ftp/py-curl upgrade to existing ftp/py-curl feedback wen
190124: misc. fixes for databases/p5-Bucardo existing databases/p5-Bucardo open mat
190122: [update] textproc/p5-Search-Elasticsearch to 0.12 existing textproc/p5-Search-Elasticsearch open tj
190121: new port databases/sqlite-ext-pcre new databases/sqlite-ext-pcre open freebsd-ports-bu
190120: Staging (and other misc. updates) for sysutils/radmind existing sysutils/radmind feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190116: [patch] x11-wm/herbstluftwm update to 0.6.2, Makefile fixes existing x11-wm/herbstluftwm feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190114: [patch] Add staging support to www/geeklog existing www/geeklog open sahil
190111: www/rubygem-passenger: is not installed existing www/rubygem-passenger open osa
190109: mail/sympa post-install instructions are wrong existing mail/sympa feedback crees
190107: [patch] sysutils/graffer: update version to 1.1 existing sysutils/graffer open freebsd-ports-bu
190106: [update] games/alephone to 20140104 existing games/alephone open games
190105: [update] devel/luafilesystem to 1.6.2 existing devel/luafilesystem open freebsd-ports-bu
190104: Patch to make databases/ip4r prefer indexes on large (ie in production) databases existing databases/ip4r open tobez
190097: maintainer-update of mail/mutt14 existing mail/mutt14 open freebsd-ports-bu
190096: maintainer-update of mail/coolmail existing mail/coolmail open freebsd-ports-bu
190095: maintainer update of net/iplog existing net/iplog open freebsd-ports-bu
190093: [patch] Add staging support to www/fswiki existing www/fswiki open kuriyama
190091: dns/bind910: BIND won't start. existing dns/bind910 open mat
190089: Update port: lang/scala existing lang/scala open freebsd-ports-bu
190088: [patch] devel/py-jsonschema: Fix for upstream bug #94259: Useless use of concatenation (.) or string in void context existing devel/py-jsonschema open tj
190083: [patch] Add staging support to www/foswiki existing www/foswiki open swills
190082: mail/postgrey does not support staging existing mail/postgrey feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190081: [patch] add staging support to emulators/mupen64plus ports existing emulators/mupen64plus open acm
190078: [path] staging support for print/cups-pstoraster existing print/cups-pstoraster open rea
190076: x11-toolkits/py-wxPython28: Update py-wxPython28 Ports for staging existing x11-toolkits/py-wxPython28 feedback freebsd-python
190074: www/nginx github/agentzh and github/chaoslawful dependencies have been moved to github/openresty existing www/nginx open osa
190073: [patch] japanese/monafonts: Remove use of pkg-req and add staging support existing japanese/monafonts open nobutaka
190072: [patch] japanese/marumoji-fonts: Remove use of pkg-req and add staging support existing japanese/marumoji-fonts open freebsd-ports-bu
190071: [patch] japanese/k12: Remove use of pkg-req and add staging support existing japanese/k12 open freebsd-ports-bu
190070: sysutils/rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman - update to 0.1.1 existing sysutils/rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman open swills
190069: sysutils/rubygem-hammer_cli - update to 0.1.1 existing sysutils/rubygem-hammer_cli open swills
190068: [PATCH] devel/rubygem-mixlib-shellout: fix MIXLIB-29 existing devel/rubygem-mixlib-shellout feedback swills
190066: [patch] lang/ruby19 (and lang/ruby20, lang/ruby21) fix existing lang/ruby19 open ruby
190065: New port: net-p2p/py-transmission-remote-curses Remote Curses UI for Transmission daemon new net-p2p/py-transmission-remote-curses open freebsd-python
190064: New port: www/vimb The vim like browser (corrected) new www/vimb open freebsd-ports-bu
190063: devel/libsoup broken existing devel/libsoup open gnome
190059: security/vpnc problem with staging when OpenSSL option is selected existing security/vpnc open ehaupt
190058: emulators/linux-base-f10: kldload linux skipped in script, installing linux-base-f10 package existing emulators/linux_base-f10 open freebsd-emulatio
190055: net/nss_ldap does not work with multiple group existing net/nss_ldap open des
190053: New port: mail/roundcube-html5_notifier desktop notification plugin for roundcube new mail/roundcube-html5_notifier open swills
190051: [patch][maintainer update] ports-mgmt/portupdate-scan update existing ports-mgmt/portupdate-scan open freebsd-ports-bu
190048: [patch] Add staging support to www/flat-frog existing www/flat-frog feedback swills
190045: [patch] Add staging support to www/encode-explorer existing www/encode-explorer feedback swills
190044: [patch] Add staging support to www/entrans existing www/entrans feedback swills
190041: [patch] Add staging support and update to www/dwoo existing www/dwoo feedback swills
190035: |PATCH| sysutils/rubygem-capistrano: update to 3.2.1 existing sysutils/rubygem-capistrano open ruby
190034: port update: security/denyhosts existing security/denyhosts feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190029: [patch] Add staging support to www/dalbum existing www/dalbum open sem
190027: graphics/mplayer & graphics/mplayer2 install conflict existing multimedia/mplayer open riggs
190025: [patch] Add staging support to www/crp existing www/crp feedback swills
190023: [patch] Add staging support to www/cakephp22 existing www/cakephp22 feedback swills
190022: [patch] Add staging support to www/cakephp23 existing www/cakephp23 feedback swills
190021: [patch] Add staging support to www/cakephp21 existing www/cakephp21 feedback swills
190020: [patch] Add staging support to www/cakephp13 existing www/cakephp13 feedback swills
190019: [patch] Add staging support to www/cakephp12 existing www/cakephp12 open swills
190018: [patch] Add staging support to www/cakephp11 existing www/cakephp11 open swills
190017: graphics/py-cairo fails to compile when python2.7 compiled with -march existing graphics/py-cairo open gnome
190013: [maintainer-update] net/spread: location change, and archive type existing net/spread feedback freebsd-ports-bu
190012: [patch] Add staging support to www/bacula-web existing www/bacula-web feedback swills
190009: [patch] Add staging support to www/autoindex2 existing www/autoindex2 open danger
190006: java/openjdk7 fails to upgrade existing java/openjdk7 open glewis
190005: mail/spamassassin's /usr/local/etc/rc.d/sa-spamd r349854 incorrectly assumes the existence of the directory /var/run/${name}, i. existing mail/spamassassin open adamw
190004: Stagify games/brutalchess existing games/brutalchess open games
190002: [PATCH] net/czmq: update to 2.2.0 existing net/czmq open koobs
189994: print/cups-base bulk failed existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
189991: www/firefox 29.0,1 crashes when built with DEBUG option existing www/firefox open gecko
189989: multimedia/mplayer default configuration should enable FriBiDi existing multimedia/mplayer open riggs
189984: patch textproc/rubygem-parslet for newer blankslate existing textproc/rubygem-parslet open sunpoet
189983: patch devel/rubygem-pygments.rb for newer yajl-ruby existing devel/rubygem-pygments.rb open ruby
189982: patch devel/rubygem-toml for newer parslet existing devel/rubygem-toml open sunpoet
189980: devel/rubygem-celluloid needs rubygem-timers1 existing devel/rubygem-celluloid open ruby
189978: [patch] Add staging support to www/apache-forrest existing www/apache-forrest open nivit
189976: [patch] Add a keyword to create empty directories framework   open portmgr
189975: devel/cssc: sccs create segfaults existing devel/cssc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189972: update: misc/vifm existing misc/vifm feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189971: [maintainer update] dns/dnsmax-perl - use staging and shebangfix existing dns/dnsmax-perl open freebsd-ports-bu
189970: [patch] Add staging support to www/codeigniter existing www/codeigniter feedback swills
189967: [patch] Add staging support to www/photo_gallery existing www/photo_gallery feedback swills
189964: [MAINTAINER][PATCH] security/webfwlog update to 1.00 and for staging existing security/webfwlog open freebsd-ports-bu
189963: [patch] Add staging support to www/phpbb3 existing www/phpbb3 feedback swills
189962: [patch] Add staging support to www/phpbb existing www/phpbb feedback swills
189959: [patch] Add staging support to www/phpsysinfo existing www/phpsysinfo feedback swills
189956: graphics/gegl 0.2.0_8 fails to package existing graphics/gegl open gnome
189954: [patch] Add staging support to www/zerowait-httpd existing www/zerowait-httpd open dhn
189953: [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng: fix enable SPOOF option and microfix existing sysutils/syslog-ng open cy
189952: [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng: enable SPOOF option and many fix existing sysutils/syslog-ng open cy
189948: Maintainer Update: www/py-django-live-settings existing www/py-django-livesettings open freebsd-ports-bu
189946: devel/dbus-qt4 sparc64 build failure: ../../include/QtCore/../../src/corelib/arch/qatomic_generic.h:197: error: invalid conversi existing devel/dbus-qt4 open kde
189945: add optional chacha20 & poly1305 support to security/openssl existing security/openssl feedback dinoex
189944: misc/qt4-doc sparc64 build failure: Killing timed out build after 3600 seconds existing misc/qt4-doc open kde
189943: graphics/mapnik fails to build existing graphics/mapnik feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189942: graphics/mapserver: WMS_CLIENT and WFS_CLIENT support existing graphics/mapserver open wen
189940: graphics/mapserver: Python bindings or support error existing graphics/mapserver open wen
189937: [patch] Add staging support to www/pound existing www/pound open anders
189936: [patch] Add staging support to www/middleman existing www/middleman open swills
189932: [patch] Add staging support to www/asterisk-stat existing www/asterisk-stat feedback swills
189931: dns/bind99: wants openssl from ports when it only needs and uses base openssl existing dns/bind99 open mat
189929: [patch] Add staging support to www/abyssws existing www/abyssws open swills
189925: [patch] Add staging support to www/apache-mode.el existing www/apache-mode.el feedback swills
189924: [PATCH] www/py-requests: update to 2.3.0 existing www/py-requests open koobs
189923: [PATCH] net/turses: update to 0.2.22 existing net/turses open koobs
189922: [PATCH] net/czmq: update to 2.2.0 existing net/czmq open koobs
189921: [PATCH] devel/py-tox: update to 1.7.1 existing devel/py-tox open koobs
189920: [PATCH] devel/py-pygithub: update to 1.25.0 existing devel/py-pygithub open koobs
189919: [PATCH] devel/py-pyflakes: update to 0.8.1 existing devel/py-pyflakes open koobs
189918: [PATCH] devel/py-pbr: update to 0.8.0 existing devel/py-pbr open koobs
189917: [PATCH] databases/py-riak: update to 2.0.3 existing databases/py-riak open koobs
189916: [patch] Add staging support to www/zen-cart existing www/zen-cart open swills
189912: mail/spamassassin: p5-Net-DNS update breaks spamassassin's sa-update existing mail/spamassassin open adamw
189907: Update games/mangband to support Staging existing games/mangband open games
189906: sysutils/devcpu-data not found existing sysutils/devcpu-data open freebsd-ports-bu
189904: [new port] net-mgmt/guifi-snpservices new net-mgmt/guifi-snpservices open freebsd-ports-bu
189903: [patch] Add staging support to www/squid33 existing www/squid33 open tmseck
189902: [patch] Add staging support to www/squid32 existing www/squid32 open tmseck
189900: [maintainer update] x11-fm/doublecmd: update to version 0.5.10 existing x11-fm/doublecmd feedback miwi
189898: [patch] Add staging support to www/squid existing www/squid open tmseck
189897: [patch] Add staging support to www/jetty existing www/jetty open olgeni
189890: UPDATE PORT: net/iscsi-target as deprecated existing net/iscsi-target open freebsd-ports-bu
189887: [MAINTAINER UPDATE] databases/mariadb55-{client,server}: update to 5.5.37 existing databases/mariadb55-server feedback miwi
189886: sysutils/puppet: update to version 3.6.0 existing sysutils/puppet open swills
189885: [New port] archivers/php5-snappy new archivers/php5-snappy open freebsd-ports-bu
189883: cad/systemc: Makefile's RESTRICTED variable does not match description in /usr/ports/LEGAL existing cad/systemc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189880: port databases/pgpool-II out of date. existing databases/pgpool-II open kuriyama
189879: Adding GNU Readline support for security/krb5 existing security/krb5 open cy
189875: Compile net/etherboot fails. existing net/etherboot open ambrisko
189873: [New port] sysutils/n98-magerun new sysutils/n98-magerun open freebsd-ports-bu
189872: [new port] net-mgmt/riemann: monitors distributed systems new net-mgmt/riemann open freebsd-ports-bu
189868: [PATCH] misc/mime-support: shebangfix existing misc/mime-support open oliver
189867: [patch] Keep portscout from looking for newer versions of www/rubygem-httpi existing www/rubygem-httpi open swills
189857: building mail/evolution fails existing mail/evolution open gnome
189852: x11/workrave fails to build on FreeBSD 10 existing x11/workrave open lx
189851: textproc/gdome2 fails to build on FreeBSD 10 / 9 existing textproc/gdome2 open amdmi3
189849: Upgrade of lang/newlisp to 10.6.0 fails existing lang/newlisp open olgeni
189844: lang/python27: dependent packages fail to build when python is built with both PTH and THREADS existing lang/python27 open freebsd-python
189842: [exp-run] use only libncursesw framework   open brooks
189839: [patch] Keep portscout from looking for newer versions of devel/rubygem-nori existing devel/rubygem-nori open swills
189838: net/openvswitch 1.7.1 : ovsdb-tool create segfaults existing net/openvswitch open emaste
189837: [PATCH] devel/py-fabric: update to 1.8.3,1 existing devel/py-fabric open koobs
189836: [PATCH] devel/concurrencykit: update to 0.4.2 existing devel/concurrencykit open koobs
189829: New Port: games/tesseract new games/tesseract open freebsd-ports-bu
189825: [patch] Keep portscout from looking for newer versions of devel/rubygem-gyoku existing devel/rubygem-gyoku open swills
189824: [new port] net-mgmt/lldpd new net-mgmt/lldpd open freebsd-ports-bu
189811: [enhancement] security/ca_root_nss - Add the missing symlink for /etc/ssl/cert.pem existing security/ca_root_nss open gecko
189806: [maintainer-update] update net-p2p/retroshare to 0.5.5c existing net-p2p/retroshare open freebsd-ports-bu
189799: [maintainer update] sysutils/backuppc: stage, etc. existing sysutils/backuppc open freebsd-ports-bu
189797: [maintainer-upgrade] [patch] net/ifdepd converted to staging existing net/ifdepd open freebsd-ports-bu
189792: [PATCH] lang/ruby21: update to 2.1.2. existing lang/ruby21 open ruby
189786: science/2d-rewriter: 1. Update for "man". 2. Staging support. existing science/2d-rewriter open freebsd-ports-bu
189784: port update of devel/quilt to 0.63 existing devel/quilt feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189780: update of net/tac_plus4 to existing net/tac_plus4 open marcus
189777: [patch] www/codeigniter staging, change url existing www/codeigniter open freebsd-ports-bu
189776: update ports/radiator from 4.7 to 4.13 existing net/radiator open freebsd-ports-bu
189767: games/oneko fails to compile existing games/oneko feedback games
189762: security/tinyca can't open saved CA existing security/tinyca feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189742: sysutils/u-boot-beaglebone-eabi Issues on amd64 64bit w/gmp library existing sysutils/u-boot-beaglebone-eabi open kientzle
189731: www/nginx: Postgres extension is disabled in nginx 1.6 port existing www/nginx open osa
189719: www/py-Scrapy: update to 0.22.2 existing www/py-scrapy open clsung
189718: [PATCH] www/py-html5lib: update to 0.999 existing www/py-html5lib open rm
189714: [PATCH] multimedia/py-subliminal: update to 0.7.4 existing multimedia/py-subliminal open wg
189711: lang/ocaml not installable as a binary package existing lang/ocaml feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189710: lang/ocaml: ocamlbuild doesn't handle SIGPIPE existing lang/ocaml feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189705: [PATCH] www/py-flexget: update to 1.2.127,1 existing www/py-flexget open wg
189704: [UPDATE] sysutils/megacli: update to 08.07.14 existing sysutils/megacli open freebsd-ports-bu
189703: [PATCH] www/py-splinter: update to 0.6.0 existing www/py-splinter open wg
189700: mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole: cannot fetch DISTFILE, update to new MASTER_SITE existing mail/dovecot2-pigeonhole feedback swills
189698: Add staging support to comms/java-commapi-freebsd existing comms/java-commapi-freebsd open freebsd-ports-bu
189697: Add staging support to comms/java-commapi existing comms/java-commapi open freebsd-ports-bu
189695: [PATCH] mail/p5-Mail-DKIM: shebangfix & portlint existing mail/p5-Mail-DKIM open perl
189692: cad/meshlab: program cannot import mesh existing cad/meshlab open gahr
189691: [PATCH] devel/scons m4 tool, BSD specific problem. existing devel/scons feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189690: Update usr/ports/math/qrupdate as requested for port staging existing math/qrupdate open freebsd-ports-bu
189687: [MAINTAINER] www/lynx -> existing www/lynx feedback culot
189686: mail/evolution produces backups that are not imported succesfully existing mail/evolution open gnome
189680: [patch] support for staging in graphics/epdfview existing graphics/epdfview open sylvio
189677: multimedia/libva-intel-driver: Update to 1.3.1 existing multimedia/libva-intel-driver feedback madpilot
189676: net-im/mcabber window resize broken by MFV r262639: ncurses 5.9 20140222 snapshot. existing net-im/mcabber open dhn
189672: devel/py-interface: upgrade to 1.3 existing devel/py-interface open sobomax
189664: Remove net/rsmb existing net/rsmb open freebsd-ports-bu
189662: Staging support for sysutils/samefile, shar inside existing sysutils/samefile open schweikh
189654: [PATCH] textproc/groff: shebangfix & portlint existing textproc/groff open freebsd-ports-bu
189651: [PATCH] lang/fasm update to 1.71.17 existing lang/fasm feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189647: [maintainer update] emulators/visualboyadvance-m to r1231 existing emulators/visualboyadvance-m open freebsd-ports-bu
189646: [PATCH] lang/ruby19, lang/ruby20, lang/ruby21: fix RDOC options handling and etc. existing lang/ruby19 open ruby
189645: Update net/netpipes for staging existing net/netpipes open freebsd-ports-bu
189641: Delete the sysutils/3dm port existing sysutils/3dm open freebsd-ports-bu
189637: Support staging for chinese/ibus-chewing existing chinese/ibus-chewing open freebsd-ports-bu
189628: www/phpgedview: move to attic existing www/phpgedview open freebsd-ports-bu
189622: [MAINTAINER UPDATE] audio/lingot add stagging existing audio/lingot open freebsd-ports-bu
189621: add 'staging' support to comms/uarduno existing comms/uarduno feedback rene
189618: net/GeoIP: don't update file atomically existing net/GeoIP open dhn
189598: mail/thunderbird: Builds with -j1 even when MAKE_JOBS_NUMBER is set existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
189542: [patch] mail/rspamd: missed directories existing mail/rspamd open vsevolod
189541: [Maintainer] math/giacxcas update existing math/giacxcas open freebsd-ports-bu
189540: [UPDATE] databases/postgis21 existing databases/postgis21 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189538: building net/netatalk fails with cups existing net/netatalk open marcus
189528: sysutils/xcdroast cannot find cd-rom drive existing sysutils/xcdroast open oliver
189497: net-p2p/deluge not downloading blocklist existing net-p2p/deluge open rm
189494: [PATCH] devel/magit: add GIT_SUBVERSION option existing devel/magit open kuriyama
189493: [MAINTAINER] japanese/ja-mecab: Convert to 'USES=libtool'. existing japanese/mecab open freebsd-ports-bu
189491: [PATCH] databases/db4: fixed in stage-QA out the Warning existing databases/db4 open mandree
189489: update mail/mailagent to 3.1.78 to unbreak build with perl5.16 existing mail/mailagent open freebsd-ports-bu
189488: www/libxul does not compile in FreeBSD10 with last soundtouch existing www/libxul open gecko
189486: [PATCH] sysutils/automount: disable EXFAT by default existing sysutils/automount feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189485: astro/wcslib problem to install existing astro/wcslib feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189484: sysutils/modules segfaults when adding a new path existing sysutils/modules feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189482: security/sudo: grep: /usr/local/lib/ No such file or directory existing security/sudo open wxs
189479: [PATCH] security/amavisd-new: update to 2.8.1,1 existing security/amavisd-new open gabor
189478: [PATCH] games/warsow: Update to v1.5 existing games/warsow open danfe
189477: [PATCH] games/warsow-data: Update to v1.5 existing games/warsow-data open acm
189469: [update,patch] misc/fxload patch for xilinx.conf devd rules existing misc/fxload open wkoszek
189464: [patch] databases/redis-devel -- update to 3.0.0-beta3 existing databases/redis-devel open osa
189453: science/hdf5 1.8.12 build error on FreeBSD-10.0-p2-amd64 existing science/hdf5 feedback sunpoet
189452: [MAINTAINER] japanese/nhocr: update to 0.21 existing japanese/nhocr open freebsd-ports-bu
189450: [PATCH] sysutils/puppet: update to 3.5.1 existing sysutils/puppet open swills
189447: port upgrade: net-mgmt/netdot 1.0.4 to netdot 1.0.6 existing net-mgmt/netdot open tobez
189444: [patch] USE_GCC=yes clashes with DEFAULT_VERSIONS existing lang/gcc49 open gerald
189443: [New port] sysutils/amttool: Split off amttool from comms/amtterm new sysutils/amttool open freebsd-ports-bu
189440: www/nginx: lua-nginx-module-v0.9.4-0 size mismatch existing www/nginx open osa
189424: converters/wkhtmltopng needs x11-fonts/xorg-fonts existing x11-fonts/xorg-fonts open freebsd-ports-bu
189421: multimedia/gstreamer1-libav: firefox crashes in gstreamer-1.0/ on i386 existing multimedia/gstreamer1-libav open freebsd-multimed
189414: [new port] databases/php55-redis, PHP5-Extension for Redis new databases/php55-redis open freebsd-ports-bu
189408: [patch] deskutils/fet update to 5.21.3, allow build only CLI version existing deskutils/fet feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189403: [new port] net/wackamole - technically: resurrection+new version new net/wackamole open freebsd-ports-bu
189402: irc/weechat does not build against gnutls3 existing irc/weechat open jase
189401: New port: sysutils/amtc -- Threaded Intel AMT/vPro mass management tool new sysutils/amtc open freebsd-ports-bu
189398: ports-mgmt/portmaster: portmaster -g does not always build intermediate ports existing ports-mgmt/portmaster open bdrewery
189397: webinterface of print/cups not functional when installed without DOCS option existing print/cups open freebsd-ports-bu
189394: security/gnupg fails to generate pgp key due to missing depend on security/pinentry existing security/gnupg open kuriyama
189393: [patch] www/nginx: update tcp_proxy module existing www/nginx open osa
189391: [PATCH] www/nginx: update syslog and upstream_sticky modules existing www/nginx open osa
189390: port lang/maude compilation failed existing lang/maude feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189386: lang/guile build fails with port texinfo installed existing lang/guile feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189385: [PATCH] java/openjdk7: fix portlint(1) Compliant existing java/openjdk7 open glewis
189384: databases/postgis21 doesn't compile, and doesn't function when compiled without RASTER existing databases/postgis21 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189380: sysutils/memtest86+: make[4]: illegal argument to -j -- must be positive integer! existing sysutils/memtest86+ feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189379: benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite requires php5-dom existing benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite open mm
189378: new port: x11/lumina new x11/lumina open freebsd-ports-bu
189375: [maintainer update] net-mgmt/bgpq3 existing net-mgmt/bgpq3 open freebsd-ports-bu
189370: net-mgmt/check_mysql_health useless under perl5-5.16.3_4 existing net-mgmt/check_mysql_health feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189363: net/liferea 1.10.8_1 crashes. existing net/liferea open kwm
189362: graphics/libchamplain fails to build if older version installed existing graphics/libchamplain open gnome
189358: x11-wm/wmconfig port update existing x11-wm/wmconfig open freebsd-ports-bu
189357: lang/rust: rustc chokes on linking a trivial program (__morestack symbol) existing lang/rust feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189327: [new port] www/agilebill: a complete billing solution for ISPs and a-like. new www/agilebill open swills
