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Overall Status

svn web www/libxul
FreshPorts page www/libxul
categories www devel
description Mozilla runtime package that can be used to bootstrap XUL+XPCOM apps
package name libxul-31.7.0
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
187010: problem with www/libxul after upgrade to 24.3.0 - external content handling with Conkeror broken In Progress
total: 1

Build And Package Status

build environment error logs packages
logname error type date latest package upload date
84amd64-default libxul-31.7.0 ???   libxul-31.6.0_1  
84i386-default       libxul-31.7.0  
93amd64-default       libxul-31.7.0  
93amd64-quarterly       libxul-31.6.0  
93i386-default       libxul-31.7.0  
93i386-quarterly       libxul-31.6.0  
101amd64-default       libxul-31.7.0  
101amd64-quarterly       libxul-31.6.0  
101i386-default       libxul-31.7.0  
101i386-quarterly       libxul-31.6.0  
head-amd64-default       libxul-31.7.0  
head-i386-default       libxul-31.7.0  
unique build errors: 1