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Problem Reports explanation portname state responsible
204789: textproc/p5-CSS-Simple maintainer update existing textproc/p5-CSS-Simple New
204787: [patch] security/amavisd-milter: fix incompatibility with amavisd-new (!) framework   New
204786: devel/libcxxrt: crash when mixing different languages with exceptions existing devel/libcxxrt New
204785: audio/audacity: Add missing dependencies for docs existing audio/audacity New
204784: [NEW PORT] net/ripe-atlas-tools new net/ripe-atlas-tools New
204783: [NEW PORT] net/ripe-atlas-sagan new net/ripe-atlas-sagan New
204782: [NEW PORT] net/ripe-atlas-cousteau new net/ripe-atlas-cousteau New
204781: [NEW PORT] devel/py-socketIO-client new devel/py-socketIO-client New
204780: [MAINTAINER] net-mgmt/zabbix2-server: Update to 2.0.16 existing net-mgmt/zabbix2-server New
204778: sysutils/conky with lua enabled fails to build under poudriere existing sysutils/conky New
204777: [maintainer update][patch] www/rssroll: update to 0.5 existing www/rssroll New
204775: [patch] games/uhexen2-extras: Update to 1.5.6, Mark Un'BROKEN existing games/uhexen2-extras Open
204773: net/opensips: Update to 2.1.1 + port improvements. existing net/opensips Open
204772: Added GH_PROJECTS that allows to add many GitHub projects in a more succinct form framework   Open
204770: converters/libiconv r398996 patch breaks libidn existing converters/libiconv New
204767: x11-wm/xfce4 keyboard settings not working existing x11-wm/xfce4 New
204766: devel/artifactory: Upgrade to 4.3.0 existing devel/artifactory New
204763: sysutils/xe-guest-utilities: enable xe-daemon by default existing sysutils/xe-guest-utilities New
204762: [patch] emulators/pipelight: update to existing emulators/pipelight New
204760: mail/msmtp: fix configuration for gnome password management (now libsecret) existing mail/msmtp New
204758: [mainter-update] sysutils/ezjail to 3.4.2 existing sysutils/ezjail New
204757: [PATCH] deskutils/taskd: Add rc.d script, pkg-message, and taskd user existing deskutils/taskd New
204755: [maintainer update] Change email and remove master site in multiple ports unknown   New
204754: [CHANGE-REQUEST] audio/festival: update to 2.4 existing audio/festival New
204753: [MAINTAINER UPDATE] net-mgmt/netdisco: update to 2.033004 existing net-mgmt/netdisco New
204750: accessibility/orca error for installing gnome 3 existing accessibility/orca New
204743: lang/pypy: update 2.6.1 -> 4.0.1 existing lang/pypy New
204742: [MAINTAINER] sysutils/zogftw: Update to 2015-11-21-0a21288 existing sysutils/zogftw New
204740: graphics/GraphicsMagick: r402119 removes JPEG support existing graphics/GraphicsMagick In Progress
204739: security/tor: don't tamper with configuration existing security/tor New
204734: databases/mariadb55-server and -client update to 5.5.46 (security) existing databases/mariadb55-server New
204733: [patch] [maintainer-update] graphics/pngcrush: update to 1.7.88 existing graphics/pngcrush New
204729: www/py-flexget: doesn't work after r401600 and r401602 (guessit 0.11.0 update) existing www/py-flexget New
204728: [MAINTAINER] multimedia/emby-server: Update to 3.0.5781.2 Stable existing multimedia/emby-server New
204727: [MAINTAINER] science/InsightToolkit: Update to 4.8.2 existing science/InsightToolkit New
204724: [MAINTAINER] misc/mc: Update to 4.8.15 existing misc/mc New
204721: databases/php56-redis: Update to 2.2.7 existing databases/php56-redis New
204720: [MAINTAINER] shells/jailkit: Update to 2.19 existing shells/jailkit New
204717: net-p2p/qbittorrent: take maintainership existing net-p2p/qbittorrent Open
204714: [maintainer] [patch] net-im/uTox update to 20151120 v0.4.4 existing net-im/uTox New
204713: security/zenmap: Change link in the files/ existing security/zenmap New
204711: textproc/jq: Update to 1.5 existing textproc/jq New
204708: Mk/ variable expansion difference between _(ON|OFF) and _(WITH|ENABLE) framework   New
204706: x11-wm/openbox package build issue existing x11-wm/openbox In Progress
204703: [PATCH] comms/conserver-com: add IPMI support, little man fix existing comms/conserver-com New
204699: graphics/blender: Assertion failed in llvm existing graphics/blender New
204697: deskutils/owncloudclient - owncloudcmd segmentation fault existing deskutils/owncloudclient New
204694: [PATCH] net/miniupnpd: update to 1.9.20151118 existing net/miniupnpd New
204693: [UPDATE] graphics/poppler to 0.38.0 and slaves ports existing graphics/poppler New
204690: multimedia/kaffeine: Installing this package will delete parts of KDE existing multimedia/kaffeine New
204689: [maintainer update] sysutils/devcpu-data: Update Intel microcode to 20151106 release existing sysutils/devcpu-data New
204681: www/libevhtp: Update to 1.2.11 existing www/libevhtp New
204680: [PATCH] irc/ngircd: update to 23 existing irc/ngircd New
204678: finance/p5-Business-Stripe maintainer update existing finance/p5-Business-Stripe New
204677: net/minidlna: [patch] simplified startup and fixed service stopping. existing net/minidlna New
204675: x11/rofi: Update to 0.15.11 existing x11/rofi New
204672: [exp-run] Add PyQt5 ports, add pyqt USES, move qscintilla port framework   In Progress
204667: devel/p5-Data-Serializer: Remove forced optional dependencies existing devel/p5-Data-Serializer Open
204666: archivers/snappy-java fails to build existing archivers/snappy-java New
204665: emulators/virtualbox-ose: boot time hang on CURRENT existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
204664: [New port] lang/neko: Neko programming language and virtual machine new lang/neko Open
204663: security/sshguard-ipfw: r399172 (update to 1.6.2) makes sshguard a no-op existing security/sshguard-ipfw New
204658: x11-wm/dwm: update to 6.1 existing x11-wm/dwm Open
204654: devel/pecl-svn: Switch to devel/subversion18, Mark Un'DEPRECATED existing devel/pecl-svn New
204653: www/node: Update to 5.1.0 existing www/node New
204647: [patch] [upgrade] multimedia/mythtv Upgrade port multimedia/mythtv from 0.27.0 to 0.27.5 existing multimedia/mythtv New
204645: devel/binutils: Fails to build if earlier version is present existing devel/binutils New
204644: www/chromium: Cannot open files containing spaces, bad shell script existing www/chromium New
204638: textproc/s5: Incorrect license (Public Domain not BSD2CLAUSE) existing textproc/s5 New
204632: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent: Update to 2.3.17 existing net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent New
204629: [exp-run] devel/cmake: Update to 3.4.0. existing devel/cmake Open
204627: x11/nvidia-settings: Could not find the registry key file existing x11/nvidia-settings New
204625: emulators/i386-wine-staging Unhandled page fault on write access to 0x00000010 at address 0x62fb538b (thread 0009), existing emulators/i386-wine-staging New
204623: graphics/digikam-kde4: update to 4.14.0 existing graphics/digikam-kde4 New
204615: USE_LINUX as build-only dependency framework   New
204607: [NEW PORTS] database/mysql57-{client,server}: Multithreaded SQL database new   New
204605: net-im/uTox: Fails to build - use of undeclared identifier 'TRUE' existing net-im/uTox New
204604: [Update] www/c-icap-modules to 0.4.1 existing www/c-icap-modules New
204603: [Update] www/c-icap to 0.4.2 existing www/c-icap New
204600: [MAINTAINER] security/libgcrypt: Readd missing patch existing security/libgcrypt In Progress
204598: math/py-matplotlib build failure (gcc48/ requires libgcc version GCC_4.6.0) existing math/py-matplotlib New
204596: [NEW PORT] security/pam_pkcs11: PAM module with PKCS#11 token support new security/pam_pkcs11 Open
204595: java/jdk8-doc: Update to the 8u65 docs. existing java/jdk8-doc New
204594: math/py-networkx: Update to 1.10 existing math/py-networkx Open
204587: [PATCH] math/R-cran-car: Update to 2.1-0 existing math/R-cran-car New
204578: [NEW PORT] www/etherpad-lite: Real-time collaborative document editing new www/etherpad-lite New
204577: [NEW MODULE] Mk/Uses/ Framework for NodeJS projects/ports framework   New
204575: ports-mgmt/portlint incorrectly warns "listed in OPTIONS_DEFINE, but no PORT_OPTIONS:..." for slave ports existing ports-mgmt/portlint New
204574: [maintainer update] www/mod_wsgi4: Update to 4.4.21 existing www/mod_wsgi4 New
204573: [PATCH][SECURITY] irc/bitchx existing irc/bitchx New
204570: pkg(8) needs an option to prevent fetching packages via the network existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
204555: [UPDATE] www/py-werkzeug to 0.11.2 existing www/py-werkzeug Open
204552: security/openct: Don't truncate received APDU when talking to pcsc-lite 1.8.14 existing security/openct New
204548: [exp-run] Build with WITH_FAST_DEPEND=yes in make.conf after r290629 framework   In Progress
204547: www/npm: fixed default C/C++ compiler in node-gyp gcc -> cc, g++ -> c++, added gmake dependency existing www/npm New
204542: java/wildfly82: Update to 8.2.1 existing java/wildfly82 New
204541: [NEW PORT] java/wildfly100: Replacement for JBoss Application Server new java/wildfly100 New
204540: java/wildfly90: Update to 9.0.2 existing java/wildfly90 New
204539: games/hypatia_engine: Update to 0.3.1, update WWW existing games/hypatia_engine New
204536: [NEW] biology/bedtools: Toolset for genome arithmetic new biology/bedtools New
204535: net/py-speedtest-cli: update to 0.3.4 existing net/py-speedtest-cli New
204527: security/openssl: 1.0.2 generates illegal instructions when compiled WITH_ASM on sparc64 existing security/openssl In Progress
204525: math/jags: update to 4.0.0 existing math/jags New
204523: sysutils/battray: Update to 2.1 and take MAINTAINER'ship existing sysutils/battray New
204522: sysutils/apcupsd: add patch for proper detection of network errors existing sysutils/apcupsd New
204519: Mk/ Set Python 3.5 as the default 3.x version framework   Open
204515: multimedia/xmms: Doesn't show ID3v2.3 tags existing multimedia/xmms In Progress
204512: [NEW PORT] devel/bazel: Correct, reproducible, and fast builds for everyone new devel/bazel Open
204508: x11/pixman: added pixman-combine32.h to plist that is used by some other packages existing x11/pixman New
204505: www/xpi-speed-dial: Update to, Mark Un'BROKEN existing www/xpi-speed-dial Open
204502: [NEW PORT] sysutils/anydesk: Multiplatform Remote Desktop new sysutils/anydesk New
204500: mail/phpmailer: Update to 5.2.14, Take MAINTAINER'ship, Add VuXML entry. existing mail/phpmailer Open
204497: [NEW PORT] graphics/aseprite: Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool new graphics/aseprite Open
204494: [PATCH] sysutils/mdf2iso: mark UN'BROKEN (fetchable) existing sysutils/mdf2iso In Progress
204492: graphics/giflib: Update to 5.1.1 existing graphics/giflib In Progress
204490: net/gtk-vnc Please enable python and gtk2 options existing net/gtk-vnc New
204488: multimedia/qt5-multimedia : package build fails existing multimedia/qt5-multimedia Open
204487: devel/cmake: fixed paths in FindX11.cmake existing devel/cmake New
204482: games/corsix-th core dumps on start existing games/corsix-th Open
204480: ports-mgmt/pkg Allow repo config to be embedded within the pkg.conf file existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
204476: x11-fm/nautilus Files 3.16.2 crashes when 'New Folder with Selection' is chosen existing x11-fm/nautilus New
204470: www/chromium: display sysctl requirements in pkg-message existing www/chromium New
204468: [PATCH] update www/p5-Plack to 1.0037 existing www/p5-Plack New
204464: sysutils/fusefs-ntfs: No automount with HAL of ntfs-volumes since FreeBSD 10.x existing sysutils/fusefs-ntfs New
204462: [patch] net/dhcp6: Set socket CLOEXEC and execute script later existing net/dhcp6 New
204461: [patch] devel/libxs - build with base toolchain whenever possible existing devel/libxs New
204459: [patch] net/citrix_ica: Fix for WRKDIR/WRKSRC after recent ports infrastructure changes existing net/citrix_ica New
204456: graphics/geoserver: "Server status" page error on first run existing graphics/geoserver New
204455: www/p5-Catalyst-View-JSON: Update to 0.35 (required to fix www/p5-Catalyst-Devel) existing www/p5-Catalyst-View-JSON New
204454: www/chromium Aw Snap! with pages containing javscript existing www/chromium New
204448: [PATCH] textproc/utf8proc: Update to version 1.3.1 existing textproc/utf8proc New
204446: [PATCH] lang/tolua: Update to version 5.2.4 existing lang/tolua New
204445: [PATCH] graphics/gmt: Update to version 4.5.14 existing graphics/gmt New
204443: [PATCH] games/stepmania-devel: Update to version 5.0.10 existing games/stepmania-devel New
204442: [PATCH] devel/libthai: Update to version 0.1.23 existing devel/libthai New
204439: [PATCH] audio/denemo: Update to version 2.0.0 existing audio/denemo New
204435: [NEW PORT] graphics/py-mayavi: Application and library for 3D visualization and plotting in Python new graphics/py-mayavi New
204434: devel/hg-git: Update to 0.8.2 existing devel/hg-git New
204433: [NEW PORT] graphics/py-traitsui new graphics/py-traitsui New
204432: [NEW PORT] devel/py-pyface new devel/py-pyface New
204431: [NEW PORT] devel/py-apptools new devel/py-apptools New
204429: sysutils/tmux: Each new tmux session or new pseudo terminal results in external DNS queries existing sysutils/tmux New
204425: [PATCH] sysutils/p5-Tail-Stat update to 0.24 existing sysutils/p5-Tail-Stat New
204423: www/chromium: 46.0.2490.80 won't start existing www/chromium New
204419: devel/arm-none-eabi-gcc492: undefined reference to host_detect_local_cpu existing devel/arm-none-eabi-gcc492 New
204418: lang/rust-nightly: bump to more recent nightly (upcoming 1.6.0) existing lang/rust-nightly New
204413: archivers/unzip multiple vulnerabilities existing archivers/unzip New
204410: databases/mariadb55-server: Multiple security vulnerabilities existing databases/mariadb55-server In Progress
204408: sysutils/thefish [UNBREAK]: make fetchable, upgrade, take MAINTAINER'ship existing sysutils/thefish Open
204406: emulators/virtualbox-ose - Missing vuxml entries existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
204402: emulators/virtualbox-ose: build failed on CURRENT existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
204400: dns/dnstable fails to build with GCC 4.9: /usr/local/lib/ undefined reference to `std::__throw_out_of_range_fmt(char const*, ...)@GLIBCXX_3.4.20' existing dns/dnstable New
204399: security/keepassx2: Bus error existing security/keepassx2 New
204397: security/keepass: Depends on x11/xsel but expects x11/xsel-conrad's CLI api existing security/keepass Open
204396: [patch] converters/p5-Number-Nary: Update to 1.100312 existing converters/p5-Number-Nary New
204393: devel/freeocl fails to build with GCC 4.9: invalid C++ existing devel/freeocl New
204392: [NEW PORT] multimedia/omxplayer: Raspberry Pi video player new multimedia/omxplayer Open
204391: emulators/x49gp fails to build with GCC 4.9: ERROR: "gcc" either does not exist or does not work existing emulators/x49gp New
204389: sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt: Snapshot creation successul, Rule based destroy fails (TypeError) existing sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt New
204387: devel/pure-stllib fails to build with GCC 4.9: existing devel/pure-stllib New
204385: devel/pure-stldict fails to build with GCC 4.9: existing devel/pure-stldict New
204384: math/saga fails to build with GCC 4.9: existing math/saga New
204381: multimedia/kodi: added PulseAudio option existing multimedia/kodi New
204380: multimedia/kodi: added missing port dependencies and uses existing multimedia/kodi New
204375: [graphics/cairo] Jump from 1.12 to 1.14 changed default build options existing graphics/cairo New
204373: security/py-fail2ban: Modernize and cleanup existing security/py-fail2ban Open
204370: ports-mgmt/portlint: Check for gettext / USES=gettext doesnt check for NLS_USES (options helper) existing ports-mgmt/portlint In Progress
204369: security/gnupg: upgrade to 2.1.9 existing security/gnupg New
204368: [patch] comms/kermit: disable OpenSSL version checks after FreeBSD 10 existing comms/kermit New
204366: sysutils/inotify-tools: Update to 3.14.40 (Fixes inotifywatch) existing sysutils/inotify-tools New
204364: devel/gitolite: upgrade to 3.6.4 existing devel/gitolite New
204361: databases/py-redis: empty html documentation in poudriere existing databases/py-redis New
204359: [PATCH] java/netbeans: update from 8.0.2 to 8.1 existing java/netbeans New
204355: textproc/kibana4: New version is out (4.2.0) existing textproc/kibana4 Open
204354: www/firefox: crashes when playing HTML5 video on i386 existing www/firefox New
204353: can't build editors/libreoffice existing editors/libreoffice New
204350: [new port] net-im/cutegram: free and opensource telegram client new net-im/cutegram Open
204349: [new port] net-im/telegramqml: Telegram API tools for QtQML and Qml new net-im/telegramqml In Progress
204348: [new port] net-im/libqtelegram-ae: fork of libqtelegram new net-im/libqtelegram-ae In Progress
204346: [NEW PORT] net/asterisk-chan_sccp: SCCP Channel Driver for Asterisk new net/asterisk-chan_sccp Open
204343: math/R: install.packages() fails existing math/R New
204342: [patch] www/mod_auth_mysql2: fix abi with apache24 existing www/mod_auth_mysql2 Open
204341: biology/molden: Update to 5.4 existing biology/molden New
204336: net/samba42 don't packaged w/ disabled LDAP existing net/samba42 New
204323: security/libgcrypt : crash application (keepassx) after upgrade to 1.6.4 existing security/libgcrypt New
204314: databases/postgresql94-server: (and previos versions): don't strip binaries when building with DTRACE existing databases/postgresql94-server New
204311: devel/libserver: Update to 3.9 existing devel/libserver Open
204304: www/apache24: Include REDIRECT_URL fix from existing www/apache24 New
204302: misc/rubygem-mime-types1: darkfish/page.rhtml: undefined method `chomp' for nil:NilClass (RDoc::Error) existing misc/rubygem-mime-types1 New
204296: deinstall-depends target doesn't work with pkg framework   New
204295: security/gnupg: Bug when using gpg-agent with ed25519 ssh keys. existing security/gnupg New
204292: sysutils/screenfetch: update to 3.7.0 existing sysutils/screenfetch New
204291: print/hs-hscolour: dependency loop with option HSCOLOUR existing print/hs-hscolour New
204290: devel/hs-cabal-install: compiling Haskell packages with option LLVM leads to segfaults existing devel/hs-cabal-install New
204289: [patch] converters/p5-Text-Unidecode: Update to 1.27 existing converters/p5-Text-Unidecode New
204282: [NEW PORT]: devel/gecode3: gecode version 3.7.3 is needed for compatibility for dep-selector-libgecode rubygem. new devel/gecode3 In Progress
204274: math/py-bottleneck: update to 1.0.0 existing math/py-bottleneck Open
204271: [PATCH] devel/dash.el: update to 2.12.1 existing devel/dash.el New
204269: java/openjdk8 - multiple security vulnerabilities existing java/openjdk8 New
204268: java/openjdk7 - multiple security vulnerabilities existing java/openjdk7 New
204267: [NEW PORT] sysutils/burp: Network backup and restore program new sysutils/burp Open
204263: devel/llvm37: build failure existing devel/llvm37 Open
204262: www/lynx: fix WWW and MASTER_SITES existing www/lynx Open
204256: net/liferea: update to 1.10.17 existing net/liferea New
204251: [PATCH] databases/xtrabackup: update to 2.3.2 existing databases/xtrabackup New
204241: www/joomla3: insecure default permissions existing www/joomla3 New
204240: new port: sysutils/relaunchd: service management daemon similar to Darwin's launchd(8) new sysutils/relaunchd New
204239: [PATCH] devel/maven33: mvn ${target} doesn't work existing devel/maven33 In Progress
204238: lang/sbcl: Update to 1.3.0 existing lang/sbcl New
204237: net/librsync: Security Vulnerability (CVE-2014-8242) existing net/librsync New
204235: sysutils/polkit 0.113 missing vuxml entries existing sysutils/polkit New
204229: emulators/wine-devel Crash in winecfg existing emulators/wine-devel New
204225: x11-servers/xorg-server crashes with segfault when creating new window existing x11-servers/xorg-server New
204220: [PATCH] net-mgmt/collectd5: change options support existing net-mgmt/collectd5 In Progress
204219: www/piwik: update to 2.15.0 (security update) existing www/piwik New
204218: emulators/virtualbox-ose: kBuild error: tstVMStructRC: 1: Syntax error: Error in command substitution existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
204201: [PATCH] x11-toolkits/xmhtml: Update to version 1.1.10 existing x11-toolkits/xmhtml New
204200: [PATCH] x11-clocks/wmfishtime: Update MASTER_SITES existing x11-clocks/wmfishtime New
204199: [PATCH] mail/mu: Update to version 0.9.15 existing mail/mu New
204198: [PATCH] graphics/optar: Update to version 2015.02.09 existing graphics/optar New
204197: [PATCH] graphics/ocrad: Update to version 0.25 existing graphics/ocrad New
204196: [PATCH] graphics/fotofix: Update to version existing graphics/fotofix New
204195: [PATCH] finance/moneymanagerex: Update to version 1.2.3 existing finance/moneymanagerex New
204194: [PATCH] devel/cut: Update to version 2.7 existing devel/cut New
204192: [PATCH] audio/libgme: Update MASTER_SITES existing audio/libgme New
204191: [NEW PORT]: converters/xml2c: Reads in an XML file and produces equivalent C source code new converters/xml2c Open
204190: [NEW PORT] www/jetty9: Servlet Engine and HTTP Server new www/jetty9 In Progress
204189: games/gtkevemon: current version hangs on startup; update included existing games/gtkevemon New
204185: security/py-kerberos: Update to 1.2.2 existing security/py-kerberos Open
204179: [patch] science/libint: enabling library options existing science/libint New
204175: print/fontforge poudriere build error existing print/fontforge Open
204172: new port: sysutils/stated: State change notification daemon new sysutils/stated New
204171: [PATCH] audio/kstreamripper: update to 0.7.100 existing audio/kstreamripper New
204163: net-p2p/amule poudriere build error existing net-p2p/amule New
204162: [NEW PORT] devel/py-docker:API client for docker written in Python new devel/py-docker New
204150: sysutils/xen-tools doesn't compile with GCC 4.9 existing sysutils/xen-tools New
204147: net/rabbitmq: beam.smp exited on signal 11 existing net/rabbitmq New
204138: multimedia/tvheadend support for hdhomerun existing multimedia/tvheadend New
204135: ports-mgmt/portscout: not finding new distfiles existing ports-mgmt/portscout New
204133: Please add 'local' to VALID_CATEGORIES framework   Open
204131: mail/postfixadmin: Add a note to UPDATING existing mail/postfixadmin New
204130: [patch] astro/phoon: Update to 14Aug2014 existing astro/phoon New
204127: [MAINTAINER] biology/seqan: Update to 2.0.1 existing biology/seqan New
204126: mail/emailrelay: can't bind when only IPv4 addresses configured existing mail/emailrelay New
204124: [request] [new port] databases/mysql57-server unknown   New
204123: [PATCH] Update security/tor-devel to existing security/tor-devel New
204122: [NEW PORT] sysutils/qtpass: GUI for sysutils/password-store new sysutils/qtpass New
204119: graphics/inkscape 0.91_4 does not compile existing graphics/inkscape New
204118: dns/dnscrypt-proxy: doesn't work on FreeBSD/mips existing dns/dnscrypt-proxy New
204111: sysutils/bhyve-rc rc script not working on 10.2 existing sysutils/bhyve-rc Open
204095: [NEW PORT] print/okc321: PPDs for the Oki C321dn, C331dn, and C531dn printers new print/okc321 New
204088: databases/p5-DBI port missing man pages int work folder breaks installation existing databases/p5-DBI New
204083: devel/rubygem-json_pure: fails to finish installation due to error existing devel/rubygem-json_pure In Progress
204080: [NEW PORT] devel/boot_clj: Build tooling for Clojure new devel/boot_clj Open
204078: devel/pecl-APCu: download link has changed existing devel/pecl-APCu New
204076: [patch] sysutils/geteltorito: Update to 0.6 existing sysutils/geteltorito New
204074: [New port] databases/puppetdb3: The Puppet Database new databases/puppetdb3 New
204072: [New port] sysutils/puppetserver: The Puppet Labs puppetserver master replacement new sysutils/puppetserver In Progress
204068: [New port] www/p5-Plack-Middleware-NoMultipleSlashes: Remove multiple slashes in your paths new www/p5-Plack-Middleware-NoMultipleSlashes New
204067: [New port] www/p5-Plack-Middleware-CrossOrigin: headers to allow Cross-Origin Resource Sharing new www/p5-Plack-Middleware-CrossOrigin New
204066: [New port] textproc/p5-Search-QueryParser-SQL: Turn free-text queries into SQL WHERE clauses new textproc/p5-Search-QueryParser-SQL New
204065: [New port] textproc/p5-Search-QueryParser: Parses a query into a structure suitable for external search engines new textproc/p5-Search-QueryParser New
204064: [New port] textproc/p5-PDF-API2-Simple: Simplistic wrapper for the PDF-API2 modules new textproc/p5-PDF-API2-Simple New
204063: [New port] security/p5-Parse-Snort: Parse and create rules for the Snort IDS new security/p5-Parse-Snort New
204062: [New port] net/p5-Net-LDAP-FilterBuilder: convenience module which simplifies the construction of LDAP query filter statements new net/p5-Net-LDAP-FilterBuilder New
204061: [New port] graphics/p5-Data-Google-Visualization-DataTable: create Google DataTable objects for the Google Visulization API new graphics/p5-Data-Google-Visualization-DataTable New
204060: [New port] graphics/p5-Data-Google-Visualization-DataSource: helper class for the Google Chart Tools Datasource Protocol new graphics/p5-Data-Google-Visualization-DataSource New
204059: [New port] devel/p5-Log-Log4perl-Appender-Socket-UNIX: simple appender for writing log info to a unix domain socket new devel/p5-Log-Log4perl-Appender-Socket-UNIX New
204058: [New port] /devel/p5-Data-Serializable: Moose role that adds serialization support to any class new devel/p5-Data-Serializable New
204047: news/cnews: modernize plist existing news/cnews In Progress
204040: [MAINTAINER] sysutils/monit: fix send_expect regression in monit 5.15 existing sysutils/monit New
204036: [patch] www/entrans: Update to 0.3.3 and add license existing www/entrans New
204034: multimedia/plexmediaserver: Startup script should include /usr/local/lib/compat/ in LD_LIBRARY_PATH existing multimedia/plexmediaserver Open
