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Overall Status

SVNweb page www/firefox
FreshPorts page www/firefox
categories www ipv6
description Web browser based on the browser portion of Mozilla
package name firefox-28.0,1
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
144044: [PATCH] www/firefox: Makefile.webplugins target order bug open gecko
155949: www/firefox: firefox 4, WITH_PGO, better Text against DISPLAY problem feedback gecko
177404: www/firefox: youtube videos in firefox not working open gecko
180380: www/firefox: Firefox 22.0 dies instantly when I try to print a page open gecko
180766: Flash not work in www/firefox open gecko
180855: www/firefox: Firefox 22 crashes on HTML 5 videos feedback gecko
182499: www/firefox crash when i try use textproc/ibus/ open gecko
183630: www/firefox: Firefox 25.0_1,1 cannot built on amd64 open gecko
186174: add LIB_DEPENDS= libv4l2 to www/firefox/Makefile open gecko
188026: www/firefox: 11.0-CURRENT r262690 ia64, ports tree at 349321: build failure: errors.fatal('Error while running startup cache pre open gecko
188133: www/firefox coredumps when rewinding HTML5 video content provided by multimedia/gstreamer1-libav open gecko
total: 11

Build And Package Status