189322: devel/freeocl: [REL - head-amd64-default][devel/freeocl] Failed for freeocl-0.3.6_2 in build existing devel/freeocl open freebsd-ports-bu
189321: dns/ldapdns - version update existing dns/ldapdns open freebsd-ports-bu
189320: www/trac does not work existing www/trac open clsung
189319: [patch] net-im/empathy now builds ok without MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE existing net-im/empathy open gnome
189317: www/chromium: SIGBUS in libffmpeg existing www/chromium open freebsd-chromium
189316: games/minecraft-client doesn't start up at all existing games/minecraft-client feedback games
189296: [PATCH] math/p5-Math-Round: Added LICENSE, take maintainership existing math/p5-Math-Round open sunpoet
189271: [PATCH] net-mgmt/collectd5: Add perl support existing net-mgmt/collectd5 feedback swills
189266: devel/gobject-introspection fails to build due to missing python headers existing devel/gobject-introspection open gnome
189257: [NEW PORT] databases/percona56-xtradb-cluster new databases/percona56-xtradb-cluster open freebsd-ports-bu
189248: [security] mail/postfixadmin update to 2.3.7 existing mail/postfixadmin feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189222: New port: comms/owfs, software for communicating with Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire network new comms/owfs open freebsd-ports-bu
189221: New port: comms/telldus-core, software for communicating with Telldus Tellstick new comms/telldus-core open freebsd-ports-bu
189218: [patch] assign maintainership of Mk/ framework   open portmgr
189217: www/firefox does not compile on FreeBSD 9.2 existing www/firefox open gecko
189212: emulators/virtualbox-ose: netboot of a virtualbox diskless client hangs at pxeboot (iPXE) existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
189209: [patch] textproc/gnome-doc-utils is sound enough to parallel build existing textproc/gnome-doc-utils open gnome
189208: Add a mention of WITH_OPENSSL_PORT to the pkg-descr of security/openssl existing security/openssl feedback dinoex
189206: [patch] audio/pulseaudio is sound enough to parallel build existing audio/pulseaudio open gnome
189205: please upgrade security/monkeysphere to 0.36 existing security/monkeysphere feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189202: [patch] devel/gobject-introspection is sound enough to parallel build existing devel/gobject-introspection open gnome
189176: lang/ocaml: DEF_OPT option interacts poorly with camlp4 existing lang/ocaml open marino
189165: port net/aprsc is not compiled with openssl. existing net/aprsc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189163: x11/xorg: Could not init font path element /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/* existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
189142: [patch] [new port] devel/poco15 new devel/poco15 open swills
189138: emulators/vba fails configure existing emulators/vba feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189136: multimedia/libvpx fails to build on freebsd10/i386 with gcc existing multimedia/libvpx open ashish
189135: [PATCH] net-mgmt/zabbix22-server: update to 2.2.3 existing net-mgmt/zabbix22-server feedback rene
189133: mail/dovecot2 configure cc option invalid & reminder fix to use security/heimdal port existing mail/dovecot2 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189131: databases/py-bsddb3 - fails to build with python3.x existing databases/py-bsddb3 feedback freebsd-python
189127: devel/thrift-cpp fails with "Malformed conditional" errors when QT4 is defined existing devel/thrift-cpp feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189126: graphics/sane-backends silently installs pkgng and screws everything up existing graphics/sane-backends open freebsd-ports-bu
189123: [patch] Updated port databases/jasperreports to 5.5.2 existing databases/jasperreports open swills
189121: [new port] ftp/mod_vroot, module for ProFTPd new ftp/mod_vroot open swills
189118: multimedia/vlc with VAAPI SIGSEGVs after playback ends existing multimedia/vlc open freebsd-multimed
189113: x11-servers/xorg-vfbserver: Bug in Xvfb using RANDR extension existing x11-servers/xorg-vfbserver open freebsd-x11
189109: [security] www/mod_spdy Apache module heartbleed bug existing www/mod_spdy feedback apache
189106: devel/9base yacc needs to install yaccpar and yaccpars existing devel/9base open sbz
189104: net/tcpdump not logging packets to guests of the VirtualBox existing net/tcpdump open wxs
189098: [NEW PORT] www/pycarddav: A simple to use CardDAV CLI client. new www/pycarddav open freebsd-ports-bu
189096: [patch] make multimedia/gstreamer{,1}-plugins-{good,bad,ugly} respect ${_MAKE_JOBS} of existing multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-good open freebsd-multimed
189093: maintainer update: multimedia/vtkmpeg2encode existing multimedia/vtkmpeg2encode open freebsd-ports-bu
189092: maintainer update: science/fvcom-mpi with name change existing science/fvcom-mpi open freebsd-ports-bu
189091: maintainer update: science/fvcom existing science/fvcom open freebsd-ports-bu
189084: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg check -B does not check indirect dependencies existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
189081: editors/openoffice-4 fails to build - complains over source file not present existing editors/openoffice-4 open office
189077: [Patch] x11-toolkits/p5-Tk compiles without Xft support despite XFT option defined existing x11-toolkits/p5-Tk open perl
189063: lang/ocaml: Add armv6 support existing lang/ocaml open marino
189061: [PATCH] net/miniupnpd: update to 20140422 and expose more config options existing net/miniupnpd feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189059: [new port] devel/diffconvert maintainer-update, master-sites, staged new devel/diffconvert open freebsd-ports-bu
189058: multimedia/webcamd: Lenovo Thinkpad E530 webcam doesn't detected by webcamd existing multimedia/webcamd open hselasky
189055: astro/google-earth: call to unneeded graphics/linux-f10-dri on nvidia system existing astro/google-earth open nox
189054: mail/thunderbird: lightning calendar extension: Without localization existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
189050: [PATCH] games/oneko fails to build with Clang existing games/oneko feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189048: graphics/libchamplain: Shared object "" not found existing graphics/libchamplain open gnome
189044: multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-bad not upgradable existing multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-bad open freebsd-multimed
189043: multimedia/mlt: broken with clang existing multimedia/mlt open avilla
189040: audio/ampache fails to install without NO_STAGE=yes existing audio/ampache open jadawin
189039: math/ocaml-gsl: Update to 1.15.1 existing math/ocamlgsl open marino
189033: [patch] Updated port devel/poco to latest release 1.4.6p4. existing devel/poco open wes
189029: [UPDATE] graphics/py-pillow to 2.4.0 existing graphics/py-pillow open koobs
189028: games/minecraft-client cannot start minecraft when using openjdk7 existing games/minecraft-client feedback freebsd-ports-bu
189024: audio/wmauda: conflict between gtk2 and gtk3 existing audio/wmauda open garga
189022: Update Port: devel/libserver => 1.22 existing devel/libserver open freebsd-ports-bu
189019: mail/exim: Perl is always needed for build existing mail/exim open rea
189010: [new port] revive port devel/ecgi - (easy CGI Libary) maintainer-update - stage new devel/ecgi open freebsd-ports-bu
189009: [new port] revive port devel/c2mdoc : Script to generate mdoc(7) markup from C functions new devel/c2mdoc open freebsd-ports-bu
189008: net/mpd5: could not be build package with 'WITHOUT_MAN=yes' globally set existing net/mpd5 open garga
189006: x11-toolkits/plib improperly handles USB joystick min/max/center, and ignores "dial" axes existing x11-toolkits/plib open freebsd-ports-bu
189005: [patch] Fix run dependencies for comms/gnuradio existing comms/gnuradio open db
189002: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-nestserver prompts for options multiple times existing x11-servers/xorg-nestserver open freebsd-x11
188998: is empty unknown   open osa
188996: [patch] Updated port devel/poco-ssl to latest release 1.4.6p4. existing devel/poco-ssl open wes
188995: [NEW PORT] revive port devel/codeville - a distributed version control system, uses python new devel/codeville open freebsd-ports-bu
188992: New port: www/mpm_itk mpm-itk for apache 2.4 new www/mpm_itk open freebsd-ports-bu
188986: net/igmpproxy: kernel structure ip bugfix existing net/igmpproxy feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188982: /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose error making v. 4.3.10 existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
188981: [NEW PORT] revive port textproc/asm2html - Converts NASM syntax assembly code into (X)HTML output new textproc/asm2html open freebsd-ports-bu
188978: [patch] Mk/ remove USE_GNOME=lthack framework   open gnome
188974: [PATCH] archivers/star - reverse depreciation due to patch 188472 which fixes devel/smake existing archivers/star feedback rene
188973: graphics/libetonyek uses wrong gperf existing graphics/libetonyek open office
188971: [NEW PORT] revive port comms/sms_client : simple UNIX client allowing you to send SMS messages to mobile phones and pagers new comms/sms_client open freebsd-ports-bu
188970: Option !NLS is broken for ftp/filezilla r351664 existing ftp/filezilla open jsa
188967: [update] [patch] [fix] www/nginx-devel tcp_proxy module existing www/nginx-devel open osa
188966: [patch] [update] www/nginx TCP_PROXY module 0.4.5 existing www/nginx open osa
188943: [patch] graphics/libwpg -- Fix shebang and modernize USES existing graphics/libwpg open office
188941: sysutils/dmidecode: proposed daily periodic script existing sysutils/dmidecode open anders
188939: [new port] revive port archivers/bzip new archivers/bzip open freebsd-ports-bu
188938: New port: net-mgmt/nsca-ng Monitoring command acceptor new net-mgmt/nsca-ng open freebsd-ports-bu
188932: New Port:games/prboom-plus A fork of the original prboom . new games/prboom-plus open freebsd-ports-bu
188930: [maintainer update] games/py-mnemosyne (2.3) existing games/py-mnemosyne open freebsd-python
188929: dns/ldapdns - maintainer-update MASTER_SITES update existing dns/ldapdns open freebsd-ports-bu
188927: [NEW PORT] databases/sfcgal new databases/sfcgal open freebsd-ports-bu
188924: devel/binutils installs non-functional bfd.h existing devel/binutils open zeising
188923: portmaster: editors/lazarus-lcl-gtk2 1.2_1: .../gtk2: No such file or directory existing editors/lazarus-lcl-gtk2 open acm
188920: NEW-MAINTAINER, MASTER_SITES -- salvage www/cherokee existing www/cherokee open freebsd-ports-bu
188917: graphics/libdrm 2.4.44 package creation fails existing graphics/libdrm open freebsd-x11
188910: x11-toolkits/pango Plist broken existing x11-toolkits/pango open gnome
188909: graphics/webp : orphans in plist existing graphics/webp open sunpoet
188908: net-mgmt/zabbix2-server has wrong pkg-plist existing net-mgmt/zabbix2-server feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188904: java/eclipse-devel fails to build existing java/eclipse-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
188903: Port "mail/dcc-dccd" fails to build if using sendmail from ports (fix included) existing mail/dcc-dccd feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188900: multimedia/totem fails to build on 9.2-RELEASE existing multimedia/totem open gnome
188896: [patch] Updated version of security/proftpd-mod_clamav to 0.13. existing security/proftpd-mod_clamav open mm
188895: OPTIONS_UNSET X11 doesn't seem to work unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
188892: update graphics/libraw to version 0.16.0 existing graphics/libraw open osa
188875: [patch] www/p5-Apache-Gallery fix Makefile and pkg-plist existing www/p5-Apache-Gallery open brix
188872: [NEW PORT] japanese/lookup-devel: Search interface on Emacsen for CD-ROM books, etc new japanese/lookup-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
188861: emulators/mame: Update to version 0.153 existing emulators/mame feedback miwi
188856: devel/py-gobject3 doesn't install on powerpc64 existing devel/py-gobject3 open gnome
188854: Updated port security/libfprint, (incomplete) new port security/fprintd existing security/libfprint open freebsd-ports-bu
188848: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-nestserver: options don't stick existing x11-servers/xorg-nestserver open freebsd-x11
188846: Add KRB5_KTNAME to www/squid rc.d script existing www/squid open tmseck
188841: print/ghostscript9 (9.06) fails to build existing print/ghostscript9 open doceng
188840: [UPDATE] textproc/link-grammar to 5.0.6 existing textproc/link-grammar open gnome
188832: [MAINTAINER] math/mingw32-libgmp: update to 6.0.0 existing math/mingw32-libgmp open freebsd-ports-bu
188826: sysutils/pftop broken on -CURRENT existing sysutils/pftop open araujo
188813: New port: devel/librevisa-vish new devel/librevisa-vish open freebsd-ports-bu
188811: New port: devel/librevisa new devel/librevisa open freebsd-ports-bu
188810: New port: science/sigrok-firmware new science/sigrok-firmware open freebsd-ports-bu
188809: New port: science/sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw new science/sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw open freebsd-ports-bu
188808: New port: science/sigrok-firmware-utils new science/sigrok-firmware-utils open freebsd-ports-bu
188799: print/xfce4-print does not build when CUPS support is enaled existing print/xfce4-print open freebsd-xfce
188798: [PATCH] games/xlogical: maintainer update existing games/xlogical feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188797: [patch update] fix print/harfbuzz build on 9.2p4 existing print/harfbuzz open kwm
188794: x11-wm/compton version update to latest commit existing x11-wm/compton feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188790: [patch] math/libflame fix PORT_OPTIONS existing math/libflame open bf
188781: [PATCH] Update security/ossec-hids-server to 2.7.1; Fix compile under 10.0; Become maintainer existing security/ossec-hids-server open freebsd-ports-bu
188780: [ patch ] misc/dahdi-kmod: rc.d/dahdi start doesn't initialise properly existing misc/dahdi-kmod open fjoe
188778: [ patch ] net/asterisk11 unpublished dependency to multimedia/libv4l and multimedia/ffmpeg existing net/asterisk11 open flo
188775: Update databases/riak to 1.4.8 existing databases/riak open freebsd-ports-bu
188768: [MAINTAINER] textproc/p5-Text-VimColor: update to 0.24_1 existing textproc/p5-Text-VimColor feedback sunpoet
188765: print/teTeX-base 3.0_25 doesn't build existing print/teTeX-base open hrs
188752: [patch] www/ update to version 3.65 existing www/ open tobez
188746: Port: editors/p5-Padre stagify pkg-plist existing editors/p5-Padre feedback rene
188742: [NEW PORT] www/tomcat8 Tomcat 8.0.5 new www/tomcat8 open ale
188741: devel/rubygem-ffi can't load libc on FreeBSD 10 existing devel/rubygem-ffi open ruby
188738: [UPDATE] textproc/link-grammar to 5.0.4 existing textproc/link-grammar open gnome
188736: x11-drivers/input-wacom broken for serial tablets existing x11-drivers/input-wacom open freebsd-ports-bu
188710: [patch] net/boinc-client: fails to detect VirtualBox existing net/boinc-client open freebsd-ports-bu
188708: [] ports framework CONFLICT_INSTALL regression with staged ports framework   open portmgr
188693: [] OPTIONS_SINGLE: bug allows user to choose two single options simultaneously framework   open portmgr
188691: [NEW PORT] japanese/latex-jlisting: Enhancement of lstlisting environment for handling Japanese text new japanese/latex-jlisting open freebsd-ports-bu
188684: [MAINTAINER] www/MT,russian/MT: update to 5.2.10,1 existing www/MT open freebsd-ports-bu
188682: Updated ports finance/electrum existing finance/electrum open freebsd-ports-bu
188679: sysutils/cfengine hard-coded passwords in 3.5.3 existing sysutils/cfengine open cy
188659: Maintainer timeout: Update java/eclipse to 4.3.2, request maintainership existing java/eclipse open freebsd-ports-bu
188651: [PATCH] net-im/gajim add missing dependencies, fix icons and Options existing net-im/gajim open rm
188643: security/whatweb does not work existing security/whatweb open rm
188642: [UPDATE] textproc/link-grammar to 5.0.3 existing textproc/link-grammar open gnome
188641: [patch] x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel is make jobs safe existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel open freebsd-x11
188640: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server is make jobs safe existing x11-servers/xorg-server open freebsd-x11
188638: [PATCH] devel/maven3 security fix existing devel/maven3 open freebsd-ports-bu
188633: devel/py-usb patch (update to py-usb 1.0.0b1) existing devel/py-usb open sbz
188629: [UPDATE] math/gnumeric to 1.12.14 existing math/gnumeric open gnome
188621: Cannot build net/opal when multimedia/ffmpeg is installed existing net/opal open gnome
188618: [UPDATE] devel/goffice010 to 0.10.14 existing devel/goffice010 open gnome
188597: [MAINTAINER] sysutils/duply: [Update 1.7.3] existing sysutils/duply open freebsd-ports-bu
188596: textproc/py-libxml2 fails to build existing textproc/py-libxml2 open gnome
188585: dns/unbound does not build when libevent-1.4 option enabled existing dns/unbound open sem
188575: New port: devel/libmpsse new devel/libmpsse open freebsd-ports-bu
188567: [maintainer update] [patch] net-p2p/zetacoin: update to existing net-p2p/zetacoin open freebsd-ports-bu
188566: I have updated x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmware to 13.0.2 existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmware open freebsd-x11
188565: [PATCH] devel/py-traits: stage existing devel/py-traits open gerald
188544: maintainer-update of mail/mutt existing mail/mutt open milki
188533: [PATCH] Deprecate devel/maven2 existing devel/maven2 open freebsd-ports-bu
188530: [maintainer-update] audio/teamspeak3-server compatibility with FreeBSD/10 existing audio/teamspeak3-server open freebsd-ports-bu
188527: databases/libdbi-drivers fails to build on FreeBSD 10.0 existing databases/libdbi-drivers open freebsd-ports-bu
188525: [patch] mail/evolution: libraries missing from STAGE existing mail/evolution open gnome
188524: sysutils/grub2 and ZFS: missing feature for read 'com.delphix:hole_birth' existing sysutils/grub2 open freebsd-ports-bu
188522: [PATCH] devel/libgsf fix installation of GObject Introspection files existing devel/libgsf open gnome
188483: security/pam_abl hasn't been updated this decade existing security/pam_abl feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188470: print/cups-filters: drives OfficeJet 8600 rogue when installed existing print/cups-filters feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188466: [patch] Updated security/proftpd-mod_clamav to latest version 0.13rc3 existing security/proftpd-mod_clamav open mm
188464: [PATCH] sysutils/apcupsd: update to 3.14.12 existing sysutils/apcupsd open itetcu
188450: [new port] revive port www/baikal, removed because distfile link moved new www/baikal open freebsd-ports-bu
188446: mail/mail-notification fails to install existing mail/mail-notification feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188437: New port: security/softether new security/softether open freebsd-ports-bu
188427: multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Update to 6.8.0 existing multimedia/mkvtoolnix open freebsd-multimed
188424: emulators/wine build with gcc47 fails existing emulators/wine open gerald
188419: [exp-run] Uses/ improvements part 1 framework   open ak
188398: mail/thunderbird - clang fails to build with qt existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
188397: devel/tex-kpathsea fails to install existing devel/tex-kpathsea open hrs
188384: [patch] Fix broken port devel/poco-ssl existing devel/poco-ssl open wes
188383: x11-drivers/xf86-video-openchrome 0.3.3 crash on HP t5540 existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-openchrome open freebsd-x11
188382: graphics/mypaint fails to run existing graphics/mypaint open amdmi3
188376: print/cups-base: No such file or directory when try printing TESTPAGE existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
188374: net/3proxy update to 0.7 existing net/3proxy open osa
188365: [PATCH] graphics/gegl: Stageify + Modernize, tested existing graphics/gegl open gnome
188353: [patch] Added staging support to databases/redis-devel existing databases/redis-devel open osa
188352: databases/mysql55-server rc script returns before mysqld is running. existing databases/mysql55-server open ale
188350: Package repository is missing nrpe-ssl framework   open freebsd-ports-bu
188347: multimedia/qmmp, multimedia/qmmp-plugin-pack version 0.7.6 existing multimedia/qmmp open freebsd-ports-bu
188344: [PATCH] science/py-netCDF4: update to 1.0.7, take maintainership existing science/py-netCDF4 open sunpoet
188332: devel/libdispatch can be build with gcc in base existing devel/libdispatch open brooks
188331: devel/boost-libs build failed existing devel/boost-libs open office
188327: math/py-numpy: Numpy is broken existing math/py-numpy open freebsd-python
188325: [new port] revive net-mgmt/nagios-pf-plugin new net-mgmt/nagios-pf-plugin open freebsd-ports-bu
188323: databases/postgresql-repmgr update to 2.0 existing databases/postgresql-repmgr open freebsd-ports-bu
188320: devel/boehm-gc: update to 7.4 existing devel/boehm-gc feedback amdmi3
188319: Update: mail/greyfix to 0.4.0 existing mail/greyfix open freebsd-ports-bu
188307: New port: games/rogue Rogue: Exploring the Dungeons of Doom new games/rogue open freebsd-ports-bu
188303: graphics/inkscape compilation failure existing graphics/inkscape open gnome
188302: [patch] x11/sterm update 0.5 existing x11/sterm feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188293: security/tor: When starting Tor, I get: "Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to init Log options" existing security/tor open bf
188291: [PATCH] misc/shared-mime-info: silence update-mime-database execution framework   open gnome
188282: Please update finance/aqbanking because of missing SEPA support existing finance/aqbanking open jhale
188264: [patch] No way to paste primary selection in GTK Programs using x11-toolkits/gtk20 and x11/toolkits/gtk30 existing x11-toolkits/gtk20 open gnome
188263: [PATCH] devel/avrdude: properly handle config file existing devel/avrdude open joerg
188262: Port net/quagga on FreeBSD 10 fails install existing net/quagga feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188259: dns/p5-Net-Domain-TLD out of date existing dns/p5-Net-Domain-TLD open tobez
188251: lang/python: bdb48 dependency leak in all python existing lang/python open freebsd-python
188248: [PATCH] databases/cassandra 1.2.16 existing databases/cassandra open swills
188246: print/cups-filters build failure existing print/cups-filters open freebsd-ports-bu
188233: [patch] deskutils/cairo-dock-plugins fix bug build with option XFCE_INTEGRATION existing deskutils/cairo-dock-plugins open freebsd-ports-bu
188230: Bump textproc/luaexpat to 1.3.0 existing textproc/luaexpat open lx
188229: devel/git fails to package existing devel/git open wxs
188228: Upgrade of sysutils/dar from 2.3 to 2.4 fails to compile existing sysutils/dar open freebsd-ports-bu
188223: net-im/prosody update to 0.9.4 and optional support for LUAJIT existing net-im/prosody open lx
188221: [patch] In pkg-plist file in shells in ports, @exec entry must locate just after path of executable unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
188218: [MAINTAINER] japanese/ja-eb: Always set 'USES=iconv' etc. existing japanese/eb open freebsd-ports-bu
188203: [PATCH] x11/xcb app defaults file is not built correctly existing x11/xcb open freebsd-ports-bu
188183: [New port] databases/mysql55-galera-client: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (client) new databases/mysql55-galera-client open swills
188182: [New port] databases/mysql55-galera-server: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (server) new databases/mysql55-galera-server open swills
188181: [New port] databases/mysql56-galera-server: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (server) new databases/mysql56-galera-server open swills
188180: [New port] databases/mysql56-galera-client: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (client) new databases/mysql56-galera-client open swills
188179: [New port] databases/mariadb55-galera-server: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (server) new databases/mariadb55-galera-server open swills