204033: graphics/pear-IO_SWF: Update to 2.3.0 existing graphics/pear-IO_SWF New
204032: [patch] devel/pear-IO_Bit: Update to 2.3.0 existing devel/pear-IO_Bit New
204031: Mk/Uses/ "USES pgsql:9.0+" fails to find installed databases/postgresql9.4 framework   New
204030: [new port] security/pixiewps: tool used to bruteforce offline the WPS pin new security/pixiewps New
204029: [new port] multimedia/oscam: software to decrypt digital television channels new multimedia/oscam New
204027: print/cups: Redirection problem after setups/changes existing print/cups New
204024: [patch] [new port] java/aparapi: data parallel workflows for Java unknown   New
204023: devel/svn2git: broken with svn-1.9 existing devel/svn2git New
204019: multimedia/ffmpeg: make install stops with an error "Unable to create and execute files in /tmp" existing multimedia/ffmpeg Open
204018: net/chrony: Pass --prefix to ./configure (Make PREFIX safe) existing net/chrony In Progress
204014: databases/mariadb100-server fails to build existing databases/mariadb100-server In Progress
204010: devel/ddd pkg-descr or pkg-message should alert users of the need of pty(4) for ddd-gdb communication existing devel/ddd New
204007: emulators/i386-wine-devel looks broken existing emulators/i386-wine-devel New
203996: ports-mgmt/portscout: Add GitHub and PyPI site handlers, Take MAINTAINER'ship existing ports-mgmt/portscout In Progress
203989: www/firefox generates clang Assertion and fails to build on head existing www/firefox New
203986: [patch] devel/gnu-efi: Update to 3.0.3 existing devel/gnu-efi Open
203980: [patch] mail/p5-Email-Sender-Transport-SMTP-TLS: Update to 0.15 existing mail/p5-Email-Sender-Transport-SMTP-TLS New
203978: [patch] textproc/py-trans: Update to 2.0.1 existing textproc/py-trans New
203975: [patch] security/pam-pgsql: Update to existing security/pam-pgsql New
203969: devel/gradle: update to 2.8 existing devel/gradle New
203967: www/nginx and www/nginx-devel http-auth-digest existing www/nginx New
203961: sysutils/watchman: pywatchman fails due to version out of date existing sysutils/watchman New
203958: [patch] sysutils/pydf: Update to version 12 existing sysutils/pydf New
203951: net/syncthing-inotify: Add a service existing net/syncthing-inotify New
203949: [new port] databases/pguri: uri datatype extension for PostgreSQL new databases/pguri New
203948: multimedia/qmmp, multimedia/qmmp-plugin-pack: Update and add [maintainer-update] existing multimedia/qmmp New
203945: [maintainer update] sysutils/desktop-installer: Fix non-functional MATE/SLiM config existing sysutils/desktop-installer New
203939: [PATCH] www/xombrero: fix build and upgrade to 1.6.4 existing www/xombrero Open
203936: [exp-run] Clang++ overlinking libm framework   In Progress
203935: [NEW PORT] www/py-django-statici18n: Helper for generating Javascript catalog to static files new www/py-django-statici18n New
203934: [UPDATE] net-mgmt/seafile-gui: Update to 4.4.2 existing net-mgmt/seafile-gui New
203933: [UPDATE] net-mgmt/seafile: Update to 4.4.3 with bug fixes existing net-mgmt/seafile New
203931: [PATCH] dns/knot2 fix build on 9.3 and enable multi-instance rc.d existing dns/knot2 In Progress
203930: [UPDATE] net-mgmt/ccnet: Update to 4.4.3 existing net-mgmt/ccnet New
203929: [UPDATE] www/seahub: Update to 5.1.0 with several bug fixes existing www/seahub New
203915: www/owncloud: user_ldap: broken: No LDAP Login Filter given! existing www/owncloud New
203914: www/owncloud: DB password unhashed existing www/owncloud New
203912: www/owncloud: Cleartext Password Logs existing www/owncloud New
203911: sysutils/docker-freebsd - Cannot modify existing files when building images existing sysutils/docker-freebsd New
203904: textproc/qt4-xmlpatterns: make[1]: stopped in /usr/ports/textproc/qt4-xmlpatterns/work/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.7/src/xmlpatterns existing textproc/qt4-xmlpatterns New
203885: deskutils/owncloudclient: Core dump existing deskutils/owncloudclient New
203880: [patch] databases/libmemcached: Missing stdarg.h existing databases/libmemcached In Progress
203872: [NEW PORT] chinese/gydict: Command line tool of Yahoo! Dictionary new chinese/gydict Open
203869: security/bruteblock patch to use devel/iniparser lib from ports tree and clean build warnings existing security/bruteblock New
203868: devel/libbson, devel/mongo-c-driver: update to version 1.2.0 existing devel/libbson New
203860: www/squid 4.0.1 FreeBSD Install Error existing www/squid Open
203858: graphics/synfigstudio: Core dump existing graphics/synfigstudio New
203852: emulators/qemu-user-static: mmap may return NULL instead of MAP_FAILED to indicate error existing emulators/qemu-user-static New
203847: [patch] math/fftw3: add OpenMPI option existing math/fftw3 New
203846: [NEW PORT] devel/apache-rat: Release audit tool new devel/apache-rat Open
203843: devel/kdevplatform: fix build with subversion 1.9 existing devel/kdevplatform New
203840: pkg reports missing dependency for math/py-numpy existing math/py-numpy New
203837: [New port] emulators/unicorn-engine 0.9 new emulators/unicorn-engine New
203828: [NEW PORT] sysutils/genisoimage: slave port of sysutils/cdrkit new sysutils/genisoimage New
203826: x11-servers/xorg-server In X server after 1.17, default configuration is now -nolisten tcp existing x11-servers/xorg-server New
203825: x11-clocks/wmclockmon [PATCH] mark UNBROKEN existing x11-clocks/wmclockmon New
203824: graphics/gdk-pixbuf2 should provided existing graphics/gdk-pixbuf2 New
203815: [new port] graphics/pngout: optimizes png files losslessly new graphics/pngout New
203814: [patch] math/eigen3 upgrade to 3.2.6 existing math/eigen3 New
203806: graphics/argyllcms fails to build with gcc existing graphics/argyllcms New
203798: [PATCH] games/py-mnemosyne: Update to 2.3.4 existing games/py-mnemosyne New
203794: devel/git-review: update to 1.25.0 existing devel/git-review New
203793: Fix devel/cmake-modules so it prefers "c++" over "CC" for compiling C++ programs existing devel/cmake-modules New
203786: textproc/elasticsearch: upgrade to 1.7.3 existing textproc/elasticsearch New
203781: New port: www/snownews text mode RSS newsreader new www/snownews Open
203780: multimedia/pitivi: needs runtime depend on librsvg2 existing multimedia/pitivi New
203776: [patch] editors/libreoffice: Unbreak printing without CUPS existing editors/libreoffice New
203771: net/isc-dhcp42-server and /usr/sbin/service do not fully co-operate existing net/isc-dhcp42-server New
203766: [MAINTAINER] x11-servers/Xfstt: Fix gettext-related build failure on 9.X-RELEASE (pkg-fallout) existing x11-servers/Xfstt Open
203760: [NEW PORT] net/s3ql: File system that stores all its data online using cloud storage services new net/s3ql In Progress
203759: [NEW PORT] devel/py-llfuse: Python bindings for the low-level FUSE API new devel/py-llfuse New
203757: jam-based ports (eg: graphics/argyllcms) fail to build when using ports binutils. existing graphics/argyllcms New
203747: java/openjdk8: Respect CC existing java/openjdk8 New
203741: [php extensions] Order of extensions.ini can break modules dependencies unknown   New
203736: net/rabbitmq-c-devel: upgrade to 0.7.1 existing net/rabbitmq-c-devel New
203734: devel/py-sip: Allow concurrent python installations existing devel/py-sip New
203733: [NEW PORT] net/py-dugong: HTTP 1.1 client module designed for RESTful protocols new net/py-dugong New
203732: www/firefox: High CPU usage when playing HTML5 video existing www/firefox New
203726: security/sssd: Linking fails related to iconv_open (Nonrepresentable section on output) when OPTIONS_FILE_SET+=SMB existing security/sssd New
203712: sysutils/bacula-client: compiling error : undefined reference to `GetMsg::GetMsg(JCR*, BSOCK*, char const*, int)' existing sysutils/bacula-client Open
203710: graphics/evince: Enable DJVU option by default existing graphics/evince New
203703: audio/alsa-lib: shouldn't attempt to open Linux sequencer device /dev/snd/seq existing audio/alsa-lib Open
203701: [PATCH] sysutils/webjob: Fix build with No-SSLv3 existing sysutils/webjob New
203699: [PATCH] irc/xchat: Fix build with No-SSLv3 existing irc/xchat New
203698: [PATCH] irc/scrollz: Fix build with No-SSLv3 existing irc/scrollz New
203695: [patch] net/mpd5: Add RFC 4638 client support (PPPoE MTU > 1492) existing net/mpd5 New
203693: [PATCH] security/ftimes: Fix build with No-SSLv3 existing security/ftimes New
203689: [MAINTAINER] java/eclipse: update to 4.5 (Eclipse Mars) existing java/eclipse Open
203678: [PATCH] devel/magit: update to 2.3.1. existing devel/magit New
203675: benchmarks/httperf: Fix ports SSL and build without SSLv3 existing benchmarks/httperf New
203671: graphics/tiff: security/vuxml: denial of service bug in libtiff (CVE-2015-7313) existing graphics/tiff New
203668: devel/ipython: security update 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2 (or 4.0.0) (CVE-2015-6938) existing devel/ipython In Progress
203654: [patch] Remove extraneous runtime dependency from security/pam_krb5 existing security/pam_krb5 New
203642: New port: emulators/mupen64plus-qt: Basic launcher for Mupen64Plus new emulators/mupen64plus-qt New
203640: devel/ice: fix build, switch to new test framework existing devel/ice New
203638: math/py-numpy: Undefined symbol "cblas_sgemm" existing math/py-numpy Open
203635: [patch] sysutils/intel-pcm: update to v2.9 existing sysutils/intel-pcm New
203619: [patch][maintainer] www/gitlab: update to 8.0 framework   New
203618: devel/llvm37: unable to build with Python 3.4 as default existing devel/llvm37 New
203616: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent 2.2.5: Missing dependencies existing net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent New
203614: sysutils/goaccess: version bump to 0.9.4 existing sysutils/goaccess New
203606: devel/git CONTRIB option pulls in DocBook existing devel/git New
203604: devel/llvm36 pkg-plist inconsistency, remove jquery-1.11.1.js and underscore-1.3.1.js existing devel/llvm36 New
203603: [NEW PORT] japanese/mecab-ipadic-neologd: Neologism dictionary for MeCab new japanese/mecab-ipadic-neologd New
203597: net-mgmt/argus3, does not run via rc.d existing net-mgmt/argus3 New
203593: x11/libxkbcommon: Default x-locale-root path is wrong. Needs to be set via CONFIGURE_ARGS. existing x11/libxkbcommon New
203592: lang/python27: ImportError: ntpath cannot import name _unicode from genericpath existing lang/python27 New
203589: lang/ocaml: Update to 4.02.3 existing lang/ocaml New
203569: [new port] devel/ambari: project making Hadoop management simpler new devel/ambari New
203563: [PATCH] editors/libreoffice:open/save dialog crashes existing editors/libreoffice New
203559: multimedia/qmmp requesting port-update due to qmmp version updating to qt5 with v1.0 existing multimedia/qmmp New
203554: [exp-run] print/freetype2 to 2.6.1. existing print/freetype2 In Progress
203542: x11-servers/xorg-server bug messages fills log file, system unresponsive existing x11-servers/xorg-server New
203533: [PATCH] audio/cmus: Enable AAC FFMPEG MP4 options by default existing audio/cmus New
203530: x11-wm/fluxbox: fluxbox crashes and dumps core on shutdown existing x11-wm/fluxbox New
203528: [patch] www/node: option to use system OpenSSL existing www/node New
203525: [UPDATE] devel/py-ply to 3.8 existing devel/py-ply New
203523: [NEW PORT] x11/pipeglade: Graphical User Interfaces, The UNIX Way new x11/pipeglade New
203504: graphics/jasper multiple vulnerabilities existing graphics/jasper In Progress
203493: devel/ioncube: update to 5.0.17 existing devel/ioncube New
203482: [PATCH] math/superlu: Update to version 5.0 existing math/superlu New
203481: [PATCH] lang/duktape: Update to version 1.3.0 existing lang/duktape Open
203479: [PATCH] devel/gdcm: Update to version 2.6.1 existing devel/gdcm New
203462: www/zend-framework1: security/vuxml: update to 1.12.16 (fixed ZF2015-08 SQL injection advisory) existing www/zend-framework1 Open
203457: devel/tig doesn't work with devel/git-subversion existing devel/tig New
203452: security/sshguard update pkg-message to remove syslogd references existing security/sshguard New
203448: Update math/glpk to version 4.55 existing math/glpk New
203447: x11/nvidia-driver: stalls when compiling with linux support existing x11/nvidia-driver New
203446: emulators/linux_base-c6: process stalls at the using ldconf part existing emulators/linux_base-c6 New
203438: [PATCH] net-im/qTox: update to 0.150930 existing net-im/qTox New
203437: devel/imake doesn't work with clang, again existing devel/imake New
203433: print/texinfo: checksum missmatch - here again as of Sep., 29th 2015 existing print/texinfo New
203432: devel/spark: Cannot find the snappy native library existing devel/spark New
203430: x11/gnome-desktop fails to build existing x11/gnome-desktop New
203424: databases/libzdb & sqlite3 configure failure existing databases/libzdb New
203416: x11/rxvt-unicode: gets stuck, won't create new clients / open new tabs via tabbed extension existing x11/rxvt-unicode Open
203405: [new port] security/letsencrypt: automatically receive and install X.509 Xcertificates to enable TLS on servers new security/letsencrypt In Progress
203403: www/codeigniter: update to the 3.x branch or mark DEPRECATED by 31 Oct 2015 existing www/codeigniter In Progress
203399: sysutils/py-salt minion and possible master broken after update to 2015.8.0 existing sysutils/py-salt New
203398: www/lighttpd: enable support for extended attributes existing www/lighttpd New
203394: [exp-run] Toolchain hardening: Enable stack-protector-all & partial RELRO framework   In Progress
203393: security/stunnel: no under /var/run existing security/stunnel In Progress
203391: japanese/kterm still installing optional font vga.pcf.gz to ${LOCALBASE}/share/fonts/kterm existing japanese/kterm New
203383: [patch] mark two ports BROKEN on sparc64 unknown   New
203382: [patch] mark two ports BROKEN on sparc64 unknown   New
203381: [patch] mark mail/thunderbird BROKEN on sparc64 existing mail/thunderbird New
203380: [patch] security/sudo configure fails with world built WITHOUT_SSP existing security/sudo New
203374: [NEW PORTS] devel/rubygem-oxidised{-web,-script}: Slightly different approach to RANCID new devel/rubygem-oxidised New
203362: www/mythplugin-mythweb: Update perl location. existing www/mythplugin-mythweb New
203357: print/ghostscript9-base won't build without the pcl3 option existing print/ghostscript9-base New
203356: x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics package does not detect touchpad existing x11-drivers/xf86-input-synaptics New
203353: [PATCH] devel/nspr needs arm64 support existing devel/nspr New
203325: x11-wm/dwm: invalid checksum and size of patch for XFT support in distinfo existing x11-wm/dwm Open
203316: perl's ports build framework bug (devel/p5-App-cpanminus net/p5-Net-Server make package fail) existing devel/p5-App-cpanminus New
203313: mail/sqwebmail has a new conflict with courier-imap existing mail/sqwebmail New
203311: graphics/openjpeg: build broken existing graphics/openjpeg In Progress
203308: wildcard patch in security/ipsec-tools breaks aggressive tunnels existing security/ipsec-tools New
203304: [patch] lang/php56: change default include_path for better matching FreeBSD packages existing lang/php56 New
203301: java/jakarta-commons-httpclient: error: unmappable character for encoding UTF8 existing java/jakarta-commons-httpclient New
203280: devel/cmake: Update to 3.3.2 existing devel/cmake New
203278: net-im/telegram-purple: Assertion "tgl_in_ptr == end" failed existing net-im/telegram-purple New
203270: [security/libfprint] pam_fprint fails every two times with a GLib-error existing security/libfprint New
203269: devel/git-cola: failed to build existing devel/git-cola New
203268: [] home directory of USERS conflict with plist framework   New
203266: audio/squeezeboxserver: changes newsyslog.conf on installation existing audio/squeezeboxserver New
203265: multimedia/acidrip patch to fix broken make install existing multimedia/acidrip New
203261: lang/phantomjs build broken existing lang/phantomjs New
203255: www/plone: security/vuxml: multiple security advisories existing www/plone New
203250: textproc/libxslt: xsltproc segfaults on git documentation existing textproc/libxslt New
203246: [PATCH] emulators/lisaem: Update to version existing emulators/lisaem New
203245: [PATCH] emulators/hatari: Update to version 1.9.0 existing emulators/hatari New
203237: [patch] x11/virtualgl: reduce number of dependencies, add SSL option existing x11/virtualgl New
203223: devel/llvm37: undefined references when compiling with -fopenmp=libomp existing devel/llvm37 New
203222: graphics/digikam-kde4: missing dependency on kde4-runtime existing graphics/digikam-kde4 New
203221: [revive port] [patch] audio/linux-musicipserver: reinstate with staging new audio/linux-musicipserver New
203220: security/cracklib: 3rd largest port, request to package sources existing security/cracklib Open
203218: [NEW PORT] databases/sqlite-ext-regexp: Regular-expression matcher using NFA engine for SQLite new databases/sqlite-ext-regexp New
203217: [NEW PORT] databases/sqlite-ext-spellfix: SqLite loadable extension allowing to search a large vocabulary for close matches new databases/sqlite-ext-spellfix New
203214: multimedia/banshee: version 2.6.2_3,1 crashes after running for a few seconds existing multimedia/banshee New
203211: editors/libreoffice does not start on amd64 (actually happening since 4.3) existing editors/libreoffice New
203208: [NEW PORT] mail/p5-Mail-DMARC: Perl implementation of DMARC new mail/p5-Mail-DMARC New
203204: [NEW PORT] databases/pgmodeler: PostgreSQL Database Modeler new databases/pgmodeler New
203198: mail/ecartis: fix build from plain user, revisit plist perms existing mail/ecartis Open
203195: [UPDATE] lang/vala to 0.30.0 existing lang/vala New
203184: www/chromium - Google Cast Extension no longer finds Chromecast existing www/chromium New
203181: math/glm: update to existing math/glm New
203176: sysutils/daemontools: add support for syslog logging to the init script existing sysutils/daemontools New
203160: Fix devel/codeblocks build with clang 3.7.0 existing devel/codeblocks New
203157: [patch] make Mk/Scripts/ error message more readable iff old deprecated expat scripts is found existing www/apache24 New
203156: Fix lang/rubinius build with clang 3.7.0 existing lang/rubinius In Progress
203149: news/slrn - dies in LC_ALL=C, LANG=C environment on some messages existing news/slrn Open
203145: [NEW PORT] comms/libcodec2: `Codec 2' speech codec new comms/libcodec2 New
203137: textproc/sm[iu]: respect *FLAGS unknown   New
203131: sysutils/rsyslog8 [PATCH] update to 8.12.0, etc. existing sysutils/rsyslog8 New
203120: [NEW PORT] mail/py-fuglu: Mail content scanner new mail/py-fuglu New
203113: [New Port] deskutils/puush: Push images, and screenshots near-instantly with puush new deskutils/puush New
203112: emulators/qemu-devel: Multiple security vulnerabilities existing emulators/qemu-devel New
203111: security/openvpn: TLS handshake fails on any freebsd box, even new existing security/openvpn New
203110: devel/jenkins: CSRF / Code Execution security vulnerability existing devel/jenkins New
203106: audio/vamp-plugin-sdk configures non-existent -ldl existing audio/vamp-plugin-sdk New
203084: net-im/pidgin system tray icon not visible on login under Cinnamon existing net-im/pidgin New
203083: [new port] net/ns3: Network simulator for Internet systems new net/ns3 New
203082: misc/qt5ct www/qupzilla-qt5 crashes after installation of misc/qt5ct existing misc/qt5ct New
203080: [NEW PORT] games/goldencheetah: Training software for cyclists new games/goldencheetah New
203078: [NEW PORT] devel/sonarqube-lts: Platform for continuous inspection of code quality new devel/sonarqube-lts New
203077: [NEW PORT] devel/sonarqube: Platform for continuous inspection of code quality new devel/sonarqube New
203076: [NEW PORT] devel/sonar-runner: Launcher for analyzing projects with SonarQube new devel/sonar-runner New
203075: [NEW PORT] devel/sonar-ant-task: SonarQube Plugin for analysis projects with an Apache Ant new devel/sonar-ant-task New
203074: [NEW PORT] devel/nexus-oss: Repository management software new devel/nexus-oss New
203073: [NEW PORT] devel/gitblit-go: Open-source server for Git repositories new devel/gitblit-go New
203072: [NEW PORT] devel/gitblit: Open-source servlet for Git repositories new devel/gitblit New
203071: [NEW PORT] devel/apache-archiva: Extensible repository management software new devel/apache-archiva New
203070: [NEW PORT] devel/wrapper: The Java Service Wrapper new devel/wrapper New
203069: misc/ttyrec: enable OPENPTY by default existing misc/ttyrec New
203065: x11-xm/xfce4: xfce4 under 9.3. Cannot create launcher unknown   In Progress
203060: [exp-run] in prevision for a new pkgconf version framework   In Progress
203058: print/cups: lpstat shows "waiting for printer to finish." after the printer finished the job existing print/cups New
203054: emulators/open-vm-tools: Upstream has moved to github, port is 2 releases behind existing emulators/open-vm-tools New
203053: print/cups-base: support for DNSSD is incomplete existing print/cups-base New
203046: devel/cargo build error Dwarf Error: found dwarf version '4', this reader only handles version 2 information. existing devel/cargo New
203043: [new port] databases/rethinkdb 2.1.5 new databases/rethinkdb New
203042: [new port] [request]: devel/lighttable port new devel/lighttable New
203041: [new port] [request]: devel/cling port new devel/cling New
203037: [PATCH] www/trac: single environment variable clash existing www/trac New
203032: x11-toolkits/qt4-gui: Build package with QGTKSTYLE option existing x11-toolkits/qt4-gui New
203021: lang/python27: Should install GDB integration existing lang/python27 New
203016: sysutils/lxterminal: Update to 0.2.0 existing sysutils/lxterminal New
203014: security/tor and security/tor-devel versions existing security/tor New
203009: [request] [new port] x11/wmutils: it would be great to add that port to the Ports tree unknown   New
203007: x11-themes/kde4-style-skulpture: update to 0.2.4 existing x11-themes/kde4-style-skulpture New
202998: games/duke3d-data: Delete port, games/eduke32: Update to 20151003, General updates existing games/duke3d-data Open
202997: sysutils/grub2-pcbsd existing sysutils/grub2-pcbsd Open
202993: textproc/p5-xmltv: use of TZ config variable in Date::Manip is deprecated existing textproc/p5-xmltv New
202984: x11/mate desktop version 1.10, Trash does not work existing x11/mate New
202982: port install of python3-3_3 conflicts with python2-2_3 (installs into same place) unknown   Open
202964: editors/libreoffice extensions missing after upgrade to 5.0 existing editors/libreoffice New
202963: print/texlive-base: update fails due to mutal loop in print/xpdfopen existing print/texlive-base New
202961: lang/gauche "make install" fails, reports missing file "slibcat" in work directory in FREEBSD11.0-CURRENT existing lang/gauche New
202959: Fix net/pimd build with clang 3.7.0 existing net/pimd In Progress
202949: do-* target helpers fail to override default definitions framework   New
202948: devel/git no way to install git gui from packages existing devel/git Open
202947: [patch] japanese/kappa20: installation hangs when DOCS option is off. existing japanese/kappa20 New
202946: net/p5-Net-Amazon-Signature-V4 fixes existing net/p5-Net-Amazon-Signature-V4 New
202945: sysutils/p5-Rex: update to 1.3.3 existing sysutils/p5-Rex New
202932: sysutils/rsyslog8 endless loop on FreeBSD 10.2 existing sysutils/rsyslog8 New
202927: x11-toolkits/qt4-gui post-install info looks out of date existing x11-toolkits/qt4-gui New
202911: graphics/py-cairo: remove unecessary & faulty bits from Makefile existing graphics/py-cairo New
202909: x11/cinnamon crash black screen fallbackmode existing x11/cinnamon New
202902: [NEW PORT] net-mgmt/mfi: Ubiquiti mFi Controller new net-mgmt/mfi New
202894: games/ember crash during loading existing games/ember New
202884: devel/py-pytest: py34-pytest-2.7.1 conflicts with py27-pytest-2.7.1 Problematic file: /usr/local/bin/py.test existing devel/py-pytest New
202867: mod_php* packages should provide .conf files to ease set up of apache unknown   New
202866: mail/milter-greylist: Add DKIM support existing mail/milter-greylist New
202865: [patch] databases/mantis - add missing dependency; fix wrong dependency existing databases/mantis New
202863: sysutils/apcupsd faulty pid handling existing sysutils/apcupsd New
202862: sysutils/rsyslog8: problems with notify mechanism existing sysutils/rsyslog8 New
202848: [PATCH] emulators/advancemess: Update to version 1.4 existing emulators/advancemess New
202846: [PATCH] emulators/advancemame: Update to version 1.4 existing emulators/advancemame New
202834: New Port: www/py-django-registration-redux new www/py-django-registration-redux New
202833: devel/p5-Term-ReadLine-Perl conflicts with devel/p5-Term-ReadLine existing devel/p5-Term-ReadLine-Perl Open
202827: lang/lua53 dynamic extensions not enabled existing lang/lua53 New
202824: dns/dnstracer does not compile on 10.2-RELEASE-p2 amd64 existing dns/dnstracer New
202823: x11/cinnamon screensaver doesn't unlock existing x11/cinnamon New
202800: www/p5-RT-Client-REST: generates deprecation warnings under Perl 5.22 existing www/p5-RT-Client-REST New
202789: java/openjdk8: frequent crashes (SIGSEGV) in Java2D Disposer running tomcat existing java/openjdk8 New
202780: net-im/skype4 broken in r393817 existing net-im/skype4 New
202776: graphics/jasper is not applied to 2015Q3 branch existing graphics/jasper In Progress
202775: www/webkit-qt4 crashes with SIGBUS on ARM existing www/webkit-qt4 New
202773: [MAINTAINER] multimedia/transcode: Remove USE_GCC, use newer options helper targets existing multimedia/transcode New
202766: devel/valgrind: unhandled sysarch cmd 132 (AMD64_GET_XFPUSTATE) existing devel/valgrind In Progress
202757: Use of gssapi variables across ports. framework   New
202755: [NEW PORT] www/guacamole-client: HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop new www/guacamole-client Open
202754: New Port: net/guacamole-server - HTML5 Clientless Remote Desktop new net/guacamole-server New
