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Overall Status

svn web ports-mgmt/pkg
FreshPorts page ports-mgmt/pkg
categories ports-mgmt
description Package manager
package name pkg-1.4.0
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
171361: ports-mgmt/pkg: Regressions from pkg_ tools In Progress
173316: ports-mgmt/pkg install gives misleading error when a package is specified more than once In Progress
175249: [pkgng] ports-mgmt/pkg: regression: registering packages can only be done as root In Progress
175843: ports-mgmt/pkg: dry run mode should work as non-root In Progress
176296: ports-mgmt/pkg: sqlite: table licenses already exists New
176925: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version fails if cwd no longer exists In Progress
181592: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg2ng should check/add WITH_PKGNG=yes to /etc/make.conf In Progress
181978: ports-mgmt/pkg: Ports with PKGNG doesn't have a -X equivalent mechanism In Progress
182347: ports-mgmt/pkg: install target does nothing for pkgng + staging + NO_PKG_REGISTER case In Progress
184152: "pkg install" can try to install conflicting packages In Progress
184645: ports-mgmt/pkg: "pkgng" corrupts package system In Progress
184953: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg updating misses ports/UPDATING entries containing wildcard In Progress
185576: ports-mgmt/pkg can't bootstrap from VirtualBox in NAT network In Progress
185763: ports-mgmt/pkg should fail if no category is specified for the package In Progress
186497: ports-mgmt/pkg: local overrides for pkg audit In Progress
186671: ports-mgmt/pkg 1.2.6 pkg version ignores index argument In Progress
186827: ports-mgmt/pkg pkg-repo(8) includes only oldest version of package In Progress
187299: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6: some pkg query-format strings miss results In Progress
187464: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6 depends on periodic.conf vars from 9 and lower In Progress
189084: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg check -B does not check indirect dependencies In Progress
191202: ports-mgmt/pkg does not work properly on HEAD/armeb due to pkg-static failing New
191352: ports-mgmt/pkg v 1.2.7_3 does not honor the HTTP_PROXY_AUTH variable. Open
191480: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version locks database too long New
192000: ports-mgmt/pkg reports wrong version when refusing to downgrade Open
192300: ports-mgmt/pkg: PKGNG ignore new dependencies on upgrade Open
192356: ports-mgmt/pkg: 1.3.4 - quiet delete spends a lot of time doing nothing Open
192428: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg install does not respect -f / --force Open
192445: pkg segfault when broken database Open
192467: pkg repo mDNSResponder has excessive, conflicting depends (not fault of port?) Open
192603: ports-mgmt/pkg lock attribute ignored when upgrading from pkg 1.2.7_4 to Open
192670: pkg upgrade sometimes shows wrong count of packages in progress Open
192703: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg install uses the wrong repository for some packages Open
192922: ports-mgmt/pkg: "pkg install" raises jemalloc assertion for bitmap_get() New
193016: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg upgrade does not use latest version from repo Open
193084: ports-mgmt/pkg-1.3.7 pkg updating pkg-name matches not reliable Open
193141: "pkg repo" no supports the .tbz Open
193530: ports-mgmt/pkg - Error on pkg search -Q required-by New
193944: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version -Rv reports wrong version when two repositories in use. New
193995: [PATCH] ports-mgmt/pkg: floating point exception when packaging weird elf files New
194146: ports-mgmt/pkg installs random packages Open
194273: ports-mgmt/pkg: no package dependency on known shlib dependency New
194666: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version lists ports needing an update but update has been applied via pkg New
194689: pkg needs a stand-alone equivalent to portupgrade's "pkg_sort". New
194981: ports-mgmt/pkg pkg-delete(8) man page incorrectly describes behaviour if unfulfilled dependencies New
195467: ports-mgmt/pkg built from ports reports it needs to be reinstalled New
195471: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg install [upgrade]l [most ports] tries to pull in unrelated ports... consistently New
195530: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg catalog not updating New
195961: ports-mgmt/pkg: Checking integrity...Assertion failed New
195962: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg install (upgrade) assertion failed in function pkg_conflicts_need_conflict, file pkg_jobs_conflicts.c, line 211 New
196068: ports-mgmt/pkg: incorrect output for pkg query '%n %B' New
total: 50

Build And Package Status

build environment error logs packages
logname error type date latest package upload date
84amd64-default       pkg-1.4.0  
84i386-default       pkg-1.4.0  
91amd64-default       pkg-1.4.0  
91amd64-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
91i386-default       pkg-1.4.0  
91i386-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
10amd64-default       pkg-1.4.0  
10amd64-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
10i386-default       pkg-1.4.0  
10i386-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
head-amd64-default       pkg-1.4.0  
head-i386-default       pkg-1.4.0  
unique build errors: 0