188178: [New port] databases/mariadb55-galera-client: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (client) new databases/mariadb55-galera-client open swills
188166: devel/llvm33 does not build on ia64 existing devel/llvm33 open brooks
188165: graphics/dri: ia64: error: Package requirements (libdrm_intel >= 2.4.38) were not met existing graphics/dri open freebsd-x11
188164: math/pspp build fail existing math/pspp open sylvio
188155: graphics/LibGL: MesaLib 7.6.1 link is wrong existing graphics/libGL open freebsd-x11
188150: devel/py-sip: pkg-plist incompatible with Py3k existing devel/py-sip open kde
188149: [patch] sysutils/memtest86+: Doesn't build if ISO option is selected. existing sysutils/memtest86+ feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188148: [PATCH] devel/py-virtualenv add support for pypy existing devel/py-virtualenv open nivit
188141: www/cgicc: Update to version 3.2.13 existing www/cgicc feedback miwi
188136: devel/rudiments: Update to version 0.46 existing devel/rudiments feedback miwi
188135: security/heimdal: Heimdal LDAP backend is unavailable in FreeBSD 10.0 existing security/heimdal feedback freebsd-ports-bu
188130: port devel/py-dbus compile but not install (missing files) existing devel/py-dbus open gnome
188117: graphics/OpenEXR: 11.0-CURRENT r262690 ia64: ports at 349609: build failure: error in existing graphics/OpenEXR suspended mandree
188114: math/py-numpy is broken on 9.2-STABLE existing math/py-numpy open freebsd-python
188110: [NEW PORT] devel/maven32 new devel/maven32 open freebsd-ports-bu
188095: [patch][maintainer update] games/quake3: fix compiler errors with Clang existing games/quake3 open freebsd-ports-bu
188088: editors/openoffice-4 4.0.1 crash on format cells existing editors/openoffice-4 open office
188084: ports-mgmt/portupgrade : not working without ruby-bdb existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade open bdrewery
188083: databases/ruby-bdb : mark BROKEN with ruby 2.1 existing databases/ruby-bdb open knu
188074: [MAINTAINER] devel/php-composer: Upgrade to 1.0.0-alpha8.20140329 existing devel/php-composer open freebsd-ports-bu
188059: make config-recursive behavior framework   open freebsd-ports-bu
188056: print/ghostscript8-nox11 8.71_14 undef ref `lips_mode3format_encode' existing print/ghostscript8-nox11 open doceng
188055: devel/xc3sprog fails to compile existing devel/xc3sprog open wkoszek
188054: x11-themes/kdeartwork4 has issues installing existing x11-themes/kdeartwork4 feedback kde
188051: audio/nas segfaults existing audio/nas open freebsd-multimed
188044: [PATCH] Fix graphics/ufraw with clang-4.4 existing graphics/ufraw open rodrigo
188026: www/firefox: 11.0-CURRENT r262690 ia64, ports tree at 349321: build failure: errors.fatal('Error while running startup cache pre existing www/firefox open gecko
188019: mail/thunderbird 24.4.0 crashes when trying to add an email account existing mail/thunderbird feedback gecko
187996: [PATCH] irc/ngircd: update to 21.1,1 existing irc/ngircd open freebsd-ports-bu
187981: databases/tdb 1.2.12,1 make package fails existing databases/tdb open timur
187979: devel/talloc 2.1.0 make package fails existing devel/talloc open timur
187978: net/mrouted's IGMP code are broken. existing net/mrouted open hrs
187976: sysutils/LPRngTool: Update MASTER_SITES and WWW: line existing sysutils/LPRngTool feedback miwi
187974: editors/p5-Padre: Update to version 1.0.0 existing editors/p5-Padre open miwi
187971: sysutils/LPRng: Update to version 3.8.C existing sysutils/LPRng open miwi
187964: [UPDATE] mail/p5-qpsmtpd existing mail/p5-qpsmtpd open perl
187963: graphics/shotwell is crashing existing graphics/shotwell open lx
187960: graphics/jbig2dec wrong email address existing graphics/jbig2dec open freebsd-ports-bu
187959: graphics/jbig2dec build problem (tests) existing graphics/jbig2dec open freebsd-ports-bu
187956: [PATCH] devel/py-bcdoc: update to 0.12.2 existing devel/py-bcdoc feedback freebsd-python
187954: [MAINTAINER UPDATE] lang/see & lang/see-devel: update to 3.1 existing lang/see open freebsd-ports-bu
187952: multimedia/mythtv installation error existing multimedia/mythtv open decke
187927: New port: security/obfsclient - Tor-managed pluggable transport client new security/obfsclient open freebsd-ports-bu
187926: New port: devel/liballium - Tor pluggable transports utility library new devel/liballium open freebsd-ports-bu
187924: [PATCH] sysutils/apcupsd: Use shutdown -p rather than -h existing sysutils/apcupsd open itetcu
187923: [patch] graphics/zbar fails with V4L enabled existing graphics/zbar feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187922: sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt 20090201_2 stopped working with FreeBSD10 existing sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt open freebsd-ports-bu
187921: java/openjdk6 fails with "gmake[9]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/ports/java/openjdk6/work/hotspot/src/cpu/amd64/vm/ existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
187910: sysutils/syslinux: failed to create ldlinux.c32 existing sysutils/syslinux feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187906: [patch] net/GeoIP: to fetch GeoIPv6.dat existing net/GeoIP open dhn
187902: Error compile databases/libdbi-drivers #346970 existing databases/libdbi-drivers open freebsd-ports-bu
187901: net/scribe not compile on FreeBSD 10 existing net/scribe feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187885: [PATCH] www/linux-opera: Make package work existing www/linux-opera open acm
187884: [PATCH] science/minc2: update to 2.2.00 existing science/minc2 open xmj
187880: [PATCH] multimedia/linux-realplayer: Stage existing multimedia/linux-realplayer open freebsd-multimed
187879: [PATCH] japanese/ja-slimeforest: existing japanese/slimeforest open nivit
187878: [PATCH] multimedia/linux-xmovie: Stage existing multimedia/linux-xmovie open freebsd-multimed
187875: [PATCH] games/linux-americasarmy: Stage existing games/linux-americasarmy open acm
187869: [PATCH] games/linux-nwnclient: Stage existing games/linux-nwnclient open scf
187867: [PATCH] games/linux-savage: Stage existing games/linux-savage open acm
187864: [PATCH] games/linux-ut: Stage existing games/linux-ut open scf
187861: [PATCH] games/linux-skulltag: Stage existing games/linux-skulltag feedback edwin
187859: [maintainer-update] games/ioquake3* games/iourbanterror* games/urbanterror-data games/openarena* existing games/ioquake3 open freebsd-ports-bu
187846: security/krb5 doesn't buld because of various compiler errors existing security/krb5 open cy
187843: devel/shiboken error: no member named 'tr1' in namespace 'std' existing devel/shiboken open nivit
187840: [NEW PORT] editors/sublime: Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose new editors/sublime open xmj
187839: port audio/ncmpcpp error: 'timeval' does not name a type existing audio/ncmpcpp open dhn
187823: [patch] deskutils/fet update to 5.21.1, option to build gui existing deskutils/fet feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187819: [PATCH] deskutils/FBReader: update to 0.99.6 existing deskutils/fbreader open xmj
187815: devel/pcre: PCRE 8.34 and issue with Vbulletin existing devel/pcre open bf
187809: [PATCH] Fix build of audio/ncmpcpp on FreeBSD 10 existing audio/ncmpcpp open dhn
187805: [PATCH] Split multimedia/x264 into lib and application and update to 0.140.2380 existing multimedia/x264 open koobs
187800: Fix build errors for older releases unknown   feedback linimon
187797: [new port] chinese/pyzy: The Chinese PinYin and Bopomofo conversion library new chinese/pyzy open freebsd-ports-bu
187796: [patch] update mail/davmail to 4.4.1 plus some fixes existing mail/davmail feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187792: net/dante's broken under FreeBSD10 existing net/dante open anders
187788: security/sssd does not build, bailing out applying patches existing security/sssd feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187786: [exp-run] [PATCH] linux-c6- ports and amends to Mk/ infrastructure framework   open xmj
187782: [NEW PORT] devel/magit-devel: Interface to Git for Emacs new devel/magit-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
187780: ports-mgmt/pkg (and pkg mirrors): packagesite.yaml contains excessive escaping existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
187774: sysutils/uptimed fix config path, prevent from config overwrite existing sysutils/uptimed open freebsd-ports-bu
187772: net-mgmt/nagios-plugins fails if net-mgmt/nagios-plugins is without EXTRAOPTS or NLS existing net-mgmt/nagios-plugins open kuriyama
187770: new port devel/lua-resty-redis new devel/lua-resty-redis open lua
187764: science/minc2: Update to version 2.2.00 existing science/minc2 feedback miwi
187751: security/openscep: Fix build on -current existing security/openscep feedback miwi
187734: [Maintainer Update] devel/py-robotframework-pabot 0.4 -> 0.5 existing devel/py-robotframework-pabot open koobs
187722: devel/dconf 0.14.1 fails to build existing devel/dconf open gnome
187721: mail/dovecot2 fix to use security/heimdal port existing mail/dovecot2 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187713: multimedia/xawtv doesn't compile / has no mtt existing multimedia/xawtv feedback oliver
187711: www/xpi-adblock: all Mozilla extensions install symlinks into wrong places existing www/xpi-adblock open miwi
187697: sysutils/hdup distfiles existing sysutils/hdup feedback linimon
187689: lang/guile does not work when compiled with clang 3.4 on i386 existing lang/guile open freebsd-ports-bu
187687: [MAINTAINER] multimedia/transcode: Use OPTIONS helpers existing multimedia/transcode open jhale
187685: textproc/flex: removal of may break other ports existing textproc/flex open johans
187681: [patch] editors/openoffice-4 build broken on i386 after gcc46->gcc47 upgrade existing editors/openoffice-4 open office
187679: graphics/gimp fails to build/make on 8.4-STABLE r263150 (2014-03-17) existing graphics/gimp open gnome
187676: [new port] security/webshag: Multi-threaded, multi-platform web server audit tool new security/webshag open freebsd-ports-bu
187675: Upgrading port textproc/exmpp from 0.9.7 to 0.9.9 (0.9.7 appears broken) existing textproc/exmpp feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187674: [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng missing dependecy existing sysutils/syslog-ng open cy
187657: [PATCH] Remove non-relevant dependencies for databases/pecl-memcached existing databases/pecl-memcached feedback miwi
187656: Rename request of converters/igbinary existing converters/igbinary feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187655: can't build devel/git existing devel/git open wxs
187652: databases/ruby-bdb: 'make configure' fails with Ruby 2.1. existing databases/ruby-bdb open knu
187649: [PATCH] Mk/ framework   open kwm
187647: [NEW PORT] multimedia/py-gstreamer1 new multimedia/py-gstreamer1 open kwm
187646: [NEW PORT] multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-gnonlin to 1.2.0 new multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-gnonlin open kwm
187645: [NEW PORT] multimedia/gstreamer1-editing-services new multimedia/gstreamer1-editing-services open kwm
187642: [patch] add Clarified Artistic License to Mk/ framework   open portmgr
187637: Port update: ftp/bftpd existing ftp/bftpd open sylvio
187623: [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/ Check the availabiliyt of DHCP server using unicast new net-mgmt/ open freebsd-ports-bu
187621: [PATCH] mail/dovecot2: update to 2.2.12 existing mail/dovecot2 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187620: [patch] sysutils/pefs-kmod: AESNI support is missing existing sysutils/pefs-kmod open gleb
187610: [patch] ad a few more recommended php modules to mail/roundcube existing mail/roundcube feedback ale
187602: [exp-run] switch default xorg version in 10-stable and shlib version changes framework   open zeising
187601: net-mgmt/nrpe: ./nrpe.c:(.text+0x62d): undefined reference to `get_dh512' existing net-mgmt/nrpe open zeising
187595: security/libssh should be updated to 0.6.3 (CVE-2014-0017) existing security/libssh open fluffy
187576: [new port] security/radamsa, Yet another general purpose fuzzer for FreeBSD new security/radamsa feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187574: [PATCH] www/xpi-adblock: Fix makefile.xpi installation directory existing www/xpi-adblock open miwi
187564: New port: math/mathgl; high-quality graph plotting library written in C++ new math/mathgl open freebsd-ports-bu
187563: Update devel/googlemock to version 1.7.0 existing devel/googlemock open clsung
187562: Update devel/googletest to version 1.7.0 existing devel/googletest open clsung
187561: devel/subversion: bogus "No route to host" caused by www/serf existing www/serf open apache
187558: x11/gdm port should not overwrite pam.d/gdm if it exists existing x11/gdm open gnome
187548: [PATCH] Fix graphics/ImageMagick OPENMP option existing graphics/ImageMagick open kwm
187544: [patch] update www\xpi-flagfox from 4.2.15 to 5.0.0 existing www/xpi-flagfox open freebsd-ports-bu
187543: Update lang/nawk to version 20121220 existing lang/nawk feedback pawel
187541: Re: [PATCH] chinese/fcitx: update to existing chinese/fcitx feedback linimon
187533: Can't build devel/dconf 0.14.1_1 existing devel/dconf open gnome
187532: lang/ghc: ghc-7.6.3_3 does not install existing lang/ghc feedback haskell
187524: mail/exim: add redis lookup support existing mail/exim open rea
187517: New Port: databases/puppetdb new databases/puppetdb open brd
187514: [patch] graphics/cairo: backport fix of assertion failure existing graphics/cairo open gnome
187506: SEGV when printing with cad/qcad on amd64 system existing cad/qcad open mr
187504: [PATCH] math/wingz3: Stage existing math/wingz3 open mi
187490: mail/vacation: Update by MAINTAINER for Portscout existing mail/vacation open freebsd-ports-bu
187487: Update math/coinmp to version 1.7.6 existing math/coinmp open freebsd-ports-bu
187485: sysutils/fusefs-wdfs: Unable to create files on mounted via fusefs-wdfs web-dav shares. existing sysutils/fusefs-wdfs feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187478: net/openh323- does not compile existing net/openh323 open freebsd-ports-bu
187475: multimedia/mlt: cc: error: unknown argument: '-fno-tree-dominator-opts' existing multimedia/mlt open avilla
187474: net/freerdp: xfreerdp clipboard broken on 10-RELEASE existing net/freerdp open fluffy
187468: [PATCH] use libexecinfo in base instead of ports. framework   open portmgr
187464: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6 depends on periodic.conf vars from 9 and lower existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
187463: www/webkit-qt4 uses base g++ as linker existing www/webkit-qt4 open kde
187456: [UPDATE] devel/py-gobject3 support Python3 existing devel/py-gobject3 open gnome
187442: [ports] multimedia/smpeg: fail to link existing multimedia/smpeg feedback acm
187440: cad/calculix - size mismatch existing cad/calculix open maho
187424: Wrong download link for sysutils/byobu in Makefile existing sysutils/byobu feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187422: installing devel/gdb triggers 'maxproc limit exceeded' existing devel/gdb feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187410: pkg: KDE meta-package is no longer there existing x11/kde4 open kde
187408: [PATCH] security/denyhosts: set USE_PYTHON=2 existing security/denyhosts feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187403: print/texlive-base: TeXLive does not register opentype fonts for use by fontspec existing print/texlive-base open hrs
187402: [maintainer-update] textproc/py-wtforms update to 1.0.5 existing textproc/py-wtforms open koobs
187401: astro/gpsd fails to include existing astro/gpsd open glebius
187390: Update lang/phantomjs to 1.9.7 existing lang/phantomjs open kuriyama
187380: astro/sunclock seeks configuration and other files from compilation work directory existing astro/sunclock open freebsd-ports-bu
187367: www/joomla31: Joomla 3.x port misses pgsql support existing www/joomla31 open nivit
187363: [new port] net/macchanger: GNU macchanger port for the FreeBSD system new net/macchanger open freebsd-ports-bu
187362: ports-mgmt/pkg: 'pkg check -dn' doesn't display affected ports existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
187360: new port: net-p2p/btsync new net-p2p/btsync feedback lwhsu
187358: security/pam_krb5 does not build against ports heimdal existing security/pam_krb5 open cy
187346: switch editors/emacs over to gnutls3 existing editors/emacs open ashish
187334: Updating databases/redis via portmaster deletes redis.conf existing databases/redis open osa
187304: multimedia/libvpx: allow building with zsh existing multimedia/libvpx open ashish
187300: CHECKSUM.MD5 files missing unknown   open portmgr
187299: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6: some pkg query-format strings miss results existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
187288: sysutils/dar Fails to Build on 9.1-RELEASE existing sysutils/dar open freebsd-ports-bu
187286: [] [patch] Default PostgreSQL version needs to be updated to 9.3 framework   open freebsd-ports-bu
187283: Failed for net/rsplib 3.0.1 in build existing net/rsplib feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187280: New port: astro/GeographicLib Library for geographic projections new astro/GeographicLib open freebsd-ports-bu
187275: math/atlas: 11.0-CURRENT r262690 ia64: Ports at r347001: Killing runaway build after 7200 seconds with no output existing math/atlas open bf
187271: textproc/refdb: ./readln.h:28:3: error: unknown type name 'Function' existing textproc/refdb open clsung
187251: rc.d script for net-mgmt/icmpmonitor existing net-mgmt/icmpmonitor open freebsd-ports-bu
187240: sysutils/tcplist incompatible with sysutils/lsof existing sysutils/tcplist open freebsd-ports-bu
187218: [patch] editors/openoffice-4 build fails in bridges module on i386 existing editors/openoffice-4 open office
187191: devel/yaml-cpp to 0.5.1 existing devel/yaml-cpp feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187181: sysutils/php5-fileinfo causes PHP and Apache to core dump existing sysutils/php5-fileinfo open ale
187177: editors/libreoffice: c++: error: unable to execute command: Abort trap existing editors/libreoffice open office
187169: math/libqalculate: undefined reference to `cln::print_integer(std::__1::basic_ostream existing math/libqalculate open sylvio
187166: sysutils/grub2: 10_kfreebsd has \t chars that become 't' chars instead of TAB chars existing sysutils/grub2 open freebsd-ports-bu
187165: sysutils/grub2 10_kfreebsd contains 't' characters that should be TABs existing sysutils/grub2 open freebsd-ports-bu
187150: editors/kate 4.12.x doesn't compile existing editors/kate open kde
187148: textproc/docbook: docbook ports conflicts with local docbook FreeBSD10 release existing textproc/docbook open gabor
187140: net/remmina cannot connect to rdp existing net/remmina analyzed fluffy
187136: New port: irc/irccd a fast and powerful C++ IRC bot new irc/irccd open xmj
187135: [patch] net/ortp fixed clang build error, update version existing net/ortp open sobomax
187133: www/trac: fix rc script; backport fix for upstream #11345 existing www/trac open clsung
187125: x11/xorg: No X Cursor after upgrade from 9.1 to 9.2 existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
187113: net/siproxd outdated and not functional in a looping config (port update required) existing net/siproxd feedback swills
187112: www/davical: option DOCS includes more than docs, i.e., init scripts for DB existing www/davical feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187111: BSDPAN: doesn't support pkgng unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
187106: [NEW PORT] games/spigot Minecraft server new games/spigot open freebsd-ports-bu
187101: Feature request: security/amavisd-milter should use a different location for socket file existing security/amavisd-milter feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187088: unable to install mail/dovecot2 existing mail/dovecot2 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
187085: [PATCH] devel/libexecinfo: possibly conflicts with systemwide libexecinfo on 10.x existing devel/libexecinfo open itetcu
187060: audio/tagutil: Update to version 3.0 existing audio/tagutil feedback miwi
187034: print/harfbuzz fails to install existing print/harfbuzz open kwm
187032: [patch] audio/lmms build error existing audio/lmms open rodrigo
187030: emulators/virtualbox-ose doesn't compile with X11 option only existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
187025: [UPDATE] graphics/bmeps: update to 3.8.2 existing graphics/bmeps open freebsd-ports-bu
187024: databases/redis-devel proper rcvar existing databases/redis-devel open osa
187014: print/xdvik fails with iconv linker errors existing print/xdvik open hrs
187010: problem with www/libxul after upgrade to 24.3.0 - external content handling with Conkeror broken existing www/libxul open gecko
187001: Update for misc/fxload existing misc/fxload open wkoszek
186997: [patch] math/atlas compile error with clang 3.4 on i386 existing math/atlas open bf
186988: maintainer update: science/afni existing science/afni open freebsd-ports-bu
186987: ports-mgmt/pkg: portversion together with pkg: Too verbose framework   open bdrewery
186979: [PATCH] graphics/darktable: update to 1.4.1 existing graphics/darktable open danfe
186978: net-p2p/transmission depends on base openssl WITH_OPENSSL_PORT existing net-p2p/transmission feedback crees
186973: emulators/virtualbox-ose 4.3.6 vm fails to start with VERR_SYMBOL_NOT_FOUND existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
186963: [patch] ports-mgmt/portrac: reports no updates to installed ports since switch to pkgng existing ports-mgmt/portrac feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186962: irc/minbif only needs imlib2 if the user wants caca existing irc/minbif open freebsd-ports-bu
186947: [PATCH] java/dbvis: update to 9.1.6, move to databases/, take maintainership existing java/dbvis open freebsd-ports-bu
186929: [patch] Mk/ unconditionally add -fno-strict-aliasing framework   open portmgr
186925: error message continually pops up at random times existing x11/gnome2 open gnome
186903: new port: security/krb5-strength new security/krb5-strength open freebsd-ports-bu
186895: shells/pdksh install breaks /etc/shells existing shells/pdksh open rodrigo
186889: ftp/proftpd -- fix for inoperative scp mode existing ftp/proftpd open mm
186888: [PATCH] games/armagetron: incomplete plist (orphans) existing games/armagetron feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186879: [PATCH] textproc/rarian: De-bashify existing textproc/rarian open gnome
186866: [patch] print/py-reportlab2 Update from 2.5 to 2.7 existing print/py-reportlab2 feedback freebsd-python
186860: [New Port] www/madsonic network media streamer new www/madsonic open freebsd-ports-bu
186852: [patch] Add 'fstack-protector-strong' to lang/gcc48 existing lang/gcc48 feedback gerald
186842: [Maintainer Update] devel/py-robotframework-ride 1.2.3 -> 1.3 existing devel/py-robotframework-ride open freebsd-python
186832: emulators/virtualbox-ose fails to build existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
186827: ports-mgmt/pkg pkg-repo(8) includes only oldest version of package framework   open portmgr
186825: irc/weechat build fails existing irc/weechat open jase
186820: [NEW PORTS, UPDATE] Add CentOS 6.5 userland ports new emulators/linux_base-c6 open freebsd-emulatio
186817: [PATCH] devel/swig20: update to 2.0.12 existing devel/swig20 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186808: emulators/virtualbox-ose VNC option doesn't support port ranges for "Remote Desktop Server Port" in Display, Remote Display existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
186805: [x11] Excise some vestigial XFree86 references unknown   open freebsd-x11
186780: [UPDATE] lang/vala to 0.22.1 existing lang/vala patched gnome
186773: graphics/libfpx: error: cast from pointer to smaller type 'DWORD' existing graphics/libfpx feedback mi
186769: graphics/jogl doesn't build on FreeBSD 10 existing graphics/jogl feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186761: too many errors, port quits (/usr/ports/graphics/dri) existing graphics/dri open freebsd-x11
186758: sysutils/xfsprogs not build with clang existing sysutils/xfsprogs open freebsd-ports-bu
186754: New Port: archivers/lua-zlib new archivers/lua-zlib open lua
186748: mail/thunderbird 24.3.0_1 does not work with amd (am-utils) existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
186719: [patch] audio/pulseaudio: USES=iconv,libtool and staging existing audio/pulseaudio open gnome