202732: sysutils/rundeck install-do directories create permission denied error out of the bo existing sysutils/rundeck New
202728: x11/xorg: Global X11 fonts rendering problem CJK/Webfont etc. existing x11/xorg New
202725: [feature request] IMPLIES/PREVENTS support for ports-mgmt/dialog4ports existing ports-mgmt/dialog4ports New
202720: www/jetty: update 9.3.2 existing www/jetty New
202705: www/e2guardian: port is not actual version existing www/e2guardian New
202701: OPTIONS_(SLAVE|EXCLUDE) fail to honor ${opt}_IMPLIES framework   New
202694: [BUG] databases/mariadb100-server: make error in freebsd 11 existing databases/mariadb100-server New
202689: audio/sdl_mixer + audio/sdl2_mixer: add TREMOR option existing audio/sdl_mixer New
202688: devel/wxGlade: Does not run existing devel/wxGlade New
202685: [textproc/en-hunspell] upgrade port to version 2015.08.24 existing textproc/en-hunspell New
202684: net/freeradius3 w/ non-standard config option depends on IDN existing net/freeradius3 New
202678: [New port] databases/proxysql ProxySQL is High Performance Advanced Proxy for MySQL servers new databases/proxysql Open
202672: [NEW PORT] www/webstuff: C library for web-development new www/webstuff New
202666: math/asymptote: can't install existing math/asymptote New
202655: [patch] security/base Correct snort URL in external_sig_link array existing security/base New
202645: x11/xorg Mouse driver problem causes infinite loop in err log output existing x11/xorg New
202644: [PATCH] devel/apache-ant: fix portlint complaints existing devel/apache-ant New
202642: audio/soundtouch: enable INTEGER_SAMPLES on armv6 by default existing audio/soundtouch New
202640: astro/google-earth: add linux-c6-nss dependency existing astro/google-earth New
202637: www/lighttpd: 1.4.36 has header corruption, and breaks under load existing www/lighttpd Open
202620: lang/fsharp port broken existing lang/fsharp New
202619: emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod kernel panic in vboxnetflt existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod New
202615: sysutils/polkit wrong permissions existing sysutils/polkit New
202611: net-mgmt/yaf update of YAF version and more build options for port options existing net-mgmt/yaf New
202609: www/chromium: convert to option helpers existing www/chromium New
202606: print/cups: PageLog remains empty existing print/cups New
202602: net-mgmt/wifimgr: cannot reset interface wlan0 - exit code 1 existing net-mgmt/wifimgr New
202595: assumption about PHP installed from existence of php.conf in /etc and /usr/local/etc framework   New
202591: www/php56-session: Unable to set hash_function even if php56-hash is installed existing www/php56-session New
202585: lang/ghc fails to install (bin/haddock-ghc missing) existing lang/ghc New
202578: audio/libmatemixer: mate_mixer_applet doesn't save the "track to control" existing audio/libmatemixer New
202577: graphics/opencolorio: force to use Python 2.x existing graphics/opencolorio New
202565: [patch] net/samba42 Core dumping existing net/samba42 In Progress
202559: [maintainer update] graphics/nomacs: Update to latest build existing graphics/nomacs Open
202554: multimedia/webcamd: convert to option helpers, etc. existing multimedia/webcamd In Progress
202550: (maintainer) [patch]: devel/pybugz , update 0.11.1->0.12.3 , change maintainer> existing devel/pybugz Open
202548: update to net-mgmt/arpwatch to ignore VRRP/CARP traffic existing net-mgmt/arpwatch New
202537: [patch] deskutils/parcellite: fix build without NLS existing deskutils/parcellite In Progress
202531: devel/subversion ssl-authority-files fails to load certificate existing devel/subversion In Progress
202522: sysutils/tracker during build cannot find libstemmer.h existing sysutils/tracker New
202521: x11/zenity 3.16.3 build failure existing x11/zenity New
202503: ports-mgmt/pkg: configure: error: unable to find the liblzma (building pkg-1.5.6 in 10.1-REL18 jail) existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
202500: [patch] emulators/stella: Update to 4.6.1 existing emulators/stella New
202497: graphics/nomacs: failed to build existing graphics/nomacs New
202480: [PATCH] update net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent to 2.2.7 existing net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent New
202479: math/grace missing dependency pdflib, fftw existing math/grace New
202478: math/taucs depends on math/metis4 for which there is no package existing math/taucs New
202468: [new port] www/gitlab new www/gitlab Open
202466: [new port] www/rubygem-d3_rails-rails41 new www/rubygem-d3_rails-rails41 Open
202465: [new port] databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack-rails41 new databases/rubygem-redis-actionpack-rails41 Open
202464: [new port] databases/rubygem-seed-fu-rails41 new databases/rubygem-seed-fu-rails41 Open
202463: [new port] devel/rubygem-default_value_for-rails41 new devel/rubygem-default_value_for-rails41 Open
202462: [new port] devel/rubygem-devise-async-rails41 new devel/rubygem-devise-async-rails41 Open
202461: [new port] devel/rubygem-devise-rails41 new devel/rubygem-devise-rails41 Open
202460: [new port] devel/rubygem-enumerize-rails41 new devel/rubygem-enumerize-rails41 Open
202459: [new port] devel/rubygem-font-awesome-rails-rails41 new devel/rubygem-font-awesome-rails-rails41 Open
202458: [new port] devel/rubygem-gitlab_git-rails41 new devel/rubygem-gitlab_git-rails41 Open
202457: graphics/darktable: bus error (core dumped) /usr/local/bin/darktable existing graphics/darktable New
202456: [new port] devel/rubygem-grape-entity-rails41 new devel/rubygem-grape-entity-rails41 Open
202454: [new port] devel/rubygem-grape-rails41 new devel/rubygem-grape-rails41 Open
202453: [new port] devel/rubygem-rails-observers-rails41 new devel/rubygem-rails-observers-rails41 Open
202452: [new port] devel/rubygem-redis-activesupport-rails41 new devel/rubygem-redis-activesupport-rails41 Open
202451: [new port] devel/rubygem-sprockets-rails41 new devel/rubygem-sprockets-rails41 Open
202450: [new port] security/rubygem-devise-two-factor-rails41 new security/rubygem-devise-two-factor-rails41 Open
202449: [new port] security/rubygem-doorkeeper-rails41 new security/rubygem-doorkeeper-rails41 Open
202448: [new port] security/rubygem-rack-oauth2-rails41 new security/rubygem-rack-oauth2-rails41 Open
202447: [new port] textproc/rubygem-html-pipeline-rails41 new textproc/rubygem-html-pipeline-rails41 Open
202446: [new port] textproc/rubygem-sass-rails41 new textproc/rubygem-sass-rails41 Open
202445: [new port] www/rubygem-activeresource4-rails41 new www/rubygem-activeresource4-rails41 Open
202444: [new port] www/rubygem-acts-as-taggable-on3-rails41 new www/rubygem-acts-as-taggable-on3-rails41 Open
202443: [new port] www/rubygem-asana-rails41 new www/rubygem-asana-rails41 Open
202440: [new port] www/rubygem-cal-heatmap-rails0-rails41 new www/rubygem-cal-heatmap-rails0-rails41 Open
202439: [new port] www/rubygem-carrierwave-rails41 new www/rubygem-carrierwave-rails41 Open
202438: [new port] www/rubygem-dropzonejs-rails41 new www/rubygem-dropzonejs-rails41 Open
202437: [new port] www/rubygem-gon-rails41 new www/rubygem-gon-rails41 Open
202436: [new port] www/rubygem-haml-rails-rails41 new www/rubygem-haml-rails-rails41 Open
202435: [new port] www/rubygem-jquery-rails-rails41 new www/rubygem-jquery-rails-rails41 Open
202434: [new port] www/rubygem-jquery-scrollto-rails41 new www/rubygem-jquery-scrollto-rails41 Open
202433: [new port] www/rubygem-jquery-turbolinks-rails41 new www/rubygem-jquery-turbolinks-rails41 Open
202432: [new port] www/rubygem-jquery-ui-rails-rails41 new www/rubygem-jquery-ui-rails-rails41 Open
202431: [new port] www/rubygem-kaminari-rails41 new www/rubygem-kaminari-rails41 Open
202430: [new port] www/rubygem-redis-rails41 new www/rubygem-redis-rails41 Open
202429: [new port] www/rubygem-responders1 new www/rubygem-responders1 Open
202428: [new port] www/rubygem-task_list-rails41 new www/rubygem-task_list-rails41 Open
202416: [sysutils/xvidcap] Shared object "" not found existing sysutils/xvidcap Open
202413: www/owncloud curl error when upgrading existing www/owncloud New
202406: multimedia/libvpx wrong CFLAGS/fail to build existing multimedia/libvpx In Progress
202402: emulators/qemu-devel emulators/qemu-sbruno: multiple vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-5154, CVE-2015-5166, CVE-2015-5165) existing emulators/qemu-devel In Progress
202397: databases/tdb: cannot build after portsnap... existing databases/tdb New
202395: www/chromium: printing issue existing www/chromium New
202384: ports-mgmt/portupgrade: -PP fails using pkg existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade New
202376: mail/evolution: missing spamassassin/bogofilter plugins existing mail/evolution New
202375: ports-mgmt/portlint: warn about not using option helpers existing ports-mgmt/portlint Open
202374: mail/opendkim - add dependancies for reporting tools [patch] existing mail/opendkim New
202371: security/tinc: does not start on boot existing security/tinc In Progress
202367: sysutils/byobu relies on linprocfs at /proc existing sysutils/byobu New
202366: [patch] net-mgmt/pktstat: lo0 is supported now existing net-mgmt/pktstat New
202360: databases/tdb could not be built with NO_PYTHON existing databases/tdb In Progress
202357: New port: converters/dos2unix Updated version of Benjamin Lin's implementation of dos2unix new converters/dos2unix New
202356: x11-wm/windowmaker 0.95.6_4 crashes while trying to launch google chrome existing x11-wm/windowmaker In Progress
202346: lang/php55: php 5.5.28 segmentation fault existing lang/php55 New
202343: ports-mgmt/pkg: package message should be urldecoded when reading back existing ports-mgmt/pkg Open
202342: multimedia/cheese fails when manpage option deselected existing multimedia/cheese New
202340: [PATCH] ports-mgmt/fastest_sites: use PORTSDIR to find where is the ports tree. existing ports-mgmt/fastest_sites New
202334: [NEW PORT] devel/php-maxminddb new devel/php-maxminddb New
202317: devel/gps: Errors/warnings do not appear in the 'Locations' window. existing devel/gps New
202315: net/samba41 ldb module version mismatch existing net/samba41 In Progress
202314: net-im/ekiga, builds, but cannot find sound infrastructure existing net-im/ekiga New
202302: [MAINTAINER] www/lighttpd: convert to options macros and add Lua 5.2+ compatibility existing www/lighttpd Open
202291: sysutils/bareos-client: make able to start existing sysutils/bareos-client New
202287: databases/postgresql94-server: fails to load while creating xml2 extension in postgresql existing databases/postgresql94-server New
202286: [NEW PORT] net/libquic-devel new net/libquic-devel New
202285: devel/arcanist: arc does not work with svnlite existing devel/arcanist New
202269: [patch] sysutils/consolekit update to 1.0.0 existing sysutils/consolekit New
202264: Linux f10 ports broken with 64-bit c6 ports framework   New
202258: [PATCH] www/py-nevow: Unbreak and update to 0.11.1 existing www/py-nevow New
202251: [UPDATE] lang/vala to 0.28.1 existing lang/vala New
202246: sysutils/polkit update fails due to missing definitions for JS data typess in pidermonkey170 existing sysutils/polkit New
202239: upgrade graphics/opencv existing graphics/opencv New
202234: x11/gnome3: Trash in Gnome 3.16 not working existing x11/gnome3 New
202233: sysutils/gnome-system-monitor fails to load existing sysutils/gnome-system-monitor New
202228: [proposal] x11/nvidia-driver: Patch for new file hierarchy starting with NVVERION >= 355.006 existing x11/nvidia-driver New
202224: x11-toolkits/gnustep-gui fails to build on arm existing x11-toolkits/gnustep-gui New
202223: [PATCH] readd ssl patch for devel/efl existing devel/efl New
202222: x11/deforaos-desktop Add an XDG session entry/start script existing x11/deforaos-desktop New
202217: print/tex-luatex fails to build existing print/tex-luatex New
202216: print/tex-xetex fails to build existing print/tex-xetex New
202197: net/dante 1.4.1 fails to build on AMD64 existing net/dante New
202194: [PATCH] ftp/curl add in default for IDN existing ftp/curl New
202192: x11-fm/thunar 1.6.10 cant change file permissions existing x11-fm/thunar New
202189: [new port] www/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-I18N new www/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-I18N New
202188: [new port] www/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-ConfigHashMerge new www/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-ConfigHashMerge New
202186: [new port] www/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-AssetPack new www/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-AssetPack New
202185: sysutils/xfce4-mount-plugin 0.6.7_3 custom commands does not work existing sysutils/xfce4-mount-plugin New
202180: devel/gvfs stop work after mpv close file over sshfs existing devel/gvfs New
202179: devel/gvfs 1.24.1_1 fail to write to file on sshfs existing devel/gvfs New
202177: [ maintainer update ] devel/linux-c6-ncurses-base to 5.7-4.20090207.el6 existing devel/linux-c6-ncurses-base New
202175: security/tor: Static + Ports' OpenSSL pkg depends on OpenSSL framework   New
202169: [patch] security/openssh-portable add rc.conf vars for flags to ssh-keygen; remove rsa1 existing security/openssh-portable In Progress
202168: editors/vim: *vimrc "sample" is broken... existing editors/vim New
202163: graphics/clutter-gtk calls missing after Gnome3 update not found existing graphics/clutter-gtk In Progress
202161: libgcc needs support for unimplemented init_dwarf_reg_size_table unknown   New
202154: sysutils/gnome-control-center fails to install with option CUPS unset existing sysutils/gnome-control-center New
202151: net-mgmt/nagvis needs update existing net-mgmt/nagvis New
202143: comms/gnuradio: gnuradio boost linking error existing comms/gnuradio New
202129: dns/unbound: Can't have any UNBOUND logs with Syslog or Rsyslog existing dns/unbound New
202128: gtk-based file chooser freezes after update of x11-toolkits/gtk30 to 3.16 existing x11-toolkits/gtk30 In Progress
202122: fix typo in mail/simscan existing mail/simscan New
202121: mail/p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser is suddenly interactive and asks where it can find various executables, i.e. bzip, bzip2, cat, diff, gzip, zip, and xz existing mail/p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser New
202120: causes login to crash on i386 unknown   New
202118: net-p2p/qbittorrent existing net-p2p/qbittorrent New
202116: [NEW PORT] databases/sql-workbench new databases/sql-workbench New
202115: games/flightgear port doesn't build existing games/flightgear Open
202108: textproc/docproj unable to load existing textproc/docproj New
202096: net/samba42: Compilation fails - Can't locate Parse/ in @INC existing net/samba42 New
202083: print/freetype2: ftconfig.h TYPEOF shadows other TYPEOFs existing print/freetype2 New
202077: graphics/gpicview: Misses gettext if compiled without NLS existing graphics/gpicview New
202076: x11/lxpanel: Misses gettext if compiled without NLS existing x11/lxpanel New
202070: 'make index' removes INDEX before building INDEX framework   Open
202068: www/chromium: can't login to google account - white screen existing www/chromium New
202067: devel/monodevelop won't start existing devel/monodevelop New
202063: [MAINTAINER] ports-mgmt/portfind: Update from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2 to work on FreeBSD CURRENT existing ports-mgmt/portfind New
202062: audio/pulseaudio: New audio connection resets "mixer" to 75% volume. existing audio/pulseaudio New
202060: print/tex-luatex fails to install on 10-stable existing print/tex-luatex New
202045: ports-mgmt/octopkg: minor update to port existing ports-mgmt/octopkg New
202039: devel/llvm-devel: static analyzer tools not installed existing devel/llvm-devel Open
202035: devel/ncurses: checksums a file that is potentially automatically regenerated existing devel/ncurses New
202031: [Patch] drop :keepla from math/gmp and math/mpfr existing math/gmp New
202029: math/gmp: math/mpfr: libtool:keepla causes build failure for gnome-calculator in jhbuild existing math/gmp New
202013: New port: multimedia/syncplay: Synchronize video playback over networks new multimedia/syncplay New
202010: mail/exim: build broken when AUTH_RADIUS is set existing mail/exim New
202006: textproc/libxml2: xml2-config --libs output lists private libraries causing overlinking existing textproc/libxml2 Open
202000: [NEW PORT] net/py-kafka-python: Pure Python client for Apache Kafka new net/py-kafka-python New
201998: [new ports] games/PocketMine and required port devel/pecl-weakref new games/PocketMine New
201984: Error 413 in www/apache22 2.2.29_6 whith POST zero size existing www/apache22 New
201977: x11-toolkits/gtk30 is failing to build on powerpc existing x11-toolkits/gtk30 In Progress
201973: net-mgmt/sysmon rc.d file existing net-mgmt/sysmon New
201966: net/nanomsg: Update to 0.6-beta (patch included) existing net/nanomsg Open
201965: math/openblas doesn't install header files existing math/openblas New
201964: [PATCH] security/py-paramiko: hangs duplicity ssh backend existing security/py-paramiko New
201962: databases/postgresql-repmgr: update to 2.0.3 existing databases/postgresql-repmgr Open
201954: New port: net-p2p/go-ethereum Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol new net-p2p/go-ethereum New
201946: emulators/virtualbox-ose 4.3.28 problem with i386... existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
201941: portmaster fails, The math/mate-calc port has been de existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
201933: x11-fonts/fontconfig: SymbolNeu Encoding Issue existing x11-fonts/fontconfig In Progress
201905: net-mgmt/net-snmp: TabError in net-snmp existing net-mgmt/net-snmp New
201902: [new port] [request] lang/php5*-extensions: Add databases/php5*-redis new lang/php5 New
201871: x11/xlockmore accepts root password to unlock a user's session. existing x11/xlockmore New
201868: mail/thunderbird does not compile on 10.1-RELEASE-p14 amd64 existing mail/thunderbird New
201866: shells/zsh looks for zshrc in /etc but not in /usr/local/etc existing shells/zsh New
201865: www/chromium: No file dialogs for saving files existing www/chromium New
201860: x11/xscreensaver has heavy run-dependencies existing x11/xscreensaver In Progress
201858: [new port] sysutils/aerofs-cli new sysutils/aerofs-cli New
201854: [PATCH] textproc/xqilla: Update to version 2.3.2 existing textproc/xqilla New
201844: [PATCH] graphics/fotoxx: Update to version 15.05 existing graphics/fotoxx New
201833: print/tex-luatex fails to build existing print/tex-luatex New
201828: [new port] www/rubygem-rails41 new www/rubygem-rails41 Open
201827: [new port] www/rubygem-jquery-rails41 new www/rubygem-jquery-rails41 Open
201824: [new port] textproc/rubygem-rails-dom-testing-rails41 new textproc/rubygem-rails-dom-testing-rails41 Open
201821: [new port] devel/rubygem-rails-deprecated_sanitizer-rails41 new devel/rubygem-rails-deprecated_sanitizer-rails41 Open
201813: sysutils/u-boot-cubox-hummingboard: No valid device tree blob found existing sysutils/u-boot-cubox-hummingboard New
201805: [PATCH] www/chromium: enable native message service API for extensions existing www/chromium New
201804: [MAINTAINER] www/MT,russian/MT: update to 5.2.13 existing www/MT Open
201800: graphics/scantailor segfaults existing graphics/scantailor New
201799: [new port] sysutils/racadm new sysutils/racadm In Progress
201796: Mk/ Set PostgreSQL 9.4 as default framework   Open
201778: audio/sox: Multiple memory corruption vulnerabilities in SoX 14.4.2 existing audio/sox Open
201770: gcj48 from lang/gcc complains about no classpath specified existing lang/gcc New
201763: Tracking bug for AArch64 port build failures unknown   New
201762: misc/talkfilters crashes clang when building for AARCH64 (fixup value out of range) existing misc/talkfilters New
201748: [maintainer] [patch] mail/milter-greylist-devel update to 4.5.14 existing mail/milter-greylist-devel New
201743: devel/ice 3.6.0 tests hang existing devel/ice Open
201742: deskutils/cairo-dock-plugins plist issues existing deskutils/cairo-dock-plugins In Progress
201737: Upgrade math/octave existing math/octave New
201736: graphics/gdal: broken existing graphics/gdal New
201726: graphics/ImageMagick-noX11: Updating fails, because installing ghostscript9-noX11 fails (duplicate install during update process?) existing graphics/ImageMagick-nox11 New
201722: print/hplip: zombie process existing print/hplip New
201721: devel/openocd: Update to 0.9.0 existing devel/openocd New
201719: [patch] comms/klog: add LICENSE, install translations existing comms/klog New
201718: sysutils/arcconf 1.7 Segmentation fault with Dell CERC SATA Raid existing sysutils/arcconf New
201709: [MAINTAINER-UPDATE]: www/magento: Update to existing www/magento In Progress
201708: devel/m17n-lib: Update to 1.7.0 existing devel/m17n-lib New
201707: devel/m17n-db: update to 1.7.0 existing devel/m17n-db New
201699: [Patch] devel/drpython: Fixes AttributeError on wx.HIDE_READONLY for wx.FileDialog existing devel/drpython New
201693: [PATCH] astro/google-earth; Allow installation with nvidia legacy drivers existing astro/google-earth New
201682: [NEW PORT] www/grafana2: Dashboard and graph editor for Graphite, InfluxDB & OpenTSDB new www/grafana2 New
201671: devel/doxygen doesnt build on 10.1 existing devel/doxygen New
201667: devel/binutils: mips64 builds target 32-bit mips existing devel/binutils New
201659: math/scilab port build fails existing math/scilab New
201658: Regression of ports/184032 when devel/p5-ReadLine-Perl Stagified existing devel/p5-ReadLine-Perl New
201652: editors/diakonos won't run after Port upgrades existing editors/diakonos New
201651: sysutils/tracker does not rebuild with devel/icu existing sysutils/tracker New
201649: No IPFW logs with rsyslog port unknown   New
201637: [patch] emulators/mupen64plus-plugins: convert to USES=metaport, simplify options handling existing emulators/mupen64plus-plugins New
201636: [patch] graphics/frei0r-plugins: convert to USES=metaport existing graphics/frei0r-plugins New
201635: message correctness Mk/Scripts/ framework   New
201631: [patch] misc/freebsd-doc-all: convert to USES=metaport existing misc/freebsd-doc-all New
201623: /usr/ports/graphics/dri fails on powerpc existing graphics/dri New
201618: [patch] lang/php5*-extensions: convert to USES=metaport existing lang/php5 Open
201612: print/texlive-base fails on powerpc existing print/texlive-base New
201607: www/firefox: Fails to configure on PowerPC existing www/firefox New
201606: print/texlive-base: Fails to configure on PPC (Sorry, can not preprocess ) existing print/texlive-base New
201605: [patch] editors/calligra-l10n: convert to USES=metaport existing editors/calligra-l10n New
201602: New Port net/yaf_file_mediator YAF file mediator new net/yaf_file_mediator New
201592: [change request] textproc/dblatex: Add important run dependency existing textproc/dblatex New
201583: security/nmap: failure on 10.x when INET6 is disabled in kernel existing security/nmap New
201573: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions v 4.3.28 and 4.3.30 incapable of screen resolution that worked in 4.3.26 existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions New
201571: emulators/virtualbox-ose: Kubuntu 15.04 guest re-enters keyboard strokes + steals host keyboard existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
201565: [patch] emulators/mupen64plus: don't cat pkg-message from Makefile, convert to USES=metaport existing emulators/mupen64plus New
201557: mail/enma bug when using SPF 'ptr' mechanism with ipv6 address and milter rejection enhancement existing mail/enma New
201556: [patch] print/texlive-full: convert to USES=metaport existing print/texlive-full New
201553: [maintainer update] biology/consed update to consed 29.0 existing biology/consed Open
201551: - "make clean" does not clean ${WKRDIR} of automatic packages framework   New
201544: [patch] sysutils/firstboot-*: add NO_ARCH, wrap long line existing sysutils/firstboot-pkgs New
201543: www/chromium: chrome processes stuck at 100% cpu existing www/chromium New
201533: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg install leaves database probably inconsistent upon interruption existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
201531: [patch] www/libsocialweb: add missing dependencies, add LICENSE existing www/libsocialweb New
201530: editors/abiword build failure on /usr/include/c++/4.2/bits/stl_set.h existing editors/abiword In Progress
201529: devel/qmake5 build failure on powerpc existing devel/qmake5 New
201527: devel/hadoop2: bundled version of tomcat is vulnerable, unnecessary existing devel/hadoop2 New
201526: devel/oozie: bundled version of tomcat is vulnerable, unnecessary existing devel/oozie New
201523: lang/python27 on raspberry B, _ctypes libffi sysv.S 'invalid instruction' existing lang/python27 Open
201522: [NEW PORT] net/kafkacat new net/kafkacat New
201512: sysutils/py-psutil: process.as_dict causes process to abort existing sysutils/py-psutil New
201503: New port: net/libp0f Library of p0f-2.x new net/libp0f New
201501: textproc/groonga: Enable embedded mruby existing textproc/groonga Open
201500: devel/llvm*: installs without links to default names to binaries unknown   New
201496: [patch] x11/xorg-libraries: convert to USES=metaport existing x11/xorg-libraries New
201493: [patch] x11-fonts/xorg-fonts: convert dependencies to USES=metaport existing x11-fonts/xorg-fonts New
201475: [patch] multimedia/smplayer: qt4-linguist -> qt4-linguisttools existing multimedia/smplayer New
201468: net/siproxd: Updates towards 8.2.0 (wishlist) existing net/siproxd Open
201460: [NEW-PORT] www/qviaggiatreno : Qt tool to monitor the Italian railway traffic new www/qviaggiatreno New
201455: textproc/apache-solr does not start after upgrade from 4.10.4 to 5.2.1 existing textproc/apache-solr New
201449: [PATCH]sysutils/file: update to 5.24 existing sysutils/file New
201437: www/seahub: Reinstall or upgrade overwrites existing www/seahub Open
201424: graphics/cuneiform namespace error existing graphics/cuneiform Open
