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Overall Status

svn web ports-mgmt/portmaster
FreshPorts page ports-mgmt/portmaster
categories ports-mgmt
description Manage your ports without external databases or languages
package name portmaster-3.17.8_1
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
174729: ports-mgmt/portmaster: should check for script running as before doing certain operations In Progress
180673: ports-mgmt/portmaster: shall not delete build deps that are run deps, too (e.g. math/cantor: fails on R stuff) In Progress
190532: ports-mgmt/portmaster needs new debug option New
191166: [patch] ports-mgmt/portmaster: update man page for rebuilding all ports with pkg New
192960: ports-mgmt/portmaster dependency handling is incorrect. Open
193716: ports-mgmt/portmaster attempts to install port before required port Open
194591: ports-mgmt/portmaster falsely wants to update gcc-4.7.x to gcc-4.8.x Open
194722: ports-mgmt/portmaster fails to parse dependencies Open
195304: ports-mgmt/portmaster fails to auto delete deleted ports New
196584: ports-mgmt/portmaster not working for multiple ports in category/portname/ format New
197805: [feature request] ports-mgmt/portmaster: special handling of sudo New
198251: Remove ports-mgmt/portmaster pkg-message pkgng suggestion New
199092: ports-mgmt/portmaster fails to perform at industrial load ;) portmaster -gdvy `find /usr/ports/graphics -type d -depth 1 | pkg which -qo | sort -u` dies New
199515: ports-mgmt/portmaster: ran with -H option, stall build while waiting for input New
199572: ports-mgmt/portmaster: useless processing of depends over and over again New
201941: portmaster fails, The math/mate-calc port has been de New
total: 16

Build And Package Status

build environment error logs packages
logname error type date latest package upload date
84amd64-default       portmaster-3.17.7  
84i386-default       portmaster-3.17.7  
93amd64-default       portmaster-3.17.8_1  
93amd64-quarterly       portmaster-3.17.8  
93i386-default       portmaster-3.17.8_1  
93i386-quarterly       portmaster-3.17.8  
101amd64-default       portmaster-3.17.8_1  
101amd64-quarterly       portmaster-3.17.8  
101i386-default       portmaster-3.17.8_1  
101i386-quarterly       portmaster-3.17.8  
head-amd64-default       portmaster-3.17.8_1  
head-i386-default       portmaster-3.17.8_1  
unique build errors: 0