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NOTE: as of 20140601, GNATS has been deprecated. Until portsmon can catch up, expect the PR data to be stale.

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Overall Status

svn web ports-mgmt/pkg
FreshPorts page ports-mgmt/pkg
categories ports-mgmt
description Package manager
package name pkg-1.3.8_3
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
170355: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg upgrade conflicts noise could be consolidated open bapt
171361: ports-mgmt/pkg: Regressions from pkg_ tools open bapt
173315: ports-mgmt/pkg install sometimes fails when it uses wrong dependency order open bapt
173316: ports-mgmt/pkg install gives misleading error when a package is specified more than once open bapt
176889: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg update doesn't fetch updated repo from private copy open portmgr
176925: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg version fails if cwd no longer exists open bdrewery
179940: pkg upgrade changes xterm icon & title open bapt
181274: pkg(1) manual page and usage message synopses incorrect open bapt
181592: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg2ng should check/add WITH_PKGNG=yes to /etc/make.conf open bapt
181946: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg repo corrupts repository after rebuilding a package open bapt
181978: ports-mgmt/pkg: Ports with PKGNG doesn't have a -X equivalent mechanism open portmgr
184152: "pkg install" can try to install conflicting packages open bapt
184170: [] fix ports DESTDIR support with FreeBSD 10 make open portmgr
184367: pkg 1.2.1 warnings about PACKAGESITE in pkg.conf open portmgr
184582: ports-mgmt/pkg: update pkg-1.2.1 to pkg-1.2.2 via ports collection open portmgr
185576: ports-mgmt/pkg can't bootstrap from VirtualBox in NAT network open portmgr
186497: ports-mgmt/pkg: local overrides for pkg audit open portmgr
186671: ports-mgmt/pkg 1.2.6 pkg version ignores index argument open portmgr
187299: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6: some pkg query-format strings miss results open portmgr
187362: ports-mgmt/pkg: 'pkg check -dn' doesn't display affected ports open portmgr
187464: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg-1.2.6 depends on periodic.conf vars from 9 and lower open portmgr
187780: ports-mgmt/pkg (and pkg mirrors): packagesite.yaml contains excessive escaping open portmgr
189084: ports-mgmt/pkg: pkg check -B does not check indirect dependencies open portmgr
total: 23

Build And Package Status

build environment error logs packages
logname error type date latest package upload date
84amd64-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
84i386-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
91amd64-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
91amd64-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
91i386-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
91i386-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
10amd64-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
10amd64-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
10i386-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
10i386-quarterly       pkg-1.3.8_3  
head-amd64-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
head-i386-default       pkg-1.3.8_3  
unique build errors: 0