201422: [new port] net/deviceatlas-enterprise-c: DeviceAtlas Device Detection Enterprise C API new net/deviceatlas-enterprise-c New
201417: New port: www/p5-MojoX-Log-Dispatch-Simple new www/p5-MojoX-Log-Dispatch-Simple New
201401: [PATCH] sysutils/u-boot-beaglebone existing sysutils/u-boot-beaglebone New
201399: [NEW PORT]x11-themes/kvantum: SVG-based theme engine for Qt4/Qt5 and KDE new x11-themes/kvantum New
201397: databases/sqlcipher: Added USE_OPENSSL, forced it to link with OpenSSL from port, fixed stripping existing databases/sqlcipher New
201396: [NEW PORT] databases/py-pysqlcipher: Python bindings for SQLCipher from new databases/py-pysqlcipher New
201393: [NEW PORT] finance/py-bitcoin: Python Bitcoin Tools new finance/py-bitcoin New
201392: [NEW PORT] finance/py-obelisk: Python native client for the obelisk blockchain server new finance/py-obelisk New
201390: [NEW PORT] security/py-pyelliptic: Python OpenSSL wrapper new security/py-pyelliptic New
201388: [NEW PORT] net/py-pystun: Python STUN client for getting NAT type and external IP new net/py-pystun New
201386: [NEW PORT] devel/py-bandit: Tool designed to find common security issues in Python code new devel/py-bandit New
201385: [NEW PORT] www/py-rfc3986: Python implementation of RFC 3986 new www/py-rfc3986 New
201384: [NEW PORT] dns/py-dnschain: Python library for looking up blockchain data via DNSChain new dns/py-dnschain New
201381: math/pari: Update to 2.7.4 existing math/pari New
201380: graphics/tesseract-data: specifying TESSERACT_LANGS in make.conf breaks port existing graphics/tesseract-data New
201379: audio/aqualung: Missing liblame dependency existing audio/aqualung In Progress
201377: [exp-run] Update clang in base to 3.7.0-r241361 (snapshot) framework   In Progress
201372: mail/postfix fails to build with openssl from ports and LDAP enabled with Fetch(3) enabled existing mail/postfix Open
201364: Update math/mpfr to 3.1.3 and unbreak fetch existing math/mpfr New
201353: sysutils/runit: runsvdir rc.d script depends on unknown dependency existing sysutils/runit Open
201340: x11/nvidia-driver: Update to 352.21 existing x11/nvidia-driver In Progress
201331: [patch] security/arm: arm script relies on python binary the dependency does not provide existing security/arm Open
201305: mail/mutt14: [patch] lock error: mutt_dotlock needs group "mail" existing mail/mutt14 New
201293: 201293 existing mail/sendmail    
201280: devel/gaphor: Missing etk.docking dependency existing devel/gaphor New
201270: lang/luajit is broken under clang existing lang/luajit New
201253: graphics/qgis: build failure on 10.1/amd64 with default options. existing graphics/qgis New
201251: x11-fonts/noto: include Noto emoji existing x11-fonts/noto Open
201250: cad/z88: Update to 14.0 existing cad/z88 New
201248: security/p5-Crypt-RHash fails to build on arm6 existing security/p5-Crypt-RHash New
201246: cad/elmerfem: ElmerGrid: Shared object "" not found, required by "ElmerGrid" existing cad/elmerfem In Progress
201232: New port: dns/rest-dns-proxy DNS proxy server that can do query from REST DNS API server new dns/rest-dns-proxy New
201226: graphics/lcms2: crashes with SIGBUS on armv6 existing graphics/lcms2 New
201218: [PATCH] net-p2p/transmission-remote-gui:fix build_fs_violation existing net-p2p/transmission-remote-gui New
201215: jsdr no icons existing comms/jsdr Open
201209: net-im/mcabber is two versions behind now. existing net-im/mcabber New
201207: devel/gdb: Duplicate thread listing when attaching to running multithreaded program existing devel/gdb Open
201198: www/owncloud: installs all files as www:www existing www/owncloud New
201197: New port: net/norm, NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast new net/norm New
201193: Mk/ setting incorrect PHP_EXT_DIR framework   New
201187: [revive port] editors/the, the Hessling Editor new editors/the New
201170: [revive port] [patch] lang/haskell-mode.el: readd, stage, and update new lang/haskell-mode.el New
201132: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions does not link on FreeBSD10.2 r284791M existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions New
201130: lang/go: add mlock/munlock/mlockall/munlockall support existing lang/go New
201116: net-mgmt/cacti 0.8.8.d patch to fix delete data sources and starts perl scripts existing net-mgmt/cacti Open
201112: www/redmine is not working after update (2.6.3_3) existing www/redmine In Progress
201106: databases/mantis: [security] CVE-2015-5059: documentation in private projects can be seen by every user existing databases/mantis In Progress
201104: [PATCH] lang/scala-docs: update to 2.11.7 existing lang/scala-docs New
201076: Add support for c++14 to Uses compiler framework   New
201071: net-mgmt/nagios-check_ports: broken on FreeBSD 8,9 even when WITH_PKGNG=yes existing net-mgmt/nagios-check_ports New
201069: [New Port] games/voxelands: A voxel sandbox game forked from minetest new games/voxelands New
201063: [new port] security/clamfs: FUSE-based user-space filesystem with on-access anti-virus file scanning new security/clamfs New
201060: security/clamav-unofficial-sigs: update to eXtremeSHOK fork existing security/clamav-unofficial-sigs New
201036: emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod: kernel panic on boot in 10.2-PRERELEASE (10/stable) existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod New
201031: [MAINTAINER] sysutils/watchman update to 4.1.0 existing sysutils/watchman In Progress
201027: www/nspluginwrapper does not work existing www/nspluginwrapper New
200999: [NEW PORT] net-im/ricochet: Ricochet instant messenger working throgh the Tor network new net-im/ricochet New
200996: devel/libvterm: wrong version in vterm.pc existing devel/libvterm New
200995: www/firefox: crash when opening downloaded file while downloading another file existing www/firefox Open
200977: [NEW PORT] games/nethack4: Modern fork of NetHack new games/nethack4 New
200955: [patch] Update net-mgmt/victorops-nagios to 1.3.16 existing net-mgmt/victorops-nagios New
200944: [NEW PORT] games/rubygem-ruby-fighter: Street fighter demo of gosu in ruby new games/rubygem-ruby-fighter Open
200943: [NEW PORT] graphics/rubygem-gosu: 2d graphics for ruby new graphics/rubygem-gosu Open
200939: devel/jsoncpp: update to latest version existing devel/jsoncpp In Progress
200937: lang/mono: [patch] mono-sgen SIGSEGV during build existing lang/mono New
200929: Implemented USE_SCMREPO: direct fetching of port source from SCM repository framework   New
200925: audio/cdparanoia: update to latest cdparanoia-III-10.2 existing audio/cdparanoia In Progress
200922: comms/hylafax receiving faxs not working existing comms/hylafax New
200918: sysutils/bacula-server: regression in existing sysutils/bacula-server New
200914: [PATCH] net/relayd rc.d script doesn't check configuration validity existing net/relayd New
200901: [NEW PORT] graphics/fbv: View pictures on framebuffer device new graphics/fbv New
200894: security/libressl not using hardware aesni acceleration existing security/libressl In Progress
200893: net/siproxd build failure on i386 with gcc existing net/siproxd Open
200892: [NEW PORT] lang/arnoldc: Interpreter for Schwarzenegger-based scripting language new lang/arnoldc New
200886: graphics/gimp-app: fix make error existing graphics/gimp-app In Progress
200884: www/thttpd - Option to remove stats in syslog? existing www/thttpd New
200845: www/firefox build fails with dtrace enabled existing www/firefox New
200837: security/denyhosts change in upstream distribution existing security/denyhosts New
200833: [exp-run] Update devel/bison to 3.0.4 framework   In Progress
200829: [PATCH] devel/avr-gdb: Add PYTHON option to make dependency explicit existing devel/avr-gdb New
200811: devel/qt4-rcc fails to configure on 10.1 existing devel/qt4-rcc New
200810: devel/qt4-moc fails to configure with clang in base on 10.1 existing devel/qt4-moc New
200795: print/cups-pstoraster fails to compile existing print/cups-pstoraster New
200786: [PATCH] net-mgmt/pmacct: Add missing PostgreSQL LIB_DEPENDS and support for multiple daemons in rc.d existing net-mgmt/pmacct New
200783: lang/mono: Don't require /proc existing lang/mono New
200781: x11/kde4: knotify (and kbiff) starts jackd with the flag "-l" only and creates zombies existing x11/kde4 New
200779: lang/php56 - Use after free vulnerability existing lang/php56 New
200778: security/tor: Added LDFLAGS+=-lexecinfo to allow stack traces to work existing security/tor New
200776: sysutils/apcupsd Revision 388568 breaks build on FreeBSD 9.3 (amd64) existing sysutils/apcupsd New
200765: www/surf: [patch] built-in download support existing www/surf New
200764: [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose: various dependency / bug fixes, convert USE(S) to OPTIONS helpers existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
200763: x11/plasma5-plasma: time widget not taking into account time zones unknown   New
200753: [NEW PORT] games/robocode-naval and [PATCH] games/robocode new games/robocode-naval New
200729: chinese/auto-tw-l10n: outdated irc sever setting of automatic generated .cshrc existing chinese/auto-tw-l10n New
200723: security/libressl fails to statically link existing security/libressl New
200718: www/py-graphite-web: Pulls Django 1.8 as dependency which makes syncdb command fail existing www/py-graphite-web New
200656: devel/libexecinfo: missing execinfo.h existing devel/libexecinfo New
200648: [patch] Update devel/jsoncpp to 0.10.2 existing devel/jsoncpp New
200631: www/tidy-devel: buffer overflow existing www/tidy-devel In Progress
200613: qemu-bsd-user fails to handle semctl() calls in databases/firebird25-client existing databases/firebird25-client In Progress
200604: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg set -n ignores answer to confirmation prompt existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
200595: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-rquery.8: description of %#[drCOLBbA] has wrong indentation existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
200579: graphics/inkscape core dump when using ImageMagick existing graphics/inkscape New
200569: Mk/Uses/ Version detection does not work properly framework   New
200565: audio/gstreamer1-plugins-faac and audio/gstreamer1-plugins-lame missing dependency existing audio/gstreamer1-plugins-faac Open
200564: [NEW PORT] [graphics/qt*-qcustomplot] QCustomPlot: Qt C++ widget for plotting and data visualization new graphics/qt5-qcustomplot New
200560: lang/perl5.18: wrong dependencies pre-5.20 upgrade existing lang/perl5.18 New
200552: New Port: sysutils/fswatch-file-change-monitor new sysutils/fswatch-file-change-monitor New
200534: [Maintainer update] java/eclipse: try to fix pkg-fallout error for i386 builds existing java/eclipse New
200509: pkg info is inconsistent with multiple arguments existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
200508: pkg upgrade doesn't work for pkg-name-version existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
200488: benchmarks/spp: Update to 0.3.6 existing benchmarks/spp Open
200487: www/chromium: Fails to compile. Media Transfer Protocol error: "Only used on Linux and ChromeOS" existing www/chromium New
200481: news/husky-hpt does not build/install the sqpack utility existing news/husky-hpt Open
200476: [revive port] sysutils/jailadmin - Jail management system with optional SNMP support new sysutils/jailadmin New
200470: security/i2p rc startup script is useless. existing security/i2p Open
200469: security/i2p router startup failed. existing security/i2p Open
200468: emulators/virtualbox-ose: hangs when using nmdm as serial device existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
200467: devel/qt4-moc fail to build with Clang36 existing devel/qt4-moc New
200465: emulators/virtualbox-ose freebsd 10.1-stable amd64 guest clock 6 times too slow existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
200444: security/trousers: weird rcorder, bad nodes, possible loop existing security/trousers New
200432: devel/arcanist: Conflicts with archivers/arc (LOCALBASE/bin/arc) existing devel/arcanist Open
200426: [NEW PORT] graphics/py-photocollage: Graphical tool to make photo collage posters new graphics/py-photocollage In Progress
200416: security/xinetd: man page fix existing security/xinetd New
200414: [databases/cassandra2][security] CVE-2015-0225 existing databases/cassandra2 Open
200395: net/vnc: vncserver won't start after recent font relocation existing net/vnc Open
200393: ports-mgmt/pkg: Performing pkg upgrade results in segfault when a package is locked existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
200391: ports-mgmt/poudriere: Missing packets after bulk build existing ports-mgmt/poudriere Open
200388: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions: Clipboard not working on FreeBSD as VBox guest existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions New
200374: editors/vim: 3.7.729 installation fails if NLS is deactivated with missing files rview.1.gz and rvim.1.gz existing editors/vim In Progress
200373: databases/cassandra2 fails to build with CQL option enabled existing databases/cassandra2 Open
200370: lang/perl5.20: Argument "2.49_01" isn't numeric existing lang/perl5.20 New
200358: net/samba41: Compilation of 4.1.18 fails: undefined reference to ... existing net/samba41 In Progress
200357: devel/atf: Test failure: local.atf.atf-sh.atf_check_test.flush_stdout_on_timeout existing devel/atf New
200356: dns/mDNSResponder_nss: Build and install nss_mdns existing dns/mDNSResponder_nss New
200349: x11/mate-applets mate-stickynotes_applet crashes (sigkill) when creating new note existing x11/mate-applets In Progress
200337: [PATCH] multimedia/libquvi-scripts09, missing dependency existing multimedia/libquvi-scripts09 In Progress
200336: [PATCH] net/luasocket, don't force to build with Lua 5.1 existing net/luasocket New
200325: [patch] japanese/mecab-ipadic: separate charset options into individual slave ports existing japanese/mecab-ipadic In Progress
200315: lang/rust: No rule to make target 'prepare_install' existing lang/rust In Progress
200310: multimedia/handbrake This build of x264 requires high depth input. Rebuild to support 8-bit input. existing multimedia/handbrake New
200309: [PATCH] x11-toolkits/p5-Wx: Fix build on 8.x/9.x existing x11-toolkits/p5-Wx New
200302: [PATCH] editors/texworks: Switch from qmake to cmake existing editors/texworks In Progress
200277: games/torcs: Segmentation fault existing games/torcs In Progress
200276: emulators/virtualbox-ose: Permission denied when attempting to run on fresh install existing emulators/virtualbox-ose Open
200272: graphics/gimp-elsamuko-script: fix mastersite and unbreak existing graphics/gimp-elsamuko-script New
200243: New port: net/ndproxy The ndproxy(4) kernel module implements IPv6 Neighbor Discovery proxying with many options to handle several use-cases. new net/ndproxy In Progress
200237: [PACTH] mail/up-imapproxy: Fix build with LibreSSL existing mail/up-imapproxy New
200230: Update devel/poco-ssl to 1.6.0 existing devel/poco-ssl New
200223: security/tor: ship tor package linked against openssl from ports (faster ECDH support) existing security/tor New
200209: lang/go: "go tool vet" doesn't work existing lang/go New
200201: [security] graphics/exact-image - CVE-2015-3885 existing graphics/exact-image New
200193: lang/clang35 does not handle %D formats properly existing lang/clang35 New
200190: devel/linux-*-dbus-libs lack symlink for /var/lib/dbus/machine-id existing www/linux-firefox Open
200181: x11/xorg: Unable to launch X on FreeBSD 11-Current existing x11/xorg New
200178: devel/arduino - The comms/RXTX port jar files are not referenced correctly. existing devel/arduino Open
200177: devel/arduino - Command line sketch is not loaded existing devel/arduino Open
200176: [security] archivers/libarchive out of bounds read vulnerability existing archivers/libarchive New
200174: www/py-graphite-web pkg-message and graphite.wsgi.example need updating existing www/py-graphite-web New
200171: lang/gcc5: set rpath by default via the gcc, g++, gfortran,... drivers existing lang/gcc5 New
200147: databases/firebird25-server add armv6 support existing databases/firebird25-server In Progress
200142: [exp-run] [patch] Make liblzma use libmd framework   Open
200132: math/sage fails to build - Error installing package gcc-4.9.2.p1 existing math/sage New
200124: x11-wm/blackbox 0.70.1_4 does not build on ARM existing x11-wm/blackbox New
200112: [new port] games/hs-scroll new games/hs-scroll New
200111: devel/tex-web2c: Fails to build with gcc5 existing devel/tex-web2c New
200101: lang/racket : port builds during staging (this is wrong) existing lang/racket Open
200086: [PATCH] Added license PublicDomain framework   New
200078: sysutils/mtpfs exited on signal 6 (core dumped) existing sysutils/mtpfs Open
200069: sysutils/screen: Option to install examples, cleanup Makefile existing sysutils/screen New
200063: [patch] japanese/font-shinonome: Fix installation of fonts.alias existing japanese/font-shinonome New
200060: lang/python34: Missing network-related constants existing lang/python34 Open
200042: [PATCH] comms/wspr: add strip existing comms/wspr New
200036: security/amavisd-new: clamd socket file incorrect existing security/amavisd-new New
200033: databases/postgis21: postgresql crash existing databases/postgis21 Open
200028: graphics/lensfun: fails to build on armv6 existing graphics/lensfun In Progress
200025: [feature request] ports-mgmt/pkg: searching package contents via pkg-rquery(8) existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
200020: [patch] editors/libreoffice: enable build on powerpc64 existing editors/libreoffice New
200018: [editors/kate-plugin-pate] Poudriere build fails: Filesystem touched during build existing editors/kate-plugin-pate New
200014: [www/firefox] Poudriere build fails with leftovers existing www/firefox New
200005: irc/znc Doesn't create znc user upon package install existing irc/znc New
199978: New stage-qa test: infoplist framework   Open
199947: www/revive-adserver - bad @mode in pkg-plist, directories are installed without X bit existing www/revive-adserver Open
199941: [revive port]: re-establish print/acroreadwrapper new print/acroreadwrapper New
199940: [revive port] print/acroread9: re-establish port new print/acroread9 New
199935: devel/codeblocks: stopped in /usr/ports/devel/codeblocks/work/codeblocks-13.12 ===> Compilation failed unexpectedly. existing devel/codeblocks New
199897: Mk/ GCC runtime should be optional framework   Open
199894: [NEW PORT] sysutils/graylog new sysutils/graylog New
199892: sysutils/duplicity: update to 0.7.02 existing sysutils/duplicity New
199889: [patch] www/newsbeuter strip existing www/newsbeuter New
199874: sysutils/fusefs-exfat: add support for CREATE operations existing sysutils/fusefs-exfat Open
199872: devel/glib20 Apps using glib 2.42.2 crashing with 'pthread_mutex_lock' abort existing devel/glib20 In Progress
199859: x11/gnome3-lite ports Additional request(deskutils/gnome-shell-extension-mailnag) existing x11/gnome3-lite New
199851: sysutils/cronolog -- fixing MASTER and PATCH-sites existing sysutils/cronolog New
199841: [UPDATE] multimedia/totem-pl-parser to 3.10.5 existing multimedia/totem-pl-parser New
199834: www/netsurf does not build on ARM and amd64 existing www/netsurf New
199830: error message when booting with sysutils/grub2-pcbsd existing sysutils/grub2-pcbsd In Progress
199823: emulators/virtualbox-ose 4.3.26 fails to build - assembler error expecting operand existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
199799: multimedia/libx264: Core dump when compiled on i386 with clang (on 10.1) existing multimedia/libx264 In Progress
199772: math/abacus: linking against shared library fails with missing symbols existing math/abacus New
199771: leaks __MAKE_CONF/SRCCONF into the build environment; should be sanitized from the environment framework   New
199756: [new port] security/rubygem-omniauth-kerberos new security/rubygem-omniauth-kerberos Open
199751: databases/mysql56-server: Can't specify my.cnf path in /usr/local/etc/my.cnf or /etc/my.cnf existing databases/mysql56-server New
199745: ports-mgmt/pkg removes erroneously half of the installed packages.... existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
199743: [New Port] audio/forked-daapd: DAAP (iTunes) and RSP (Roku) media server new audio/forked-daapd New
199731: www/webkit-gtk2: Updating to version fails existing www/webkit-gtk2 New
199728: Perl scripts in /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/ broken since r358817 framework   Open
199722: [revive port] sysutils/jailutils new sysutils/jailutils In Progress
199717: devel/libublio: missing .pc file existing devel/libublio Open
199715: graphics/opencv-core crashes ffmpeg existing graphics/opencv-core In Progress
199695: [new port] security/rubygem-timfel-krb5 new security/rubygem-timfel-krb5 Open
199687: www/w3m: www/w3mfiles/patch-main.c breaks on 10.1 & current existing www/w3m New
199665: ports-mgmt/pkg: dependency problem when upgrading a single package existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
199633: graphics/jpeg-turbo: includes should be installed, rework proposed existing graphics/jpeg-turbo New
199623: lang/mlton missing RUN_DEPENDS for gcc47 existing lang/mlton New
199611: lang/ruby20: DEFAULT_CERT_FILE is incorrect existing lang/ruby20 New
199603: Mk/Uses/ cannot specify more than one argument framework   In Progress
199601: devel/boost-all: Upgrade to 1.58 existing devel/boost-all Open
199599: [NEW PORT] editors/jed-lite new editors/jed-lite New
199573: New Port: games/stendhal-webstart - Script for launching the remote Stendhal game webstart new games/stendhal-webstart New
199572: ports-mgmt/portmaster: useless processing of depends over and over again existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
199570: misc/translate: Use of uninitialized value $lort in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/local/bin/translate line 108. existing misc/translate New
199566: lang/polyml: pkg-config output missing libffi dependency existing lang/polyml Open
199563: databases/postgis21: is missing control files existing databases/postgis21 In Progress
199556: databases/mysql-udf fails to build with MariaDB existing databases/mysql-udf In Progress
199555: editors/libreoffice Cannot install Writer2Latex extension existing editors/libreoffice New
199550: Mk/ COPYTREE_* escaping glob/shell patterns framework   New
199541: audio/csound6: syntax errors in orchestra existing audio/csound6 New
199535: Make IPv6 optional in Bacula unknown   New
199527: math/blitz++: unbreak with Texinfo 5.x existing math/blitz++ In Progress
199516: net/ss5: Segfaults due to missing /var/log/ss5 directory existing net/ss5 Open
199515: ports-mgmt/portmaster: ran with -H option, stall build while waiting for input existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
199514: audio/xfce4-mixer does not list all audio channels and incorrect listing. existing audio/xfce4-mixer New
199501: graphics/kipi-plugins-kde4 does not read a preexisting options file existing graphics/kipi-plugins-kde4 New
199480: [patch] lang/lua52, lang/lua53: use 'arc4random()' instead of 'time()' for string hash seed existing lang/lua52 Open
199473: converters/libiconv: update caused dependency issues existing converters/libiconv In Progress
199458: DEFAULT_VERSIONS weirdness framework   New
199433: japanese/w3m-img fails to install with explicit confliction existing japanese/w3m-img New
199432: circular dependency in www/w3m existing www/w3m New
199427: net/ntop: build results in ar-inside-ar, not handled by ELF tool chain strip existing net/ntop New
199420: New Port www/mule_standalone3 (ESB) new www/mule_standalone3 New
199406: Adjust UNIQUENAME to also include PKGNAMESUFFIX framework   New
199401: net-mgmt/net-snmp fails to compile with error mibII/ipv6.c:848:29 error existing net-mgmt/net-snmp New
199399: [new port] math/geogebra new math/geogebra New
199392: deskutils/fbreader: Upgrade to FBReader 0.99.6 fails - de-install then install OK existing deskutils/fbreader New
199388: Compilation of databases/tokyocabinet 1.4.48 on FreeBSD 10.1 fails with cc: error: unknown argument: '-fforce-addr' (CLANG) existing databases/tokyocabinet In Progress
199386: multimedia/livestreamer slow start up mplayer/mplayer2 on some streaming video. existing multimedia/livestreamer New
199364: emulators/virtualbox-ose: Fix for the KDE dialog problem existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
199360: [wishlist] ports tree layout (names and hierarchy) could be more user friendly and less "nerd'ish" framework   New
199314: net/haproxy: create haproxy user, install sample config existing net/haproxy New
199310: www/firefox: Font rendering problem on 10-STABLE existing www/firefox Open
199306: suggestion: audio/linux-c6-openal-soft: make oss driver enabled by default existing audio/linux-c6-openal-soft Open
199303: news/pan crashes when started. existing news/pan New
199297: devel/qmake5: package may leak WRKSRC references in qt_targspec and qt_hostspec, breaking Qt5 ports existing devel/qmake5 New
199296: ports-mgmt/pkg: should disable "old" periodic scripts existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
199291: net-mgmt/pnp does not work with php 5.6 existing net-mgmt/pnp New
199290: databases/virtuoso virtuoso-7.1.0_4 does not run on i386 while you are running i386 existing databases/virtuoso New
199288: x11/xconsole does not find any fonts existing x11/xconsole New
199279: multimedia/smplayer DTS problem/streaming video problem/random frenzied with livestreamer. existing multimedia/smplayer Open
199233: [PATCH] graphics/delaboratory: Support DESKTOP_ENTRIES existing graphics/delaboratory In Progress
199229: [PATCH] games/alephone-data: convert to option helpers existing games/alephone-data Open
199194: chinese/ttfm: /usr/local/share/ttfm/xttfm.ttfm still installs symlinks to /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts existing chinese/ttfm New
199190: [regression] java/openjdk7 does not use local timezone,while openjdk6 ok existing java/openjdk7 New
