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Overall Status

SVNweb page x11/kde4
FreshPorts page x11/kde4
categories x11 kde
description KDE Software Compilation 4 (meta port)
package name kde-4.12.4
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
165642: x11/kde4: keeps locking the screen. feedback kde
167172: x11/kde4 will not compile due to multimedia/libxine trying to use missing library feedback nox
176862: [request] x11/kde4: supply debug libs for KDE binary pkgs open kde
176869: x11/kde4: klauncher crash while attaching virtual cdrom to VirtualBox open kde
180407: x11/kde4: dolphin in kde-4.10.5 will cause reboot open kde
184995: x11/kde4: Hibernate option in Exit menu enabled open kde
185008: x11/kde4: active window doesn't saved on screen lock feedback kde
185164: KDE ports randomly fail to build in the cluster open portmgr
187410: pkg: KDE meta-package is no longer there open kde
total: 9

Build And Package Status