186691: Update net/pecl-amqp to 1.3.0 existing net/pecl-amqp feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186690: Update net/rabbitmq-c-devel to 0.5.0 existing net/rabbitmq-c-devel feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186685: samba not work in domain unknown   feedback linimon
186671: ports-mgmt/pkg 1.2.6 pkg version ignores index argument existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
186668: [PATCH] graphics/swfdec: modernize, stageify existing graphics/swfdec open kwm
186662: Suggestion: Change confusing wording in framework   open portmgr
186661: www/epiphany doesn't compile anymore existing www/epiphany open gnome
186653: [NEW PORT] databases/monetdb: Multithreaded "column-oriented" SQL databasee new databases/monetdb open freebsd-ports-bu
186646: devel/avr-gcc devel/avr-binutils devel/avr-libc: add atxmega64d4 support existing devel/avr-gcc open joerg
186638: PATCH www/fcgiwrap: fix rc _flags existing www/fcgiwrap open freebsd-ports-bu
186629: multimedia/vlc fails to build when 'pulseaudio' option is selected existing multimedia/vlc open freebsd-multimed
186618: [PATCH] www/nginx-devel: recover building with ngx_postgres module existing www/nginx-devel open osa
186617: misc/xiphos 3.1.6 no display, dumps core existing misc/xiphos open tabthorpe
186610: Update port mail/assp to 14040 build existing mail/assp open freebsd-ports-bu
186591: databases/mariadb55-server fails to build on FreeBSD10 existing databases/mariadb55-server feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186586: editors/libreoffice - outdated port existing editors/libreoffice open office
186575: net/samba41: Start of Samba results in "nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server" errors existing net/samba41 open timur
186569: Update Port: lang/parrot to 6.0.0 existing lang/parrot open perl
186567: graphics/openshadinglanguage: Assertion failed: (sizeof(token_data) == size), function operator delete, existing graphics/openshadinglanguage feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186566: databases/mariadb55-client fails to build existing databases/mariadb55-client feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186563: databases/postgis21: error: use of undeclared identifier 'ICONV_SET_TRANSLITERATE' existing databases/postgis21 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186562: [UPDATE] ports-mgmt/jailaudit make it work with pkg existing ports-mgmt/jailaudit feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186555: [new port] Request: I2P software unknown   suspended freebsd-ports-bu
186541: installing www/libxul fails existing www/libxul open gecko
186531: misc net/mpd5 fixes existing net/mpd5 open mav
186522: [UPDATE] sysutils/tw_cli: update to 9.5.5 existing sysutils/tw_cli open jpaetzel
186519: New port net/libblkmaker MIT-licensed C implementation of getblocktemplate (BIP 22) new net/libblkmaker open freebsd-ports-bu
186518: finance/ledger: segmentation fault existing finance/ledger feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186514: cannot build x11-drivers/input-wacom existing x11-drivers/input-wacom open freebsd-ports-bu
186503: "make install package" segfaults unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
186502: www/davical fails with Mac OS X 10.9's existing www/davical feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186498: www/cas build failure existing www/cas feedback rodrigo
186497: ports-mgmt/pkg: local overrides for pkg audit existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
186493: [new port] net-p2p/feathercoin: Virtual Peer-to-Peer Currency Software new net-p2p/feathercoin open freebsd-ports-bu
186488: www/junkbuster listen queue increase to stop sonewconn filling the message log existing www/junkbuster feedback edwin
186484: New port: ports-mgmt/pkgcompare Alternate to pkg upgrade new ports-mgmt/pkgcompare open freebsd-ports-bu
186479: irc/anope: port doesn't work existing irc/anope open dhn
186476: audio/wildmidi version 0.3.3 existing audio/wildmidi feedback jhale
186472: After update using pkg upgrade I cannot install devel/glib20 existing devel/glib20 open gnome
186455: editors/libreoffice crashes with Signal 10 bus error on i386 existing editors/libreoffice open office
186454: port net/remmina-plugin-vnc coredumps on FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p10 existing net/remmina-plugin-vnc open fluffy
186431: BROKEN www/hiawatha fails to start after make install: Error creating work directory '/usr/local/var/lib/hiawatha' existing www/hiawatha feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186429: new port: net/mikrotik-mac-telnet command line tools to access mikrotik routers via mac-telnet protocol new net/mikrotik-mac-telnet open freebsd-ports-bu
186428: databases/ruby-bdb fails to build existing databases/ruby-bdb open knu
186425: [patch] irc/bitchx - Fix runtime issue on 10.0 with CLANG existing irc/bitchx feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186411: sysutils/moosefs-chunkserver: Fix default conf path for MooseFS-ChunkServer existing sysutils/moosefs-chunkserver open freebsd-ports-bu
186404: sysutils/moosefs-master: Fix default conf path for MooseFS-Master existing sysutils/moosefs-master open freebsd-ports-bu
186403: devel/gdb 7.6.1_1 internal error attaching to process existing devel/gdb feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186402: net/delegate can't compile existing net/delegate feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186400: print/cups-base LIBUSB=off option has no effect existing print/cups-base open freebsd-ports-bu
186396: www/webkit-gtk2 fails to build on sparc64 existing www/webkit-gtk2 open gnome
186395: net/freerdp fails to build on sparc64 existing net/freerdp open fluffy
186394: [patch] multimedia/libvpx enable sparc64 existing multimedia/libvpx open ashish
186391: x11/xdm fails to install when the XDMSHELL option is enabled existing x11/xdm open freebsd-x11
186386: sysutils/logstash on FreeBSD10 does not build due to java/openjdk6 existing sysutils/logstash feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186384: [patch] [maintainer update] net/turnserver port upgrade from to existing net/turnserver open rodrigo
186379: www/squid33 - aufs support broken on 10.0 existing www/squid33 open tmseck
186378: www/squid33 - does not build with PF transparent proxy enabled existing www/squid33 open tmseck
186355: www/otrs: unnecessary dependency on www/apache22 existing www/otrs feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186352: www/chromium 32.0.1700.102 hangs and becomes unresponsive. existing www/chromium open chromium
186332: fix install path of the binary in sysutils/xmbmon existing sysutils/xmbmon feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186316: New Port: devel/spyder new devel/spyder open jgh
186290: mail/exim: remove libiconv check from ports existing mail/exim open rea
186287: net/samba36: looping detected inside krb5_get_in_tkt on 10.0-RELEASE existing net/samba36 open timur
186272: Incorrect application of CPPFLAGS for games/angband causes build failure existing games/angband open freebsd-ports-bu
186262: finance/openerp-server port is non-functional as shipped. existing finance/openerp-server feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186259: Port math/sage cannot build on FreeBSD 10.0 existing math/sage feedback stephen
186256: PATCH: MFH speedups and drop-to-shell feature unknown   open portmgr
186249: [patch] devel/ncurses MANPAGES option existing devel/ncurses open bapt
186244: net/remmina-plugin-rdp: Undefined symbol "gdk_pixbuf_get_from_surface" existing net/remmina-plugin-rdp open fluffy
186232: x11-fonts/linux-f10-fontconfig/Makefile add -f to ln so install works existing x11-fonts/linux-f10-fontconfig open freebsd-emulatio
186230: x11/xdm fails to install with stagedir existing x11/xdm open freebsd-x11
186219: net-mgmt/libsmi - Clang / GCC issue existing net-mgmt/libsmi feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186213: [PATCH] net-im/folks: switch to USE_GNOME=introspection existing net-im/folks open gnome
186208: Install of (textproc/libxslt) on FreeBSD 10 without libiconv package existing textproc/libxslt open gnome
186201: [NEW PORT] www/py-calendarserver: Calendar and Contacts Server from Apple (RFC 4791, RFC 6352) new www/py-calendarserver open freebsd-python
186192: lang/python27: building python27-2.7.6_1 fails for WITH_NIS=y existing lang/python27 feedback koobs
186189: Unable to compile devel/boost-all with gcc-4.7 existing devel/boost-all open office
186188: textproc/xalan-c: MsgFileOutputStream.hpp:106:13: error: unknown type name 'XalanSize_t' existing textproc/xalan-c open freebsd-ports-bu
186186: textproc/the_silver_searcher: Upgrade port for The Silver Searcher (Ag) existing textproc/the_silver_searcher feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186174: add LIB_DEPENDS= libv4l2 to www/firefox/Makefile existing www/firefox open gecko
186173: clang ports do not install existing lang/clang33 open brooks
186172: can't install net/poptop with KERNPPP=on existing net/poptop open freebsd-ports-bu
186144: multimedia/vlc: canot take video screenshot existing multimedia/vlc open freebsd-multimed
186134: sysutils/coreutils build, fails due to "strip" of sh (ascii) existing sysutils/coreutils feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186130: math/octave 3.6.4 compiled by clang on FreeBSD 10 amd64, some wrong results existing math/octave open maho
186128: [PATCH] www/xpi-adblock: fix stagin for all XPI ports existing www/xpi-adblock open gecko
186096: japanese/migemo-emacs23 does not work with emacs 24.3 existing japanese/migemo-emacs23 open nobutaka
186094: A database lib/X11/fonts/local/fonts.alias conflicts in some ports. unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
186093: multimedia/vlc stutters when playing mkv existing multimedia/vlc open freebsd-multimed
186057: New port: databases/p5-Net-Async-CassandraCQL This module allows use of the CQL3 interface of a Cassandra database new databases/p5-Net-Async-CassandraCQL open perl
186056: New port: databases/cassandra2 The latest stable release of Apache Cassandra new databases/cassandra2 open freebsd-ports-bu
186055: New port: databases/p5-Protocol-CassandraCQL This module provides the basic constants and other support functions required to co new databases/p5-Protocol-CassandraCQL open perl
186054: x11-fonts/fira: Download from somewhere else? existing x11-fonts/fira feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186050: print/gutenprint-cups: cups-genppd.5.2 needs a symlink existing print/gutenprint-cups feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186049: databases/luasql-sqlite3 doesn't honor LUA_VER/WITH_LUA_VER flags existing databases/luasql-sqlite3 open lua
186045: patch to x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse to support FlipXY existing x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse open freebsd-x11
186033: graphics/xpdf fails to package with X11 option unset existing graphics/xpdf open cy
186027: [PATCH] race in ports/audio/liba52 install target existing audio/liba52 open freebsd-multimed
186025: [patch] security/tinyca: add support for openssl 1.0.1 and fix warnings existing security/tinyca feedback freebsd-ports-bu
186023: print/cups-samba: master site has gone away existing print/cups-samba suspended mandree
186021: print/cups-pstoraster: master site has gone away existing print/cups-pstoraster open rea
186011: [PATCH] devel/opengrok: update urls for MASTER_SITES & WWW existing devel/opengrok open tj
185999: [PATCH] Update net/mpich2 existing net/mpich2 open bf
185994: [PATCH] net/liveMedia need -fPIC/-fpic in CXXFLAGS too existing net/liveMedia open freebsd-multimed
185992: Start using github for graphics/npretty existing graphics/npretty open zeising
185991: [patch] Update math/octave to 3.8.0 existing math/octave open maho
185989: [PATCH] print/mp-letter: Deletion of ^M in Makefiles existing print/mp-letter open obrien
185986: [PATCH] vietnamese/vnroff: Deletion of ^M in Makefiles existing vietnamese/vnroff open obrien
185947: [exp-run] unique file and package name support for python ports framework   open mva
185944: Update math/R-cran-dlmodeler existing math/R-cran-dlmodeler feedback freebsd-ports-bu
185913: [PATCH] games/gnome-games: disable g-ir-scanner cache existing games/gnome-games open gnome
185906: databases/slony1v2 -- fix build with poudriere and non-default postgresql version, etc existing databases/slony1v2 open olgeni
185897: dns/yadifa uninstallable -- error in Makefile, likey due to new STAGing system existing dns/yadifa open mat
185894: lang/mono GUI not working after update to FreeBSD 10 and WITH_NEW_XORG existing lang/mono feedback mono
185888: net-p2p/deluge: Deluge-Web Startup existing net-p2p/deluge open rm
185885: [UPDATE] devel/directfb to v1.4.17 existing devel/directfb feedback freebsd-ports-bu
185884: [patch] Miscellaneous ports fixes for python 3 unknown   open freebsd-python
185874: [PATCH] lang/luajit: add staging, clean up Makefile existing lang/luajit open osa
185867: [PATCH] devel/binutils: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES] existing devel/binutils open zeising
185863: security/ossec-hids-client: ossec-hids-* ports don't build on FreeBSD 10 (clang related) existing security/ossec-hids-client open freebsd-ports-bu
185850: [PATCH] www/nginx: add support for 3rd party video_thumbextractor module existing www/nginx open osa
185847: [PATCH] www/nginx-devel: add support for 3rd part video_thumbextractor module existing www/nginx-devel open osa
185836: new port www/tengine-devel new www/tengine-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
185835: new port www/tengine new www/tengine open freebsd-ports-bu
185818: Inability to install graphics/ImageMagick-nox11 and lang/execline on the same machine (namespace collision) existing graphics/ImageMagick-nox11 open kwm
185816: Please add 3th party module to www/nginx existing www/nginx open osa
185800: net/remmina-plugins - multiple install issues existing net/remmina-plugins open fluffy
185799: [exp-run] SOCK_RAW framework   open glebius
185796: net/freerdp: build with clang fails existing net/freerdp open fluffy
185789: [patch] net/freeswitch-core etc.: Update FreeSWITCH ports existing net/freeswitch-core-devel feedback freebsd-ports-bu
185781: net/vnstat: make install dies on creating users. existing net/vnstat open dhn
185763: ports-mgmt/pkg should fail if no category is specified for the package framework   open portmgr
185751: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent: New upstream release existing net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent open vg
185741: Resolve problem for install sysutils/grub2 on UFS existing sysutils/grub2 open freebsd-ports-bu
185733: lang/clang32: ccc-analyser not installed existing lang/clang32 open brooks
185690: [UPDATE] audio/denemo, fix portlint issues existing audio/denemo open freebsd-multimed
185673: x11/kde4-runtime (4.10.5) will not compile - Documentation Application VAD create fails existing x11/kde4-runtime open fjoe
185653: [NEW PORTS] devel/qt4-private-* and devel/qt4-declarative-* new devel/qt4-private- open kde
185613: [UPDATE] accessibility/gnome-speech, add license information existing accessibility/gnome-speech open gnome
185576: ports-mgmt/pkg can't bootstrap from VirtualBox in NAT network existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
185575: [patch] devel/anjuta check autogen fix existing devel/anjuta open gnome
185571: www/varnish: rc.d/varnish doesn't provide a way to specify a secret file. existing www/varnish open anders
185567: textproc/clucene: pkgconfig file is missing clucene-contribs-lib existing textproc/clucene open office
185563: [UPDATE] games/gweled to v0.9.1 existing games/gweled open gnome
185542: x11/xlockmore compile failure due to update of print/freetype2 existing x11/xlockmore feedback jgh
185541: lang/perl5.16: Perl 5.16.3_6 - overload arg '..' is invalid at Math/ line 153. existing lang/perl5.16 open tobez
185527: [PATCH] security/nss: Added forgotten existing security/nss open gecko
185526: irc/weechat problem after upgrading to ncurses-5.9.20131221 existing irc/weechat open jase
185523: [PATCH] ports-mgmt/portupgrade: use ruby-bdb with ruby 2.0 again existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade open bdrewery
185519: [UPDATE] archivers/file-roller to v2.32.2 existing archivers/file-roller open gnome
185488: [patch] net/kdenetwork4: add optional dependency on knemo existing net/kdenetwork4 suspended kde
185482: [patch] ports/mail/qpopper fails to install existing mail/qpopper feedback rodrigo
185477: audio/fluidsynth fails to build with distcc existing audio/fluidsynth open freebsd-multimed
185471: MLINKS "-" shortcut broken framework   open portmgr
185470: [NEW PORT] devel/py-peewee (a small, expressive Python ORM) new devel/py-peewee open mva
185462: [PATCH] graphics/ImageMagick update to 6.8.8-1 existing graphics/ImageMagick open kwm
185453: print/tex-luatex compilation fails on sparc64 existing print/tex-luatex open hrs
185444: [NEW PORT] revive port games/wesnoth-devel new games/wesnoth-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
185436: devel/gmake default value of CXX is g++ existing devel/gmake open autotools
185426: devel/distcc: missing icom existing devel/distcc open skreuzer
185407: [Patch] devel/codeblocks requires GCC existing devel/codeblocks feedback freebsd-ports-bu
185383: textproc/meld: [PATCH] Meld fails to build on 9.2 existing textproc/meld open pawel
185380: [PATCH] sysutils/socket: fix StageDir existing sysutils/socket open wosch
185375: math/lapack fails to build with PROFILE=on existing math/lapack open maho
185363: [NEW PORT] revive port devel/thistest new devel/thistest open freebsd-ports-bu
185362: [NEW PORT] emulators/petitecloud (resubmittal after many flaws fixed) new emulators/petitecloud open freebsd-ports-bu
185361: [PATCH] sysutils/munin-common: Update to 2.0.19 existing sysutils/munin-common open zeising
185358: graphics/jbig2dec TESTS option missing dependency existing graphics/jbig2dec open freebsd-ports-bu
185354: [PATCH] sysutils/xmbmon: fix binary strip existing sysutils/xmbmon feedback freebsd-ports-bu
185299: [PATCH] Fix net-p2p/rtorrent-devel build with clang on >10.x existing net-p2p/rtorrent-devel open az
185295: [PATCH] Fix net-p2p/libtorrent-devel build with clang on >10.x existing net-p2p/libtorrent-devel open az
185291: devel/valgrind segfaults with -d parametr existing devel/valgrind open bdrewery
185287: [patch] sysutils/upower: pkg-plist fix, MANPAGES option, staging existing sysutils/upower open gnome
185277: misc/cpuid update with new Intel features existing misc/cpuid open eadler
185275: [maintainer update] port www/polipo existing www/polipo open freebsd-ports-bu
185266: [PATCH] devel/libzrtpcpp port does not produce a functional shared library existing devel/libzrtpcpp open acm
185252: x11-toolkits/pango can't find fonts existing x11-toolkits/pango feedback gnome
185244: [UPDATE] x11-wm/enlightenment to v0.18.2 existing x11-wm/enlightenment open gblach
185239: New port: databases/p5-Net-Async-CassandraCQL new databases/p5-Net-Async-CassandraCQL open perl
185237: [UPDATE] games/d2x-xl to v1.17.5 existing games/d2x-xl feedback makc
185217: ports-mgmt/portupgrade: Building ports using a symbolic link in place of /usr/ports is broken existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade open bdrewery
185210: www/seamonkey-i18n: options sometimes ignored existing www/seamonkey-i18n open gecko
185207: databases/rrdtool fails to install when compiled with ruby support existing databases/rrdtool open sylvio
185206: x11-toolkits/py-gtk2 missing dependency with py-gobject existing x11-toolkits/py-gtk2 open gnome
185198: [NEW PORT] chinese/ibus-table-chinese new chinese/ibus-table-chinese open freebsd-ports-bu
185193: net-mgmt/net-snmp: UCD-SNMP-MIB::memBuffer flapping and getting negative existing net-mgmt/net-snmp feedback zi
185182: x11/xorg of 10-RC2 has blank screen on APU-3400 system existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
185164: KDE ports randomly fail to build in the cluster existing x11/kde4 open portmgr
185154: news/husky-base-devel (etc.): Update development version of husky ports existing news/husky-base-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
185150: [patch] security/tor: move mirrors to existing security/tor open bf
185090: [UPDATE] x11/pixman, add license information existing x11/pixman open freebsd-x11
185083: x11-toolkits/vte and bison existing x11-toolkits/vte open gnome
185076: multimedia/vlc: volume level doesn't saved & restored existing multimedia/vlc open freebsd-multimed
185072: [patch] databases/p5-DBI report full $VERSION string (1.63 -> 1.630) existing databases/p5-DBI open perl
185071: lang/python33 : python3-config --ldflags returning bad values (no -L/usr/local/lib) existing lang/python33 open koobs
185049: textproc/dblatex : fix dblatex port for TEX_DEFAULT=texlive existing textproc/dblatex feedback freebsd-ports-bu
185016: audio/jack build broken in the presence of audio/portaudio2 installed (but audio/portaudio required) existing audio/jack open freebsd-multimed
185008: x11/kde4: active window doesn't saved on screen lock existing x11/kde4 feedback kde
185001: [UPDATE] x11-toolkits/irrlicht to v1.8.1 existing x11-toolkits/irrlicht open acm
184996: audio/kmix: incorrect volume levels existing audio/kmix feedback kde
184995: x11/kde4: Hibernate option in Exit menu enabled existing x11/kde4 open kde
184994: x11/xscreensaver doesn't hides mouse pointer existing x11/xscreensaver open zeising
184993: www/squid33 - fails to build on ^/stable/10 existing www/squid33 open tmseck
184990: net/freerdp: build with SSE fails existing net/freerdp open fluffy
184989: net/freerdp: sound redirection doesn't works existing net/freerdp open fluffy
184984: emulators/kqemu-kmod fails to build on 10.0 existing emulators/kqemu-kmod open nox
184980: [patch] www/xombrero remove advertisement existing www/xombrero open zeising
184973: conflicts with db clients deps in net/turnserver port existing net/turnserver feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184964: [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions: does not build in poudriere existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions open vbox
184961: updated Port lang/p5-ePerl existing lang/p5-ePerl open flo
184954: Installation checks prevent multiple python ports being installed existing lang/python open freebsd-python
184953: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg updating misses ports/UPDATING entries containing wildcard framework   open portmgr
184952: x11-servers/xorg-server: Slave port makefiles all have same error existing x11-servers/xorg-server open freebsd-x11
184938: www/xpi-pencil update to 2.0.5 existing www/xpi-pencil open ashish
184933: [UPDATE] www/py-django-pipeline update to 1.3.19, fix deps existing www/py-django-pipeline open clsung
184922: [NEW PORT] sysutils/storcli: SAS MegaRAID FreeBSD StorCLI new sysutils/storcli feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184799: x11/terminology up to 0.4.0 patch existing x11/terminology open gblach
184775: revision 336423 breaks math/numpy build existing math/py-numpy open koobs
184739: dns/validns fails to build with non-default LOCALBASE/PREFIX existing dns/validns feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184721: [pkgng] www/nginx: purges /var/tmp/nginx on pkg upgrade existing www/nginx open osa
184708: [PATCH] www/jmeter: Add missing files to packing list existing www/jmeter feedback mi
184688: [legal] /usr/ports/LEGAL update for print/lgrind port existing print/lgrind open freebsd-ports-bu
184687: x11/mate: Mate freeze on "change password" option existing x11/mate open gnome
184679: games/linux-ut2004-demo: locking assertion failure existing games/linux-ut2004-demo open freebsd-ports-bu
184673: [] abort when a dependency's ports directory doesn't exist framework   open portmgr
184672: portupgrade -p libxcb fails to install x11/xcb-proto as dependency with staging existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade open bdrewery
184668: devel/libevent installs broken manpage symlinks on 10 existing devel/libevent open mm
184656: [maintainer update] sysutils/p5-BackupPC-XS: update to 0.30 existing sysutils/p5-BackupPC-XS feedback perl
184652: sysutils/munin-master clobbers .htaccess when upgrading existing sysutils/munin-master open zeising
184646: [PATCH] lang/erlang: tls ecc fix existing lang/erlang open olgeni
184645: ports-mgmt/pkg: "pkgng" corrupts package system framework   open portmgr
184632: textproc/sgmlformat: broken regexp -> regex conversion existing textproc/sgmlformat open kuriyama
184630: mail/thunderbird jobserver unavailable existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
184615: x11/mate: mate-file-manager-open-terminal fails to install existing x11/mate open gnome