199186: Fix sysutils/i7z segfaults and warnings existing sysutils/i7z New
199185: [devel/android-tools-adb][patch] Accept devices w/o serial number existing devel/android-tools-adb In Progress
199176: [PATCH] security/p5-Business-PayPal-EWP Fix build with LibreSSL existing security/p5-Business-PayPal-EWP Open
199175: www/midori 0.5.9 freezes and dumps .core file existing www/midori Open
199171: japanese/nkf: document is broken existing japanese/nkf New
199167: sysutils/py-salt: Run master as non root user existing sysutils/py-salt Open
199166: sysutils/xfce4-power-manager: allocates ALL memory existing sysutils/xfce4-power-manager Open
199160: [patch] security/cyrus-sasl2-ldapdb requires OpenLDAP with SASL existing security/cyrus-sasl2-ldapdb New
199157: [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions, emulators/virtualbox-ose: only start vbox client programs if running in a virtual machine existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions New
199148: editors/emacs: gcc not required on supported platforms existing editors/emacs In Progress
199142: databases/postgresql94-server (and -client) fails to compile with seg. fault checking size of off_t at config stage existing databases/postgresql94-server Open
199141: lang/ruby22: [PATCH][feature request] completely cleanup of gem functions existing lang/ruby22 In Progress
199135: [NEW PORT] games/typetod 0.02: endless typing game written in python3 new games/typetod New
199129: [PATCH] sysutils/synergy avoid -march=native producing broken packages for other CPUs existing sysutils/synergy New
199123: [patch] security/py-kerberos to optionally use Kerberos from base, heimdal, or from MIT existing security/py-kerberos Open
199110: [textproc/heirloom-doctools] [patch] Update to 150406, switch upstream existing textproc/heirloom-doctools New
199107: Several rubygem CONFLICTS: Eg: archivers/rubygem-rubyzip & devel/rubygem-i18n causing security/metasploit build failure existing archivers/rubygem-rubyzip In Progress
199106: [stage-qa] [PATCH] New stage-qa check 'basemix': Prevents some dangerous mixing of base and port libraries framework   New
199098: Some ports may use COMPILER_TYPE instead of CHOSEN_COMPILER_TYPE unknown   New
199092: ports-mgmt/portmaster fails to perform at industrial load ;) portmaster -gdvy `find /usr/ports/graphics -type d -depth 1 | pkg which -qo | sort -u` dies existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
199091: [databases/cassandra][security] CVE-2015-0225 existing databases/cassandra Open
199082: [patch] mail/geary update to 10.0 existing mail/geary New
199079: databases/mysql-workbench52: Incompatible with glib 2.42 - Empty Result Grids existing databases/mysql-workbench52 New
199077: [patch] devel/pep8: make port concurrent existing devel/pep8 New
199070: Please run exp-run for D2178 (usr.bin/sed) framework   Open
199055: lang/sbcl: upgrade to 1.2.10 and fix thread concurrency existing lang/sbcl New
199050: lang/python*: Fix build with LibreSSL without NLS existing lang/python Open
199049: ports-mgmt/pkg: [wishlist]: 'pkg fetch' should re-fetch files part from where it previously left off existing ports-mgmt/pkg Open
199046: sysutils/screen: Custom system-wide screenrc should not be installed by default existing sysutils/screen In Progress
199037: security/apache-xml-security-c: add CPE information existing security/apache-xml-security-c New
199019: [PATCH] www/webstone-ssl: Fix disabled SSLv2 and LibreSSL build existing www/webstone-ssl New
198996: [graphics/cairo] [PATCH] Added missing USE_X11 parts existing graphics/cairo New
198995: [patch] net/dhcp6 - Fix does not log debug messages to syslog when daemonized existing net/dhcp6 New
198994: net/ipsumdump 1.85 fails to link on amd64 and i386 10.1Stable existing net/ipsumdump New
198983: [patch]deskutils/py-pycarddav: fix DISTNAME/PORTNAME existing deskutils/py-pycarddav New
198980: [PATCH] comms/kermit: Fix build with No-SSLv3 existing comms/kermit New
198978: [NEW PORT] misc/xfce4-goodies: Meta-package to install all the available plugins, like Debian's xfce4-goodies new misc/xfce4-goodies Open
198952: emulators/virtualbox-ose stopped working (NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED) existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
198951: [NEW PORT] x11-themes/evolvere-icon-theme: Icon themes for KDE, Gnome, Xfce new x11-themes/evolvere-icon-theme Open
198938: ftp/proftpd bug, chroot does not allow for access to or creation of folders named 'lib' existing ftp/proftpd New
198932: add metadata from add-plist-buildinfo target in to PKG_NOTES framework   New
198922: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg2ng: Assertion failed existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
198919: new port: misc/stderred Library that will display STDERR output in red new misc/stderred New
198902: www/firefox npapi crash existing www/firefox New
198900: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version show status '?' when using multiple repos existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
198898: ports-mgmt/pkg: No syntax warning from pkg version existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
198883: [UPDATE] devel/libgee to 0.18.0 existing devel/libgee New
198881: [patch] Add two new special behavior variables: USE_REPO_DEPENDS and USE_REPO_DEPENDS_ONLY framework   New
198856: graphics/dri emulators/virtualbox-ose x11 direct3D crash existing graphics/dri New
198815: devel/m6811-binutils: Multiple security vulnerabilities existing devel/m6811-binutils New
198813: devel/psptoolchain-binutils: Multiple security vulnerabilities existing devel/psptoolchain-binutils Open
198812: databases/mysql56-server, databases/mysql56-client should use system zlib not bundled existing databases/mysql56-server New
198801: lang/php5: use @sample keyword and update CONFLICTS existing lang/php5 New
198777: print/cups-base: XDG_OPEN option not functioning as intended existing print/cups-base New
198766: [PATCH] www/links-hacked: Make EGD conditional/Fix build with LibreSSL existing www/links-hacked New
198765: [PATCH] www/links: Make EGD conditional/Fix build with LibreSSL existing www/links In Progress
198764: [PATCH] www/elinks: Make EGD conditional/Fix build with LibreSSL existing www/elinks In Progress
198761: [new port] /net-mgmt/network-manager Networkmgr is a GTK Network Manager For FreeBSD new net-mgmt/network-manager New
198746: x11-fm/xplore requires tradcpp a runtime dep. existing x11-fm/xplore New
198741: New port: security/sagan: Security tool to alert on log files new security/sagan Open
198732: x11-wm/enlightenment audio mixer does not recognize channels existing x11-wm/enlightenment In Progress
198727: [PATCH] lang/mono FileSystemWatcher (kevent) deadlock problem existing lang/mono In Progress
198720: multimedia/qt5-multimedia: compilation fails du to "undefined reference to" existing multimedia/qt5-multimedia New
198705: [new port] www/httpd: OpenBSD http daemon new www/httpd New
198702: print/cups-base: unable to print when a job name is not in UTF-8 existing print/cups-base New
198690: New port: sysutils/dsbwrtsysctl Changes variable=value pairs in sysctl.conf, or adds them new sysutils/dsbwrtsysctl New
198686: New port: benchmarks/sweep3d Heart of a real ASCI application new benchmarks/sweep3d New
198678: devel/p4web can't take custom p4web_user existing devel/p4web New
198677: [amd64] devel/p4web won't run on 10.x if compat9x-amd64 is not installed existing devel/p4web New
198669: x11-wm/marco: marco consistently core dumps on startup with a SIGABRT existing x11-wm/marco New
198664: x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmware: I have updated the x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmware port to 13.1.0 existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-vmware New
198662: graphics/ImageMagick has circular dependency existing graphics/ImageMagick New
198657: net/vde2 can't compile existing net/vde2 Open
198624: sysutils/linux-crashplan Won't run. Java throws an error existing sysutils/linux-crashplan New
198621: x11-wm/enlightenment 0.19.4 screenlock does not unlock. existing x11-wm/enlightenment New
198618: [patch] net/freerdp update to version 1.2 existing net/freerdp Open
198607: x11-wm/awesome-vicious: vicious widgets ported to FreeBSD existing x11-wm/awesome-vicious New
198588: databases/postgresql94-server default dependency on libxml2 existing databases/postgresql94-server New
198579: [update request] math/geogebra-i18n existing math/geogebra-i18n New
198574: [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose: get rid of "Qt WARNING: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile" messages existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
198566: sysutils/fusefs-ntfs: When compiled with UBLIO, mkntfs is unable to create NTFS (hangs) existing sysutils/fusefs-ntfs New
198564: lang/mono: Support the LLVM backend existing lang/mono New
198559: www/mod_auth_kerb2 causes apache to fail to start existing www/mod_auth_kerb2 New
198550: www/firefox-i18n/ and mail/thunderbird-i18n/ rm: /usr/local/lib/xpi/langpack-** is a directory existing www/firefox-i18n New
198547: emulators/virtualbox-ose Host-Only network failure existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
198545: PORTS_MODULES=x11/nvidia-driver-340 build error: signal 22 existing x11/nvidia-driver-340 New
198541: www/linux-c6-flashplugin11 does not work with firefox 36 or opera 12 existing www/linux-c6-flashplugin11 Open
198540: sysutils/policykit: use @sample, fix install from non-root existing sysutils/policykit New
198535: [PATCH] security/isakmpd: Replace deprecated DES_ methods and fix LibreSSL build existing security/isakmpd In Progress
198527: [PATCH] security/heimdal: Detect LibreSSL / fix build without EGD existing security/heimdal New
198518: sysutils/gdisk: Fail to build when UTF16 is enabled existing sysutils/gdisk New
198506: [PATCH] irc/ircd-ratbox Make EGD conditional/fix LibreSSL build existing irc/ircd-ratbox In Progress
198504: [PATCH] irc/charybdis: Make EGD conditional/fix LibreSSL build existing irc/charybdis New
198496: devel/libgsf builderror existing devel/libgsf In Progress
198492: net/remmina and net/remmina-plugins upgrade existing net/remmina New
198490: sysutils/mcollective: Install documentation templates existing sysutils/mcollective New
198489: [UPDATE] textproc/libsass, textproc/sassc: Update to 3.1.0 existing textproc/libsass New
198482: x11/nvidia-driver-304 304.125 broken on RELENG_9 existing x11/nvidia-driver-304 New
198479: www/firefox - build fails with DEBUG option on FreeBSD 8 existing www/firefox Open
198459: x11-servers/xorg-server: Fails to detect most video cards on sparc64 in 11.0-CURRENT existing x11-servers/xorg-server In Progress
198449: [NEW PORT security/gpg4usb] GUI frontent for GnuPG + new port feature USE_SVNREPO to support it (moved) new security/gpg4usb New
198445: make package-recursive rebuilds things that are already packaged framework   New
198429: devel/dbus runs before ldconfig, not fixed by 196274 existing devel/dbus New
198415: devel/gdb: need gdbserver existing devel/gdb New
198409: net/minidlna 1.1.4_1,1 "upnphttp.c:1909 Error opening ..." at boot and no error after "restart" existing net/minidlna New
198403: devel/dbus: fails to run on fresh install existing devel/dbus In Progress
198372: graphics/evince dumps core on signal 6, and signal 10 existing graphics/evince New
198367: www/nginx: modsecurity compilation fails if lua51 is installed existing www/nginx New
198351: [PATCH] security/opencryptoki: Replace deprecated des_ and fix LibreSSL build existing security/opencryptoki New
198340: [PATCH] net/gq Replace deprecated des_ and fix LibreSSL build existing net/gq New
198337: pkg version reporting incorrect results for python3 sqlite3 module framework   New
198333: [PATCH] ftp/pavuk Fix build WITHOUT_SSL2 and with LibreSSL existing ftp/pavuk New
198325: devel/powerpc64-gcc: add CPE information existing devel/powerpc64-gcc New
198324: Mk/ speed up "make clean" framework   New
198323: security/cyrus-sasl2: make local DB-errors more descriptive existing security/cyrus-sasl2 New
198315: net/relayd does not work with ssl services existing net/relayd New
198301: japanese/sj3-server sj3.c:1359: error: expected declaration or statement at end of input existing japanese/sj3-server New
198296: math/fftw3: upgrade, fix the "SSE but not SSE2" systems existing math/fftw3 In Progress
198293: dns/opendnssec: bind UDP dnssec failing existing dns/opendnssec New
198287: sysutils/cdrtools-devel (cc), : exited on signal 6 (core dumped) existing sysutils/cdrtools-devel New
198272: [exp-run] Identify if_media.h consumers in ports framework   Open
198263: security/fakeident: move source to files, use rc structure existing security/fakeident New
198262: net/samba36: add timeout option existing net/samba36 In Progress
198253: sysutils/cdrtools build causes: exited on signal 6 (core dumped) existing sysutils/cdrtools New
198251: Remove ports-mgmt/portmaster pkg-message pkgng suggestion existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
198246: net/samba36: build without LDAP and ADS fails, if EXP_MODULES is on existing net/samba36 New
198245: sysutils/geomgui FIXES MASTER_SITES, and WWW existing sysutils/geomgui New
198233: lang/clang-devel : Fix scan-build existing lang/clang-devel New
198232: devel/kBuild: fix build with clang [PATCH] existing devel/kBuild New
198212: [PATCH] databases/mongodb allow custom config path existing databases/mongodb New
198138: www/php5-tidy: adding an option to use tidy-html5 existing www/php5-tidy New
198133: graphics/opencv-core fails to build on powerpc64 existing graphics/opencv-core New
198087: [PATCH] graphics/djvulibre: Update to 3.5.27 existing graphics/djvulibre In Progress
198082: [new ports] databases/linux-oracle-12-instantclient-basic, -sdk, -sqlplus, release 12 of instantclient ports new databases/linux-oracle-12-instantclient-basic New
198071: emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod: vboxdrv confusing geom existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod New
198068: net-im/ktp-text-ui doesn't display chat history existing net-im/ktp-text-ui New
198067: net-mgmt/xymon-client: rc script kills unrelated processes existing net-mgmt/xymon-client In Progress
198064: net/samba41: 4.1.17 seems to change necessary rc.conf option for winbindd existing net/samba41 New
198053: [new port] databases/p5-DBD-mysql55 new databases/p5-DBD-mysql55 New
198045: Build tools hiding dependency issues framework   New
198027: devel/gmake-lite fails on make package-recursive if bash-static is installed existing devel/gmake-lite New
198025: [PATCH][REVIVE] textproc/xxdiff & textproc/xxdiff-scripts: Update to 4.0 new textproc/xxdiff In Progress
198019: [PATCH]: FreeBSD 10.1 fix for comms/telldus-core existing comms/telldus-core Open
197992: [New port] databases/postgresql92-1c new databases/postgresql92-1c New
197990: x11/kde4-workspace: crash of plasma-desktop due to GLIBCXX_3.4.15 version not found existing x11/kde4-workspace New
197985: error when install mail/openwebmail existing mail/openwebmail Open
197972: lang/python27 fails due to error "./ undefined reference to `sincos'" existing lang/python27 Open
197951: [patch] update graphics/py-pyglet to 1.2.0 existing graphics/py-pyglet New
197940: games/openra (also lang/mono ): Crashes on load with apparent Mono runtime error existing games/openra Open
197930: www/firefox: does not build with 10.1-RELEASE existing www/firefox New
197926: emulators/qemu-user-static fails due to syntax error in config-host.ld:14 existing emulators/qemu-user-static Open
197916: [sysutils/hal] hald doesn't create records for ZFS mount points existing sysutils/hal New
197888: devel/codeblocks crash on startup with coredump existing devel/codeblocks In Progress
197884: System with zfs freezes if emulators/virtualbox-ose got all ram existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
197877: math/maxima install 5.35.1 as ports existing math/maxima In Progress
197840: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions: seamless mode don't work on FreeBSD Guest i386 existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions New
197831: devel/valgrind on stable/10: binary package still needs updating due to openat() existing devel/valgrind In Progress
197825: new port: devel/acsccid:driver for acs smart card readers new devel/acsccid New
197816: sysutils/pftop: doesn't compile on -CURRENT with GCC (MIPS64) existing sysutils/pftop New
197805: [feature request] ports-mgmt/portmaster: special handling of sudo existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
197794: sysutils/cdrtools: fails to build on armv6 existing sysutils/cdrtools Open
197793: security/gnupg1: fails to build on armv6 existing security/gnupg1 Open
197748: ports-mgmt/pkg: ignores error conditions at exit time existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
197712: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: add CPE information existing x11-servers/xorg-server New
197703: security/ipsec-tools: build fails on 8.4-RELEASE existing security/ipsec-tools In Progress
197700: net/vinagre: fails to build on 10.1-RELEASE existing net/vinagre New
197682: [NEW PORT] devel/py-autopep8: Automatically formats Python code to PEP8 style guide new devel/py-autopep8 New
197670: ports-mgmt/pkg should pipe package installation messages through less when there are lots of them existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
197613: Mk/ sync INSTALL_* comments with Porter's Handbook framework   New
197603: graphics/libglapi requires libdrm >= 2.4.24, but graphics/libglapi/Makefile doesn't specify a particular version existing graphics/libglapi New
197568: multimedia/clutter-gst fails on ClutterGst-2.0.gir existing multimedia/clutter-gst New
197559: pkg2ng complains about /usr/ports/Keywords/srcdir.ucl framework   New
197553: multimedia/webcamd: REQUIRE dbus BEFORE devd creates circular rcorder dependency existing multimedia/webcamd In Progress
197552: sysutils/fsc: Creates a circular rcorder dependency. existing sysutils/fsc New
197538: databases/tuning-primer: MariaDB 10.x errors with joins and InnoDB status existing databases/tuning-primer Open
197532: [NEW PORT] x11-fm/gentoo3: Gtk3 version of x11-fm/gentoo new x11-fm/gentoo3 New
197531: textproc/bsdgrep: segfaults using grep --color -f existing textproc/bsdgrep New
197514: net/openldap24-server rc.d file file deletes required files in /tmp existing net/openldap24-server New
197505: emulators/linux-c6 option to use NVIDIAL_GL doesn't allow for use of legacy Nvidia drivers. existing emulators/linux-c6 Open
197492: www/uwsgi: port doesn't build any of uwsgi's plugins existing www/uwsgi Open
197482: www/mod_auth_kerb2: /usr/local/libexec/apache22/ Undefined symbol "gsskrb5_register_acceptor_identity" existing www/mod_auth_kerb2 New
197477: net/opentracker: Does not allow to change bind/listen IP existing net/opentracker New
197399: graphics/cairo won't build without X11 existing graphics/cairo New
197393: security/libsecret doesn't build share/vala/vapi/libsecret-1.deps nor share/vala/vapi/libsecret-1.vapi existing security/libsecret New
197368: [new port] net/freediameter: Open source Diameter protocol implementation new net/freediameter New
197363: devel/pear: Can't install with active open_basedir existing devel/pear New
197361: [new port] net/dhcpd: OpenBSD dhcp daemon new net/dhcpd New
197357: print/cups-base (with PAM enabled) post-configure Makedefs patch may break PAMDIR. existing print/cups-base New
197354: net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent sees no pkg(8) packages existing net-mgmt/p5-FusionInventory-Agent New
197346: [PATCH] dns/unbound: enable libevent by default existing dns/unbound New
197319: textproc/docbook: missing dependency on textproc/xmlcatmgr existing textproc/docbook New
197316: www/webkit-gtk2 : Fix build with DEFAULT_VERSIONS=python=3.3 existing www/webkit-gtk2 New
197307: upgrade to mail/thunderbird 31.4.0_1 broke enigmail? existing mail/thunderbird New
197269: net-mgmt/iftop 1.0pre4 unable to detect IPv6 traffic on pure monitoring interface existing net-mgmt/iftop New
197239: p5 ports fail to build unknown   In Progress
197236: net-im/farsight2 needs USES=python:2, not USES=python existing net-im/farsight2 New
197232: databases/mariadb100-server: fix build of TokuDB storage engine existing databases/mariadb100-server In Progress
197229: [NEW PORT] japanese/narcissu2: Visual novel about an encounter of terminally ill new japanese/narcissu2 In Progress
197226: lang/python27: fix pyport.h _PY_PORT_CTYPE_UTF8_ISSUE issue with c++ existing lang/python27 Open
197221: graphics/gle: Fails to link: Cannot find the library existing graphics/gle New
197219: Insufficient compiler information provided by Uses/ framework   New
197214: editors/vim: gvimrc system-wide runs set nocompatible and breaks a lot of settings existing editors/vim New
197193: [PATCH] net-mgmt/nagios-plugins: add a -j (--jid) flag to check_procs which specifies jail id existing net-mgmt/nagios-plugins New
197192: [PATCH] net/socat Fix build with LibreSSL existing net/socat In Progress
197188: lang/erlang: configure fails when dtrace is enabled on 10.1R-amd64 existing lang/erlang New
197172: security/john: corrupted config file existing security/john In Progress
197131: net-mgmt/netdot fails to build due to rrdtool path in var/Makefile existing net-mgmt/netdot New
197129: games/scid: vulnerable files with mode 666 below /usr/local/share/scid/books existing games/scid Open
197126: [new port] audio/lv2 supersedes audio/lv2core new audio/lv2 Open
197125: net-p2p/transmission-daemon 2.84_1 Segmentation Fault with signal 10 or 11 existing net-p2p/transmission-daemon New
197122: [NEW PORT] devel/py-waf: Meta build system new devel/py-waf Open
197094: x11/nvidia-driver-304: 10-stable, SYSCTL_ADD_PROC, CTASSERT, CTLTYPE issues with cc existing x11/nvidia-driver-304 New
197074: graphics/tesseract build fails existing graphics/tesseract In Progress
197072: devel/ipython: Support for Python3.x is missing existing devel/ipython New
197071: editors/libreoffice doesn't build offline help existing editors/libreoffice New
197063: games/minecraft-client: runtime is still broken... existing games/minecraft-client Open
197048: converters/fribidi: Update to 0.19.6 existing converters/fribidi New
197044: sysutils/zxfer: out of date with upstream existing sysutils/zxfer New
197035: sysutils/bbcp: segmentation fault and core dump when running latest version (20150113) existing sysutils/bbcp Open
197032: [PATCH] x11-servers/xorg-server One pixel border glitch existing x11-servers/xorg-server New
197025: net/tsocks: handle EISCONN existing net/tsocks New
197019: [NEW PORT] science/rubygem-gphys new science/rubygem-gphys Open
197011: textproc/p5-XML-SAX: checksum mismatch for ParserDetails.ini existing textproc/p5-XML-SAX In Progress
197008: databases/p5-DBD-mysql SSL option broken and USE_OPENSSL existing databases/p5-DBD-mysql In Progress
197007: [patch] sysutils/bacula-server suggestions for device permission handling existing sysutils/bacula-server New
196995: [NEW PORT] math/rubygem-ruby-lapack: a Ruby wrapper of Lapack new math/rubygem-ruby-lapack Open
196985: [arm] audio/bristol attempts to use SSE instructions on all architectures existing audio/bristol In Progress
196976: Biber (BibTeX replacement) missing from TeXLive (print/texlive-full) existing print/texlive-full New
196935: lang/python27: Fails during install on PPC 10.1-RELEASE existing lang/python27 Open
196926: [NEW PORT] x11-themes/gnome-icons-flattr: Icon theme for GTK inspired by flat design new x11-themes/gnome-icons-flattr Open
196914: science/dlpoly-classic fails to build with GCC 4.9 existing science/dlpoly-classic New
196899: [arm] lang/ghc porting project, marked as i386/amd64 only existing lang/ghc In Progress
196898: [arm] security/gpgme build hangs indefinitely while running tests existing security/gpgme New
196895: databases/mariadb100-server raw device not working as InnoDB data file existing databases/mariadb100-server New
196892: devel/arduino - java Abort trap while upload sketch existing devel/arduino New
196887: x11-fonts/fontconfig: enable static library existing x11-fonts/fontconfig New
196874: [NEW PORT] www/trac-exceldownload: download report and ticket pages as Excel file for Trac wiki new www/trac-exceldownload New
196871: Mk/Uses/ modernize gac macros framework   New
196862: [PATCH] x11-toolkits/py-wxPython28: Fail - gcc48/ not found existing x11-toolkits/py-wxPython28 New
196857: lang/nhc98 fails to build with GCC 4.9 (core dump) existing lang/nhc98 In Progress
196851: biology/seqan fails to build with GCC 4.9 (requires GCC 4.8) existing biology/seqan Open
196849: audio/beast fails to build with anything but GCC 4.8 existing audio/beast Open
196830: x11/libxcb expects x11/xcb-proto >= 1.11, yet x11/libxcb/Makefile tests only for x11/xcb-proto >= 1.9 existing x11/libxcb New
196815: net/cloud-init: incorrectly depends on sysutils/gpart existing net/cloud-init Open
196806: print/cups-base: build fails if any option other than MDNSRESPONDER is selected existing print/cups-base New
196805: editors/codelite make install crash with ihunspell problem existing editors/codelite New
196795: New port: devel/pmloglib-headers Headers for WebOS logging library, pmloglib new devel/pmloglib-headers New
196794: New port: devel/libsandbox WebOS library to separate running applications new devel/libsandbox New
196773: math/p5-Math-BigInt: overloading .. fails existing math/p5-Math-BigInt New
196770: www/chromium does not run if built with DEBUG option existing www/chromium New
196756: mail/spamilter: Add IPv6 AAAA Lookups for MtaHostChk existing mail/spamilter In Progress
196754: www/chromium 39.0.2171.95_3 segfaults during login with security key existing www/chromium New
196753: audio/musicpd adplug undefined reference existing audio/musicpd New
196750: x11-themes/fluxbox-tenr-styles-pack: Update to 20100605 existing x11-themes/fluxbox-tenr-styles-pack Open
196745: devel/qgit fix with newer git existing devel/qgit New
