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Overall Status

svn web www/nginx
FreshPorts page www/nginx
categories www ipv6
description Robust and small WWW server
package name nginx-1.8.0,2
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
178533: [PATCH] www/nginx: nginx+3rd syslog support In Progress
178799: [Patch] Add 3rd party StatsD Module to www/nginx port In Progress
179444: www/nginx: Nginx Passenger module doesn't compile In Progress
182010: [PATCH]: www/nginx, www/nginx-devel fix 3rd party upload module In Progress
184721: [pkgng] www/nginx: purges /var/tmp/nginx on pkg upgrade In Progress
185816: Please add 3th party module to www/nginx In Progress
185850: [PATCH] www/nginx: add support for 3rd party video_thumbextractor module In Progress
188966: [patch] [update] www/nginx TCP_PROXY module 0.4.5 In Progress
189393: [patch] www/nginx: update tcp_proxy module In Progress
189440: www/nginx: lua-nginx-module-v0.9.4-0 size mismatch In Progress
189731: www/nginx: Postgres extension is disabled in nginx 1.6 port In Progress
191379: [PATCH] www/nginx: drizzle module broken New
192568: www/nginx: Does not build New
192904: www/nginx: OPTION'ally support SPNEGO via 3rd party http_auth_gss module Open
195656: [www/nginx] extra_drizzle Is out of date and broken New
195916: www/nginx: compiled-in error log location is littering /var/log New
196059: www/nginx: nginx worker crashes with HTTPS request using TLS => 1.0 New
197596: www/nginx: HTTP_AUTH_LDAP doesn't seem to work New
198367: www/nginx: modsecurity compilation fails if lua51 is installed New
total: 19

Build And Package Status

build environment error logs packages
logname error type date latest package upload date
84amd64-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
84i386-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
93amd64-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
93amd64-quarterly       nginx-1.6.2_1,2  
93i386-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
93i386-quarterly       nginx-1.6.2_1,2  
101amd64-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
101amd64-quarterly       nginx-1.6.2_1,2  
101i386-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
101i386-quarterly       nginx-1.6.2_1,2  
head-amd64-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
head-i386-default       nginx-1.8.0,2  
unique build errors: 0