184604: [PATCH] www/redmine: update to 2.3.4, add UNICORN and STAGE existing www/redmine open swills
184592: [PATCH] www/rubygem-unicorn: add rc.d script existing www/rubygem-unicorn open swills
184585: [exp-run] Update graphics/jbigkit to 2.0 [patch] framework   open portmgr
184582: ports-mgmt/pkg: update pkg-1.2.1 to pkg-1.2.2 via ports collection existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
184580: lang/squeak doesn't build on PowerPC existing lang/squeak feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184546: New port: misc/fortune-mod-offensive The "offensive" fortunes that got removed from base in FreeBSD 10 new misc/fortune-mod-offensive open freebsd-ports-bu
184545: net/openbgpd: OpenBGPd fails to initiate TCP MD5 sig connexions existing net/openbgpd open hrs
184540: emulators/dolphin-emu: New options framework + DEBUG option set = wrong INSTALL_TARGET framework   open freebsd-ports-bu
184510: configure error for editors/libreoffice existing editors/libreoffice open office
184497: graphics/opencv-core build fails existing graphics/opencv-core open jhale
184491: net/relayd downloaded to "5.4.20131122?dummy=%2Frelayd-5.4.20131122.tar.gz" instead "relayd-5.4.20131122.tar.gz" existing net/relayd open mm
184489: make INSTALL_AS_USER=1 check-orphans fails as regular user framework   open freebsd-ports-bu
184484: www/nginx-devel: 3rd-party upload module for nginx, nginx-devel build failed (regarding PR 182010) existing www/nginx-devel open osa
184483: port security/arm: change user/group of 'arm' to _tor:_tor existing security/arm feedback cs
184473: library version mismatch in net/wpa_gui existing net/wpa_gui feedback rodrigo
184471: New port: net/yami4-cpp Messaging library for C++ new net/yami4-cpp open freebsd-ports-bu
184464: security/sssd host auth doesn't work correctly existing security/sssd feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184425: lang/sbcl 1.1.12,1 fails to build with THREADS option existing lang/sbcl open bf
184416: net-mgmt/smokeping stage fixes existing net-mgmt/smokeping open rodrigo
184400: [patch] Update net/olsrd to existing net/olsrd open jhay
184396: sysutils/dunst should install dunstify too existing sysutils/dunst feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184395: [PATCH] ports/Mk/ Fix symlinked manpages framework   open portmgr
184394: [maintainer-update] databases/p5-DBIx-VersionedDDL existing databases/p5-DBIx-VersionedDDL open perl
184392: [maintainer update] devel/p5-MooseX-Attribute-ENV existing devel/p5-MooseX-Attribute-ENV open perl
184379: [patch] misc/compat9x enable sparc64 existing misc/compat9x open garga
184377: New port: mail/fastforward new mail/fastforward feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184376: [patch] security/gnupg: Dependency issue: libgpg-error must be 1.11+ existing security/gnupg open kuriyama
184375: New port: net-mgmt/nagios-check_relayd_status Nagios plug-in to check on the status of relayd new net-mgmt/nagios-check_relayd_status open freebsd-ports-bu
184368: conflicts between cad/qcad and texlive-base existing cad/qcad open hrs
184367: pkg 1.2.1 warnings about PACKAGESITE in pkg.conf existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
184363: [patch] misc/compat8x enable sparc64 existing misc/compat8x open garga
184362: x11/mate-terminal crash existing x11/mate-terminal open gnome
184345: [PATCH] graphics/nip2: multiple fixes and bugs existing graphics/nip2 feedback mi
184344: www/xpi-pentadactyl update existing www/xpi-pentadactyl open jadawin
184335: graphics/mupdf 1.3 available existing graphics/mupdf feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184331: [patch] misc/compat7x enable sparc64 existing misc/compat7x open garga
184302: graphics/dri 9.1.6_3,2 gallium/auxiliary/util/Makefile: No such file existing graphics/dri open freebsd-x11
184291: lang/ghc: Unhandled ELF relocation types on dynamically loading object files with GHCi existing lang/ghc open haskell
184281: Update mail/dcc-dccd to 1.3.152 existing mail/dcc-dccd feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184258: devel/synfig fails to build existing devel/synfig open dhn
184203: [NEW PORT] net/motsognir: an ANSI C gopher server new net/motsognir open freebsd-ports-bu
184181: www/mod_security not installed full! existing www/mod_security feedback apache
184179: sysutils/tracker-client build error - what is linux? existing sysutils/tracker-client open gnome
184170: [] fix ports DESTDIR support with FreeBSD 10 make existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
184152: "pkg install" can try to install conflicting packages existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
184132: multimedia/dvd-slideshow: cleanups and fixes to make 0.8.4 work without errors existing multimedia/dvd-slideshow open riggs
184104: x11/xorg: i830 display code hangs during startup existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
184069: update port: devel/bam existing devel/bam open freebsd-ports-bu
184053: net/openldap24-server: perl_back.h:22:18: error: perl.h: No such file or directory existing net/openldap24-server open delphij
184042: [patch] sysutils/fusefs-kmod backport fuse from head existing sysutils/fusefs-kmod feedback freebsd-ports-bu
184028: print/latex-beamer update, changed homepage existing print/latex-beamer open hrs
184025: x11/gnome2: 'pkg install gnome2' Failure existing x11/gnome2 open gnome
183959: [maintainer-update] games/ioquake3 games/ioquake3-server existing games/ioquake3 open freebsd-ports-bu
183957: net-mgmt/observium port is tracking a 2 year old version instead of a community edition existing net-mgmt/observium open freebsd-ports-bu
183902: sysutils/cfengine*: build fails with libvirt on i386 existing sysutils/cfengine open cy
183885: net/samba4: use net/mDNSResponder to provide Zeroconf support existing net/samba4 open timur
183872: net/samba4 does not need to pull in lang/gcc existing net/samba4 open timur
183869: [PATCH] devel/ruby-gems : Update to 2.1.7 existing devel/ruby-gems open swills
183864: ports-mgmt/portlint: feature request existing ports-mgmt/portlint feedback marcus
183860: Larger editors/2bsd-vi terminal width needed. existing editors/2bsd-vi feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183858: net-mgmt/snmptt existing net-mgmt/snmptt feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183856: x11-fonts/fontconfig has some recursion issues? existing x11-fonts/fontconfig open gnome
183849: [patch] security/py-pycryptopp: unbreak clang build existing security/py-pycryptopp open wen
183841: www/nginx accept-language module tarball mismatch existing www/nginx open osa
183813: www/qupzilla doesn't build existing www/qupzilla feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183802: lang/clang-devel : ccc-analyzer uses gcc/g++ by default existing lang/clang-devel open brooks
183795: lang/pypy fails to work in a virtualenv existing lang/pypy analyzed dbn
183780: Can't build net-mgmt/flow-tools with OPENSSL and MYSQL existing net-mgmt/flow-tools feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183776: [PATCH] textproc/groonga : update to 3.0.9 existing textproc/groonga open kuriyama
183723: [new port]: devel/visualparadigm Tool for UML based diagrams and SE new devel/visualparadigm open freebsd-ports-bu
183711: New port: deskutils/myrulib E-Book Library Manager new deskutils/myrulib open freebsd-ports-bu
183706: Poudriere build failure for devel/py-qt4-core existing devel/py-qt4-core open kde
183697: security/heimdal depends net/openldap24-client (when build with openldap support) and SASL was activated on openldap24-client/se existing security/heimdal feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183691: Segmentation fault at startup of graphics/cinepaint (1.0.4_1) on AMD64 existing graphics/cinepaint open freebsd-ports-bu
183690: x11-wm/xfce4: XFCE4 Tango icon theme is incomplete or not all-sufficient existing x11-wm/xfce4 open freebsd-xfce
183683: multimedia/vlc 2.1.0_5,4 cannot build on FreeBSD 10.0-BETA2 existing multimedia/vlc open freebsd-multimed
183678: sysutils/fsc does not work anymore existing sysutils/fsc open trhodes
183667: x11-toolkits/swt-devel -- Checksum build failure - Likely wrong source tarball at URL existing x11-toolkits/swt-devel feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183649: lang/hiphop-php 2.1 asserts on hhvm startup existing lang/hiphop-php open freebsd-ports-bu
183630: www/firefox: Firefox 25.0_1,1 cannot built on amd64 existing www/firefox open gecko
183619: net/babeld fails to install routes existing net/babeld feedback rodrigo
183616: net/rdesktop update 1.7.1 to 1.8.0 existing net/rdesktop open obrien
183604: New port: sysutils/bhyve-rc new sysutils/bhyve-rc open freebsd-ports-bu
183560: devel/srecord: srec_info from devel_srecord is not corerectly installed existing devel/srecord feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183536: [patch] x11-fonts/fontconfig on armv6 existing x11-fonts/fontconfig open gnome
183498: New port: science/grib_api ECMWF GRIB API for encoding and decoding WMO FM-92 GRIB format new science/grib_api open freebsd-ports-bu
183478: x11-servers/xorg-server: DEVD backend is broken, here's a fix existing x11-servers/xorg-server open freebsd-x11
183464: net-p2p/transmission-qt4: crash transmission-qt4 after start existing net-p2p/transmission-qt4 feedback crees
183455: devel/google-sparsehash fails to build existing devel/google-sparsehash open vd
183448: www/lighttpd 1.4.33: cannot bind to IPv4 and IPv6 SSL existing www/lighttpd open mm
183443: Couldn't fetch audio/festival files existing audio/festival feedback mi
183435: x11/xorg: 100% CPU use of xorg using firefox when showing large images (say 20 Mpixel) existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
183422: deskutils/notification-daemon 0.7.2 asserts on any notification existing deskutils/notification-daemon open gnome
183399: Bad Makefile in /usr/ports/x11/gnome-desktop existing x11/gnome-desktop open gnome
183383: ports-mgmt/portaudit port install fails on 10.0-BETA1 existing ports-mgmt/portaudit open secteam
183379: [] remove "security" check from b.*.m framework   open portmgr
183372: [] depreciation of LATEST_LINK conflicts with USE_LDCONFIG framework   open portmgr
183368: [patch] Add options to disable MMX/SSE for x11-toolkits/qt4-gui existing x11-toolkits/qt4-gui open kde
183343: [PATCH] textproc/libextractor: update to 1.2 existing textproc/libextractor open vd
183331: [patch] security/clamav: fix for build on 10.0 and HEAD existing security/clamav open garga
183314: port-update: sysutils/syslog-ng existing sysutils/syslog-ng feedback cy
183313: port-update: sysutils/eventlog existing sysutils/eventlog feedback cy
183306: multimedia/rtmpdump will not compile existing multimedia/rtmpdump open hrs
183304: [patch] graphics/dri on armv6 existing graphics/dri open freebsd-x11
183285: ports net/samba4 4.0.8 fails to build. Linking error existing net/samba4 open timur
183274: [exp-run] make ruby 2.0 default framework   open swills
183273: SYSLOG_SUPPORT doesn't work in www/nginx existing www/nginx open osa
183257: sysutils/file: [Bug 292] Illegal byte sequence in windows magic file existing sysutils/file open bf
183253: [PATCH] shells/zsh: fail to build on 10.0-BETA1 existing shells/zsh open bapt
183247: emulators/linux_base-f10 does not build locale archive during installation existing emulators/linux_base-f10 open freebsd-emulatio
183241: New port: sysutils/backuppc-devel - development version of sysutils/backuppc new sysutils/backuppc-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
183219: multimedia/rtmpdump won't work existing multimedia/rtmpdump open hrs
183164: security/openvas-server build failure on 11-current existing security/openvas-server open freebsd-ports-bu
183120: x11-toolkits/linux-f10-pango fails to build existing x11-toolkits/linux-f10-pango open freebsd-emulatio
183112: security/sguil-server broken Makefile existing security/sguil-server feedback freebsd-ports-bu
183106: [patch] sysutils/libcdio: does not build on 10.0 and HEAD existing sysutils/libcdio open arved
183105: new port: misc/ppiled controls leds connected to parallel port new misc/ppiled open freebsd-ports-bu
183102: [patch] net/p5-Geo-IPfree update to 1.132870, add staging support install, existing net/p5-Geo-IPfree open tobez
183051: editors/libreoffice fails on poudriere existing editors/libreoffice open office
183050: Staging support creates major problems with symlinks framework   feedback portmgr
183039: Port graphics/gle-graphics is seriously outdated existing graphics/gle-graphics open nivit
182997: Package creation failure - stagedir startup script missing unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
182995: x11/gnome-applets fails to package if WITH_GNOME is not set existing x11/gnome-applets open gnome
182969: x11/xorg: Xorg crashes on -configure existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
182954: [patch] x11-toolkits/pango: update to version 1.36.0, add STAGE support and more existing x11-toolkits/pango open gnome
182953: [patch] graphics/cairo: update to version 1.12.16, support STAGE and more existing graphics/cairo open gnome
182943: [patch] www/mod_mono won't build if Apache 2.4 is installed existing www/mod_mono open mono
182923: some ports still require WITH_PKGNG=1 unknown   open stefan
182915: net/proxychains - multiple issues existing net/proxychains open freebsd-ports-bu
182912: Update devel/gmake to 4.0 existing devel/gmake suspended autotools
182909: Ports should sanitize the environment framework   open portmgr
182906: audio/taglib .h files not c++ pedantic clean, breaks audio/soundkonverter (mp4coverart.h:49: error: comma at end of enumerator l existing audio/taglib open jhale
182892: Make devel/atf create a tests user existing devel/atf feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182857: devel/qmake: request for removal existing devel/qmake feedback mi
182853: ports/textproc/urlview: regex -> pcreregex existing textproc/urlview feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182846: patch misc/ossp-uuid to prevent postgresql crash existing misc/ossp-uuid open vd
182843: net-im/jabber crashes when compiled with clang 3.3 existing net-im/jabber open freebsd-ports-bu
182840: net-mgmt/smokeping build with perl 5.18 installed existing net-mgmt/smokeping open rodrigo
182829: sysutils/linux-afaapps: missing dependency (devel/linux-f10-ncurses-base) existing sysutils/linux-afaapps open freebsd-ports-bu
182793: Updating graphics/ImageMagick existing graphics/ImageMagick open kwm
182787: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions: fix VBoxClient path existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions open vbox
182776: net-mgmt/nrpe Fails to Build (Hangs After Distfile Fetch) existing net-mgmt/nrpe open zeising
182741: [PATCH] graphics/enblend: Build with clang on 10-CURRENT existing graphics/enblend open grog
182723: graphics/dri fails to build on 9.2-Stable existing graphics/dri open freebsd-x11
182685: security/gnupg fails to install if docs not selected. existing security/gnupg open kuriyama
182681: security/gnupg : fix plist entry for scdaemon existing security/gnupg open kuriyama
182657: [patch] lang/gcc48: expose c99 math in 'std' namespace existing lang/gcc48 feedback gerald
182635: [patch] Update sysutils/condor to 8.0.3 existing sysutils/condor feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182628: New port: print/cups-lexmark-cs310 CUPS/foomatic driver for Lexmark CS310 series printers new print/cups-lexmark-cs310 open freebsd-ports-bu
182612: security/clamav: newly built ports report problems when verifying with 'pkg_info -g' unknown   open garga
182609: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: really init and configure devd config backend existing x11-servers/xorg-server open freebsd-x11
182576: error to build editors/libreoffice existing editors/libreoffice open office
182561: x11-wm/xfce4 fails to start from xdm existing x11-wm/xfce4 open freebsd-xfce
182504: [PATCH] devel/qt4-qtsolutions-singleapplication: Fix build on 10.0-ALPHA4 existing devel/qt4-qtsolutions-singleapplication feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182499: www/firefox crash when i try use textproc/ibus/ existing www/firefox open gecko
182474: net/tightvnc vncviewer can't handle null authentication existing net/tightvnc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182469: emulators/virtualbox-ose VNC extension has incorrect perms existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
182464: security/cvm doesn't build mysql module existing security/cvm feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182462: www/w3m sometimes crashes on sparc64 (maybe boehm-gc problem) existing www/w3m open nobutaka
182460: New port: multimedia/qwinff Qt4 media converter GUI new multimedia/qwinff feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182449: databases/pecl-memcached: Memcached::setSaslAuthData unavailable, by lack of SASL authentication option, existing databases/pecl-memcached feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182436: ports/japanese/ng-devel patch from maintainer existing japanese/ng-devel open rodrigo
182430: [exp-run] removing RCS from the base system framework   open eadler
182420: math/fityk: coredumps on libc++ only systems and compiled with gcc existing math/fityk open sperber
182411: mail/thunderbird: Does not build with poudriere on 9.1 existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
182405: error to build graphics/poppler-glib existing graphics/poppler-glib feedback gnome
182386: mail/thunderbird-i18n: fail to build at install stage existing mail/thunderbird-i18n open gecko
182347: ports-mgmt/pkgng: install target does nothing for pkgng + staging + NO_PKG_REGISTER case framework   open portmgr
182346: mail/thunderbird - fails to build with gtk3 existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
182340: [MAINTAINER UPDATE] devl/aegis (repost) existing devel/aegis feedback rodrigo
182320: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions will not compile on HEAD existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions open vbox
182318: new port: www/slowcgi new www/slowcgi open freebsd-ports-bu
182288: New port: devel/lnphost new devel/lnphost open jhale
182282: New Port: devel/git-cola GUI for git new devel/git-cola open freebsd-ports-bu
182221: Fix build: chinese/sunpinyin existing chinese/sunpinyin feedback sunpoet
182216: can't fetch print/cups-samba distfile existing print/cups-samba feedback mandree
182209: [new port] emulators/hyperv-ic: Ports containing Hyper-V integration components for FreeBSD new emulators/hyperv-ic open freebsd-ports-bu
182195: (RELEASE - head-amd64-default) irc/scrollz: Build failed for scrollz-2.2.2_2 during configure existing irc/scrollz feedback rodrigo
182177: [PATCH] www/squid33: install fail helpers/basic_auth/DB existing www/squid33 open tmseck
182164: print/tex-aleph: MLINKS creates broken links existing print/tex-aleph open hrs
182104: [PATCH] ftp/wget - Host header required by some proxies for HTTPS existing ftp/wget open vd
182082: emulators/dynamips-community upgrade to 0.2.10 and head problem report existing emulators/dynamips-community feedback freebsd-ports-bu
182018: math/cln: xception.h:14:24: error: implicit instantiation of undefined template 'std::__1::basic_string existing math/cln open wen
182010: [PATCH]: www/nginx, www/nginx-devel fix 3rd party upload module existing www/nginx open osa
182006: x11-toolkits/fltk: Ctrl-sth does not work on fltk applications existing x11-toolkits/fltk open gahr
182002: x11-wm/xcompmgr shadow rendering patch existing x11-wm/xcompmgr open freebsd-x11
181994: net-im/ejabberd crashes with openssl+zlib existing net-im/ejabberd open ashish
181978: ports-mgmt/pkg: Ports with PKGNG doesn't have a -X equivalent mechanism existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
181973: bsdgrep regression in ports framework framework   open bdrewery
181964: [patch] multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg, multimedia/gstreamer1-libav: make sure libavcodec builds MD code existing multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg open freebsd-multimed
181959: New port: sysutils/zjail Management tool for ZFS based jails new sysutils/zjail open freebsd-ports-bu
181958: cannot install graphics/gimp pkg existing graphics/gimp open gnome
181947: ports-mgmt/portmaster creates PKGDIR/ when WITH_PKGNG set existing ports-mgmt/portmaster open bdrewery
181946: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg repo corrupts repository after rebuilding a package existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
181944: games/iourbanterror: gcc not found existing games/iourbanterror feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181923: security/heimdal JOBS_UNSAFE and default prefix location existing security/heimdal feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181914: net/p5-Socket-GetAddrInfo fails to build package existing net/p5-Socket-GetAddrInfo open perl
181912: x11-toolkits/swt-devel: bad zipfile offset (local header sig) existing x11-toolkits/swt-devel feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181863: mail/exim cannot build with Berkeley DB support existing mail/exim open rea
181819: games/iourbanterror: Engine linkage error #31 existing games/iourbanterror feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181811: [patch] security/libgcrypt inline assembler error at clang on ARM existing security/libgcrypt open rpaulo
181809: [patch] graphics/evas-core: remove USE_GCC=any existing graphics/evas-core open gblach
181799: ports-mgmt/poudriere: [PATCH] allow in-line comments in ports-list existing ports-mgmt/poudriere open bdrewery
181798: Ports specifying WANT_MYSQL_VER failing with MariaDB unknown   open ale
181789: benchmarks/netio 1.32 is available existing benchmarks/netio open arved
181774: USE_BDB 47+ fails to find installed databases/db47 existing databases/db47 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181765: New port: sysutils/daemontols-encore new sysutils/daemontols-encore feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181746: graphics/ImageMagick makefile directly executes perl existing graphics/ImageMagick open kwm
181736: [patch] textproc/domc: unbreak on amd64 (r324422 regression) and sparc64 existing textproc/domc open danfe
181735: mail/fetchmail system-wide install can't write fetch ids existing mail/fetchmail feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181734: Patch to IPv6+SSL in sysutils/ucspi-tcp existing sysutils/ucspi-tcp open garga
181720: [patch] shells/zsh fix building of static binary with devel/ncurses port installed existing shells/zsh open bapt
181717: www/apache24: default PORT_OPTIONS are broken existing www/apache24 feedback ohauer
181696: port dns/samba-nsupdate doesn't link -lgssapi_krb5, won't compile on base krb5 existing dns/samba-nsupdate open timur
181675: print/texlive-texmf update existing print/texlive-texmf open hrs
181660: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: fix typos and new xorg support in config/devd existing x11-servers/xorg-server open freebsd-x11
181658: misc/freebsd-doc-en fails to build if the user is running a Korn shell. existing misc/freebsd-doc-en open doceng
181655: [patch] multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-good: add more sample formats to oss plugin existing multimedia/gstreamer1-plugins-good open freebsd-multimed
181629: [PATCH] sysutils/tracker-client was setting itself at such a low priority it never crawls existing sysutils/tracker-client open gnome
181614: editors/openoffice-4: size mismatch existing editors/openoffice-4 open office
181592: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg2ng should check/add WITH_PKGNG=yes to /etc/make.conf existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
181591: graphics/hugin crashes at startup existing graphics/hugin open vd
181561: net-im/telepathy-idle fails to build in poudriere existing net-im/telepathy-idle open gnome
181529: [panic] sysutils/devcpu-data: Panic after CPU microcode update existing sysutils/devcpu-data open freebsd-ports-bu
181527: New port: multimedia/mjpg-streamer HTTP video streaming daemon new multimedia/mjpg-streamer open freebsd-ports-bu
181525: x11/i3lock don't check the password existing x11/i3lock open dhn
181519: multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg: an option to build against system ffmpeg existing multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg open freebsd-multimed
181507: [PATCH] security/pks: fix autostart existing security/pks feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181506: [maintainer-update] devel/eclipse-eclemma 2.2.1 existing devel/eclipse-eclemma open freebsd-ports-bu
181481: [PATCH] irc/ircd-ratbox fix default options broken by optionsNG commit existing irc/ircd-ratbox feedback rodrigo