196712: exp-run: Update lang/gcc from GCC 4.8 to GCC 4.9 framework   In Progress
196708: [patch] emulators/pipelight: fix build in poudriere existing emulators/pipelight Open
196702: chinese/ttfm: fix to allow chinese/arphicttf to build in poudriere existing chinese/ttfm Open
196696: [PATCH] Mk/, fix support of Python for GStreamer 1.0 API framework   New
196682: New port: x11/bar-aint-recursive - Lightweight xcb based bar new x11/bar-aint-recursive New
196678: x11-servers/xorg-server: make config/devd recognize /dev/input/eventX from multimedia/webcamd existing x11-servers/xorg-server Open
196673: emulators/dosbox amd64 hangs when exeuting a dos program e.g. "settlers 2" existing emulators/dosbox Open
196667: www/firefox crashes often when loading multiple multimedia/gstreamer1 content once again (e.g. HTML 5 YouTube) existing www/firefox New
196653: x11-servers/xorg-vfbserver: This package requires x11/xkeyboard-config existing x11-servers/xorg-vfbserver New
196642: [PATCH] lang/pcc: Update to v1.1.0 existing lang/pcc Open
196637: New Port: editors/wxhexeditor - hex editor that can handle large files new editors/wxhexeditor New
196623: lang/go: Won't build on armv6 because of limitation in Makefile existing lang/go New
196612: [NEW PORT] net/gen_utp: Erlang API and driver for uTP new net/gen_utp New
196590: Feature request: add patch-list target framework   New
196588: databases/libmemcached : -fPIE is not supported on older FreeBSD versions existing databases/libmemcached New
196584: ports-mgmt/portmaster not working for multiple ports in category/portname/ format existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
196577: [maintainer] cad/elmerfem: Update to 8.0.20150616 (and use blaslapack for math/arpack-ng) existing cad/elmerfem In Progress
196547: [Patch] net/isc-dhcp43-server chrootdir modification to make use of rc.d/syslogd's syslogd_altlog_proglist existing net/isc-dhcp43-server New
196537: New Port: sysutils/ktsuss - Desktop independent front-end for su/sudo new sysutils/ktsuss New
196536: Update devel/libc++ port to r224926 existing devel/libc++ Open
196523: [devel/xdg-user-dirs] PATCH: Change directory "/etc/xdg" to "/usr/local/etc/xdg" in manpages existing devel/xdg-user-dirs New
196508: lang/phantomjs: phantomjs requires gcc48 but needs gcc49 with GLIBCXX_3.4.11 existing lang/phantomjs In Progress
196503: [patch] update www/xpi-colorfultabs from 19.0 to 25.7 existing www/xpi-colorfultabs New
196491: comms/gnuradio on 10.1-release not working existing comms/gnuradio New
196464: emulators/open-vm-tools-nox11: comparison of constant 'WIPER_ENABLED' (2) with boolean expression is always false existing emulators/open-vm-tools-nox11 New
196462: [CHANGE-REQUEST] XFT support for x11/xdm existing x11/xdm New
196453: [NEW PORT] audio/festvox-cmu_us_*_arctic: CMU ARCTIC voices for festival new audio/festvox-cmu_us_ Open
196451: devel/valgrind: Added VKI_F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC for FreeBSD fcntl existing devel/valgrind Open
196435: Prevent @sample keyword from removing user symlinks framework   New
196434: [New port]: net/p5-Amazon-S3 - a really working Perl interface to Amazon S3 new net/p5-Amazon-S3 New
196428: [NEW PORT] textproc/p5-Lingua-Identify-CLD - Interface to Chrome language detection library new textproc/p5-Lingua-Identify-CLD New
196382: security/gnupg breaks keyring on 2.1.1 existing security/gnupg New
196340: Mk/Uses/ PYTHON_VERSION variable in DEPENDS_ARGS conflicts with and breaks autoconf-based ports framework   Open
196333: www/webkit-gtk2: allow to build with GNU binutils installed existing www/webkit-gtk2 In Progress
196329: comms/xnecview: Remove RUN_DEPENDS on nec2c existing comms/xnecview New
196327: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg.conf(5): -y is documented yet does not work existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
196326: rubygem framework bug : building occurs in stage phase framework   New
196325: [PATCH] net-mgmt/nrpe: Option whether to depend on monitoring-/nagios-plugins existing net-mgmt/nrpe New
196317: [new port] x11-themes/gnome-icons-humility - Shiny Clean Vector Theme for Gnome, and Xfce4 new x11-themes/gnome-icons-humility In Progress
196316: multimedia/pwcview: package 1.4.1-6 will not start needs install pwcview from port works fine existing multimedia/pwcview New
196315: [new port] x11-themes/gnome-icons-alternative, GNOME Icon Theme with alternative folders new x11-themes/gnome-icons-alternative In Progress
196313: [new port] x11-themes/gnome-icons-blank-on, Icon theme for Gnome, Xfce4 desktop new x11-themes/gnome-icons-blank-on In Progress
196312: [new port] x11-themes/gnome-icons-gorilla Gorilla SVG Icons for Gnome new x11-themes/gnome-icons-gorilla In Progress
196295: devel/dbus: I/O error on installation existing devel/dbus New
196292: math/R: Configure error: Support for MBCS locales is required existing math/R In Progress
196271: www/xpi-locale-switcher: Locale Switcher is incompatible with FF 34.0.5 existing www/xpi-locale-switcher New
196270: www/xpi-bookmarkdd: Bookmark Duplicate Detector is incompatible with FF 34.0.5 existing www/xpi-bookmarkdd New
196269: sysutils/py-ranger: wrong characters in non-ascii filenames existing sysutils/py-ranger New
196249: net/ortp: Build with encryption support existing net/ortp New
196229: lang/python27: Build (ctypes) fails on i386 with LIBFFI option off existing lang/python27 Open
196188: graphics/ImageMagick: On i386 bogus -march=penryn is appended behind -march=core2 existing graphics/ImageMagick In Progress
196185: emulators/hyperv-is: Update Hyper-V ports for FreeBSD 10.1 existing emulators/hyperv-is New
196161: graphics/devil: patch to remove GCC-requirement existing graphics/devil New
196133: emulators/virtualbox-ose 4.3.20_2, partially works with LAGG(4) as Bridged Adapter. existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
196117: www/c-icap crashing after last update existing www/c-icap New
196109: Allow LIB_DEPENDS depend on ports with USE_LDCONFIG != yes framework   In Progress
196099: graphics/sdl_image and graphics/sdl2_image: direct linking instead of dlopen(3) existing graphics/sdl_image New
196074: [patch] sysutils/consolekit: log file in plist existing sysutils/consolekit New
196056: Wrong python interpreter set in Mk/Uses/ framework   Open
196053: databases/postgresql93-server fails to build when DTrace enabled existing databases/postgresql93-server New
196045: print/texlive-base PORTREVISION 4 needs UPDATING entry, can no longer install from ports with older version installed existing print/texlive-base In Progress
196036: audio/tuxguitar: doesn't start existing audio/tuxguitar Open
196026: mail/roundcube: Port does not install .htaccess files [security problem] existing mail/roundcube Open
196018: graphics/exif 0.6.21 has several problems with handling photos existing graphics/exif New
196016: www/bacula-web: pkg-plist view/cache should belong to www:www & be deleted on deinstall existing www/bacula-web Open
196004: [PATCH] remove unused entries from _WEBPLUGIN_APPS_ALL framework   Open
195992: sysutils/rsyslog8: Relp support would be a nice default option existing sysutils/rsyslog8 New
195981: GNOME Shell Extensions do not install/update via Extensions website existing x11/gnome3 New
195975: [NEW PORT] games/unteralterbach: Visual novel satire on pedohysteric society new games/unteralterbach New
195957: devel/binutils fails to compile when gold is enabled existing devel/binutils New
195951: sysutils/password-store: Adding contrib to default configuration options existing sysutils/password-store New
195949: sysutils/udfclient build fails with FUSE option enabled existing sysutils/udfclient Open
195939: emulators/pipelight youtube (h.264) flash crush existing emulators/pipelight Open
195933: editors/vim-lite (possibly vim) fails during helptag generation existing editors/vim-lite New
195932: audio/taglib - Does't seems to make a debug build existing audio/taglib New
195916: www/nginx: compiled-in error log location is littering /var/log existing www/nginx Open
195898: www/tomcat7 rc.d script does not honor forcestop and no longer kills tomcat (as in version 6) existing www/tomcat7 New
195889: check-plist does not respect @comment framework   Open
195873: [NEW PORT] www/django-netfields, makes proper PostgreSQL net related fields for Django. new www/django-netfields New
195861: [patch] textproc/elasticsearch set Min JVM heap size = Max JVM heap size existing textproc/elasticsearch New
195852: mail/opensmtpd stops logging if syslogd is restarted existing mail/opensmtpd New
195844: Can't build emulators/virtualbox-ose existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
195841: [patch] print/cups-pstoraster appears to need MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE=yes existing print/cups-pstoraster Open
195835: sysutils/grub2 10_kfreebsd fails to identify kernel and zpool.cache proper location existing sysutils/grub2 Open
195833: lang/mono crashes: Assertion at gc-memfuncs.c:79, condition `unaligned_bytes (dest) == 0' not met existing lang/mono New
195796: exp-build with WITH_OPENSSL_PORT=yes and SSLv2/SSLv3 disabled framework   In Progress
195787: security/py-pysha3 core dumped, when building without threads existing security/py-pysha3 In Progress
195753: [patch] deskutils/vboxgtk - cannot create a VM via vboxgtk existing deskutils/vboxgtk Open
195699: making make update works for both git only setup and git+svn setup framework   New
195678: mail/thunderbird does not build against security/gnupg20 existing mail/thunderbird New
195677: [PATCH] devel/xdg-utils: xdg-open broken for non-KDE/non-GNOME users existing devel/xdg-utils New
195662: [request] Postfix binary package with SASL (and TLS) support unknown   New
195606: Serial ports under emulators/virtualbox-ose do not works existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
195599: [NEW PORT] ftp/fastdfs + ftp/php5-fastdfs new ftp/fastdfs New
195562: sysutils/php56-fileinfo 5.6.3 crashes apache existing sysutils/php56-fileinfo New
195530: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg catalog not updating existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
195521: etc/rc.d/mroute6d should be a part of net/mcast-tools, not a part of the base system existing net/mcast-tools New
195515: lang/python: Unstable and fails its own test suite existing lang/python Open
195513: lang/python32: Fix build with LibreSSL existing lang/python32 New
195511: lang/python33: Fix build with LibreSSL existing lang/python33 New
195500: www/webkit-gtk3 : allow building with GNU binutils installed existing www/webkit-gtk3 New
195493: databases/postgresql93-server port install with dtrace enabled fails existing databases/postgresql93-server New
195492: net-im/telepathy-glib build goes into endless loop existing net-im/telepathy-glib New
195467: ports-mgmt/pkg built from ports reports it needs to be reinstalled existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
195394: x11/gnome-terminal fails to start existing x11/gnome-terminal New
195368: some of deskutils/gnome-shell-ext* are unusable existing deskutils/gnome-shell-extra-extensions New
195365: can't build emulators/virtualbox-ose existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
195350: Update devel/cc65 to new upstream and infrastructure existing devel/cc65 In Progress
195339: Bulding sysutils/testdisk with option PROGSREISERFS on existing sysutils/testdisk New
195325: x11/gdm 3.14.1 Failed to give slave programs access to the display existing x11/gdm In Progress
195308: security/krb5 ldap option - no kerberos.schema file on install existing security/krb5 New
195305: textproc/docbook-xml stage problem existing textproc/docbook-xml New
195304: ports-mgmt/portmaster fails to auto delete deleted ports existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
195288: www/chromium gcc fails existing www/chromium New
195285: shells/zsh: completion for cvs does not work any more existing shells/zsh New
195282: multimedia/clutter-gst 'clutter_gst_init' is invalid in C99 existing multimedia/clutter-gst New
195265: textproc/xlhtml: Compile error (autotools related) existing textproc/xlhtml Open
195252: devel/subversion: add Reported by field existing devel/subversion In Progress
195226: security/gnupg: conflicts with security/gnupg1 existing security/gnupg Open
195217: databases/mysql55-client: error: use of undeclared identifier 'base64_needed_encoded_length' existing databases/mysql55-client In Progress
195203: [stage-qa] New check 'proxydeps': check for missing package dependencies framework   New
195198: print/tex-formats does not install anything: empty ${STAGEDIR} existing print/tex-formats New
195187: Build of graphics/cairo fails at package stage (under poudriere) existing graphics/cairo In Progress
195154: x11/nvidia-driver: REDZONE: Buffer overflow detected. 16 bytes corrupted.... existing x11/nvidia-driver In Progress
195152: The ports infrastructure will build dependencies against the default version of Python rather than what the desired port requires framework   Open
195147: [patch] comms/gammu: Add mysql support existing comms/gammu New
195145: net/iet kernel panic on FreeBSD 10.1 release (x64) existing net/iet New
195129: sysutils/rsyslog8 [patch] Missing ntp facility existing sysutils/rsyslog8 In Progress
195123: devel/arduino: missing dependencies? existing devel/arduino Open
195105: devel/qt5 cannot find GL/gl.h with Clang existing devel/qt5 New
195099: databases/cassandra2: JVM crashes on 2.1.1 existing databases/cassandra2 Open
195097: x11/nvidia-driver: Kernel panic after "NVRM: rm_init_adapter() failed!" existing x11/nvidia-driver In Progress
195096: Corrupted colours in with x11/nvidia-driver 340.46 existing x11/nvidia-driver In Progress
195080: x11/nvidia-driver / graphics/libGL affected by install order existing x11/nvidia-driver In Progress
195044: devel/dbus staging fails when generating doc existing devel/dbus New
194964: deskutils/xfce4-xkb-plugin 0.5.6 missing russian (winkeys) layout existing deskutils/xfce4-xkb-plugin New
194963: x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati 7.5.0 GPU lockup freezes existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati New
194957: x11-fonts/linux-{c6,f10}-fontconfig: linux- apps pollute user cache with system fonts framework   In Progress
194930: make index fails with "make_index: Circular dependency loop found: pulseaudio-0.9.23_3 depends upon itself." framework   Open
194923: print/ghostscript*: pkg-message outdated existing print/ghostscript8 New
194915: [PATCH] devel/monodevelop: update to 5.5 existing devel/monodevelop New
194912: graphics/pecl-imagick incorrectly handles ImageMagick library for X11 existing graphics/pecl-imagick New
194839: www/chromium: gnome-keyring support is broken existing www/chromium New
194771: x11/lxde-meta & x11-wm/openbox: irc/hexchat does not shutdown on logout existing x11/lxde-meta Open
194768: ftp/wget SOCKS5 support for Tor existing ftp/wget New
194760: graphics/inkscape linking fails when ImageMagick was compiled with openmp existing graphics/inkscape In Progress
194739: x11-wm/wmfs fails to build without Xinerama and some errors in Makefile existing x11-wm/wmfs Open
194738: sysutils/htop 1.0.3: Doesn't show kernel threads any more existing sysutils/htop Open
194722: ports-mgmt/portmaster fails to parse dependencies existing ports-mgmt/portmaster Open
194707: [maintainer] www/subsonic: Fix typo and missing exec/unexec in plist chunk existing www/subsonic In Progress
194705: New port: x11-drivers/xf86-video-ast, driver for graphics controller found in a recent server motherboards new x11-drivers/xf86-video-ast Open
194699: no way to disable weak ciphers in mail/imap-uw existing mail/imap-uw Open
194689: pkg needs a stand-alone equivalent to portupgrade's "pkg_sort". existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
194674: print/ghostscript9-nox11 base/unix-dll.mak:109: recipe for target 'so' failed existing print/ghostscript9-nox11 Open
194663: net/aoe and VIMAGE enabled kernel existing net/aoe Open
194631: mail/milter-greylist: cannot run as user other than mailnull existing mail/milter-greylist Open
194623: fix net/libproxy, net/libproxy-webkit auto proxy configuration existing net/libproxy New
194599: science/openbabel: 2.3.2 Python binding pybel does not recognize supported formats existing science/openbabel Open
194591: ports-mgmt/portmaster falsely wants to update gcc-4.7.x to gcc-4.8.x existing ports-mgmt/portmaster Open
194582: textproc/libxslt: Missing dependency on dtd-catalog existing textproc/libxslt New
194558: [patch] Updated port devel/poco-ssl to latest release 1.4.7. existing devel/poco-ssl New
194538: editors/vim error with menu.vim existing editors/vim New
194530: cad/calculix cannot be installed via pkg existing cad/calculix New
194526: sysutils/fusefs-ntfs: ntfs-3g with libublio lost files existing sysutils/fusefs-ntfs Open
194521: devel/awscli breaks with "'module' object has no attribute 'ssl_wrap_socket" after installing py27-ndg_httpsclient-0.3.2 existing devel/awscli Open
194509: devel/gvfs can't automount ntfs "illegal option -- m ..." existing devel/gvfs New
194472: [new port] games/linux-unigine-heaven new games/linux-unigine-heaven Open
194460: x11-toolkits/gtk30: add ATK_BRIDGE option existing x11-toolkits/gtk30 New
194458: Update math/suitesparse to version 4.2.1 existing math/suitesparse New
194438: textproc/docproj: DBLATEX option broken existing textproc/docproj New
194426: seahorse-tool does not decrypt unknown   In Progress
194414: REGRESSION: www/firefox-i18n no longer depends on www/firefox at build-time, framework bug? framework   Open
194409: [new port] sysutils/glusterfs: GlusterFS distributed file system new sysutils/glusterfs In Progress
194378: [patch] cannot build japanese/mozc-server, because of incorrect PYTHONPATH existing japanese/mozc-server In Progress
194375: textproc/tinyxml2: Linking to shared object created segfault existing textproc/tinyxml2 New
194305: databases/mariadb55-server (probably mysql too) ignores datadir directive in my.cnf existing databases/mariadb55-server Open
194275: databases/mariadb55-server looks in wrong place for group identifier existing databases/mariadb55-server Open
194273: ports-mgmt/pkg: no package dependency on known shlib dependency existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
194242: mail/roundcube needs PHP fileinfo extension existing mail/roundcube Open
194201: [x11-wm/spectrwm] When switching user to root using su(1) you can't jexec in a jail existing x11-wm/spectrwm In Progress
194199: print/texlive-texmf not installing on sparc64 tinderbox existing print/texlive-texmf New
194182: [patch] devel/xdg-utils add support for Lumina DE existing devel/xdg-utils New
194153: audio/shairport: update to 1.1.1 existing audio/shairport New
194130: manpage conflicts - lang/expect - net/whois existing lang/expect Open
194105: sysutils/ezjail with zfs_datasets does not work with /etc/rc.d/zfs existing sysutils/ezjail Open
194070: graphics/podofo needs uninstall first existing graphics/podofo New
194069: cad/qcad unnecessary language dependencies existing cad/qcad New
194058: x11-toolkits/qt4-gui: bus error in qt_memfill32_sse2() on 9.3-STABLE i386 triggered by multimedia/vlc existing x11-toolkits/qt4-gui New
194047: devel/ruby-gems: only ruby19-gems are built for the official pkg repo existing devel/ruby-gems In Progress
194029: net-p2p/transmission-cli: don't use bundled libraries existing net-p2p/transmission-cli In Progress
194020: archivers/engrampa port broken by py-gobject existing archivers/engrampa In Progress
193995: [PATCH] ports-mgmt/pkg: floating point exception when packaging weird elf files existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
193974: Configuring make.conf with CC, CXX, and CPP overrides doesn't respect WITH_CCACHE_BUILD framework   Open
193946: emulators/virtualbox-ose: tstVMStructRC: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
193944: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version -Rv reports wrong version when two repositories in use. existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
193922: security/vuxml: belatedly add Mozilla entry for CVE-2014-155[34] and CVE-2014-156[2-7] existing security/vuxml New
193921: misc/logsurfer: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/logsurfer: /var/log/messages: Permission denied existing misc/logsurfer New
193917: sysutils/i7z requires gcc but port does not require it existing sysutils/i7z New
193908: security/clamtk: Update to 5.20, move to github distsite existing security/clamtk Open
193884: New port: devel/sumo Simulation of Urban MObility new devel/sumo In Progress
193847: make package and make clean as non-root user vs. NEED_ROOT=yes framework   New
193844: Please make sure that pkg adds itself in BUILD_DEPENDS, too. framework   Open
193798: net-im/skype obsolete version, but problem on upgrade to newer existing net-im/skype Open
193778: [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose: make VNC listen on same port for IPv6 and IPv4 existing emulators/virtualbox-ose New
193726: x11/xorg crashes on miscofiguration of xorg.conf existing x11/xorg New
193716: ports-mgmt/portmaster attempts to install port before required port existing ports-mgmt/portmaster Open
193714: [NEW PORT] cad/systemc: Modeling platform for system-level C++ models new cad/systemc Open
193706: [new port] devel/apache-spark: high performance distributed computing system new devel/apache-spark Open
193700: www/otrs may set permission during install existing www/otrs Open
193652: [patch] update www/xpi-noscript existing www/xpi-noscript New
193636: print/cups: Shared CUPS-printers are not visible to Debian-clients with FreeBSD 10.0 existing print/cups Open
193629: sysutils/exfat-utils is marked as restricted without maintainer approval existing sysutils/exfat-utils Open
193528: [PATCH] lang/gcc*: c++11 support is broken existing lang/gcc In Progress
193527: [patch] check-already-installed hitting conflicts with ports that have same PKGBASE framework   New
193504: [NEW PORT] finance/quickfix: open source FIX protocol implementation new finance/quickfix In Progress
193481: emulators/open-vm-tools does not compile on some systems because of undefined DIRSEPS existing emulators/open-vm-tools New
193475: java/openjdk7 jinfo and jmap do not work existing java/openjdk7 Open
193474: security/webshag: some ports improvements. existing security/webshag In Progress
193468: databases/py-geoalchemy2: Switch to stable databases/py-sqlalchemy existing databases/py-geoalchemy2 Open
193435: Enhance EXTRA_PATCHES so that it can contain directories as well as files. framework   Open
193433: x11-toolkits/gtk20: Makefile uses Python 2.7_2,2, causes openshot to fail with erroneous missing libmp3lame claim existing x11-toolkits/gtk20 Open
193395: graphics/gphoto2: Segmentation fault (core dumped) on file upload existing graphics/gphoto2 Open
193394: x11-wm/ede/: ede-keyboard-conf was compiled without XKB extension. existing x11-wm/ede Open
193391: x11/xorg: Radeon 9600pro hardware acceleration doesn't work with KMS version Xorg.(WITH_NEW_XORG) existing x11/xorg Open
193373: [PATCH] audio/xanalyser: Does not use appropriate OSS IOCTLs existing audio/xanalyser In Progress
193371: knob to force deinstall of previous version of port before building the new version framework   Open
193350: [NEW PORT] devel/py-ta-lib: Python wrapper for TA-Lib new devel/py-ta-lib Open
193349: Ports not properly depending on openldap-sasl-client unknown   New
193336: textproc/qt4-xmlpattern: Compile error on 10.0-RELEASE amd64: unable to execute command: Killed existing textproc/qt4-xmlpatterns New
193331: graphics/libcdr-0.0.16_1 fails to build with clang on 9.2-RELEASE existing graphics/libcdr01 Open
193306: [NEW PORT] japanese/tex-xdvik: DVI Previewer for X + freetype support new japanese/tex-xdvik Open
193299: devel/valgrind: doesn't recognise the netmap ioctls existing devel/valgrind Open
193295: devel/valgrind: Doesn't decode instruction(s) when libunwind is used existing devel/valgrind Open
193289: print/texlive-base fails to build on powerpc64 existing print/texlive-base Open
193250: deleting TeX related packages leaves removed file names in ls-R files framework   Open
193230: [patch] cad/iverilog plist issues if port is already installed existing cad/iverilog In Progress
193227: www/serf: Package pulling in unnecessary dependencies (possible pkg repo corruption) existing www/serf In Progress
193221: net/relayd 100% cpu when answering TLS requests existing net/relayd Open
193148: [databases/php55-dba] patch for db6 compatibility existing databases/php55-dba Open
193120: [] erroneously poisons CPPFLAGS with -L${LOCALBASE}/lib framework   New
193117: x11-toolkits/vtkfox: doesn't build with FOX17 existing x11-toolkits/vtkfox Open
193106: New-port: emulators/linux_base-f20 : Add a port with the base libraries for Fedora 20. new emulators/linux_base-f20 In Progress
193105: editors/hexpert depends on LIBCURSES/-lcurses; needs to depend on LIBNCURSES/-lncurses existing editors/hexpert Open
193101: Cannot get www/chromium work existing www/chromium Open
193082: [patch] Mk, keywords: Don't run expensive font commands when building packages framework   In Progress
193079: [patch] audio/squeezeboxserver: does not work with default mysql version existing audio/squeezeboxserver Open
193050: math/p5-Bit-Vector uses base cc for linking, causing build failure when using USE_GCC=yes existing math/p5-Bit-Vector In Progress
193049: devel/cmake fails to link when built with gcc47 existing devel/cmake Open
193016: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg upgrade does not use latest version from repo existing ports-mgmt/pkg Open
193004: -nox11 ports should depends on -nox11 ports framework   Open
193000: BerkeleyDB related fallout (master bug) framework   Open
192990: 192990 framework      
192960: ports-mgmt/portmaster dependency handling is incorrect. existing ports-mgmt/portmaster Open
192959: archivers/php5-zip: zipArchive seg fault on archive read existing archivers/php5-zip Open
192956: uwsgi can't set uwsgi_uid/uwsgi_gid to 0 in rc.conf existing www/uwsgi Open
