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NOTE: as of 20140601, GNATS has been deprecated. Until portsmon can catch up, expect the PR data to be stale.

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portname maintainer build error logs Problem Reports Responsible
databases/tdb   176758: [patch] databases/tdb: samba talloc + tdb incorrect w/ non-default LOCALBASE timur
187981: databases/tdb 1.2.12,1 make package fails timur
devel/talloc   187979: devel/talloc 2.1.0 make package fails timur
dns/samba-nsupdate   181696: port dns/samba-nsupdate doesn't link -lgssapi_krb5, won't compile on base krb5 timur
net/samba36   164010: [patch] net/samba36: Split up samba scripts into more manageable pieces timur
169598: net/samba36: winbind failure on ssh login, failed to mlock memory: Cannot allocate memory (12) timur
172983: Upgrade from net/samba36 3.6.7 to 3.6.8 kills AD membership, "net ads join" segfaults timur
177786: net/samba36 net/samba-nmblookup multimedia/xbmc conflics timur
186287: net/samba36: looping detected inside krb5_get_in_tkt on 10.0-RELEASE timur
net/samba4 install_error 180226: net/samba4 port rc script syntax errors ("samba" vs "smbd") timur
180983: net/samba4 fails to build timur
183285: ports net/samba4 4.0.8 fails to build. Linking error timur
183872: net/samba4 does not need to pull in lang/gcc timur
183885: net/samba4: use net/mDNSResponder to provide Zeroconf support timur
net/samba41 cluster 186575: net/samba41: Start of Samba results in "nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server" errors timur
190166: net/samba41 rc script doesn't follow custom smb.conf timur
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ports with either build errors or PRs: 6


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The underlying technology of this report relies on trying to extract information from the existing GNATS database entries. These entries are entered by human users using the send-pr command. As such, the quality of the entries varies greatly.

The fastest, and easiest, information is gleaned from a GNATS entry whose subject line contains the port category and port name, separated by a slash. However, if this algorithm only flagged those, it would miss nearly 50% of the ports PRs, not to mention all the 'framework' PRs.

So, as an extension, various heuristics are used to guess what it is the user really intended. See the code in for the gory details. What's important to understand is this: there is no possible algorithm that will correctly identify all the ambiguous PRs without getting a few false identifications and still run in less than geological time. So, before you are tempted to file a PR on this algorithm itself, read the code to understand its design tradeoffs, and then consider instead filing followup PRs to the ambiguous PRs that would disambiguate them instead. Thanks -- the author.