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Overall Status

SVNweb page java/openjdk6
FreshPorts page java/openjdk6
categories java devel ipv6
description Oracle's Java 6 virtual machine release under the GPL v2
package name openjdk6-b31_2,1
ONLY_FOR_ARCHS amd64 i386
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
144120: java/openjdk6: games/pcgen doesn't fully work with openjdks open glewis
159787: java/openjdk6 nio muti-thread bug open freebsd-java
162991: java/openjdk6 fails to build open freebsd-java
171014: [patch] Correct java/openjdk6 Dependency Declaration open freebsd-java
173210: java/openjdk6 - use better src placement open freebsd-java
173592: java/openjdk6 fails on FreeBSD_9_1_RC2 open freebsd-java
174825: java/openjdk6: fails to build on i386 (64-bit mode not compiled in) open freebsd-java
177802: Could not update openfire because of problem in java/openjdk6 open freebsd-java
178647: java/openjdk6 does not build (without extra hack) open freebsd-java
178856: java/openjdk6, java/openjdk7: Java fails to print when lpr is removed from base system open freebsd-java
180643: java/openjdk6 build fails on amd64 -current open freebsd-java
183767: java/openjdk6: /usr/include/iconv.h:43:10: fatal error: '_libiconv_compat.h' file not found feedback freebsd-java
187921: java/openjdk6 fails with "gmake[9]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/ports/java/openjdk6/work/hotspot/src/cpu/amd64/vm/ open freebsd-java
total: 13

Build And Package Status