192953: [patch] x11/nvidia-settings: update to 352.21 existing x11/nvidia-settings In Progress
192949: packaged ruby gems contain source and intermediate build output unknown   New
192928: /usr/lib/ version GLIBCXX_3.4.11 required by /usr/local/share/chromium/chrome not found unknown   Open
192925: lang/php5: php-fpm.conf: socket ownership / missing UPDATING notice existing lang/php5 Open
192859: net-im/kopete-kde4 doesn't build if net/libilbc installed existing net-im/kopete-kde4 Open
192843: www/chromium build failure openssl clash with cups existing www/chromium Open
192836: x11/xdm locks up after logging out of Xorg (Intel driver, WITH_NEW_XORG) existing x11/xdm Open
192832: net-mgmt/nfsen: perl uid 80 exited on signal 11 existing net-mgmt/nfsen Open
192784: failed to build www/chromium 36.0.1985.143 on FreeBSD 10 (amd64) existing www/chromium Open
192779: www/xombrero -1.6.3 build failed settings.o existing www/xombrero In Progress
192777: Mk/Scripts/ can create a sed call that's too long framework   New
192724: [patch] devel/gnome-vfs: doesn't completely ignore auto detect of sys/inotify.h existing devel/gnome-vfs Open
192723: databases/mysql55-client fails to build existing databases/mysql55-client Open
192708: irc/unreal: QWEBIRC failing connection to UnrealIRCd server. existing irc/unreal In Progress
192706: ports/Tools/scripts/ overhaul, includes limiting to direct dependencies framework   New
192657: [patch] databases/mysql56-server rc script fails to (one)start existing databases/mysql56-server Open
192643: print/texlive-base and print/ps2eps conflict existing print/texlive-base Open
192617: [NEW PORT] x11/nvidia-driver-optimus new x11/nvidia-driver-optimus In Progress
192614: [patch] lang/spidermonkey* : add DTRACE option existing lang/spidermonkey17 Open
192610: x11-toolkits/pango cannnot open lib/pango/1.6.0/modules/ warning existing x11-toolkits/pango Open
192566: [NEW PORT] www/ezpublish: Community edition of eZ Publish, a CMS / CEM platform new www/ezpublish In Progress
192540: Made port config dialog more informative: show overidden flag and non-default selection flag framework   Open
192515: www/havp LibClamAV Error: Can't load /var/db/clamav/daily.cvd: Can't allocate memory existing www/havp Open
192497: [PATCH] textproc/clit: broken MASTER_SITES existing textproc/clit In Progress
192469: textproc/goldendict: when importing BGL format dictionary it eats much memory, and finally crashes existing textproc/goldendict Open
192468: [PATCH] editors/libreoffice: deadlocks to render EPS file using GS existing editors/libreoffice Open
192387: [PATCH] databases/postgresql91-server: missing OSSP_UUID option existing databases/postgresql91-server Open
192381: devel/glib20 option COLLATION_FIX is poorly described existing devel/glib20 Open
192380: ports-mgmt/portlint: needs to report wrong order of categories existing ports-mgmt/portlint In Progress
192359: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions 11.0-CURRENT VBoxService doesn't start existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions Open
192308: multimedia/xawtv: some options BROKEN existing multimedia/xawtv Open
192305: java/jamvm: 1.5.4 -> 2.0.0 existing java/jamvm In Progress
192290: port snap having odd ball char count unknown   Open
192275: net/relayd checks for "/dev/pf" when only doing layer 7 relaying. existing net/relayd Open
192274: net/relayd does not start when ipv6 address is not present. existing net/relayd Open
192186: security/libsodium lacks libexecinfo linkage existing security/libsodium Open
192182: Message: conversion from UTF-8 to UTF-8 unsupported existing multimedia/mencoder In Progress
192176: www/mod_dav_svn: Cannot compile this port against apache24: sqlite3 misses .la file existing www/mod_dav_svn In Progress
192157: [PATCH] print/ghostscript9 missing SVGALIB option existing print/ghostscript9 Open
192118: misc/freebsd-doc-es: why require chinese/arphicttf, chinese/ttfm, japanese/font-ipa... existing misc/freebsd-doc-es Open
192106: editors/emacs-devel fails to compile with linker error existing editors/emacs-devel In Progress
192080: [PATCH] supply -L in addition to -Wl,-rpath framework   Open
192075: [mail/exim] fails when using a custom EXIM_USER existing mail/exim Open
192020: sysutils/cdrtools extract broken existing sysutils/cdrtools Open
192012: [New ports] devel/tianocore-udk2010 devel/tianocore-udk2014 emulators/tianocore-ovmf-ia32 emulators/tianocore-ovmf-x64: Tools for UEFI application and driver development new devel/tianocore-udk2010 In Progress
191998: x11/kdelibs4 non-necessary dependency to avahi existing x11/kdelibs4 New
191973: [patch] sysutils/consolekit fails to build because of incorrect LIB_DEPENDS update existing sysutils/consolekit Open
191919: security/ipsec-tools does not honor WITH_OPENSSL_PORT existing security/ipsec-tools In Progress
191903: New port: cad/cura (A complete slicing solution for RepRap 3D printers) new cad/cura In Progress
191873: Network ports in category "multimedia" unknown   In Progress
191790: Uses/ add readline:edit for base libedit with libreadline compat headers framework   New
191733: editors/libreoffice fails postgresql-client check existing editors/libreoffice Open
191679: [PATCH] sysutils/apcupsd add LICENSE,fix typo existing sysutils/apcupsd New
191661: x11-toolkits/py-gnome-desktop fails installation No such file or directory unknown   New
191642: comms/wspr does not build properly existing comms/wspr New
191632: x11-servers/xorg-server: kernel: sysmouse: unknown ioctl: t:40007413 existing x11-servers/xorg-server New
191622: x11-fm/thunar: Thunar FM occasionally freezes when "View->Side Pane->Tree" is selected existing x11-fm/thunar Open
191560: x11/gdm depends security/gnome-keyring existing x11/gdm New
191547: Flag PKG_ADD_USE_UPGRADE_SCRIPTS have never be set in pkgng existing misc/flag New
191514: print/cups-base does not install files for web UI if OPTIONS_UNSET+=DOCS specified in make.conf existing print/cups-base Open
191507: build failure with graphics/dia existing graphics/dia New
191489: devel/qt4-assistant-4.8.6 fails with undefined reference to `std::__detail::_List_node_base::_M_unhook()' existing devel/qt4-assistant New
191480: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version locks database too long existing ports-mgmt/pkg New
191476: lang/luajit not linked against pthread existing lang/luajit New
191461: Stage-enabled ports are not installed at all when NO_PKG_REGISTER is used. framework   New
191454: [ update,patch ] java/bouncycastle is obsolete version existing java/bouncycastle In Progress
191451: audio/sdl_sound: Improvement patch Timidity selection existing audio/sdl_sound Open
191442: databases/py-sqlalchemy: Copy to py-sqlalchemy07, Update to 0.9.7, Remove -devel existing databases/py-sqlalchemy Open
191424: sysutils/cdrtools broken on powerpc64 existing sysutils/cdrtools In Progress
191401: graphics/py-cairo: enable xpyb support existing graphics/py-cairo In Progress
191381: emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod installs bad RC script with circular dependency existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod Open
191355: xfce ?? unknown   Open
191352: ports-mgmt/pkg v 1.2.7_3 does not honor the HTTP_PROXY_AUTH variable. existing ports-mgmt/pkg Open
191328: x11-wm/qtile fails to run (depend error) existing x11-wm/qtile New
191296: x11/xdm fails to start xfce4 existing x11/xdm In Progress
191273: [patch] BUILD_RUN_DEPENDS convenience helper framework   New
191230: net/isc-dhcp43-server configure errors existing net/isc-dhcp43-server New
191193: editors/emacs fails to build (May be graphics/ImageMagick issue) existing editors/emacs In Progress
191176: comms/gammu with mysql installed existing comms/gammu Open
191166: [patch] ports-mgmt/portmaster: update man page for rebuilding all ports with pkg existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
191147: Building java/openjdk6 on FreeBSD CURRENT (amd64) fails existing java/openjdk6 Open
191106: ports-mgmt/fastest_sites: references nonexistent python binary in shebang existing ports-mgmt/fastest_sites New
191087: graphics/libchamplain fails to build with warning missing ':' at mult. columns on amd64 existing graphics/libchamplain New
191035: [PATCH] print/texlive-base: Add shebangfix for scripts existing print/texlive-base New
190981: archivers/kzip possible licensing issue existing archivers/kzip In Progress
190961: devel/p5-subversion polluted packlist existing devel/p5-subversion In Progress
190813: devel/kBuild fails to build with GCC 4.8 or 4.9 existing devel/kBuild New
190796: Patch for sysutils/rubygem-facter to add interface alias support existing sysutils/rubygem-facter New
190790: [patch] net-mgmt/nrpe fix build with ssl (.rnd file placement) existing net-mgmt/nrpe New
190756: www/linux-f10-flashplugin11 in virtualbox shows play speed increase even with emulators/rtc installed on amd64 existing www/linux-f10-flashplugin11 New
190755: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions vboxguest fails to start on amd64 existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions New
190752: www/linux-f10-flashplugin11 in virtualbox shows play speed increase without emulators/rtc installed existing www/linux-f10-flashplugin11 New
190747: ftp/pure-ftpd starts two instances of uploadscript on reboot existing ftp/pure-ftpd New
190740: webplugin sym links broken (e.g., multimedia/totem) framework   In Progress
190732: mDNSresponder does not advertise services/ignores conf file existing net/mDNSResponder New
190704: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions vboxguest leak memory resources with PAE kernel existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions New
190629: authentication bypass in net/pear-Horde_Ldap existing net/pear-Horde_Ldap New
190532: ports-mgmt/portmaster needs new debug option existing ports-mgmt/portmaster New
190531: misc/p5-I18N-LangTags - uses deprecated syntax existing misc/p5-I18N-LangTags New
190434: print/cups-base tries to build icons when building headless existing print/cups-base In Progress
190432: emulators/virtualbox-ose pulls unnecessary Qt libraries when building headless existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
190417: emulators/virtualbox-ose vboxsf Operation not supported by device existing emulators/virtualbox-ose Open
190336: www/squidclamav crashes on signal 10 existing www/squidclamav In Progress
190332: net/pptpclient fails with "/bin/ip: not found" existing net/pptpclient Open
190302: New ports: databases/derby RDBMS `Apache Derby' new databases/derby Open
190268: Request for multimedia/zoneminder update existing multimedia/zoneminder In Progress
190160: net/slurm does not display interface speed for gigabit NICs existing net/slurm In Progress
190157: devel/glib20: Fix build error when installed ports/lang/gcc existing devel/glib20 In Progress
190111: www/rubygem-passenger: is not installed existing www/rubygem-passenger In Progress
190106: [update] games/alephone to 20140104 existing games/alephone In Progress
190065: New port: net-p2p/py-transmission-remote-curses Remote Curses UI for Transmission daemon new net-p2p/py-transmission-remote-curses In Progress
190017: graphics/py-cairo fails to compile when python2.7 compiled with -march existing graphics/py-cairo In Progress
189953: [PATCH] sysutils/syslog-ng: fix enable SPOOF option and microfix existing sysutils/syslog-ng In Progress
189946: devel/dbus-qt4 sparc64 build failure: ../../include/QtCore/../../src/corelib/arch/qatomic_generic.h:197: error: invalid conversion from 'const void*' to 'void*' existing devel/dbus-qt4 In Progress
189944: misc/qt4-doc sparc64 build failure: Killing timed out build after 3600 seconds existing misc/qt4-doc In Progress
189934: [patch] databases/postgresql-jdbc update to 9.3.1101 existing databases/postgresql-jdbc In Progress
189852: x11/workrave fails to build on FreeBSD 10 existing x11/workrave In Progress
189849: Upgrade of lang/newlisp to 10.6.0 fails existing lang/newlisp In Progress
189829: New Port: games/tesseract new games/tesseract In Progress
189811: security/ca_root_nss: Add (cert.pem) symlinks to support OpenSSL verification by default existing security/ca_root_nss Open
189528: sysutils/xcdroast cannot find cd-rom drive existing sysutils/xcdroast In Progress
189469: [update,patch] misc/fxload patch for xilinx.conf devd rules existing misc/fxload In Progress
189453: science/hdf5 1.8.12 build error on FreeBSD-10.0-p2-amd64 existing science/hdf5 Open
189443: [New port] sysutils/amttool: Split off amttool from comms/amtterm new sysutils/amttool Open
189424: converters/wkhtmltopdf needs x11-fonts/xorg-fonts existing converters/wkhtmltopdf In Progress
189362: graphics/libchamplain fails to build if older version installed existing graphics/libchamplain In Progress
189327: [new port] www/agilebill: a complete billing solution for ISPs and a-like. new www/agilebill In Progress
189319: [patch] net-im/empathy now builds ok without MAKE_JOBS_UNSAFE existing net-im/empathy In Progress
189266: devel/gobject-introspection fails to build due to missing python headers existing devel/gobject-introspection In Progress
189212: emulators/virtualbox-ose: netboot of a virtualbox diskless client hangs at pxeboot (iPXE) existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
189202: [patch] devel/gobject-introspection is sound enough to parallel build existing devel/gobject-introspection In Progress
189121: [new port] ftp/mod_vroot, module for ProFTPd new ftp/mod_vroot In Progress
189118: multimedia/vlc with VAAPI SIGSEGVs after playback ends existing multimedia/vlc In Progress
189113: x11-servers/xorg-vfbserver: Bug in Xvfb using RANDR extension existing x11-servers/xorg-vfbserver In Progress
189106: devel/9base yacc needs to install yaccpar and yaccpars existing devel/9base In Progress
189104: net/tcpdump not logging packets to guests of the VirtualBox existing net/tcpdump In Progress
189058: multimedia/webcamd: Lenovo Thinkpad E530 webcam doesn't detected by webcamd existing multimedia/webcamd In Progress
189055: astro/google-earth: call to unneeded graphics/linux-f10-dri on nvidia system existing astro/google-earth In Progress
189054: mail/thunderbird: lightning calendar extension: Without localization existing mail/thunderbird In Progress
189019: mail/exim: Perl is always needed for build existing mail/exim In Progress
188982: /usr/ports/emulators/virtualbox-ose error making v. 4.3.10 existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
188974: [PATCH] archivers/star - reverse depreciation due to patch 188472 which fixes devel/smake existing devel/smake In Progress
188973: graphics/libetonyek01 uses wrong gperf existing graphics/libetonyek01 In Progress
188941: sysutils/dmidecode: Proposed daily periodic script existing sysutils/dmidecode Open
188924: devel/binutils installs non-functional bfd.h existing devel/binutils In Progress
188920: NEW-MAINTAINER, MASTER_SITES -- salvage www/cherokee existing www/cherokee In Progress
188900: multimedia/totem fails to build on 9.2-RELEASE existing multimedia/totem In Progress
188840: [UPDATE] textproc/link-grammar to 5.0.6 existing textproc/link-grammar In Progress
188708: [] ports framework CONFLICT_INSTALL regression with staged ports framework   In Progress
188679: sysutils/cfengine hard-coded passwords in 3.5.3 existing sysutils/cfengine In Progress
188621: Cannot build net/opal when multimedia/ffmpeg is installed existing net/opal In Progress
188596: textproc/py-libxml2 fails to build existing textproc/py-libxml2 In Progress
188437: New port: security/softether new security/softether In Progress
188419: [exp-run] Uses/ improvements part 1 framework   Open
188398: mail/thunderbird - clang fails to build with qt existing mail/thunderbird In Progress
188384: [patch] Fix broken port devel/poco-ssl existing devel/poco-ssl In Progress
188383: x11-drivers/xf86-video-openchrome 0.3.3 crash on HP t5540 existing x11-drivers/xf86-video-openchrome In Progress
188376: print/cups-base: No such file or directory when try printing TESTPAGE existing print/cups-base In Progress
188293: security/tor: When starting Tor, I get: "Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to init Log options" existing security/tor In Progress
188282: Please update finance/aqbanking because of missing SEPA support existing finance/aqbanking In Progress
188264: [patch] No way to paste primary selection in GTK Programs using x11-toolkits/gtk20 and x11/toolkits/gtk30 existing x11-toolkits/gtk20 In Progress
188251: lang/python: bdb48 dependency leak in all python existing lang/python In Progress
188183: [New port] databases/mysql55-galera-client: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (client) new databases/mysql55-galera-client In Progress
188182: [New port] databases/mysql55-galera-server: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (server) new databases/mysql55-galera-server In Progress
188181: [New port] databases/mysql56-galera-server: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (server) new databases/mysql56-galera-server In Progress
188180: [New port] databases/mysql56-galera-client: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (client) new databases/mysql56-galera-client In Progress
188179: [New port] databases/mariadb55-galera-server: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (server) new databases/mariadb55-galera-server In Progress
188178: [New port] databases/mariadb55-galera-client: Multithreaded SQL database with wsrep patch (client) new databases/mariadb55-galera-client In Progress
188148: [PATCH] devel/py-virtualenv add support for pypy existing devel/py-virtualenv Open
188130: port devel/py-dbus compile but not install (missing files) existing devel/py-dbus In Progress
188056: print/ghostscript8-nox11 8.71_14 undef ref `lips_mode3format_encode' existing print/ghostscript8-nox11 In Progress
188051: audio/nas segfaults existing audio/nas In Progress
187978: net/mrouted's IGMP code are broken. existing net/mrouted In Progress
187963: graphics/shotwell is crashing existing graphics/shotwell In Progress
187952: multimedia/mythtv installation error existing multimedia/mythtv In Progress
187924: [PATCH] sysutils/apcupsd: Use shutdown -p rather than -h existing sysutils/apcupsd In Progress
187922: sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt 20090201_2 stopped working with FreeBSD10 existing sysutils/zfs-snapshot-mgmt In Progress
187884: [PATCH] science/minc2: update to 2.2.00 existing science/minc2 In Progress
187843: devel/shiboken error: no member named 'tr1' in namespace 'std' existing devel/shiboken In Progress
187722: devel/dconf 0.14.1 fails to build existing devel/dconf In Progress
187697: [revive port] sysutils/hdup new sysutils/hdup In Progress
187685: textproc/flex: removal of may break other ports existing textproc/flex In Progress
187564: New port: math/mathgl; high-quality graph plotting library written in C++ new math/mathgl Open
187561: devel/subversion: bogus "No route to host" caused by www/serf existing devel/subversion In Progress
187558: x11/gdm port should not overwrite pam.d/gdm if it exists existing x11/gdm In Progress
187474: net/freerdp: xfreerdp clipboard broken on 10-RELEASE existing net/freerdp Open
187464: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6 depends on periodic.conf vars from 9 and lower existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
187463: www/webkit-qt4 uses base g++ as linker existing www/webkit-qt4 In Progress
187403: print/texlive-base: TeXLive does not register opentype fonts for use by fontspec existing print/texlive-base In Progress
187401: astro/gpsd fails to include existing astro/gpsd In Progress
187367: www/joomla31: Joomla 3.x port misses pgsql support existing www/joomla31 In Progress
187358: security/pam_krb5 does not build against ports heimdal existing security/pam_krb5 In Progress
187304: multimedia/libvpx: allow building with zsh existing multimedia/libvpx In Progress
187299: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6: some pkg query-format strings miss results existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
187181: sysutils/php5-fileinfo causes PHP and Apache to core dump existing sysutils/php5-fileinfo In Progress
187177: editors/libreoffice: c++: error: unable to execute command: Abort trap existing editors/libreoffice In Progress
187165: sysutils/grub2 10_kfreebsd contains 't' characters that should be TABs existing sysutils/grub2 In Progress
187148: textproc/docbook: docbook ports conflicts with local docbook FreeBSD10 release existing textproc/docbook In Progress
187140: net/remmina cannot connect to rdp existing net/remmina Open
187136: [NEW PORT] irc/irccd: Fast and powerful C++ IRC bot new irc/irccd Open
187106: [NEW PORT] games/spigot Minecraft server new games/spigot Open
187030: emulators/virtualbox-ose doesn't compile with X11 option only existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
187001: Update for misc/fxload existing misc/fxload In Progress
186973: emulators/virtualbox-ose 4.3.6 vm fails to start with VERR_SYMBOL_NOT_FOUND existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
186925: error message continually pops up at random times unknown   In Progress
186903: new port: security/krb5-strength new security/krb5-strength In Progress
186879: [PATCH] textproc/rarian: De-bashify existing textproc/rarian In Progress
186832: emulators/virtualbox-ose fails to build existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
186827: ports-mgmt/pkg pkg-repo(8) includes only oldest version of package existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
186808: emulators/virtualbox-ose VNC option doesn't support port ranges for "Remote Desktop Server Port" in Display, Remote Display existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
186805: [x11] Excise some vestigial XFree86 references unknown   In Progress
186773: graphics/libfpx: error: cast from pointer to smaller type 'DWORD' existing graphics/libfpx In Progress
186754: New Port: archivers/lua-zlib new archivers/lua-zlib In Progress
186694: net/samba36: samba not work in domain existing net/samba36 In Progress
186661: www/epiphany doesn't compile anymore existing www/epiphany In Progress
186575: net/samba41: Start of Samba results in "nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server" errors existing net/samba41 In Progress
186497: ports-mgmt/pkg: local overrides for pkg audit existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
186493: [new port] net-p2p/feathercoin: Virtual Peer-to-Peer Currency Software new net-p2p/feathercoin Open
186488: www/junkbuster listen queue increase to stop sonewconn filling the message log existing www/junkbuster In Progress
186472: After update using pkg upgrade I cannot install devel/glib20 existing devel/glib20 In Progress
186455: editors/libreoffice crashes with Signal 10 bus error on i386 existing editors/libreoffice In Progress
186454: port net/remmina-plugin-vnc coredumps on FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE-p10 existing net/remmina-plugin-vnc Open
186396: www/webkit-gtk2 fails to build on sparc64 existing www/webkit-gtk2 In Progress
186395: net/freerdp fails to build on sparc64 existing net/freerdp Open
186352: www/chromium 32.0.1700.102 hangs and becomes unresponsive. existing www/chromium In Progress
186316: [NEW PORT] devel/spyder: Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment new devel/spyder Open
186287: net/samba36: looping detected inside krb5_get_in_tkt on 10.0-RELEASE existing net/samba36 In Progress
186249: [patch] devel/ncurses MANPAGES option existing devel/ncurses In Progress
186244: net/remmina-plugin-rdp: Undefined symbol "gdk_pixbuf_get_from_surface" existing net/remmina-plugin-rdp Open
186232: x11-fonts/linux-f10-fontconfig/Makefile add -f to ln so install works existing x11-fonts/linux-f10-fontconfig In Progress
186219: net-mgmt/libsmi - Clang / GCC issue existing net-mgmt/libsmi Open
186208: Install of (textproc/libxslt) on FreeBSD 10 without libiconv package existing textproc/libxslt In Progress
186130: math/octave 3.6.4 compiled by clang on FreeBSD 10 amd64, some wrong results existing math/octave In Progress
186114: net/mpd5 hangs after a certain number of users connect existing net/mpd5 In Progress
186093: multimedia/vlc stutters when playing mkv existing multimedia/vlc In Progress
186049: databases/luasql-sqlite3 doesn't honor LUA_VER/WITH_LUA_VER flags existing databases/luasql-sqlite3 In Progress
186045: patch to x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse to support FlipXY existing x11-drivers/xf86-input-mouse In Progress
186021: print/cups-pstoraster: master site has gone away existing print/cups-pstoraster In Progress
185884: Miscellaneous ports fixes for Python 3 unknown   Open
185850: [PATCH] www/nginx: add support for 3rd party video_thumbextractor module existing www/nginx In Progress
185847: [PATCH] www/nginx-devel: add support for 3rd part video_thumbextractor module existing www/nginx-devel In Progress
185818: Inability to install graphics/ImageMagick-nox11 and lang/execline on the same machine (namespace collision) existing graphics/ImageMagick-nox11 In Progress
185799: [exp-run] SOCK_RAW framework   In Progress
185653: [NEW PORTS] devel/qt4-private-* and devel/qt4-declarative-* new devel/qt4-private In Progress
185576: ports-mgmt/pkg can't bootstrap from VirtualBox in NAT network existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
185527: [PATCH] security/nss: Added forgotten existing security/nss In Progress
185488: [patch] net/kdenetwork4: add optional dependency on knemo existing net/kdenetwork4 In Progress
185453: print/tex-luatex compilation fails on sparc64 existing print/tex-luatex In Progress
185252: x11-toolkits/pango can't find fonts existing x11-toolkits/pango In Progress
185193: net-mgmt/net-snmp: UCD-SNMP-MIB::memBuffer flapping and getting negative existing net-mgmt/net-snmp In Progress
185090: [UPDATE] x11/pixman, add license information existing x11/pixman Open
185008: x11/kde4: active window doesn't saved on screen lock existing x11/kde4 In Progress
184995: x11/kde4: Hibernate option in Exit menu enabled existing x11/kde4 In Progress