181451: [NEW PORT] misc/auto-multiple-choice: Multiple Choice Questionnaires management with automated marking new misc/auto-multiple-choice open freebsd-ports-bu
181450: [new port] revive port www/linux-f10-flashplugin10, becase it's last version for processor without SSE2 new www/linux-f10-flashplugin10 open freebsd-ports-bu
181446: x11/gnome2: Error occurrs when using a GUI frontent for package management existing x11/gnome2 open gnome
181412: graphics/gdtclft should use updated default Tcl version existing graphics/gdtclft feedback mi
181394: java/eclipse-devel 4.2.0 could not install or update EMF SDK from Juno. existing java/eclipse-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
181393: www/xpi-quick-locale-switcher does not works with firefox-esr-17.0.8,1 existing www/xpi-quick-locale-switcher open gecko
181349: cairo.h missing in graphics/librsvg existing graphics/librsvg2 open gnome
181345: net/tigervnc: shortcuts like Ctrl-C does not work on vncviewer because of fltk existing net/tigervnc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181337: [REPOCOPY] www/trafficserver -> www/trafficserver-devel repocopy   open sunpoet
181324: [patch] fix net/istgt with options VBOXVD (VirtualBox virtual hd integration) (emulators/virtualbox-ose) existing net/istgt feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181321: devel/opengrok: "urlPrefix" doesn't match its deploy path existing devel/opengrok open tj
181318: x11-servers/xorg-server does not compile or ARM existing x11-servers/xorg-server open freebsd-x11
181301: New port: net/kamailio - A very fast and configurable open source SIP proxy new net/kamailio open freebsd-ports-bu
181292: print/dvipdfmx cannot long font name existing print/dvipdfmx open hrs
181285: x11/xorg does not start if Nvidia Optimus is enabled on ThinkPad W530 existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
181278: deskutils/notification-daemon: Notification Daemon dumps core existing deskutils/notification-daemon open gnome
181274: pkg(1) manual page and usage message synopses incorrect existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
181271: [PATCH] let's makepatch support spaces in filenames framework   open bdrewery
181266: cannot update net-im/telepathy-glib-0.18.2 to 0.20.2 existing net-im/telepathy-glib open gnome
181264: math/gnuplot, math/py-gnuplot install files in the same place existing math/gnuplot open glewis
181251: net-mgmt/mrtg: rateup constantly segfaulted because of error in the libgd existing net-mgmt/mrtg feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181244: New port: devel/ocl-icd OpenCL Installable Client Driver new devel/ocl-icd open mva
181243: New port: devel/opencl-icd Khronos OpenCL Installable Client Driver new devel/opencl-icd open mva
181228: databases/postgresql91-server rc.d script fails to start server existing databases/postgresql91-server feedback crees
181202: x11-servers/xorg: xorg-7.x meta package missing existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
181165: net-im/kde-telepathy not bild existing net-im/kde-telepathy open avilla
181160: Port sysutils/bacula-client - All bacula-fd processes killed when upgrading port existing sysutils/bacula-client feedback rm
181156: lang/pcc does not build with parallel make jobs existing lang/pcc open joel
181140: [patch]x11/pixman fix typo & build issue on arm existing x11/pixman open freebsd-x11
181133: [patch] x11-drivers/input-wacom: enabled support of wacom tablets connected via a serial port existing x11-drivers/input-wacom open freebsd-ports-bu
181106: sysutils/logrotate bus error (core dumped) existing sysutils/logrotate feedback freebsd-ports-bu
181095: net-p2p/transmission-gtk fails to start existing net-p2p/transmission-gtk open gnome
181054: graphics/gimp port build fails existing graphics/gimp open gnome
181052: [patch] make lang/lua not hang on thread creation existing lang/lua open osa
181049: lang/ghc: possible regression existing lang/ghc open haskell
181044: Problems with devel/boost-libs existing devel/boost-libs open office
181035: [exp-run] Update libusb-1.0.pc to claim to be libusb 1.0.13 framework   open emaste
181020: graphics/luxrender update to 1.2.1 existing graphics/luxrender analyzed danfe
181005: mail/thunderbird - Enigmail failes to start pinentry existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
181004: ftp/curl fails to compile out of the box when WITHOUT_GSSAPI specified in the base system framework   open portmgr
181003: multimedia/gstreamer not build with clang existing multimedia/gstreamer open freebsd-multimed
180994: sysutils/rsyslog7 & sysutils/rsyslog7-devel - requesting maintainership existing sysutils/rsyslog7 open brd
180987: [NEW PORTs] audio/ardour3 and multimedia/harvid new audio/ardour3 open freebsd-ports-bu
180983: net/samba4 fails to build existing net/samba4 open timur
180927: build of x11-themes/kde4-wallpapers-freebsd fails existing x11-themes/kde4-wallpapers-freebsd feedback kde
180924: ports-mgmt/poudriere does not write changed port config existing ports-mgmt/poudriere open bdrewery
180896: sysutils/cfengine35: can't use edit_xml because libxml2 not found existing sysutils/cfengine35 open cy
180855: www/firefox: Firefox 22 crashes on HTML 5 videos existing www/firefox feedback gecko
180790: devel/linux_kdump prints BSD descriptions of errno names existing devel/linux_kdump open freebsd-emulatio
180766: Flash not work in www/firefox existing www/firefox open gecko
180739: ports/sysutils/ezjail patch existing sysutils/ezjail feedback freebsd-ports-bu
180723: editors/libreoffice: calc spreadsheet external data link by URL not working existing editors/libreoffice open office
180705: [] patching a file with both EXTRA_PATCHES and files/patch-* fails framework   open portmgr
180695: Refactor mail/dspam-devel/Makefile and update to 3.10.2 existing mail/dspam-devel open itetcu
180674: math/cantor: configure does not detect R, but R is installed existing math/cantor open kde
180673: ports-mgmt/portmaster: shall not delete build deps that are run deps, too (e.g. math/cantor: fails on R stuff) existing ports-mgmt/portmaster open bdrewery
180668: japanese/mutt-devel update to 1.5.21-ja.2 existing japanese/mutt-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
180665: [new port] secturiy/rngtest: TRNG/PRNG test tool new security/rngtest open freebsd-ports-bu
180656: ports-mgmt/portmaster: --packages-local=/usr/local/ports/packages shall be the default framework   open bdrewery
180654: [NEW PORT] devel/linux-f10-hal-libs: HAL libs (Linux Fedora 10) new devel/linux-f10-hal-libs open freebsd-ports-bu
180643: java/openjdk6 build fails on amd64 -current existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
180638: math/petsc build failure on ia64 existing math/petsc open bf
180629: mail/libmapi does not compile existing mail/libmapi open kwm
180619: [patch] ftp/wget:: stealth dependency on misc/e2fsprogs-libuuid existing ftp/wget open vd
180616: german/alt-aspell: was identical to german/aspell, now right one existing german/alt-aspell open office
180614: sysutils/xosview crashes after some days on sparc64 existing sysutils/xosview open clsung
180604: devel/xdg-utils: xdg-screensaver depends on dcop existing devel/xdg-utils open gnome
180602: [NEW PORT] multimedia/xjadeo: A synced video player for Jack Transport new multimedia/xjadeo open freebsd-ports-bu
180601: graphics/gegl is missing DOCS option from Makefile existing graphics/gegl open gnome
180596: [patch] devel/libnotify: remove gtk20 and gettext dependencies existing devel/libnotify open gnome
180565: textproc/aspell compilation error with Clang existing textproc/aspell open office
180553: net/mtr (mtr-0.85) broken existing net/mtr feedback sunpoet
180534: net/vnc: vnc-4_1_3 fails to build on current existing net/vnc open cy
180495: sysutils/doinkd exits upon start up from rc.d scripts existing sysutils/doinkd open cy
180492: problem with /usr/ports/Mk/ framework   open freebsd-ports-bu
180484: does not support full range of version settings framework   open mm
180475: audio/freeswitch-sounds: volume reduced to 20% of original volume on all announcements existing audio/freeswitch-sounds open freebsd-ports-bu
180470: r321585 port commit causes Apache 2.2 w/ www/mod_rpaf2 to segfault when IPv6 client accesses site existing www/mod_rpaf2 open ohauer
180467: [partial patch] Make devel/py-qt4-core work with python 3 existing devel/py-qt4-core open kde
180459: Port devel/py-dbus ' wrong PORTDOCS logic and pkg-plist break package [patch] existing devel/py-dbus open gnome
180456: multimedia/x264 on ia64: /usr/include/math.h:236: error: expected ')' before '/' token existing multimedia/x264 open koobs
180446: New port: print/p910nd A small printer daemon new print/p910nd open freebsd-ports-bu
180441: [patch] updates to port for textproc/metaf2xml 1.52+ existing textproc/metaf2xml open clsung
180409: ports/math/scilab trying to use F77 existing math/scilab open makc
180407: x11/kde4: dolphin in kde-4.10.5 will cause reboot existing x11/kde4 open kde
180380: www/firefox: Firefox 22.0 dies instantly when I try to print a page existing www/firefox open gecko
180377: devel/pcre 8.33 compilation problem on ARM existing devel/pcre open loos
180368: [PATCH] devel/hs-git-annex does not build with WEBAPP option enabled existing devel/hs-git-annex open haskell
180353: www/squid33 - supplied rc.d script fails to exit existing www/squid33 open tmseck
180348: devel/dbus fails if existing user found existing devel/dbus open gnome
180337: devel/tnt: tnt_sparse_matrix_csr.h:97:3: error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'Array1D' existing devel/tnt feedback freebsd-ports-bu
180336: [PATCH] sysutils/apcupsd: support multiple instances of apcupsd existing sysutils/apcupsd open itetcu
180324: [PATCH] net-mgmt/ipv6mon modified rc.d script for multiple interfaces existing net-mgmt/ipv6mon open hrs
180272: multimedia/dvbcut: remove QT3 support existing multimedia/dvbcut open se
180258: x11-wm/enlightenment stops responding existing x11-wm/enlightenment open gblach
180243: Please upgrade java/eclipse to Kepler (4.3) existing java/eclipse open freebsd-ports-bu
180237: [new port] devel/radare2-devel: Tools to disasm, debug, analyze, and manipulate binary files (development version) new devel/radare2-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
180228: russian/fortuneru: port upgrade existing russian/fortuneru open freebsd-ports-bu
180226: net/samba4 port rc script syntax errors ("samba" vs "smbd") existing net/samba4 open timur
180181: [PATCH] databases/postgresql92-server: Add pthread support option existing databases/postgresql92-server open pgsql
180178: shells/zsh: hangs upon '>(command)' redirections existing shells/zsh open bapt
180175: graphics/jasper: allow it to depend on either graphics/jpeg or graphics/libjpeg-turbo existing graphics/jasper suspended dinoex
180171: [new ports] add 6 new ports for Ardour 3.x to work new audio/lv2 open danfe
180159: Mk/Uses/ Used to add dependancy on either jpeg or libjpeg-turbo ports framework   feedback freebsd-ports-bu
180150: [new port] audio/linux-10-flac: linux libFLAC and libFLAC++ new audio/linux-10-flac open freebsd-ports-bu
180122: Building the misc/freebsd-doc-en port fails if w3m is not installed existing misc/freebsd-doc-en open doceng
180114: Error building net-im/loudmouth existing net-im/loudmouth open gnome
180062: graphics/clutter-gtk compilation failure existing graphics/clutter-gtk open gnome
180052: www/squid3x ports: some helpers are not built/installed existing www/squid33 open tmseck
180050: mail/alpine should be updated to version 2.10 existing mail/alpine open freebsd-ports-bu
180048: x11-wm/xfce4: make port xfce fail on GLIB, which doesnt exist and canot solve dependency existing x11-wm/xfce4 open freebsd-xfce
180034: audio/squeezeboxserver is now Logitech Media Server existing audio/squeezeboxserver feedback freebsd-ports-bu
180033: databases/postgis20 gives in to processing text files with cpp existing databases/postgis20 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
180030: [] [patch] add the OPTIONS{,_}FILE rename to config-conditional. framework   open bapt
180023: x11-servers/xorg: xorg (WITH_NEW_XORG) on 10-CURRENT i386 crashes or hard lock kernel existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
180010: [exp-run] databases/postgresql92 as default framework   open girgen
179989: [ patch ] net/istgt broken linking, broken cast, broken compilation existing net/istgt feedback freebsd-ports-bu
179972: Encryption feature for sysutils/synergy-devel 1.4.12 appears to be non-functional. existing sysutils/synergy-devel open gnn
179940: pkg upgrade changes xterm icon & title existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
179939: www/gatling does not work with TLS in default installation existing www/gatling open tmseck
179854: New port: science/pulseview new science/pulseview open jgh
179803: fetch error for print/texlive-infra existing print/texlive-infra open hrs
179799: Fix multimedia/mjpegtools on powerpc existing multimedia/mjpegtools open freebsd-multimed
179786: graphics/poppler and xpdf contain conflicting files existing graphics/poppler open gnome
179778: new port: net/fish-sync -- network file sync tool new net/fish-sync open freebsd-ports-bu
179766: [PATCH] sysutils/debootstrap fails on freebsd with --foreign option existing sysutils/debootstrap open mm
179710: port www/mod_fastcgi extra patch to support apache24 existing www/mod_fastcgi open apache
179701: [PATCH] multimedia/gstreamer: Add NLS, trim pkg-plist existing multimedia/gstreamer open freebsd-multimed
179637: [patch] ports-mgmt/portupdate-scan: add the "-a [date]" option existing ports-mgmt/portupdate-scan feedback freebsd-ports-bu
179607: www/emacs-w3m 1.4.471.b.20120306 HTML display error existing www/emacs-w3m open nobutaka
179561: Compilation issue for www/lighttpd on raspberry pi existing www/lighttpd open mm
179551: [patch] databases/redis: add profiles to existing databases/redis open osa
179549: sysutils/munin-node: fail2ban plugin wrong path for fail2ban-client existing sysutils/munin-node open zeising
179510: ports-mgmt/porteasy still uses cvs existing ports-mgmt/porteasy open des
179507: devel/kBuild won't compile on current existing devel/kBuild open vbox
179499: [patch] port sysutils/devcpu-data is unmaintained and needs update for recent Intel and AMD releases existing sysutils/devcpu-data open freebsd-ports-bu
179450: [PATCH] security/gnupg does not detect curl-config when --with-libcurl=PATH existing security/gnupg open kuriyama
179444: www/nginx: Nginx Passenger module doesn't compile existing www/nginx open osa
179420: www/seamonkey freezes completely by accessing citrix xenapp virtual desktop existing www/seamonkey open gecko
179416: net/vnc compiles broken imake tool existing net/vnc open cy
179400: [PATCH] print/freetype2: Add Infinality patches existing print/freetype2 feedback gnome
179348: [PATCH] graphics/passepartout: Trim docs, add FAM option existing graphics/passepartout open gnome
179337: [PATCH] graphics/enblend: Fix docs, mtree, add OptionsNG existing graphics/enblend open grog
179321: New port: sysutils/storcli SAS MegaRAID FreeBSD StorCLI new sysutils/storcli open freebsd-ports-bu
179236: Build failure (lib-depends) for net/tigervnc when HPJPG is enabled existing net/tigervnc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
179202: x11/kde4-workspace (and elsewhere): automoc4 SEGVs on certain files existing x11/kde4-workspace open kde
179182: [PATCH] net-mgmt/rubygem-visage-app: Fix build existing net-mgmt/rubygem-visage-app open brd
179180: devel/freeocl: Minor changes regarding upcoming POCL port and ICD loader existing devel/freeocl open rodrigo
179124: [PATCH] graphics/cairomm: Convert to OptionsNG, trim docs existing graphics/cairomm open gnome
179116: New port: graphics/xcftools Command-line tools for extracting from Gimp's XCF format new graphics/xcftools open freebsd-ports-bu
179070: sysutils/tmux does not redraw existing characters when inserting text at the command prompt after `clear` is used existing sysutils/tmux feedback gahr
179065: Add RDRAND/F16C support to misc/cpuid existing misc/cpuid open freebsd-ports-bu
179017: New port: sysutils/rcadm utility for administrating rc.conF new sysutils/rcadm open freebsd-ports-bu
178998: New port: devel/sfml2: a multimedia library new devel/sfml2 open amdmi3
178995: games/bsdgames adventure segfault when saving on amd64 existing games/bsdgames open uqs
178930: [patch] lang/lua52 to use Mk/ existing lang/lua52 suspended lua
178887: [pkgng] [request] Desired pkgng metadata framework   open portmgr
178808: devel/wxGlade raises exception when generating XRC code for wxNotebook existing devel/wxGlade open freebsd-ports-bu
178807: [patch] let PORTDATA deal with empty directories framework   open portmgr
178799: [Patch] Add 3rd party StatsD Module to www/nginx port existing www/nginx open osa
178796: irc/xchat fails to link with gcc46/47 existing irc/xchat open gnome
178785: mail/dracmail: adoption of optionsNG, and standardize installation in favor of CP existing mail/dracmail feedback freebsd-ports-bu
178772: Port update: net-mgmt/snmptt existing net-mgmt/snmptt open rodrigo
178762: [patch] Mk/ Store options alphabetically framework   open bdrewery
178757: devel/freeocl: Update existing devel/freeocl feedback rodrigo
178732: astro/gpsd: TypeError: Tried to lookup Dir '/usr/local/lib' as a File.: *** [do-build] Error code 2 existing astro/gpsd open glebius
178726: [PATCH] databases/mariadb55-server: multi-instances startup script existing databases/mariadb55-server feedback freebsd-ports-bu
178709: [new port]: databases/hyperdex Searchable distributed key-value store new databases/hyperdex open vg
178699: [fix] devel/xdg-utils fails without ${LOCALBASE}/share/desktop-directories existing devel/xdg-utils open gnome
178698: graphics/gimp: package dependencies failing existing graphics/gimp open gnome
178695: [new port] www/eaccelerator-devel Development version of eAccelerator PHP accelerator new www/eaccelerator-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
178647: java/openjdk6 does not build (without extra hack) existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
178601: databases/postgresql92-server: postgresql port has wrong check for MIT_KRB5 existing databases/postgresql92-server open pgsql
178533: [PATCH] www/nginx: nginx+3rd syslog support existing www/nginx open osa
178524: BATCH=yes not work for www/firefox-i18n existing www/firefox-i18n open gecko
178508: mail/dspam: Fix for MariaDB/Percona and OptionsNG overhaul existing mail/dspam feedback crees
178474: [NEW PORT] games/linux-dwarf-fortress: Dwarf Fortress is a single-player fantasy game. new games/linux-dwarf-fortress open freebsd-ports-bu
178457: [New port]audio/hydrogen-devel new audio/hydrogen-devel open freebsd-ports-bu
178447: [] Fix MASTER_SITE_KERNEL_ORG framework   open portmgr
178441: [NEW PORT] databases/memkeys: A tool to show memcache key usage in realtime new databases/memkeys open swills
178433: editors/libreoffice generates zombie processes after i close the application. existing editors/libreoffice open office
178431: graphics/geos hardcodes PHP 5.4 version existing graphics/geos feedback freebsd-ports-bu
178404: new port: www/mod_define, Apache 2.2.x module for use variables in config files new www/mod_define feedback ohauer
178383: Upgrade x11-fonts/linuxlibertine to version 5.3.0 existing x11-fonts/linuxlibertine open office
178364: [patch] Port dns/adns add option to apply patch existing dns/adns open eadler
178333: [new port] net/libnss-pgsql: allow user accounts to be stored in postgresql new net/libnss-pgsql open lippe
178324: [Update] games/frogatto to 1.3.1 existing games/frogatto feedback danfe
178301: [patch] lang/python27: SEM option is inconsistent existing lang/python27 open freebsd-python
178282: net/ntp dies immediately on startup existing net/ntp open cy
178273: multimedia/gstreamer-plugins: It's hava no package of gstreamer-plugins-base in ports existing multimedia/gstreamer-plugins open freebsd-multimed
178271: Simplify framework   open bdrewery
178243: net/asterisk11 makefile missing options existing net/asterisk11 open flo
178242: injection of @exec easy_install to PLIST creates inappropriate post-install scripts for pkgng framework   feedback freebsd-python
178229: devel/gnustep failed install - no objective c compiler existing devel/gnustep open theraven
178170: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: xkb misbehaviour on keyboard layouts switch existing x11-servers/xorg-server analyzed freebsd-x11
178128: [UPDATE] www/trac-autocomplete: Update to 0.4.2 & Take maintainership existing www/trac-autocomplete open rea
178127: [UPDATE] www/trac-datefield: Update to 2.0.0 & Take maintainership existing www/trac-datefield open rea
178126: [NEW PORT] databases/mysql56-server-cluster: MySQL Cluster is a write-scalable, transactional database new databases/mysql56-server-cluster open freebsd-ports-bu
178125: [NEW PORT] databases/mysql56-client-cluster: Multithreaded SQL database Cluster (client) new databases/mysql56-client-cluster open freebsd-ports-bu
178087: [UPDATE] www/trac-defaultcc: Update to 0.3 & Take maintainership existing www/trac-defaultcc open rea
178072: [PATCH] [] look for Makefile.local in ${PORTSDIR} as well as ${.CURDIR} framework   open bdrewery
178063: [Patch] graphics/digikam-kde4 can't edit images existing graphics/digikam-kde4 open kde
178052: New port submission: dns/mDNSRedponder_nss new dns/mDNSRedponder_nss open freebsd-ports-bu
178042: sysutils/ezjail: zsh completion does not work existing sysutils/ezjail feedback freebsd-ports-bu
178023: [patch] graphics/cairo: add a fix for text redrawing in firefox existing graphics/cairo open gnome
177980: Please apply autotools fix universally framework   open bdrewery
177906: [new port] x11-fonts/fpf Free Persian font new x11-fonts/fpf open freebsd-ports-bu
177861: [patch] Use NetHack data librarian for games/nethack34 existing games/nethack34 open glewis
177838: New port: multimedia/openstopmotion Webcam capture program for creating stopmotion video new multimedia/openstopmotion feedback riggs
177802: Could not update openfire because of problem in java/openjdk6 existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
177801: math/sage: /configure: not found configure: error: Unable to configure Boehm-Weiser GC existing math/sage feedback stephen
177786: net/samba36 net/samba-nmblookup multimedia/xbmc conflics existing net/samba36 open timur
177785: security/ipsec-tools: ipsec-tools 0.8.0 racoon tends to segfault when multiple Phase1's aren't establishing existing security/ipsec-tools open vanhu
177779: java/openjdk7 missing pkg-message about fdescfs and procfs existing java/openjdk7 open glewis
177745: New port: science/lammps new science/lammps open freebsd-ports-bu
177741: net-mgmt/sipcalc cannot handle ipv6 zone index existing net-mgmt/sipcalc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
177722: Change request: Add terminfo database to linux_base-* existing emulators/linux_base-f10 open freebsd-emulatio
177677: /usr/local/bin/grep halts databases/postgresql84-server configuration existing databases/postgresql84-server feedback pgsql
177667: graphics/mapserver: configure: error: cannot find java include files existing graphics/mapserver open wen
177659: x11/nvidia-xconfig problem existing x11/nvidia-xconfig feedback bland
177651: New port: security/openiked OpenBSD's IKEv2 daemon new security/openiked open freebsd-ports-bu
177616: x11/xfce4-terminal doesn't always spawn new tab when is struck existing x11/xfce4-terminal open freebsd-xfce
177610: security/maia makefile check for mysql-client does not work on 64-bit platform existing security/maia feedback crees
177577: print/freetype-tools and print/psutils-letter conflict existing print/freetype-tools open rafan
177576: math/maxima fails to start with SBCL and quicklisp existing math/maxima open bf
177573: Ports collection don't update when using portsnap existing java/java-checkstyle open freebsd-ports-bu
177532: multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-* ports missing dependency on devel/gconf2 existing multimedia/gstreamer-plugins open freebsd-multimed
177497: mail/dovecot startup script breaks onestart functionality existing mail/dovecot feedback freebsd-ports-bu
177458: devel/gobject-introspection coredumping things existing devel/gobject-introspection open gnome
177411: [NEW PORT] databases/mysql-udf-ipv6: MySQL UDFs providing IPv6 support for pre-5.6 versions new databases/mysql-udf-ipv6 open freebsd-ports-bu
177404: www/firefox: youtube videos in firefox not working existing www/firefox open gecko
177401: Mk/ move -DLDAP_DEPRECATED from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS framework   open portmgr
177396: print/foomatic-filters: foomatic-rip needs both inputfile and stdin existing print/foomatic-filters open freebsd-ports-bu
