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Overall Status

SVNweb page graphics/mapserver
FreshPorts page graphics/mapserver
categories graphics www geography
description System for developing web-based GIS applications
package name mapserver-6.4.0_3
Distfile Survey page overall index

Active Problem Reports

Problem Reports state responsible
159838: graphics/mapserver: PDF output doesn't work open wen
159839: graphics/mapserver: bump Python version open wen
160551: graphics/mapserver: CLANG: ./include/agg_renderer_outline_aa.h:1378:45: error: binding of reference to type 'agg::line_profile_a open wen
166511: [PATCH] graphics/mapserver add cairo support open wen
177667: graphics/mapserver: configure: error: cannot find java include files open wen
182337: [PATCH] graphics/mapserver: fails to build in presence of java open wen
188649: graphics/mapserver: linking error (iconv) open wen
total: 7

Build And Package Status