184994: x11/xscreensaver doesn't hides mouse pointer existing x11/xscreensaver In Progress
184989: net/freerdp: sound redirection doesn't works existing net/freerdp Open
184953: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg updating misses ports/UPDATING entries containing wildcard existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
184687: x11/mate: Mate freeze on "change password" option existing x11/mate In Progress
184673: [] abort when a dependency's ports directory doesn't exist framework   In Progress
184592: [PATCH] www/rubygem-unicorn: add rc.d script existing www/rubygem-unicorn In Progress
184545: net/openbgpd: OpenBGPd fails to initiate TCP MD5 sig connexions existing net/openbgpd In Progress
184489: make INSTALL_AS_USER=1 check-orphans fails as regular user framework   In Progress
184483: port security/arm: change user/group of 'arm' to _tor:_tor existing security/arm Open
184379: [patch] misc/compat9x enable sparc64 existing misc/compat9x In Progress
184363: [patch] misc/compat8x enable sparc64 existing misc/compat8x In Progress
184170: [] fix ports DESTDIR support with FreeBSD 10 make framework   In Progress
184104: x11/xorg: i830 display code hangs during startup existing x11/xorg In Progress
183885: net/samba4: use net/mDNSResponder to provide Zeroconf support existing net/samba4 Open
183864: ports-mgmt/portlint: feature request existing ports-mgmt/portlint In Progress
183711: New port: deskutils/myrulib E-Book Library Manager new deskutils/myrulib Open
183478: x11-servers/xorg-server: DEVD backend is broken, here's a fix existing x11-servers/xorg-server In Progress
183435: x11/xorg: 100% CPU use of xorg using firefox when showing large images (say 20 Mpixel) existing x11/xorg In Progress
183422: deskutils/notification-daemon 0.7.2 asserts on any notification existing deskutils/notification-daemon Open
183379: [] remove "security" check from b.*.m framework   In Progress
183285: ports net/samba4 4.0.8 fails to build. Linking error existing net/samba4 In Progress
183051: editors/libreoffice fails on poudriere existing editors/libreoffice In Progress
182969: x11/xorg: Xorg crashes on -configure existing x11/xorg In Progress
182846: patch misc/ossp-uuid to prevent postgresql crash existing misc/ossp-uuid In Progress
182657: [patch] lang/gcc48: expose c99 math in 'std' namespace existing lang/gcc48 In Progress
182430: [exp-run] removing RCS from the base system framework   In Progress
182347: ports-mgmt/pkg: install target does nothing for pkgng + staging + NO_PKG_REGISTER case existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
182346: mail/thunderbird - fails to build with gtk3 existing mail/thunderbird Open
182320: emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions will not compile on HEAD existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions In Progress
182018: math/cln: xception.h:14:24: error: implicit instantiation of undefined template 'std::__1::basic_string, std::__1::allocator >' : std::runtime_error(std::string()) {} existing math/cln In Progress
182002: x11-wm/xcompmgr shadow rendering patch existing x11-wm/xcompmgr In Progress
181978: ports-mgmt/pkg: Ports with PKGNG doesn't have a -X equivalent mechanism existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
181799: ports-mgmt/poudriere: [PATCH] allow in-line comments in ports-list existing ports-mgmt/poudriere In Progress
181734: Patch to IPv6+SSL in sysutils/ucspi-tcp existing sysutils/ucspi-tcp Open
181720: [patch] shells/zsh fix building of static binary with devel/ncurses port installed existing shells/zsh In Progress
181696: port dns/samba-nsupdate doesn't link -lgssapi_krb5, won't compile on base krb5 existing dns/samba-nsupdate In Progress
181658: misc/freebsd-doc-en fails to build if the user is running a Korn shell. existing misc/freebsd-doc-en In Progress
181592: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg2ng should check/add WITH_PKGNG=yes to /etc/make.conf existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
181561: net-im/telepathy-idle fails to build in poudriere existing net-im/telepathy-idle In Progress
181393: www/xpi-quick-locale-switcher does not works with firefox-esr-17.0.8,1 existing www/xpi-quick-locale-switcher In Progress
181324: [patch] emulators/virtualbox-ose: fix integration with net/istgt option VBOXVD (VirtualBox virtual hd integration) existing emulators/virtualbox-ose Open
181285: x11/xorg does not start if Nvidia Optimus is enabled on ThinkPad W530 existing x11/xorg In Progress
181278: deskutils/notification-daemon: Notification Daemon dumps core existing deskutils/notification-daemon In Progress
181271: [PATCH] let's makepatch support spaces in filenames framework   In Progress
181266: cannot update net-im/telepathy-glib-0.18.2 to 0.20.2 existing net-im/telepathy-glib In Progress
181243: New port: devel/opencl-icd Khronos OpenCL Installable Client Driver new devel/opencl-icd Open
181228: databases/postgresql91-server rc.d script fails to start server existing databases/postgresql91-server In Progress
181054: graphics/gimp port build fails existing graphics/gimp In Progress
181052: [patch] make lang/lua not hang on thread creation unknown   In Progress
181049: lang/ghc: possible regression existing lang/ghc In Progress
181005: mail/thunderbird - Enigmail failes to start pinentry existing mail/thunderbird In Progress
181004: options: ftp/curl fails to compile out of the box when WITHOUT_GSSAPI specified in the base system existing ftp/curl In Progress
180924: ports-mgmt/poudriere does not write changed port config existing ports-mgmt/poudriere In Progress
180896: sysutils/cfengine35: can't use edit_xml because libxml2 not found existing sysutils/cfengine35 In Progress
180790: devel/linux_kdump prints BSD descriptions of errno names existing devel/linux_kdump In Progress
180723: editors/libreoffice: calc spreadsheet external data link by URL not working existing editors/libreoffice In Progress
180705: [] patching a file with both EXTRA_PATCHES and files/patch-* fails framework   In Progress
180673: ports-mgmt/portmaster: shall not delete build deps that are run deps, too (e.g. math/cantor: fails on R stuff) existing ports-mgmt/portmaster In Progress
180656: ports-mgmt/portmaster: --packages-local=/usr/local/ports/packages shall be the default framework   In Progress
180643: java/openjdk6 build fails on amd64 -current existing java/openjdk6 In Progress
180601: graphics/gegl is missing DOCS option from Makefile existing graphics/gegl In Progress
180596: [patch] devel/libnotify: remove gtk20 and gettext dependencies existing devel/libnotify In Progress
180495: sysutils/doinkd exits upon start up from rc.d scripts existing sysutils/doinkd In Progress
180484: does not support full range of version settings framework   In Progress
180470: r321585 port commit causes Apache 2.2 w/ www/mod_rpaf2 to segfault when IPv6 client accesses site existing www/mod_rpaf2 Open
180459: Port devel/py-dbus ' wrong PORTDOCS logic and pkg-plist break package [patch] existing devel/py-dbus In Progress
180456: multimedia/x264 on ia64: /usr/include/math.h:236: error: expected ')' before '/' token existing multimedia/x264 In Progress
180407: x11/kde4: dolphin in kde-4.10.5 will cause reboot existing x11/kde4 In Progress
180348: devel/dbus fails if existing user found existing devel/dbus In Progress
180336: [PATCH] sysutils/apcupsd: support multiple instances of apcupsd existing sysutils/apcupsd In Progress
180171: [new ports] add 6 new ports for Ardour 3.x to work new audio/lv2 In Progress
180122: Building the misc/freebsd-doc-en port fails if w3m is not installed existing misc/freebsd-doc-en In Progress
180114: Error building net-im/loudmouth existing net-im/loudmouth In Progress
180062: graphics/clutter-gtk compilation failure existing graphics/clutter-gtk In Progress
180034: audio/squeezeboxserver is now Logitech Media Server existing audio/squeezeboxserver In Progress
180023: x11/xorg: xorg (WITH_NEW_XORG) on 10-CURRENT i386 crashes or hard lock kernel existing x11/xorg In Progress
179507: devel/kBuild won't compile on current existing devel/kBuild In Progress
179400: print/freetype2: Add Infinality patches existing print/freetype2 In Progress
179337: [PATCH] graphics/enblend: Fix docs, mtree, add OptionsNG existing graphics/enblend In Progress
178709: [new port]: databases/hyperdex Searchable distributed key-value store new databases/hyperdex In Progress
178699: [fix] devel/xdg-utils fails without ${LOCALBASE}/share/desktop-directories existing devel/xdg-utils In Progress
178601: databases/postgresql92-server: postgresql port has wrong check for MIT_KRB5 existing databases/postgresql92-server In Progress
178441: [NEW PORT] databases/memkeys: A tool to show memcache key usage in realtime new databases/memkeys In Progress
178433: editors/libreoffice generates zombie processes after i close the application. existing editors/libreoffice In Progress
178333: [new port] net/libnss-pgsql: allow user accounts to be stored in postgresql new net/libnss-pgsql Open
178170: [patch] x11-servers/xorg-server: xkb misbehaviour on keyboard layouts switch existing x11-servers/xorg-server In Progress
178072: [PATCH] [] look for Makefile.local in ${PORTSDIR} as well as ${.CURDIR} framework   In Progress
178063: [Patch] graphics/digikam-kde4 can't edit images existing graphics/digikam-kde4 In Progress
177786: net/samba36 net/samba-nmblookup multimedia/xbmc conflics existing net/samba36 In Progress
177741: net-mgmt/sipcalc cannot handle ipv6 zone index existing net-mgmt/sipcalc In Progress
177458: devel/gobject-introspection coredumping things existing devel/gobject-introspection In Progress
177375: devel/pcre segmentation fault executing match() existing devel/pcre In Progress
177365: [patch] ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel enhancements existing ports-mgmt/portupgrade-devel In Progress
177288: x11-fm/krusader2 missing minimize icon in windowmaker desktop existing x11-fm/krusader2 Open
177202: [PATCH] emulators/virtualbox-ose option to skip building kernel module existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
177059: devel/cmake: /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindLibXml2.cmake should include ${LOCAL_BASE}/include in LIBXML2_INCLUDE_DIR existing devel/cmake In Progress
176984: misc/dahdi-kmod: FreeBSD crashes periodically with RedFone FB2 and dahdi_dynamic_ethmf driver existing misc/dahdi-kmod In Progress
176969: audio/sdl_sound: fix depend existing audio/sdl_sound In Progress
176968: audio/sdl_mixer: fix depends existing audio/sdl_mixer In Progress
176925: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version fails if cwd no longer exists existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
176869: x11/kde4: klauncher crash while attaching virtual cdrom to VirtualBox existing x11/kde4 In Progress
176862: [request] x11/kde4: supply debug libs for KDE binary pkgs existing x11/kde4 In Progress
176758: [patch] databases/tdb: samba talloc + tdb incorrect w/ non-default LOCALBASE existing databases/tdb In Progress
176359: www/mediawiki required sqlite3, not sqlite for PHP_VER 52+ existing www/mediawiki119 In Progress
176358: /net/freebsd-tftp Incorrect TFTP Behavior with Secondary IP Address existing net/freebsd-tftp In Progress
176326: french/aster does not build on amd64/clang or ia64/gcc existing french/aster In Progress
176196: [PATCH] games/quake2-ctf: Set NO_WRKSUBDIR and BUILD_WRKSRC instead of abusing WRKSRC. existing games/quake2-ctf In Progress
176000: textproc/clucene: Incomplete install if WRKDIRPREFIX contains loopback symlink existing textproc/clucene In Progress
175561: [patch] [] Enhancement to avoid pkgng "/bin/sh: Argument list too long" framework   In Progress
175402: math/suitesparse: undefined reference to `SuiteSparse_time` existing math/suitesparse In Progress
175221: emulators/virtualbox-ose: Cannot Resume VirtualBox VMs Via VBoxHeadless existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
175087: [PATCH] lang/ghc: build fails if dblatex is installed existing lang/ghc In Progress
174975: Latest emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod 4.2.6 commit (309876) breaks VLAN tagging existing emulators/virtualbox-ose-kmod In Progress
174825: java/openjdk6: fails to build on i386 (64-bit mode not compiled in) existing java/openjdk6 In Progress
174729: ports-mgmt/portmaster: should check for script running as before doing certain operations existing ports-mgmt/portmaster In Progress
174533: net/openbgpd doesn't reload after config error (previous reload still running) existing net/openbgpd In Progress
174288: www/squidclamav: A is not made and a location of squidclamav.conf is /etc. existing www/squidclamav In Progress
174232: Error message after updating some Perl modules with net/sendemail existing net/sendemail In Progress
174020: initdb will not run on a mounted FS with a snapshot directory unknown   In Progress
173672: emulators/virtualbox-ose: VirtualBox and bridge problem. existing emulators/virtualbox-ose In Progress
173603: java/icedtea-web starts javaws incorrectly existing java/icedtea-web In Progress
173590: New ports: textproc/fcitx-m17n and vietnamese/fcitx-unikey, libm17n and unikey support for Fcitx new textproc/fcitx-m17n In Progress
173533: net/mpd5 PPTP server race condition with some clients existing net/mpd5 In Progress
173318: assumes UID_FILES has 10 columns framework   In Progress
173097: [patch] editors/xmlcopyeditor XML parser option existing editors/xmlcopyeditor In Progress
172366: [UPDATE] multimedia/pitivi to 0.15.2 existing multimedia/pitivi In Progress
172332: [exp-run] Expanding stdio's internal file descriptors from short to int unknown   In Progress
172275: [PATCH] [exp-run] devel/libtool: avoid use of -nostdlib for linking existing devel/libtool In Progress
172183: emulators/virtio-kmod : Severe filesystem corruption when running as KVM guest with VirtIO enabled existing emulators/virtio-kmod In Progress
172168: [new port] comms/libdlo: the basis for the DisplayPort xorg driver new comms/libdlo In Progress
172110: databases/postgresql9[2,3,4]-server change periodic script [patch] unknown   Open
171914: New port: devel/pocl: Portable open source OpenCL 1.2 implementation new devel/pocl In Progress
171852: [PATCH] databases/mysql55-server: add support for multiple instances (profiles) existing databases/mysql55-server In Progress
171621: [PATCH]; allow Real Names in MAINTAINER lines framework   In Progress
171426: multimedia/cuse4bsd-kmod now breaks rebuild of kmods during kernel or installkernel build existing multimedia/cuse4bsd-kmod In Progress
171361: ports-mgmt/pkg: Regressions from pkg_ tools existing ports-mgmt/pkg In Progress
171353: Segmentation fault when use'ing the perl modules XML::LibXML and GD together (related to pthreads?) unknown   In Progress
171313: both archivers/freeze 2.5_2 and multimedia/mlt 0.8.0_1 install /usr/local/bin/melt existing archivers/freeze In Progress
171246: lang/python27: make python curses module work with unicode existing lang/python27 In Progress
170943: [PATCH] build mail/spamass-milter with sendmail-sasl existing mail/spamass-milter In Progress
170852: [PATCH] x11-fonts/encodings: encodings.dir includes bogus entries existing x11-fonts/encodings In Progress
170788: lang/python27: PyQT applications crash Python 2.7 (core dump) existing lang/python27 In Progress
170690: x11-servers/xorg-server eats memory existing x11-servers/xorg-server In Progress
170508: [PATCH] multimedia/libv4l: Don't link to -lpthread existing multimedia/libv4l In Progress
170466: Under KDE4 4.8.4 System Settings - Desktop Effects Open GL rendering selection does not hold through reboot. unknown   In Progress
170316: Mk/ add compatibility for PORTDATA for optionsNG framework   In Progress
170299: sysutils/syslog-ng sample config does not work the way it claims to existing sysutils/syslog-ng In Progress
170289: [patch] use one version for x11/nvidia-driver x11/nvidia-xconfig x11/nvidia-settings existing x11/nvidia-driver In Progress
170179: [PATCH] www/rubygem-passenger: Allow both nginx and apache22 existing www/rubygem-passenger In Progress
170108: x11-fonts/libfontenc: library in the package searches bogus dir for encodings.dir existing x11-fonts/libfontenc Open
170107: net/olsrd fails to build with -DWITH_MULTI_IF existing net/olsrd In Progress
170104: error setting source interface in net/mcast-tools, net/mrouted existing net/mcast-tools In Progress
169636: regexp problem in databases/pgpool-II existing databases/pgpool-II In Progress
169610: sysutils/fusefs-encfs version 1.7.4_1 causing kernel panic and reboot existing sysutils/fusefs-encfs In Progress
169300: [PATCH] Allow deinstall as user and make clean after non-root install framework   In Progress
168640: Mk/Uses/ Prevent checksum mismatches for compiled python files on installing python ports via the ports tree unknown   In Progress
168629: games/quakeforge: update to 0.6.2 existing games/quakeforge Open
168091: Mk/ error: USE_FIREFOX doesn't work correctly framework   In Progress
167627: math/octave: Old lapack causes failure in octave svd() existing math/octave In Progress
167282: net/nss_ldap performance change causes functionality regression existing net/nss_ldap In Progress
167229: [patch] x11/nvidia-settings: install sample tools (optionally) existing x11/nvidia-settings In Progress
167199: x11-fm/nautilus Gnome2.32 Doesn't auto mount sd cards existing x11-fm/nautilus Open
166645: emulators/virtio-kmod: rxcsum breaks checksum for local linux hosts IPv6 TCP existing emulators/virtio-kmod In Progress
166188: [PATCH] ports/Makefile use documented sort syntax framework   In Progress
165936: net-im/ejabberd fails when starting odbc. existing net-im/ejabberd In Progress
165642: x11/kde4: keeps locking the screen. existing x11/kde4 Open
165623: Mk/ et al -- conflicting uses of ${FILE} framework   In Progress
165422: security/cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd: saslauthd 2.1.25 coredumps at Sendmail AUTH existing security/cyrus-sasl2-saslauthd In Progress
165419: [patch] Mk/ "make showconfig" to tell whether option values are same as the default framework   In Progress
165360: net-im/ejabberd: ejabberdctl fails to communicate with ejabberd process existing net-im/ejabberd In Progress
165213: devel/cmake: Reinplacement of paths in Modules is bad existing devel/cmake Open
164941: [UPDATE] [NEW PORTS] java/classpath-initial, including rework of java/classpath existing java/classpath In Progress
164896: [exp-run] add support for testing perl modules framework   In Progress
164638: [] [patch] architecture and OS version dependent port building framework   In Progress
164423: [] [patch] Pass MAKE_ENV to recursive make invocations framework   In Progress
164390: [] make package-recursive fails with noise framework   In Progress
164345: Mk/ framework not suitable for linuxulator ports framework   In Progress
164293: print/cups-pstoraster failed existing print/cups-pstoraster In Progress
164242: net/openafs port breaks with KERNCONFDIR and include existing net/openafs In Progress
164010: [patch] net/samba36: Split up samba scripts into more manageable pieces existing net/samba36 Open
163963: Mk/, math/spooles-mpich, science/mpqc-mpich -- trailing slashes and MASTER_PORT framework   In Progress
163749: devel/avrdude fails to reset RTS/DTR properly for Arduino Uno in 8-STABLE/amd64 existing devel/avrdude In Progress
163511: [PATCH] Allow existing users on system to be used by ports framework   In Progress
162924: [] [patch] report more information at port/pkg installation framework   In Progress
162780: editors/libreoffice without GUI existing editors/libreoffice In Progress
162721: [PATCH] config target should complain if TERM not listed in termcap framework   In Progress
161765: net/relayd: relayd fails to initialize on systems without IPv6 in kernel existing net/relayd In Progress
161578: devel/strace is not working existing devel/strace In Progress
161574: Can't compile devel/p5-Locale-gettext on 9.0beta existing devel/p5-Locale-gettext In Progress
160387: security/ca_root_nss: Allow user to trust extra local certificates existing security/ca_root_nss In Progress
160010: [patch] Mk/ cleanup orig files in post-patch-script target framework   In Progress
159946: [PATCH] [] Add support for make search license= framework   In Progress
159807: RC file for net/mrouted causes kernel panic by running before devd is up. existing net/mrouted In Progress
159787: java/openjdk6 nio muti-thread bug existing java/openjdk6 Open
159398: security/openssl: openssl slapd tls init def ctx failed: -1 existing security/openssl In Progress
158936: [] Add a filename field to DESKTOP_ENTRIES framework   In Progress
157887: [UPDATE] sysutils/ccd2iso update and change maintainer request existing sysutils/ccd2iso Open
157554: www/apache22: Apache RLimitNPROC does not work as intended because Kernel counts process differently existing www/apache22 In Progress
157546: [PATCH] Add feature to Warn on deinstall about groups created by port framework   In Progress
157544: Updates for databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-* existing databases/linux-oracle-instantclient-basic In Progress
157392: sysutils/cdrtools can't burn DVDs correctly existing sysutils/cdrtools In Progress
155593: audio/musicpd .16.1 ignores embedded cue sheets in FLAC files with or without libcue installed existing audio/musicpd In Progress
155201: [PATCH] fix portion of CONFIGURE_ENV added WITH_BINUTILS framework   In Progress
154502: x11/xdm authorization failure when used with E17 window manager existing x11/xdm In Progress
154086: libsicui18n.a in devel/icu constains no symbols existing devel/icu In Progress
153541: [patch] devel/git: respect STRIP for stripping existing devel/git In Progress
152899: devel/valgrind: unhandled syscall: 506 existing devel/valgrind Open
152877: [] Patch to add locking to ports make operations framework   In Progress
152847: devel/buildbot-slave: Add a startup script existing devel/buildbot-slave Open
152804: [patch] Add USE_SRC and ONLY_FOR_*VER to framework   In Progress
152355: net/openbgpd stops syslogging after syslogd restart existing net/openbgpd In Progress
151124: net/openbgpd: OpenBGPD exists if an interface is removed or created existing net/openbgpd In Progress
148879: [patch] Mk/ extend IA32_BINARY_PORT to support USE_LINUX framework   In Progress
148727: editors/emacs: devel/cedet Autoloading failed to define function semantic-mode existing editors/emacs In Progress
148695: [] [patch] Easier / automatic regression-test target for ports framework   In Progress
148441: [New Port] devel/py-daemon Well-behaved daemon framework for Python new devel/py-daemon In Progress
147897: net/openbgpd: Openbgp nexthop invalid after em0 resetting existing net/openbgpd In Progress
145301: [patch] sysutils/hal: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/hald startup delay problem existing sysutils/hal In Progress
144533: [] ports tree Makefiles fail to setup a standardardized ENV framework   In Progress
144120: java/openjdk6: games/pcgen doesn't fully work with openjdks existing java/openjdk6 In Progress
141641: [] [patch] make 'config-recursive' finish in one pass framework   In Progress
140621: Add support for /etc/cron.d and /usr/local/etc/cron.d in sysutils/isc-cron port existing sysutils/isc-cron In Progress
140542: sysutils/isc-cron should be compatible with cron from base existing sysutils/isc-cron In Progress
135221: [] unified support for LINUX_OSRELEASE dependency framework   In Progress
132576: net/openldap24-server: multipying LDAP trees on the single server is impossible existing net/openldap24-server In Progress
127930: misc/mc: auto-logout does not work existing misc/mc Open
125012: problems in math/ldouble for 128bit long double on i386 existing math/ldouble In Progress
124765: sysutils/gkrellm2 shows wrong number of users in proc display existing sysutils/gkrellm2 In Progress
123570: audio/cpige version 1.5 coredumps if new .conf entries arent defined existing audio/cpige In Progress
122524: www/links1 uses 7-bit us-ascii codepage only when using "-dump" existing www/links1 In Progress
120101: security/krb5 utilities link against wrong libcom_err existing security/krb5 In Progress
115957: Questionable ownership and security on mail/dspam existing mail/dspam In Progress
109580: [patch] math/gnuplot does not include when emacs is installed existing math/gnuplot In Progress
82661: [patch] Add support to filter MASTER_SITES and PATCH_SITES by protocol in framework   In Progress
75464: [patch] install default configuration files framework   In Progress
total: 2083


Clicking on each column heading will cause the report to be redone sorted by that column. Clicking again will reverse the sort. The subheadings with date stamps include links to the index of errorlogs for that build environment.

The portname column includes links to a more complete overview for that port.

The PRs (if any) for the given port are listed numerically in the Problem Reports column. Thus, for each port, they should also be in order from earliest to latest.

The underlying technology of this report relies on trying to extract information from the existing PR database entries. These entries are entered by human users using the send-pr command. As such, the quality of the entries varies greatly.

The fastest, and easiest, information is gleaned from a PR entry whose subject line contains the port category and port name, separated by a slash. However, if this algorithm only flagged those, it would miss nearly 50% of the ports PRs, not to mention all the 'framework' PRs.

So, as an extension, various heuristics are used to guess what it is the user really intended. See the code in for the gory details. What's important to understand is this: there is no possible algorithm that will correctly identify all the ambiguous PRs without getting a few false identifications and still run in less than geological time. So, before you are tempted to file a PR on this algorithm itself, read the code to understand its design tradeoffs, and then consider instead filing followup PRs to the ambiguous PRs that would disambiguate them instead. Thanks -- the author.