177375: devel/pcre segmentation fault executing match() existing devel/pcre open bf
177371: sysutils/smartmontools - triggers channel blocking existing sysutils/smartmontools feedback freebsd-ports-bu
177365: [patch] ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel enhancements existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel open bdrewery
177349: [patch] sysutils/xosview new version available existing sysutils/xosview open clsung
177336: New port: security/sav new security/sav feedback freebsd-ports-bu
177333: [PATCH] games/ceferino: existing games/ceferino open acm
177300: New port: java/intellij IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition new java/intellij open freebsd-ports-bu
177288: x11-fm/krusader2 missing minimize icon in windowmaker desktop existing x11-fm/krusader2 feedback fluffy
177268: [PATCH] graphics/libraw: Convert to OptionsNG existing graphics/libraw open osa
177230: add target to list the package name of missing dependencies framework   open portmgr
177226: devel/glib20 update: gnome-gmail-notifier won't start and nautilus eats cpu existing devel/glib20 open gnome
177211: net-mgmt/cflowd: cflowd fix existing net-mgmt/cflowd open marino
177202: [PATCH] emulators/virtualbox-ose option to skip building kernel module existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
177172: new port mail/dovecot22-devel new mail/dovecot22-devel feedback rea
177086: www/webkit-gtk3 does not build existing x11/gnome2 open gnome
177059: devel/cmake: /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindLibXml2.cmake should include ${LOCAL_BASE}/include in LIBXML2_INCLUDE_DIR existing devel/cmake open kde
177045: mail/dspam: Bring dspam up to date with latest stable upstream release existing mail/dspam open itetcu
177018: Can't build devel/xsd existing devel/xsd open kde
177014: new port: databases/sqlayer new databases/sqlayer open freebsd-ports-bu
176984: misc/dahdi-kmod: FreeBSD crashes periodically with RedFone FB2 and dahdi_dynamic_ethmf driver existing misc/dahdi-kmod open fjoe
176969: audio/sdl_sound: fix depend existing audio/sdl_sound feedback mva
176968: audio/sdl_mixer: fix depends existing audio/sdl_mixer feedback mva
176951: www/squid32 failed to start because of hard-coded acl with ::1 existing www/squid32 open tmseck
176931: [PATCH] devel/synfig: OptionsNG, added license, Port is now safe with NOPORTDOCS=yes existing devel/synfig open dhn
176930: [PATCH] graphics/synfigstudio: OptionsNG, Port is now safe with NOPORTDOCS=yes existing graphics/synfigstudio open dhn
176925: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version fails if cwd no longer exists existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bdrewery
176889: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg update doesn't fetch updated repo from private copy existing ports-mgmt/pkg open portmgr
176874: sysutils/fusefs-sshfs crashes on amd64 existing sysutils/fusefs-sshfs feedback freebsd-ports-bu
176869: x11/kde4: klauncher crash while attaching virtual cdrom to VirtualBox existing x11/kde4 open kde
176862: [request] x11/kde4: supply debug libs for KDE binary pkgs existing x11/kde4 open kde
176805: rc scripts provided with security/heimdal haven't a common FreeBSD implementation existing security/heimdal feedback rodrigo
176788: editors/libreoffice build failure in tail_build existing editors/libreoffice open office
176773: [PATCH] devel/libffi - install to standard path existing devel/libffi open zeising
176758: [patch] databases/tdb: samba talloc + tdb incorrect w/ non-default LOCALBASE existing databases/tdb feedback timur
176705: graphics/libGL : Fix complitation (not useability) on ARM existing graphics/libGL open freebsd-x11
176703: graphics/dri : Fix complitation (not useability) on ARM existing graphics/dri open freebsd-x11
176659: www/apache22 2.2.24 build error existing www/apache22 analyzed apache
176651: NEW PORT: graphics/flashprojector - Adobe standalone SWF player for Linux new graphics/flashprojector open freebsd-ports-bu
176625: New Port: ports-mgmt/prhistory-sync-perl Sync GNATS PR db (ports) and create SQLite3 Summary for prhistory program new ports-mgmt/prhistory-sync-perl open freebsd-ports-bu
176509: [NEW PORT] www/dnssec-validator: DNSSEC Validator extension for Chromium/Firefox new www/dnssec-validator open freebsd-ports-bu
176507: [NEW PORT] www/xpi-dnssec: DNSSEC Validator extension for Firefox new www/xpi-dnssec open freebsd-ports-bu
176505: [NEW PORT] www/crx-dnssec: DNSSEC Validator extension for Chromium new www/crx-dnssec open freebsd-ports-bu
176442: Port files with double-colons cannot exist on FAT partitions. unknown   suspended portmgr
176438: net-mgmt/nrpe consuming cpu when handling new connections existing net-mgmt/nrpe open zeising
176382: ports dependencies not being recorded framework   open portmgr
176359: www/mediawiki required sqlite3, not sqlite for PHP_VER 52+ existing www/mediawiki119 open wen
176358: /net/freebsd-tftp Incorrect TFTP Behavior with Secondary IP Address existing net/freebsd-tftp open edwin
176352: ports rebuilds unneeded packages framework   open portmgr
176349: [ports] regression: devel/boost-libs 1.52.0_1 does not build on ia64 existing devel/boost-libs open office
176326: french/aster does not build on amd64/clang or ia64/gcc existing french/aster analyzed thierry
176282: [] [patch] add framework   open portmgr
176196: [PATCH] games/quake2-ctf: Set NO_WRKSUBDIR and BUILD_WRKSRC instead of abusing WRKSRC. existing games/quake2-ctf open danfe
176096: [NEW PORT] www/xibo-server: Xibo - Digital Signage (server) new www/xibo-server open freebsd-ports-bu
176085: When I play a video with multimedia/mplayer2, and go back to Firefox, Xorg closes existing multimedia/mplayer2 open gblach
176047: ports: graphics/ImageMagick: -delay option spurious message existing graphics/ImageMagick open kwm
176044: ports: print/ghostview (1.5_3) segfault/coredump existing print/ghostview feedback freebsd-ports-bu
176043: ports: mail/nmh -- missing dependencies existing mail/nmh feedback cy
176035: [PATCH] Improve and correct CRLF handling in ports framework   open portmgr
176000: textproc/clucene: Incomplete install if WRKDIRPREFIX contains loopback symlink existing textproc/clucene open office
175998: PERL_ARCHNAME != perl -V:archname in port Makefiles unknown   open perl
175947: [NEW PORT] www/sogo: Groupware server with a focus on scalability and open standards new www/sogo open freebsd-ports-bu
175946: [NEW PORT] devel/sope: An extensive set of GNUstep web application frameworks new devel/sope open freebsd-ports-bu
175940: multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-good add missing dependency existing multimedia/gstreamer-plugins-good open freebsd-multimed
175922: security/libtasn1: Segmentation fault (sh coredumps at the end of the registering process) existing security/libtasn1 open novel
175876: [new port] revive port x11-drivers/xf86-input-wacom: split from input-wacom new x11-drivers/xf86-input-wacom open freebsd-ports-bu
175843: ports-mgmt/pkg: dry run mode should work as non-root framework   open portmgr
175814: devel/boost-all cannot use libc++ existing devel/boost-all open office
175813: [patch] mail/dovecot2 doesn't detect libstemmer or exttextcat existing mail/dovecot2 feedback freebsd-ports-bu
175783: [PATCH] databases/postgresql92-server: Add ${PTHREAD_LIBS} to LDFLAGS existing databases/postgresql92-server feedback lwhsu
175775: www/lighttpd: libev excludes freebsd-kqueue existing www/lighttpd open mm
175768: ports-mgmt/pkg sends terminal control codes (and duplicate output) even when not running in one framework   open portmgr
175748: New port: www/your-freedom A SOCKS proxy application new www/your-freedom open freebsd-ports-bu
175747: [patch][]: activate DEBUG framework   open portmgr
175740: sysutils/pefs-kmod fails to build on 9.1-STABLE am64 existing sysutils/pefs-kmod open gleb
175737: [NEW PORT] math/mlpack: A scalable C++ machine learning library new math/mlpack open bf
175647: [PATCH] mail/dspam-devel: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES] existing mail/dspam-devel open itetcu
175620: New port: devel/bashdb, Bash debugger new devel/bashdb open freebsd-ports-bu
175605: devel/binutils: please fix build binutils-2.23.1 in raspberry pi existing devel/binutils open freebsd-arm
175561: [patch] [] Enhancement to avoid pkgng "/bin/sh: Argument list too long" framework   open bapt
175557: kernel panic in smbfs.ko while accessing windows share unknown   open freebsd-ports-bu
175532: x11/xdm: /bin/cp -n /usr/local/share/examples/xdm/GiveConsole /usr/local/lib/X11/xdm/GiveConsole *** [post-install] Error code 1 existing x11/xdm feedback freebsd-x11
175423: german/hunspell does not build existing german/hunspell open office
175411: [PATCH] emulators/virtualbox-ose 4.2.6: popcnt bug existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
175402: math/suitesparse: undefined reference to `SuiteSparse_time` existing math/suitesparse open maho
175390: net/ntop fails if python27 is configured with PTH existing net/ntop open sylvio
175336: print/latex build fails existing print/latex open gabor
175300: java/jamvm fails to compile on ARM6 (raspberry-pi) existing java/jamvm open freebsd-java
175288: emulators/virtualbox-ose: FreeBSD VirtualBox guest unable to execute command issued by Linux host using VBoxManage existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
175251: portsnap update is corrupt existing www/mod_wsgi3 open freebsd-ports-bu
175249: [pkgng] ports-mgmt/pkg: regression: registering packages can only be done as root framework   open portmgr
175229: x11-toolkits/swt-devel fails existing x11-toolkits/swt-devel feedback freebsd-ports-bu
175221: emulators/virtualbox-ose: Cannot Resume VirtualBox VMs Via VBoxHeadless existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
175175: databases/rrdtool 1.4 hangs without generating graphs, multiple jobs running at once existing databases/rrdtool open sylvio
175110: math/rpy2: rpy2 and external lapack fail existing math/rpy2 open wen
175087: [PATCH] lang/ghc: build fails if dblatex is installed existing lang/ghc feedback haskell
175064: editors/libreoffice fails to compile existing editors/libreoffice open office
174988: New port: net/tclsoap new net/tclsoap open freebsd-ports-bu
174975: Latest emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod 4.2.6 commit (309876) breaks VLAN tagging existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod open vbox
174968: emulators/virtualbox-ose: CAM lockup when using more than one disk existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
174960: sysutils/fusefs-ntfs mkntfs fails because of "no block device" existing sysutils/fusefs-ntfs open freebsd-ports-bu
174940: [new port]: misc/valspeak, a filter that converts English text to valspeak. new misc/valspeak open freebsd-ports-bu
174916: audio/pianobar - patch to fix TLS issue for Pandora One users existing audio/pianobar feedback crees
174893: math/suitesparse: gmake[2]: *** [run] Segmentation fault (core dumped) existing math/suitesparse open maho
174825: java/openjdk6: fails to build on i386 (64-bit mode not compiled in) existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
174788: www/squid32 fails to build when heimdal 1.5.2 installed (deprecated warnings) existing www/squid32 suspended tmseck
174786: graphics/opencv: /usr/ports/graphics/opencv/work/OpenCV-2.3.1/modules/python/src2/cv2.cpp:270:40: error: use of undeclared ident existing graphics/opencv open jhale
174777: security/gnupg: gnupg-2.0.19_3 fails to build existing security/gnupg open kuriyama
174768: x11-wm/xfce4-panel starts in properies edit state existing x11-wm/xfce4-panel open freebsd-xfce
174753: change to devel/boost-libs causes adverse effects existing devel/boost-libs feedback office
174729: ports-mgmt/portmaster: should check for script running as before doing certain operations existing ports-mgmt/portmaster open bdrewery
174685: New version of devel/icu crashed a lot of applications. existing devel/icu open office
174624: [patch] Improving audio/flite existing audio/flite open sobomax
174618: devel/icu error: in blender, /usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `icu_50::UnicodeString::doReplace(int, in existing devel/icu feedback office
174533: net/openbgpd doesn't reload after config error (previous reload still running) existing net/openbgpd open hrs
174513: [PATCH] www/py-recaptcha: update to 1.0.6 existing www/py-recaptcha open philip
174383: net-p2p/deluge compiled without-gtk consistently crashes with a segfault existing net-p2p/deluge open rm
174367: graphics/pecl-imagick: Build broken due to dependency on MagickWand.5 existing graphics/pecl-imagick open mm
174302: games/hangman and games/bsdgames both install "hangman" binary overwriting each other existing games/bsdgames open uqs
174288: www/squidclamav: A is not made and a location of squidclamav.conf is /etc. existing www/squidclamav open mm
174280: lang/perl5.16 make install fails on pkgng database file conflict with p5-IO-Compress-2.045 existing lang/perl5.16 feedback perl
174245: net/relayd Segfault on reload when checking https existing net/relayd open mm
174232: Error message after updating some Perl modules with net/sendemail existing net/sendemail suspended itetcu
174212: editors/libreoffice: ERROR: error 65280 occurred while making /usr/ports/editors/libreoffice/work/libreoffice-core- existing editors/libreoffice open office
174176: audio/timidity++: Update to version 2.14.0 existing audio/timidity++ feedback miwi
174020: initdb will not run on a mounted FS with a snapshot directory unknown   open pgsql
174018: Can't disable security/sshguard -b option existing security/sshguard feedback freebsd-ports-bu
173965: editors/libreoffice pkg_add error existing editors/libreoffice open office
173925: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions 4.1.22 VBoxService shutdown without core dump existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions open vbox
173889: New Port: www/kannel-sqlbox SQL interface for Kannel new www/kannel-sqlbox open flo
173854: net/quagga-re port zebra Abort trap: 6 existing net/quagga-re feedback sem
173740: [PATCH] devel/libevent2: OPTIONSNG & trim Makefile header existing devel/libevent2 open mm
173731: [] Doesn't clean dependency directory if not installed or call reinstall; results in build failure later framework   open portmgr
173729: databases/postgresql92-server is confused by PREFIX existing databases/postgresql92-server open pgsql
173672: emulators/virtualbox-ose: VirtualBox and bridge problem. existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
173620: [] Recovery of the functionality of CONFLICTS among ports with different default PREFIXs, ex., between KDE4 and other framework   open portmgr
173603: java/icedtea-web starts javaws incorrectly existing java/icedtea-web open glewis
173592: java/openjdk6 fails on FreeBSD_9_1_RC2 existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
173590: New ports: textproc/fcitx-m17n and vietnamese/fcitx-unikey, libm17n and unikey support for Fcitx new textproc/fcitx-m17n feedback wen
173575: Fix devel/boost-python-libs with python-3.2 existing devel/boost-python-libs feedback office
173533: net/mpd5 PPTP server race condition with some clients existing net/mpd5 open mav
173490: www/squid32 - missing kerberos helper existing www/squid32 feedback tmseck
173393: x11-wm/xfce4 window manager broken existing x11-wm/xfce4 open freebsd-xfce
173319: multimedia/ffmpeg - install with debug info crashes & burns existing multimedia/ffmpeg open wg
173318: assumes UID_FILES has 10 columns framework   open portmgr
173316: ports-mgmt/pkg install gives misleading error when a package is specified more than once existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
173315: ports-mgmt/pkg install sometimes fails when it uses wrong dependency order existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
173260: java/openjdk7: Directory jre/lib/applet is missed in the package existing java/openjdk7 open glewis
173240: sysutils/fusefs-encfs 1.7.4_1 segfaults with the latest fusefs-kmod existing sysutils/fusefs-encfs open olgeni
173097: [patch] editors/xmlcopyeditor XML parser option existing editors/xmlcopyeditor open cy
172983: Upgrade from net/samba36 3.6.7 to 3.6.8 kills AD membership, "net ads join" segfaults existing net/samba36 open timur
172967: [new port] revive port www/asterisk-gui for asterisk 1.6 to asterisk 11 new www/asterisk-gui open flo
172964: [] USE_GITHUB feature not fully implemented framework   open portmgr
172948: print/ghostscript9 fails to compile with some options off existing print/ghostscript9 open doceng
172925: print/ghostscript9 9.06_1 build fails existing print/ghostscript9 open doceng
172741: [] check-build-conflicts checks too early for pre-build targets framework   open bdrewery
172651: ports-mgmt/portmaster --index and --index-only redundancy and processing error existing ports-mgmt/portmaster open bdrewery
172547: fails when DESTDIR is set framework   open portmgr
172366: [UPDATE] multimedia/pitivi to 0.15.2 existing multimedia/pitivi open kwm
172359: [PATCH] editors/calligra: Fix build with clang++ -stdlib=libc++ -std=c++11 existing editors/calligra feedback kde
172332: [exp-run] Expanding stdio's internal file descriptors from short to int framework   suspended portmgr
172275: [PATCH] [exp-run] devel/libtool: avoid use of -nostdlib for linking framework   analyzed swills
172261: sysutils/wmmemload: fails on 9.0-RELEASE existing sysutils/wmmemload open xride
172185: multimedia/vlc build fail with gmake core dump at modules/plugins.dat existing multimedia/vlc open freebsd-multimed
172183: emulators/virtio-kmod : Severe filesystem corruption when running as KVM guest with VirtIO enabled existing emulators/virtio-kmod open bryanv
172168: [new port] comms/libdlo: the basis for the DisplayPort xorg driver new comms/libdlo open zeising
172140: The /usr/ports/multimedia/pvr250 port is broken for FreeBSD 9 systems more than __FreeBSD_version = 900045 existing multimedia/pvr250 feedback edwin
172110: databases/postgresql92-server change periodic script [patch] existing databases/postgresql92-server open pgsql
172083: print/ghostscript9 configurable dependency for graphics/svgalib [patch] existing print/ghostscript9 open doceng
171945: sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs crash since fusefs-libs update to 2.9.1 existing sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs open freebsd-ports-bu
171914: New port: devel/pocl: Portable open source OpenCL 1.2 implementation new devel/pocl open mva
171852: [PATCH] databases/mysql55-server: add support for multiple instances (profiles) existing databases/mysql55-server open ale
171793: lang/perl5.16 w/ POD complains of old groff version existing lang/perl5.16 open perl
171718: make config optionsng failure results in loss of "su" privlage framework   open bapt
171681: Patch ports Makefile to support rsync update framework   open portmgr
171640: New port: devel/libivykis Asynchronous I/O readiness notification library new devel/libivykis feedback cy
171621: [PATCH]; allow Real Names in MAINTAINER lines framework   open bdrewery
171588: editors/libreoffice build error existing editors/libreoffice open office
171556: lang/erlang: stock gcc hangs when building Erlang R15B02 with DTRACE support (amd64) existing lang/erlang open olgeni
171450: [update] devel/ding-libs to 0.2.91 existing devel/ding-libs feedback zi
171426: multimedia/cuse4bsd-kmod now breaks rebuild of kmods during kernel or installkernel build existing multimedia/cuse4bsd-kmod open hselasky
171422: graphics/libGL build error with python3.2 existing graphics/libGL open freebsd-x11
171372: [PATCH] databases/redis: rc script with multiple profiles support existing databases/redis open osa
171367: security/py-PF gives IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied while trying to get_ruleset existing security/py-PF feedback sbz
171361: ports-mgmt/pkg: Regressions from pkg_ tools existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
171353: Segmentation fault when use'ing the perl modules XML::LibXML and GD together (related to pthreads?) existing textproc/libxml2 open swills
171338: both databases/mariadb-scripts and databases/mariadb-server install /usr/local/bin/mysqld_multi existing databases/mariadb-scripts open feld
171313: both archivers/freeze 2.5_2 and multimedia/mlt 0.8.0_1 install /usr/local/bin/melt existing archivers/freeze open gabor
171248: multimedia/win32-codecs: Fix pkg-plist existing multimedia/win32-codecs open freebsd-multimed
171246: [patch] lang/python27: make python curses module work with unicode existing lang/python27 feedback koobs
171211: lang/sbcl corruption warning in emacs/slime existing lang/sbcl open bf
171178: textproc/aspell does not recognize standard filters existing textproc/aspell open office
170943: [PATCH] build mail/spamass-milter with sendmail-sasl existing mail/spamass-milter feedback crees
170899: net-im/openfire rc Script pidfile Check Broken With Bracketed Java Process in Process List existing net-im/openfire open gahr
170852: [PATCH] x11-fonts/encodings: encodings.dir includes bogus entries existing x11-fonts/encodings open freebsd-x11
170788: lang/python27: PyQT applications crash Python 2.7 (core dump) existing lang/python27 open freebsd-python
170784: [] [patch] resolve symlinks in PREFIX on deinstall framework   open bdrewery
170760: textproc/hunspell: fails to detect /usr/local/include/libintl.h existing textproc/hunspell open office
170695: sysutils/fusefs-ntfs - instant reboot when mv from UFS existing sysutils/fusefs-ntfs open freebsd-ports-bu
170690: x11-servers/xorg-server eats memory existing x11-servers/xorg-server open freebsd-x11
170652: New port: net-mgmt/nagios-check_ipmi_sensor: Nagios/Icinga plugin to check IPMI sensors new net-mgmt/nagios-check_ipmi_sensor open tj
170571: [new port]: misc/leechcraft Cross-platform modular internet-client new misc/leechcraft open vg
170524: devel/ding-libs fails to build in tinderbox existing devel/ding-libs feedback zi
170508: [PATCH] multimedia/libv4l: Don't link to -lpthread existing multimedia/libv4l open hselasky
170410: devel/gvfs: gvfs-hal-volume-monitor crashes when new media with invalid encoding characters are plugged in. existing devel/gvfs open gnome
170355: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg upgrade conflicts noise could be consolidated existing ports-mgmt/pkg open bapt
170316: Mk/ add compatibility for PORTDATA for optionsNG framework   open bapt
170310: mail/thunderbird: coredump/crash when used with OpenLDAP existing mail/thunderbird open gecko
170299: sysutils/syslog-ng sample config does not work the way it claims to existing sysutils/syslog-ng open cy
170289: [patch] use one version for x11/nvidia-driver x11/nvidia-xconfig x11/nvidia-settings existing x11/nvidia-driver analyzed danfe
170179: [PATCH] www/rubygem-passenger: Allow both nginx and apache22 existing www/rubygem-passenger analyzed osa
170175: [PATCH] net/mpich2: fix packging with WITHOUT_X11 existing net/mpich2 open bf
170107: net/olsrd fails to build with -DWITH_MULTI_IF existing net/olsrd open jhay
170104: error setting source interface in net/mcast-tools, net/mrouted existing net/mcast-tools open hrs
170102: graphics/php53-gd dumps core when compiled without T1Lib existing graphics/php53-gd open flo
170082: [maintainer-update] Update www/cakephp21 to 2.1.5 existing www/cakephp21 open zeising
169986: security/mcrypt does not encrypt or decrypt properly in some cases existing security/mcrypt feedback johans
169896: [patch] audio/linux-f10-alsa-lib: use OSS plugin by default existing audio/linux-f10-alsa-lib open freebsd-emulatio
169794: x11/xdm, several /usr/local/lib/X11/xdm/ files missing from pkg info -xl output existing x11/xdm open freebsd-x11
169671: editors/calligra Spreadsheet throws and exception on exitting existing editors/calligra feedback kde
169658: multimedia/ffmpeg no longer installs html docs? existing multimedia/ffmpeg open wg
169636: regexp problem in databases/pgpool-II existing databases/pgpool-II open kuriyama
169610: sysutils/fusefs-encfs version 1.7.4_1 causing kernel panic and reboot existing sysutils/fusefs-encfs analyzed olgeni
169598: net/samba36: winbind failure on ssh login, failed to mlock memory: Cannot allocate memory (12) existing net/samba36 open timur
169559: [patch] x11-fonts/fontsproto: disable specs existing x11-fonts/fontsproto open freebsd-x11
169545: graphics/libjpeg-turbo is a build conflict with java/openjdk7 due to poor ordering of -I directives to gcc. existing graphics/libjpeg-turbo open glewis
169491: [PATCH] math/igraph: update to 0.6 existing math/igraph open wen
169394: [ ] improper evaluation of config-recursive target framework   open portmgr
169300: [PATCH] Allow deinstall as user and make clean after non-root install framework   open bapt
