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Overall Status

svn web security/openssl
FreshPorts page security/openssl
categories security devel
description SSL and crypto library
package name openssl-1.0.1_16
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
159398: security/openssl: openssl slapd tls init def ctx failed: -1 analyzed delphij
189208: Add a mention of WITH_OPENSSL_PORT to the pkg-descr of security/openssl feedback dinoex
189945: add optional chacha20 & poly1305 support to security/openssl feedback dinoex
total: 3

Build And Package Status

build environment error logs packages
logname error type date latest package upload date
84amd64-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
84i386-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
91amd64-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
91amd64-quarterly       openssl-1.0.1_15  
91i386-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
91i386-quarterly       openssl-1.0.1_15  
10amd64-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
10amd64-quarterly       openssl-1.0.1_15  
10i386-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
10i386-quarterly       openssl-1.0.1_15  
head-amd64-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
head-i386-default       openssl-1.0.1_15  
unique build errors: 0