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The following is a summary of possible anomalies within the FreeBSD ports tree and ports Problem Reports database.

Ports with bogus Maintainer

There are 0 ports with a Maintainer field that does not look like a valid email address in the exact form "user@host.domain".

Ports with possibly bogus MOVED entries

There are 59 ports with a MOVED entry where the Makefile still exists.
Portname Replacement from MOVED
archivers/brotli archivers/py-brotli
archivers/gnome-autoar (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
audio/aylet (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
audio/mpdscribble (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
cad/kicad-library (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/oracle8-client (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/p5-DBD-Oracle (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgres-xl (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-client (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-contrib (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-docs (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-pgtcl (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-plperl (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-plpython (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-pltcl (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
databases/postgresql10-server (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
deskutils/kchmviewer (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
deskutils/projectlibre (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
devel/arduino18 (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
devel/bear devel/erlang-bear
devel/libversion (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
devel/maven (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
devel/p5-Proc-PIDFile (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
devel/p5-Proc-Pidfile (missing)
devel/pecl-pthreads2 (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
devel/py-argparse (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
games/BillardGL (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
games/billardgl (missing)
graphics/opencv graphics/opencv2
graphics/opencv-core graphics/opencv2-core
graphics/opencv-java graphics/opencv2-java
graphics/py-opencv graphics/py-opencv2
irc/konversation (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
mail/dovecot (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
mail/dovecot-pigeonhole (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
math/mate-calc (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
math/mprime (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
net-im/mastodon (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
net-im/pidgin-manualsize (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
net-p2p/jackett (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
news/husky-sqpack (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
security/krb5-devel (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
security/pecl-ssh2-0 (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
security/py-backports.ssl_match_hostname (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
security/rubygem-hkdf (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
security/sha2wordlist (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
sysutils/flowgger (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
sysutils/p5-Giovanni (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
sysutils/u-boot-zedboard (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
sysutils/u-boot-zybo (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
textproc/kibana5 (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
textproc/kibana5-x-pack (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
textproc/ssddiff (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
www/phpSysInfo (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
www/phpsysinfo (missing)
www/rubygem-jquery-rails (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
www/rubygem-rack-protection1 (deleted but missing from /usr/ports/MOVED)
x11-wm/stumpwm (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)
x11/cl-clx-sbcl (deleted per /usr/ports/MOVED)

PRs with bogus Responsible

There are 0 ports PRs with a bogus Responsible field.

PRs with Responsible not any current committer

Unable to determine (could not read VCS access files).

PRs with Responsible not ports committer

Unable to determine (could not read VCS access files).

PRs for new ports where the port already exists

There are 0 ports PRs for new ports where the port already exists.

Redundant PRs for new ports

There are 0 ports PRs for new ports that are duplicates.