168965: sysutils/syslog-ng installs 2 full blown scripting languages existing sysutils/syslog-ng feedback cy
168709: security/py-pylibacl duplicates security/py-posix1e existing security/py-pylibacl feedback sunpoet
168671: [exp-run] Make devel/cmake and devel/cmake-gui not use its bundled libraries when possible framework   suspended portmgr
168640: [PATCH]: prevent checksum mismatches for compiled python files on installing python ports via the ports tree framework   open freebsd-python
168629: games/quakeforge: update to 0.6.2 existing games/quakeforge open danfe
168620: security/p5-GSSAPI build fails with heimdal port in jail existing security/p5-GSSAPI feedback perl
168504: mysqlcheck (databases/mysql51-client) does not obscure password on command line existing databases/mysql51-client feedback ale
168322: ports-mgmt/portaudit: Error reading signature file existing ports-mgmt/portaudit open secteam
168290: New port: math/ipopt new math/ipopt open freebsd-ports-bu
168091: Mk/ error: USE_FIREFOX doesn't work correctly framework   open gecko
167794: [patch] Mk/ fix .zip in PATCHFILES framework   feedback portmgr
167699: devel/ipython: WITH_PYTHON=3.2, dies on import of pexpect existing devel/ipython open olgeni
167627: math/octave: Old lapack causes failure in octave svd() existing math/octave open maho
167613: graphics/vigra: rf_split.hxx:155:26: error: variable has incomplete type 'vigra::CompileTimeError' CompileTimeError Split existing graphics/vigra open fluffy
167368: [] [patch] Python version propagation breaks USE_PYTHON= usage for dependency builds framework   open freebsd-python
167289: [PATCH] mail/dspam-devel: [SUMMARIZE CHANGES] existing mail/dspam-devel open itetcu
167282: net/nss_ldap performance change causes functionality regression existing net/nss_ldap feedback swills
167229: [patch] x11/nvidia-settings: install sample tools (optionally) existing x11/nvidia-settings feedback bland
167199: x11-fm/nautilus Gnome2.32 Doesn't auto mount sd cards existing x11-fm/nautilus open gnome
167172: x11/kde4 will not compile due to multimedia/libxine trying to use missing library existing x11/kde4 feedback nox
167031: security/heimdal ignore environment after process call setuid/setgid existing security/heimdal feedback freebsd-ports-bu
166955: print/acroread9 is vulnerable existing print/acroread9 open hrs
166696: New port: math/alberta new math/alberta open bf
166645: emulators/virtio-kmod: rxcsum breaks checksum for local linux hosts IPv6 TCP existing emulators/virtio-kmod open bryanv
166608: [patch] fix unneccessary dependency on archivers/unzip framework   feedback portmgr
166511: [PATCH] graphics/mapserver add cairo support existing graphics/mapserver open wen
166381: [patch] COPYTREE_* doesn't respect ${CHMOD} framework   open portmgr
166188: [PATCH] ports/Makefile use documented sort syntax framework   open portmgr
166163: graphics/dri: gthumb port crashes (SIGSEGV) within the Mesa/DRI library existing graphics/dri open freebsd-x11
165957: Enabling IPv6 in port java/jdk16 disables IPv4 unknown   feedback glewis
165936: net-im/ejabberd fails when starting odbc. existing net-im/ejabberd open ashish
165818: java/openjdk7: build failed:/usr/include/sys/stdint.h:68:68: error: missing binary operator before token "(" existing java/openjdk7 open glewis
165809: add mod_proxy patch to www/apache22 existing www/apache22 open apache
165781: [] [patch] update font ports management framework   open avilla
165685: x11-wm/xfce4 - excessive replication of menu items existing x11-wm/xfce4 feedback freebsd-xfce
165642: x11/kde4: keeps locking the screen. existing x11/kde4 feedback kde
165635: www/chromium: 17.0.963.56: proxy isn't read by chrome from kde4 existing www/chromium open chromium
165634: www/chromium : 17.0.963.56 doesn't show physical printer existing www/chromium feedback chromium
165623: Mk/ et al -- conflicting uses of ${FILE} framework   open portmgr
165502: [] Proposal patch for fixing TARGET_ARCH uses with somes ports framework   open portmgr
165450: [patch] Mk/ COPYTREE_* macro enhancements framework   open portmgr
165422: security/cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd: saslauthd 2.1.25 coredumps at Sendmail AUTH existing security/cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd open ume
165419: [patch] Mk/ "make showconfig" to tell whether option values are same as the default framework   open portmgr
165366: misc/amanda-server: amrecover showing duplicate directories existing misc/amanda-server feedback kuriyama
165360: net-im/ejabberd: ejabberdctl fails to communicate with ejabberd process existing net-im/ejabberd open ashish
165263: mail/thunderbird: core dumping most time when users are LDAP backed up. existing mail/thunderbird feedback gecko
165213: devel/cmake: Reinplacement of paths in Modules is bad existing devel/cmake open kde
165059: emulators/virtio-kmod: networking breaks with a router using virtio net driver on KVM host existing emulators/virtio-kmod open kuriyama
164941: [UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] java/classpath-initial, including rework of java/classpath new java/classpath-init open freebsd-java
164896: [exp-run] add support for testing perl modules framework   analyzed bdrewery
164695: www/swfdec-plugin for firefox does not display the Flash correctly for the listed website existing www/swfdec-plugin open kwm
164638: [] [patch] architecture and OS version dependent port building framework   open portmgr
164423: [] [patch] Pass MAKE_ENV to recursive make invocations framework   open portmgr
164390: [] make package-recursive fails with noise framework   open portmgr
164351: [] [patch] fix simple race condition in making work directory framework   feedback portmgr
164345: Mk/ framework not suitable for linuxulator ports framework   open tabthorpe
164293: print/cups-pstoraster failed existing print/cups-pstoraster open rea
164242: net/openafs port breaks with KERNCONFDIR and include existing net/openafs open bjk
164017: [NEW PORT] math/plasma: Parallel Linear Algebra Software for Multicore Architectures new math/plasma open bf
164010: [patch] net/samba36: Split up samba scripts into more manageable pieces existing net/samba36 open timur
163963: Mk/, math/spooles-mpich, science/mpqc-mpich -- trailing slashes and MASTER_PORT framework   analyzed portmgr
163909: [MAINTAINER-UPDATE][PATCH] please update math/lapacke to 3.4.0 existing math/lapacke open bf
163908: [patch] filesystem based race condition in multimedia/xvid existing multimedia/xvid open fluffy
163749: devel/avrdude fails to reset RTS/DTR properly for Arduino Uno in 8-STABLE/amd64 existing devel/avrdude analyzed joerg
163511: [PATCH] Allow existing users on system to be used by ports framework   open portmgr
163323: x11/rxvt-unicode fails to build with perl-5.12.4_3 and p5-ExtUtils-* existing x11/rxvt-unicode analyzed perl
163226: [patch] vietnamese/libviet: respect CC/CFLAGS existing vietnamese/libviet open obrien
163142: emulators/virtualbox-ose: virtualbox doesn't work on nullfs mounted filesystems existing emulators/virtualbox-ose open vbox
163015: [new port] restore port math/it++ from Attic new math/it++ open bf
162991: java/openjdk6 fails to build existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
162990: net/minidlna - requires elevated privileges existing net/minidlna feedback wg
162948: [exp-run] 10.0 exp-run without libreadline in base system framework   open bapt
162924: [] [patch] report more information at port/pkg installation framework   open portmgr
162780: editors/libreoffice without GUI existing editors/libreoffice open office
162721: [PATCH] config target should complain if TERM not listed in termcap framework   open portmgr
162042: [patch] multimedia/libass: add HARFBUZZ option existing multimedia/libass open freebsd-multimed
161938: New port www/pyLoad a fast, lightweight and full featured download manager new www/pyLoad open rm
161783: [PATCH] multimedia/gpac-libgpac: Fix build with gcc46 existing multimedia/gpac-libgpac open freebsd-multimed
161765: net/relayd: relayd fails to initialize on systems without IPv6 in kernel existing net/relayd open mm
161578: devel/strace is not working existing devel/strace feedback sbz
161574: Can't compile devel/p5-Locale-gettext on 9.0beta existing devel/p5-Locale-gettext open demon
161390: [maintainer] chinese/cxterm broken because does not compile existing chinese/cxterm open wen
161359: math/gotoblas build fails on "Sandy Bridge" CPU existing math/gotoblas open maho
161278: net/dante: getoutaddr(): address [...] selected, but not set for external interface existing net/dante feedback anders
161164: [PATCH] devel/glade3: update to 3.10.0 existing devel/glade3 patched gnome
161044: devel/icu does not build on arm existing devel/icu open freebsd-arm
160963: [patch] x11/bigreqsproto: disable specs existing x11/bigreqsproto open freebsd-x11
160688: print/acroread9 runtime fails with "failed to load module canberra-gtk-module" existing print/acroread9 open hrs
160551: graphics/mapserver: CLANG: ./include/agg_renderer_outline_aa.h:1378:45: error: binding of reference to type 'agg::line_profile_a existing graphics/mapserver open wen
160387: security/ca_root_nss: Allow user to trust extra local certificates existing security/ca_root_nss open gecko
160010: [patch] Mk/ cleanup orig files in post-patch-script target framework   open portmgr
159970: [PATCH] Deprecate using PATCHDIR and use FILESDIR instead. framework   open portmgr
159946: [PATCH] [] Add support for make search license= framework   open portmgr
159917: [PATCH]math/scilab: fix buld with lang/gcc46, blas/lapack usage, and WITHOUT_GUI existing math/scilab feedback bf
159839: graphics/mapserver: bump Python version existing graphics/mapserver open wen
159838: graphics/mapserver: PDF output doesn't work existing graphics/mapserver open wen
159807: RC file for net/mrouted causes kernel panic by running before devd is up. existing net/mrouted feedback hrs
159792: [patch] USB HID devices support for x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse existing x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse analyzed freebsd-x11
159787: java/openjdk6 nio muti-thread bug existing java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
159398: security/openssl: openssl slapd tls init def ctx failed: -1 existing security/openssl analyzed delphij
159102: sysutils/fusefs-kmod: fusefs daemonizes before mount is available existing sysutils/fusefs-kmod open gnn
159087: lang/perl5.14: perl package conflicts with JSON::PP and other modules existing lang/perl5.14 open perl
158936: [] Add a filename field to DESKTOP_ENTRIES framework   open portmgr
158791: Update security/openvas-* new security/openvas-server feedback freebsd-ports-bu
158513: Broken Xvideo in x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel drivers for i845G & i865G existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel feedback freebsd-x11
157887: [UPDATE] sysutils/ccd2iso update and change maintainer request existing sysutils/ccd2iso open osa
157600: java/eclipse: option WITH_TESTS missing distinfo entry existing java/eclipse open freebsd-ports-bu
157554: www/apache22: Apache RLimitNPROC does not work as intended because Kernel counts process differently existing www/apache22 feedback apache
157546: [PATCH] Add feature to Warn on deinstall about groups created by port framework   open portmgr
157544: Updates for databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-* existing databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-basic open gblach
157392: sysutils/cdrtools can't burn DVDs correctly existing sysutils/cdrtools feedback marius
157168: [] New hook: CONF_FILES automatically handles configuration files framework   open portmgr
156405: x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati driver: no hardware rendering existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati suspended freebsd-x11
155949: www/firefox: firefox 4, WITH_PGO, better Text against DISPLAY problem existing www/firefox feedback gecko
155696: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: chase AIGLX altered default value in xorg.conf(5) existing x11-servers/xorg-server feedback freebsd-x11
155649: [PATCH] math/atlas-devel: Add OPTIONS for STATICLIB and OPTIMIZED_FLAGS existing math/atlas-devel open bf
155593: audio/musicpd .16.1 ignores embedded cue sheets in FLAC files with or without libcue installed existing audio/musicpd open crees
155546: devel/libtool doesn't work properly if not using built in compiler existing devel/libtool open autotools
155431: x11-wm/xfce4: The little bugs existing x11-wm/xfce4 open freebsd-xfce
155354: New port: math/cmlib NIST core maths library new math/cmlib open bf
155335: multimedia/vic is out of date existing multimedia/vic feedback mi
155201: [PATCH] fix portion of CONFIGURE_ENV added WITH_BINUTILS framework   open portmgr
155105: Port science/vis5d+ does not build. existing science/vis5d+ open stephen
154770: [patch][regression] Mk/ do-fetch fails on ftp:// transfers with ftp(1) fallback framework   open portmgr
154502: x11/xdm authorization failure when used with E17 window manager existing x11/xdm open freebsd-x11
154249: [NEW PORT] math/sprng: Scalable Parallel Pseudo Random Number Generator new math/sprng open bf
154086: libsicui18n.a in devel/icu constains no symbols existing devel/icu open office
153846: graphics/libcaca 0.99.beta17 - Hidden dependency on Xlib.h existing graphics/libcaca open freebsd-multimed
153632: textproc/xmlcharent fails to build existing textproc/xmlcharent open hrs
153541: [patch] devel/git: respect STRIP for stripping existing devel/git open wxs
152899: devel/valgrind: unhandled syscall: 506 existing devel/valgrind analyzed bdrewery
152877: [] Patch to add locking to ports make operations framework   open portmgr
152847: [patch] port/buildbot-slave could use a startup script existing devel/buildbot-slave open koobs
152804: [patch] Add USE_SRC and ONLY_FOR_*VER to framework   open portmgr
152474: Upgrading 'gdb-6.6_1' to 'gdb-6.6_2' (devel/gdb6) fails. existing devel/gdb66 open mi
152355: net/openbgpd stops syslogging after syslogd restart existing net/openbgpd open hrs
151472: mail/cyrus-imapd23 failed to compile existing mail/cyrus-imapd23 open ume
151414: Add 'work' when WRKDIRPREFIX is used. framework   open portmgr
151154: audio/amarok-kde4 crashes on network activity if ports openssl is installed existing audio/amarok-kde4 feedback kde
151124: net/openbgpd: OpenBGPD exists if an interface is removed or created existing net/openbgpd open hrs
150994: math/suitesparse can not compile with atlas existing math/suitesparse open maho
150794: tomcat7's rc.d script wont shutdown tomcat with java/openjdk7 existing java/openjdk7 open glewis
150691: [patch] Templates/BSD.local.dist: add conf.{avail,d} fontconfig directories framework   open portmgr
150265: [patch] print/ghostscript8 disable bogus port conflicts in make release existing print/ghostscript8 open doceng
149743: x11/xorg: garbled window since Xorg-7.5 existing x11/xorg open freebsd-x11
149513: java/eclipse can not compile with 'WITH_TESTS=true' existing java/eclipse open freebsd-ports-bu
149250: japanese/FreeWnn-server: /etc/rc: WARNING: $wnn_enable is not set properly - see rc.conf(5). existing japanese/FreeWnn-server open hrs
149031: Not work security/termlog existing security/termlog open csjp
148879: [patch] Mk/ extend IA32_BINARY_PORT to support USE_LINUX framework   suspended portmgr
148783: [] [patch] add LATEST_LINK and CONFLICTS to INDEX framework   feedback portmgr
148727: editors/emacs: devel/cedet Autoloading failed to define function semantic-mode existing editors/emacs open ashish
148695: [] [patch] Easier / automatic regression-test target for ports framework   suspended swills
148591: information note for x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics existing x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics open freebsd-x11
148485: [patch] port mail/dspam small Makefile fix existing mail/dspam open itetcu
148244: x11/gnome2: gnome desktop and HAL prevent umount without '-f' existing x11/gnome2 feedback gnome
148099: editors/emacs22: patch available for emacs movemail vulnerability. existing editors/emacs22 open ashish
148097: [patch] suggested addition to linux_base-* packages to set osrealese variable correctly unknown   open freebsd-emulatio
148096: emulators/linux_base-* can not be built from ports on amd64 unknown   feedback linimon
147897: net/openbgpd: Openbgp nexthop invalid after em0 resetting existing net/openbgpd open hrs
147554: new ports: audio/linux-f10-[alsa|pulseaudio] new audio/linux-f10-alsa open fluffy
146895: [NEW PORT] emulators/linux-libusb -- linux(4)-friendly libusb new emulators/linux-libusb open wkoszek
146816: [patch] Mk/ loosen SU_CMD & su(1) cohesion for make {,rm}config framework   open portmgr
146496: [] [PATCH] Removing ${PORTSDIR} from dependencies framework   open portmgr
146328: patch for cd /usr/ports/textproc/xmlcharent ; make reinstall existing textproc/xmlcharent open hrs
145301: [patch] sysutils/hal: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/hald startup delay problem existing sysutils/hal suspended gnome
144533: [] ports tree Makefiles fail to setup a standardardized ENV framework   suspended portmgr
144203: textproc/refdb: network clients loop indefinitely when hitting Ctrl-D while client asks for passowrd existing textproc/refdb open clsung
144120: java/openjdk6: games/pcgen doesn't fully work with openjdks existing java/openjdk6 open glewis
144044: [PATCH] www/firefox: Makefile.webplugins target order bug existing www/firefox open gecko
142837: [patch] emulators/linux_base-* packages fails to install when linux.ko is not installed existing emulators/linux_base-f10 open freebsd-emulatio
141641: [] [patch] make 'config-recursive' finish in one pass framework   open portmgr
140895: net/openbgpd exit, when kernel table change existing net/openbgpd open hrs
140621: Add support for /etc/cron.d and /usr/local/etc/cron.d in sysutils/isc-cron port existing sysutils/isc-cron open edwin
140542: sysutils/isc-cron should be compatible with cron from base existing sysutils/isc-cron open edwin
140162: print/teTeX listings module bug existing print/teTeX open hrs
138772: emulators/qemu should build on SPARC existing emulators/qemu open nox
137620: [NEW PORT] devel/p6-perl6-toys new devel/p6-perl6-toys open perl
135569: `check-sanity` not documented in framework   open portmgr
135337: [PATCH] emulators/linux_base-f10: incorrect bash usage existing emulators/linux_base-f10 open freebsd-emulatio
135221: [] unified support for LINUX_OSRELEASE dependency framework   open portmgr
135089: Honor LOCALBASE for CFLAGS framework   suspended portmgr
133771: print/ghostscript8: Ghostscript8-8.64 port not installing - missing 'ert' existing print/ghostscript8 open doceng
132783: ports/Mk/ ${ARCH} misuse for "--build" option of GNU configure framework   open portmgr
132577: databases/oracle8-client: Appearence of connection (php5-oci8) in Oracle Database Manager existing databases/oracle8-client open fjoe
132576: net/openldap24-server: multipying LDAP trees on the single server is impossible existing net/openldap24-server open delphij
131758: net/tightvnc in a jail stopped working after multiple ip jail upgrade existing net/tightvnc feedback freebsd-ports-bu
131579: security/gnupg reads security/gnupg1 data incorrectly existing security/gnupg open kuriyama
130677: [exp-run] Centralize handling of CPPFLAGS framework   open portmgr
129824: print/acroread8 - help viewer does not work existing print/acroread8 open hrs
129741: [patch] support systems that have been built WITHOUT_INFO=yes (no makeinfo & install-info) framework   open portmgr
128972: Port security/krb5 has a linking problem when compiled against base openssl existing security/krb5 feedback cy
128754: implement master sites randomization framework   open portmgr
127889: ports-mgmt/portupgrade detects spurious failures and skips ports unnecessarily existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade open bdrewery
127496: devel/icu 3.8.1_1 does not build when Danish locale is in effect existing devel/icu analyzed office
125183: www/apache22 wrong SUEXEC_DOCROOT existing www/apache22 open apache
125012: problems in math/ldouble for 128bit long double on i386 existing math/ldouble open bf
124765: sysutils/gkrellm2 shows wrong number of users in proc display existing sysutils/gkrellm2 open ume
124375: security/heimdal: www/mod_auth_kerb doesn't compile against heimdal in ports existing security/heimdal open apache
123570: audio/cpige version 1.5 coredumps if new .conf entries arent defined existing audio/cpige open itetcu
123468: mail/postgrey: information leak, privacy issue existing mail/postgrey analyzed itetcu
122877: [patch] Mk/ - Show all pkg-message files framework   open portmgr
122524: www/links1 uses 7-bit us-ascii codepage only when using "-dump" existing www/links1 open demon
121745: misc/ossp-uuid - PostgreSQL contrib ossp-uuid crashes backend existing misc/ossp-uuid open vd
120532: [PATCH] - add more recursive-foo targets framework   open portmgr
120101: security/krb5 utilities link against wrong libcom_err existing security/krb5 open cy
115957: Questionable ownership and security on mail/dspam existing mail/dspam open itetcu
114725: - No dependencies in the package if there are bsdpan-* ports installed(or others with no origin) framework   open portmgr
112745: Add a package-smart target framework   open portmgr
111399: print/ghostscript8 (was ghostscript-gpl): WITH_FT_BRIDGE is defective existing print/ghostscript8 open doceng
109580: [patch] math/gnuplot does not include when emacs is installed existing math/gnuplot analyzed glewis
108153: ports extraction with package uid/gid and quota problems framework   suspended portmgr
106616: Default file modes set incorrect for non-root port installs framework   suspended portmgr
106483: [patch] embed distfile information in +CONTENTS framework   open portmgr
94935: security/aide: propose an AIDE_CONF knob for make.conf to define the config file location existing security/aide open cy
91393: misc/window changes console cursor shape to blink existing misc/window open trhodes
89441: TeX support in FreeBSD is problematic. existing print/teTeX open hrs
87420: [patch] implementing WITH_OPENLDAP_VER to use in make.conf framework   suspended portmgr
87397: [patch] incorrect use of PAPERSIZE make variable in some ports unknown   open edwin
82661: [patch] Add support to filter MASTER_SITES and PATCH_SITES by protocol in framework   suspended portmgr
75464: [patch] install default configuration files framework   open bapt
72202: ports-mgmt/portaudit warns about the CVS server vulnerability which has already been fixed. existing ports-mgmt/portaudit suspended freebsd-bugs
69309: mysql database backup script for periodic/daily unknown   open ale
66566: [PATCH] fix build when /usr/obj/usr/ports exists framework   suspended portmgr
66342: [PATCH] fix ECHO_MSG breakage in java ports framework   suspended portmgr
55841: [patch] Mk/ add routines to use ${PORTSDIR}/MOVED to find moved dependencies. framework   suspended portmgr
52765: [patch] Uncompressing manual pages may fail due too "arg list too long" framework   suspended portmgr
total: 2042


Clicking on each column heading will cause the report to be redone sorted by that column. Clicking again will reverse the sort. The subheadings with date stamps include links to the index of errorlogs for that build environment.

The portname column includes links to a more complete overview for that port.

The PRs (if any) for the given port are listed numerically in the Problem Reports column. Thus, for each port, they should also be in order from earliest to latest.

The underlying technology of this report relies on trying to extract information from the existing GNATS database entries. These entries are entered by human users using the send-pr command. As such, the quality of the entries varies greatly.

The fastest, and easiest, information is gleaned from a GNATS entry whose subject line contains the port category and port name, separated by a slash. However, if this algorithm only flagged those, it would miss nearly 50% of the ports PRs, not to mention all the 'framework' PRs.

So, as an extension, various heuristics are used to guess what it is the user really intended. See the code in for the gory details. What's important to understand is this: there is no possible algorithm that will correctly identify all the ambiguous PRs without getting a few false identifications and still run in less than geological time. So, before you are tempted to file a PR on this algorithm itself, read the code to understand its design tradeoffs, and then consider instead filing followup PRs to the ambiguous PRs that would disambiguate them instead. Thanks -- the author.